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Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror by jasper21
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six: The Grandfathers of Potter and Weasely
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Chapter Six: The Grandfathers of Potter and Weasely

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters.

It was an eerie night along the coast of South America. A large fishing ship was seen getting ready to finish up its weekly take of its large amount of caught fish which now laid at the bottom of the ship’s cargo hold. The captain of the ship poured himself some coffee, took a sip, and was now overlooking his men.


“AI! CAPTAIN!” the sailors yelled back.

They all went to their stations and began their work.

All the sudden, a fog slowly appeared around the ship.

“What’s this?” the captain asked himself, before giving another order.


The crew lit all the remaining lamps.

The fog was now beginning to take over the ship. As it crept though the deck, it covered the men.

The captain heard thuds as the fog took over the men of the ship.

“My God.”

He removed his wand and pointed it at the oncoming fog.

The fog now overtook him as he began sending hexes in every direction.


He then froze, feeling a sharp object pointed at his chest, as small drops of blood came.

The captain dropped his wand.

The fog disappeared revealing a tall man with long red hair reaching his shoulders that was curtaining his face. His long black robes were billowing in the wind, as his sword was piercing the captain’s chest.

“What do you want?”

“You’re ship and whatever it holds.”

The man then gave a signal with his own wand.

A large pirate ship emerged from the fog as men began swinging from that ship onto the fishing ship, and began taking whatever they found.

They then proceeded into the cargo area, and hoisted the fish net upwards, before transporting the fish into their own ship. When the man saw that his crew was done he bounded the captain.

“Who are you?” the captain gasped.

The red head turned.

“ Ronald Weasely. Captain of the pirate ship the Brigantine.”


“GONE? What do you mean they’re gone, Riddle?” Ras Al Ghul yelled.

“Just what I said, Ras. What happened to your crew?” Voldemort said gripping the edges of his seat tightly.

Ghul turned to Voldemort.

“What are you talking about? I thought we were talking about Weasely and Curry?”

“I thought we were talking about your crew?”

They both stared at each other.

“What the hell is going on? What happened to our men?” Voldemort whispered to himself.


“According to my sources, they both reached their destination, but no one has seen them since,” Bart said.

Harry, Bart, Fred, and George were in the kitchen, contemplating over Bart’s news

“Ron has never made contact with you when he reached Antarctica?” Fred said stirring his now melted ice-cream

“There was interference,” Harry said rubbing his unshaven chin.

“What do you mean?” George asked.

“It seemed that once they were at a certain location of the continent, there was a magical barrier that cuts off all magical communication,” Harry replied.

“But I’ve never heard of anything like that,” Dean said joining the group.

“That’s because it was never there,” Harry said.

“So you’re saying that Voldemort was behind it?”

“No, there was another player,” Harry said in deep thought.

“What makes you think there was another player and not Voldemort?” Fred asked.

“Because Ron, Oliver, and Arthur would’ve already been dead.”

“So who do you reckon is the other player?” George asked.

Harry looked up.

“That’s what I’m about to find out. I’m going to Antarctica.”



With a flash of emerald fire, Harry apparated into Enderby Land.

“Harry do you copy?” Dean’s voice spoke into the earpiece.

“Crystal clear.”

“Well, whatever charm severed our contact with Ron and the others have been removed,” Dean’s voice said.

“Which means whoever cast the charm has what they were after,” Harry said.

He walked up to a fisherman, and rented his boat.

As the fisherman took Harry to sea, Harry called for him to stop, and turned on his earpiece.

“I found something.”

“What?” Dean asked.

Harry held up what appeared to be a large chunk of ginger hair.”

“It’s hair. Ron’s hair.”

“That’s impossible. It would’ve been washed away by now. Unless…”

And Dean stopped talking.

“Unless it was just placed hear,” Harry said.

There was a gagging noise.

Harry quickly turned to find the fisherman with an arrow in his throat. He fell to the ground and began twitching. Before Harry could reach him he was already dead.

Then a fog appeared from nowhere.

The earpiece that Harry wore was going haywire. Harry quickly removed it, and instinct kicked in and yelled something into the earpiece before it died.

Harry closed his eyes and listened. He picked up the sounds of many sails, and anchors that were being lowered into the water. He then heard men starting to sneak up on him. Two of them were archers.

The first archer fired. By the sound of the approaching arrow, Harry dodged left, and the pirate behind him was shot in the chest.

They all yelled and unsheathed their swords. Harry removed his wand, and grabbed the first pirate by his sword hand and stabbed the other pirate to his left. He dodged another arrow and sent a stunners at two pirates, who were thrown off the boat.

“How the blazes can he see us?” someone yelled.

Harry’s eyes were deep blue, which enabled him to see through any concealments.

Another archer shot at Harry. This time Harry caught the arrow, and threw it back in the same direction. The archer yelled in pain as he was shot in the chest.

Harry grabbed one of the ropes that the pirates used to swing from their ship onto the boat, and pulled himself up.


The fishing boat broke in half, sending the screaming pirates into the water.

Harry landed on the deck of the pirate ship, and took in his surroundings. The fog cleared revealing an old pirate with a wooden leg, red hair, and a wooden eye. A falcon was perched on his shoulder.

“I’m guessing you’re the captain,” Harry said.

Commodore Weasely pointed his wand at Harry.

“Commodore to be more exact.”

And he shot a lick of fire at Harry’s direction, but Harry waved his hand.

The fire changed its course and was shot at several crew members who screamed and jumped over board.

“YOU DARE TARGET MY MEN!?!” the commodore roared.

“The less the merrier,” Harry replied.

The commodore began making movements with his wand.

Harry sighed and with a wave of his wand, disarmed the commodore, and summoned his wand into his hand.

“Disappointing,” Harry said.

The commodore removed his sword.

“Fight me you coward!”

Harry unsheathed his sword.

“If that’s what you want?”

The commodore attacked. He slashed at Harry’s chest, but Harry blocked it. He then aimed for Harry’s legs, in which Harry jumped, and with a swing of his sword, cut the feather off the commodore’s hat.

The commodore yelled in rage, and continued dueling Harry.

Having enough, Harry grabbed a rope that was attached to a cannon hanging above the commodore’s head. He cut the rope and flew up, while the cannon fell, pinning the commodore’s good leg to the deck.

Harry apparated on top of the cannon, as the commodore yelled in pain.

“I think you took prisoner several friends of mine, and an object that doesn’t belong to you,” Harry said casually.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” the commodore said.

“Of course you don’t,” Harry said.

He then got off.

“Don’t move, I’ll be back.”

And he set off down the stairs.

The falcon was circling above the ship. Seeing her master in trouble, she flew off into the night.


Dean was replaying the last word that was transmitted from Harry.

“George, can you make it any more clearer,” he called out from the other side of the laboratory.

“Hold on,” George said turning a knob.

Dean played it again.


Fred and George looked up and stared at each other.

“We know where they are,” they said to each other in anger.


Harry was walking towards the brink when he heard a groan. He quickly jumped down the rest of the steps, and look into the cell. Arthur’s skin was very pale, and was losing too much blood from his chest. Oliver appeared to be hanging from shackles along with two men that he did not recognize.


Oliver woke with a start. and saw Harry standing at the cell door.

“Dirk, Al,” he whispered nudging the two men on either side of him.

The two men woke up and saw Harry.

“Ha, I thought it would be you,” Dirk said with a smile.

Harry waved his wand, and the shackles broke apart.

“We need to get Arthur in the water,” Oliver said.

Dirk and Al put Arthur’s arms around them as Harry led the way. Oliver grabbed his gear that was locked behind a cabinet.

“We need to get the dagger,” Oliver said.

“Do you know where it is?” Harry asked.

“It has to be in the Commodore’s cabin,” Al said.

Harry ran into the Commodore’s large cabin.

“Get Arthur into the water!” Harry yelled behind him.

Dirk and Al grabbed their confiscated scuba gear, and slipped out.

Harry and Oliver were trashing the cabin looking for the dagger.

Harry looked out the window. A fog was beginning to emerge again.

“We’ve got company.”

Oliver looked up.

“I don’t think it’s here,” Harry said.

But then he spotted a small chest.

Waving his wand to perform an X-ray Charm, he saw the dagger. He tried to unlock the chest, with no luck.

“What’s with pirates and chests?” Harry asked himself.

He and Oliver made their way back to the deck.

When they arrived, more than 30 pirates were awaiting their arrival Commodore Weasely was standing again with his falcon. In the falcon’s beak was the key to the chest.

“I believe you need a key to open that chest,” he laughed.

All the men laughed along with them.

With two loud cracks, Fred and George appeared beside Harry and Oliver.

“How the blazes did you apparate onto my ship?” Commodore said.

“Well, the only people allowed to apparate on this ship are Weaselys,” George said.

“For Pete’s sake, how many does my son have,” the commodore said.

“I need that key,” Harry whispered to Fred.

Fred spotted the key in the falcon’s beak.

“We’ll handle them,” came a voice.

Harry looked up to see Ron apparating onto the deck.

“You dare betray me!” the commodore yelled.

“You did to my family,” Ron said.

“You’re a pirate?” George asked in shock.

“Grandpa was dumb enough to give me my own ship too.”

“That’s enough! Get them!” the Commodore yelled.

“NOW, A.C.!”

Arthur was above the pirates with a large net of fish from Ron’s ship. He unsheathed his long-knife and cut the rope. The pirates yelled as hundreds of pounds of fish were downed on them.

The falcon tried to take flight, only to be hammered down by the fish. The key fell loose.

“Accio!” Fred yelled. The key soared into his hand.

“Follow me!” Ron yelled.

Everyone ran after Ron where there were several ropes waiting for them. Harry looked up and gasped.

Ron’s ship was floating above them.

They all grabbed their own rope and were pulled up by Ron’s crew.

“HOIST THE STARBOARD ANCHOR, AND RAISE THE SAILS!” Ron commanded as they were being pulled up.

The anchor was pulled up, as the sails were unfurled. The ship began to move, as Harry was pulled to the deck.

Back below, Commodore Weasely roared with rage.


“We can’t , sir,” said one of the pirates.

“WHY NOT!?!”

“The fish are stuck between the chains, sir.”

The Commodore yelled and stumped out of the deck.


“Captain Ronald Weasely. Has a nice ring to it,” Harry said.

Everyone laughed. The members were all sitting in the Captain’s cabin.

Harry inserted the key and unlocked the chest. Inside was the dagger of Godric Gryffindor.

Harry sighed.

“Finally. How’re you feeling, Arthur?”

“Great, now. If you hadn’t come as you did, I would probably be dead,” Arthur said.

“So we now have the dagger. Our next task is releasing Aragorn, Legolas, and Sirius from the veil,” Harry said.

But then he froze.

“Harry what’s wrong?” Ron asked.

“There’s someone else on your grandfather’s ship.”

Arthur looked up.


“I don’t know. They’re blocking me out.”

Commodore Weasely’s ship, The Barbary…

The commodore limped into his cabin and stabbed his sword into the globe that was in the center of the room. He removed his wooden leg and eye and rested them on his desk.

“You dishonored our agreement.”

The Commodore spun around.

A man with untidy black hair was looking out of the large mirror in the opposite side of the room. A blue wolf in front of the mirror, and appeared to be in a trance.

“How long has it been Jasper?” the commodore asked.

“Don’t change the topic, Bartolomeo!” Jasper yelled.

“Easy, easy, Jasper. I kept to my side of the bargain,” Bartolomeo said.

“You swore to me that you will help the Crusaders of Gryffindor retrieve the dagger,” Jasper retorted.

“I did!”



Jasper stared.

“I don’t have time, Jasper. I need someone I can trust to take my place as Commodore of my fleet. Not all pirates are evil. Look at Ron. He can use this fleet to help Potter in the war against Voldemort,” Bartolomeo reasoned.

The wolf was now pacing the room.

“And what about you?” Bartolomeo asked.

“What about me?”

Bartolomeo looked at Jasper’s true image in the mirror.

“You’re running out of time, too.”

Jasper sighed.

“You know as soon as one of them opens that archway in the ministry, you will be returned to your original form.”

Ron’s ship was now hovering above the League’s hideout.


“Ai, Captain,” the crew yelled.

Harry walked over to Ron who was behind the wheel.

“So how are you going to tell Cho that you’re a pirate?”

Ron froze as the ship descended into the backyard

“I never actually thought of that.”

“Captain, is there anything else you need?” the first mate asked.

“You can take A.C.’s father to one of the bedroom mansions to have the house elves attend to him. And don’t worry, we have plenty of room in the mansion.”

“No it’s alright captain. You know how to summon us,” he said bowing.

The crew then dissaparated.

“How do you contact them?” Harry asked as they boarded off the large ship.

Ron showed the coin Hermione made two years ago.



“A PIRATE!” Hermione and Cho yelled in anger.

“Sweet,” Bart said with his mouth full of pudding.

Cho looked at him in disgust.

“Ronald, what were you thinking!?!” Hermione demanded.

“Desperate times calls for desperate measures, Hermione,” Ron groaned as he removed his boots.

Dobby took them as Winky gave him a pair of flip-flops and removed his robes.

“Thanks,” he whispered.

He then looked up at the fuming girls.

“Desperate times calls for desperate measures.”

Hermione was fuming.

“A.C. was bleeding all over the floor, Oliver has swords to his neck, and Dirk and Al were out for the count! I had no choice,” Ron explained.

Hermione sighed.

“I’m sorry I blew up at you like that.”

She gave Ron a hug, and lingered there. Too close for Harry’s liking. To hide his anger, he changed the subject. Not before Cho noticed.

“Where is Dirk and Al?”

“I had them leave the ship before we came back to get the dagger,” Oliver said coming down the stairs wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

“I think it’s best if you stay with us, Ollie,” Harry said.

Oliver nodded.

“Yeah, there’s nothing much I can do with my company with Voldemort gaining control of every country in the world.”


Everyone turned to find Neville running into the living room.

“What’s wrong?”

Neville was gasping.

“Take your time.” Oliver said crouching down beside him.

“Thank…God…you’re…here,” he gasped holding his side.

“What’s up, Longbottom?” Fred asked.

Neville looked up.


The Weasely’s acted without thinking. Grabbing their gear, they disapparated from the spot. Harry, Hermione, and A.C. followed.

When they apparated they saw that the Burrow was broken into.

“GINNY, MUM, FLEUR!?!” Ron yelled.

“Hem, Hem,” came a voice.

Harry knew that voice, and anger welled up inside of him

They all turned to find Snape and Umbridge standing before them.

“YOU BASTARD,” Ron said removing his wand along with his brothers.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Umbridge said sweetly.

“Oh, but I do,” Harry said.

“But you know that you can’t Potter. And you know why,” Snape said.

Harry gritted his teeth.

“What’s he on about, Harry?” George seethed.

“Voldemort has them.”

Ron yelled in rage.

“And you know what we want,” Umbridge said giving a high-pitched giggle.

Harry felt his animagus side wanting to come out and terrorize them both.

“Tomorrow, the Ministry of Magic. We’ll exchange the women for the dagger. And you know what would happen if you do not meet with our demands,” Snape said lazily.

Harry was silent.

“Tomorrow, Potter. Your choice. The dagger or your family,” Umbridge said before they disapparated.

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