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Visiting Daddy's Parents by earthfarie
Chapter 1 : Visiting Daddy's Parents
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Disclaimer: I own nothing...wish I did, but it's all J.K.'s!

Visiting Daddy's Parents 

Ginny Potter was sitting at her kitchen table trying to create a halfway-decent article about the Quidditch game that had taken place the day before. (Between the Kenmare Kestrels and the Montrose Magpies) This was proving to be a problem, as Lily had come along, and five-year-olds do not have the attention span for a Quidditch game. So, instead of her full attention being on the game, Ginny was busy attempting to occupy her daughter.

‘Harry is lucky.’ Ginny thought ‘Lily isn’t even allowed to come to his work, so she has no chance to distract him.’ 

Ginny almost smiled at her pitiful attempt to make her feel better about writing this article. But, she couldn’t smile. She didn’t have time to smile. She needed to work; Luna was expecting this by tomorrow afternoon. 

She quickly scribbled down an introduction, and what had happened during the first 40 minutes of the game, feeling better about herself now that she was at least halfway done and it wasn’t all that bad. 

Suddenly, there was a scream from the living room; where her children were. Ginny stood up just as a rather harassed-looking Albus was pushed through the door, followed closely by a crying Lily. 

Ginny sighed before saying loudly “James Sirius Potter, get in her right now!” 

Instantly, James yelled “I didn’t do it!” 

Ginny picked up Lily rubbing her back to comfort her and stuck her head out the door saying “I didn’t ask if you did anything. I asked you to come here.” James dramatically stood up and walked into the kitchen. 

Ginny went right to the point, even though she was desperate for an excuse to stop working, she needed to be a grown-up and work anyways. 

“James, why is your sister crying?” 

James sighed and said “I wanted her to ask her you a question but she said no, so Al told me to leave her alone, then he said he’d ask you the question, but when I told him what it was he didn’t want to anymore, then I punched him and Lily started crying.”

Putting Lily down quickly Ginny knelt down to Albus saying “Where’d he punch you?” 

Albus was desperately fighting tears, and he shakily replied “My tummy.” 

Ginny pulled him in for a hug and told James “You’re in trouble Mister. James, we do not punch people, no matter what the reason. 

He looked at his feet and said “Ok. Sorry Al.” 

Albus said “It’s okay. I forgive you.” Ginny smiled and looked over to James again raising her eyebrow.

James said “What now? I said sorry. He forgave me, done deal.” 

He turned to walk away but Ginny hooked her arm around his waist. 

She looked around at her three children and said “You can ask Daddy and me anything. You know that, right?” They nodded and Ginny continued “So, what was the question?”

James took a deep breath and said quickly “Well, you know we visit Grandmum and Granddad Weasley every Sunday, and they’re your parents, right Mum?” Ginny was slightly confused as she nodded her head yes. 

James continued “Well…Why do we never visit Daddy’s parents?”

Ginny, who was crouching down so her head was level with James’s, now slowly lowered herself to the floor, putting her face in her hands. 

She felt a small hand on her shoulder and Lily’s voice said quietly “Mommy? Are you ok?” 

Ginny pulled her face up and smiled weakly saying “Let’s go see Daddy.” She hoisted Lily up on her hip, took Albus’s hand, and gave James an encouraging little shove. 

Her children looked less than excited to have to repeat their question and Ginny said “Come on. You’re not in trouble. I promise Daddy’s not going to get mad. Ok?” They nodded and the group headed towards Harry’s study.

Letting Lily down Ginny knocked on the door “Sweetie? Can we come in?”
Harry opened the door and smiled widely “Of course you can. Come on in.” Harry sat in his office chair. Lily, Al and James quickly seated themselves on his lap. 

Harry smiled softly and said “Now, what do you need?” 

When no one answered Ginny said “They have a question. I figured we should all be together. Go on, someone say it.” 

Before James could reply Al said “You got to ask Mum. I wanna ask Dad.” 

James sighed “Fine.” 

Lily's eyes lit up and she tugged on Albus's sleeve. “No me! Please Al? Can I? Please?” 

Albus grumbled and grunted “Ok, fine.” 

Lily started “We see Grandmum and Granddad Weasley every week, and they’re Mommies parents and so…and so…ummm…I forget. Al, you finish the rest.” 

Albus finished her sentence quickly “Why do we never visit your parents, Dad?” 

Harry looked as if this was the last question he expected. He ran his fingers through his hair, shooting his wife a look that plainly said ‘How’re we going to explain this?’ 

Ginny started out “Well, it’s a story, sort-of. A long time ago, when Daddy was just a little baby, a very mean wizard came into his house and killed his parents.” 

Lily looked devastated and hugged her father around the neck, Albus looked shocked, and as much as James was trying to keep his face blank, there was a still trace of surprise set across his face. 

Harry said “So, I was raised by my Aunt and Uncle. That’s why we don’t go visit my parents, because they’re gone.”
Albus said “Do you miss them?” Harry nodded “I do miss them Al.” 

Lily said, practically fighting tears at this point “What was the mean wizard’s name?” 

Harry looked hesitant to answer but Ginny quietly said “Voldemort.” 

Lily shivered slightly and said “Wow…that is a scary name.” 

Harry nodded slightly, looking without seeing towards the wall. 

James said quietly “Why didn’t he kill you too then Dad?” 

Harry sat up a little straighter and said “He tried to. That’s when I got my scar.” 

Lily stood on his lap and pushed his hair up, as if to make sure his scar was still there. 

James continued “But, if you were just a baby, why couldn’t he kill you?” 

Harry said “Love. My mother didn’t have to die, but she died for me, protecting me with her love. So, when he tried to kill me, he couldn’t.” 

James nodded “Oh.” 

Ginny stood up and said “Well, it’s eight-o-clock. I think it’s time for five-year-olds to go to bed.” 

Lily said “Daddy, will you tuck me in and read me a story?” Harry nodded and waited for Al and James to get off his lap before lifting Lily up and carrying her out of the room. 

Ginny kissed her as she went by then looked down to James and Albus “Come on,” she said “Out with it. You’ve still got questions.” 

Albus said “Can we visit their graves tomorrow?” 

James nodded eagerly at his side. Ginny sighed. If she could finish the article tonight, then they would be able to go, it was Saturday so Harry didn’t have to work. 

Ginny replied “Oh, I suppose so. Don’t tell your sister tonight or she’ll never go to sleep. Now, go on and play, you’ve got a half-an-hour left before bed time.” They ran off, and Ginny made her way slowly to the kitchen, cleaning up toys and grabbing the phone on he way. 

Ginny dialed Ron and Hermione’s number on the phone and prayed for her to pick up. 
On the third ring Ron answered “Hello?” 

Ginny said “Hey Ron, it’s me. Is ‘Mione there?’’ 

Ron said “Yeah, hold on a second.” As she waited Ron said “What’s up? Did anything happen?” 

Ginny said “Yes. The kids asked why we never visited Harry’s parents. They’ve never asked before.” 

Ron was silent for a few seconds before saying “Oh, Ginny, I don’t know what to say. Did everything go alright?” 

Before Ginny could answer Hermione had taken the phone and said “Hey Ginny! What’s up?” 

Ginny sighed. She didn’t know why but she felt like she wanted to cry suddenly. This was something she hadn't wanted to discuss with her kids until they were much older.

Hermione could sense this and said “I’ll be over in fifteen minutes. Sit tight.” 

Ginny gave a shaky “Ok. I’ll be here.” She hung up the phone and looked down at her article. She was able to jot down an excuse for a conclusion and look it over quickly before there was a crack and Hermione appeared at the front door. 

James and Albus beat Ginny to the door and called “It’s Auntie ‘Mione, Mum!” 

Ginny called “Send her into the kitchen, tell her I’ll be there in a minute.” 

Ginny traveled down the hall to Harry’s study and opened the door without knocking. Before Harry could say anything Ginny quickly said “Hermione is here. Could you put the boys to bed?”
At the look on Ginny’s face, Harry almost said something but Ginny was quicker “I’m fine. I just need some girl talk.”

After giving Harry a quick kiss, Ginny walked into the kitchen and was greeted by a hug. 

Ginny mumbled “Thanks.”
Hermione started talking instantly “Ron didn’t say what happened. Is everyone all right?” 

Ginny nodded and whispered “The kids asked why we never visited Harry’s parents. It was just hard telling them they’ll never get to meet their own grandparents.” 

Ginny and Hermione talked for two hours before Harry said Ron had called and said Hugo was awake and not going back to sleep until Hermione had gotten home.

Ginny pulled her clothes off and changed into her pajamas telling Harry that tomorrow they were going to take the kids to visit his parent’s graves. 

Harry thought that doing that was a brilliant idea, and he hugged Ginny and whispered into her hair “Love, everything’s going to be okay. Don’t worry.” 

Ginny said “Thanks sweetie, I’ll try not to.”

The next morning Ginny was awoken from three children jumping on her and Harry’s bed. Ginny rolled over and looked at the clock. She had to blink several times before she could read it right, and when she did she could hardly believe it. 

She mumbled “Harry.” 

He didn’t respond. She shook his shoulder “Harry!” 

Harry slowly opened his eyes “Yeah Gin?” 

“It’s four-thirty a.m.” 

Harry grimaced at her “Then why the bloody hell did you wake me up?!?” 

Ginny was thankful their children were too busy jumping on the bed to have noticed Harry’s choice words. 

She said “Well, in case you haven’t noticed our children are jumping on our bed.” 

Harry had finally registered that his children were the reason for his and Ginny’s discomfort. He stood up and picked up James and slung him over his shoulder, carrying him back towards his bedroom. Ginny did the same for Albus. When they entered the room again, Lily was under the covers, sleeping peacefully. 

Ginny smiled at Harry and said “I guess we’re going to have a guest tonight. 

Harry smiled “I suppose so.” The couple climbed back into bed and fell asleep again.

The next time the couple awoke again was because of Lily trying to get out of bed and in the process, stepping on Harry’s stomach and Ginny’s face. This time when Ginny rolled over, the clock read nine-o-clock. She stood up and took Lily with her, leaving Harry to wake up in peace. 

Lily went down the hall to the bathroom and Ginny entered her room again to make sure Harry was getting up. As she had expected, Harry was falling asleep again. 

Rolling her eyes she walked over to Harry and kissed him softly whispering “Come on sweetie, you’ve got to get up.” 

Harry, who was apparently not sleeping, grabbed Ginny and pulled her on top of him, kissing her more passionately. 

Ginny squealed and even though she would much rather stay here in bed with Harry all day, the door was open and that meant their children were going to join them very soon. As Ginny was trying to tell Harry this, he lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist, giggling all the while. Harry carried her down to the kitchen where he set her down on the counter and kissed Lily, who was sitting at the table waiting expectantly for breakfast. 

Ginny, who along with Harry was very happy suddenly, asked Lily if she wanted to dance before breakfast. Lily who thought this was the best idea ever thought of, went and turned the music on. The two girls were now dancing crazily around the room, giggling and twirling and truly living life in the moment. 

Harry stood at the door with James and Albus, all three of them looking at the girls like they had five heads. 

Harry laughed “Those are my girls.” 

Leaning down to Lily’s height Ginny whispered loudly “And can you believe that those are my boys? Just look at them, with that messy Potter hair. Thank Merlin you didn’t inherit that hair Lily, just imagine it on a woman! That would be the last thing I’d ever want!” 

Lily laughed and agreed as the three boys looked surly. Harry walked over and started making breakfast and said to Ginny quietly “You’re the one who wanted to have another child because you wanted a girl. You knew that there was a risk that she’d have this hair.” 

Ginny, who was being very daring with their children mere feet away, said so quietly Harry was almost sure he’d heard her wrong “Maybe I just like having sex with you. Ever think about it that way, hmm?” 

Harry and Ginny shared a secret moment there, laughing and making breakfast together.

The morning went by quickly from then on, and before Ginny could believe it, the little family was standing at the kissing gate of the graveyard. As Harry led them towards the graves, Ginny silently smiled to herself. Harry didn’t know it, but she’d been here before, and had ‘talked’ to his parents for long lengths of time. 

Lily noticed it first, squealing “Hey! That’s my name! Look, that’s my name! Jamie, your name is here too, look!” 

The children looked up at their parents and Harry said “Yes, Lily you’re named after your Grandma and James, you’re named after your Grandfather.” 

Albus looked rather sad as his siblings ran toward the headstones. 

Ginny said “Guess who you’re named after.” 

Albus quietly said “I don’t know.” 

Smiling Ginny said “Remember the mean scary wizard?” 

Al nodded. 

“Albus Dumbledore was the only person that Voldemort was ever afraid of.” 

Al smiled widely and quietly said “Wicked,” then followed his siblings over to the headstones.

As her family stood walked around the graveyard, looking at all the graves, Ginny wandered down to Godric’s Hollow and touched the gate, the sign appearing out of the ground. 

Ginny smiled down at it and mumbled to herself “Harry’s done a pretty good job of putting his family back together.” 

A little voice to her right said “What Mommy?” She looked up to see Lily standing at her side, Lily said “Daddy told me to come get you, we’re gonna go out for lunch!”

Walking down the street towards Harry, Albus and James Lily said “Mommy, what happened to Voldemort?” 

Ginny smiled as they approached the boys “Daddy defeated him and saved the wizarding world.” 

Lily said “Really, like a hero?” 

Ginny said “He probably wouldn't admit it, but yes. And even if he isn't, he’s definitely mine.” 

Harry questioned “Who’s what?” 

Ginny put her arm around Harry’s waist and said “You are definitely my hero.” 

A/N: Hey everyone!! I updated this because there was a few things that were bothering me, no major plot changes as I'm sure you can tell. Tell me what you think and leave a review, please!! Love and cookies, earthfarie. :]

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