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Life After Hogwarts by crazyfreak
Chapter 1 : Life After Hogwarts
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Life After Hogwarts

Disclaimer:i own nothing to do with harry potter


Harry was liying in his bed it was the last day of Hogwarts he was wondering what he will do with his life and then he started thinking about Hermione. Hermione had been his girlfriend for 2 years now and he love d her and she loved him. He wanted to ask to marry her before she moves away and never sees harry again.

"Hey Harry come on we'll be late for the feast"said Ron,harry's best friend."Just a second i need to get dressed"answered Harry."well hurry up pijama boy"Ron sniggered.Harry got dressed up and hurried own to the great hall. Albus Dumbledore stood up"it is again the end of another year at hogwarts.we will do the house points celebration shortly after i say something to HArry Potter,"everyone looked around at him.Dumbledore continued"HArry Potter has been one of our best students this year, and as we all know he is very skilled in the dark I ask u Harry ,would u like to be our defense against the dark arts teacher"

Harry looked bewildered he stared at Ron who nodded at him.Harry said shakily"y-yes" "Well there u have it our new Defense against the dark arts teacher!"

Everyone cheered. Hermione even kissed him"oh, harry i know you'll do good ill be with my parents in london you can visit us if you want."gee thanks"said ahrry grinning at her and kissed one last time before everyone left

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