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Shadow and Light by ItsSnowyDudes
Chapter 4 : Meeting the Gang
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Hermione brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked up. “Emma, there is not two of me.” she sighed, wondering where this girl came up with these things.

Emma rolled her bluish green eyes. “That’s what you think.” she shoved Hannah toward her. “Now, try telling me there aren’t two of you!”

Hermione gasped. She looked up at the girl in front of her. Besides having beautiful red hair and deep green eyes, she looked just like Hermione. She slowly arose to her feet and stood right next to her. They were even the same height.” What in the...” she trailed off.

Hannah blinked. “Whoa..” she studied the brunette. She had deep chocolate brown eyes and honey colored hair.

“This is...” Hannah started, not knowing of what to say. “So weird,” Hermione finished, blinking. What’s your name?”

“Hannah Ann Granger.” she replied, still getting over the shock. Glad she was able to keep her last name, and not have to change it. Hermione’s eyes winded even more, her mouth hung open. They even sounded the same!

“My name is Hermione Jane Granger.” she said slowly. “Is your birt--” Hermione began, only to be cut off by Hannah.

“I’ll be 17 on September 19th.”

“Me too! Oh my god!! We really are sisters!! We’re twins! Oh my god!! My- I mean our parents never told me about you!!”

Emma, who seemed to be forgotten, chuckled as she watched the two girls reactions 

“See?! I told you Hermione!!”

“Shut Up, Emma!!” the two said in unison. All three of them looked at each other, and laughed. Emma giggled again. “This is like the twilight zone, eh?” she nodded, answering herself.

Hannah glanced at Emma out of the corner of her eye, that girl loved to laugh. She looked at Hermione again. “I wonder why our parents never told me about you.” Hermione said slowly. She stepped back quickly. “You’re not like insane are you?” Hannah laughed. “Hell no.” She shrugged. “My parents, well adoptive parents, never told me about you or…mom and dad.” she said awkwardly.

“Weird…”  Hermione bit her bottom lip, thinking. Suddenly, she threw her arms around
Hannah’s neck, hugging her tightly. Hannah, surprised, hugged her back just as tight. “It’s so wonderful to actually know I have a sister!” Hermione cried. Hannah smiled.

“I know!!” 

It’s too bad you have a murderous Deatheater for a sister though”  Hannah thought, a bit sadly. Hermione broke the hug and stepped back.

“How’d you even get here?” she asked.

“Um...I wanted to transfer.” she shrugged. “Unhealthy environment at my old school.”

“What house are you in?”

Hannah shrugged again. “Dunno, Arrived too late for the sorting.” Hermione grabbed her arm. “Let’s go see Dumbledore!”

“He’s the Headmaster!” added Emma. Hermione rolled her eyes.” I think she knew that already, Em.” she grinned and ran out of the library, tugging Hannah behind her.

“I’m getting pulled everywhere today!” she thought bitterly. Emma followed quickly.

“I hope you’ll be in Gryffindor with us!!” Emma said, while running besides them. ‘Ooh, it’d really suck if you were in like Slytherin, or something!! Horrid people, there. Every witch or wizard that has ever been in Slytherin turned evil.” she explained as they ran. She took a deep breath. “Especially, Voldemort! Course, everyone knows why he was in there!” Him and his pack of Deatheaters! Killing Muggles and muggle born, its awful. He’s been after Harry Potter; you know who he is right? Yeah, he attends school here!” 

Emma paused and panted trying to catch her breath. “We, that is me, Hermione, Ron and Ginny, his little sister, you'll meet them later, have all been friends for ages! Oh!! And Lisa, too! Can’t forget her! Can you believe ‘Ol Voldy killed a witch and a wizard couple right in their very own home? It was a mess, everything was completely demolished... It was in the Daily Prophet this morning. I do feel bad for poor Maria and Fred Collins. There was a picture of them in the paper, such lovely people!!” she stopped as they reached the statue where Dumbledore’s office was hidden. “Wow!! We got here pretty quickly don’t you think?”

Hannah and Hermione stared at her.

Emma blinked.” What?” she asked confused.

Hannah gaped at her. It seemed like she had said all of that in under a minute. Suddenly, something Emma had said rammed into her brain.

"Can you believe ‘Ol Voldy killed two parents in their very own home? It was a mess, everything completely demolished... It was in the Daily Prophet this morning. I do feel bad for poor Maria and Fred Collins. There was a picture of them in the paper, such lovely people!!”
Hannah grabbed her arm. “Em, who did you say Voldemort killed?” she asked, trying to hold the panic in her voice. Emma thought for a moment.

“Oh! Fred and Maria Collins! Why?” she titled her head. “Did you know them?” Hannah blinked back her tears. “Y-yea, I did.”

Emma looked sympathetic. ”I’m sorry.” she said, sincerely. She turned to Hermione, who gave a look that said. ‘Drop it’ Hermione turned to the statue. “Er…What’s the password?” she asked, looking back at Emma, who shrugged.

Hannah studied the statue carefully, taking in its delicate features. It had the expression of the eagle’s face. She thought of many passwords.

“Gummy Bears”  thought Hannah as the word suddenly popped into her head. Hannah cleared her throat. “Gummy Bears!” the statue moved swiftly, opening and awaiting their entrance. She grinned. Hermione and Emma turned to her, mouths open.

“How in the hell…?” Emma said, thoroughly confused. Hermione blinked. “How’d you know that?” Hannah shrugged simply. “I’m a good guesser.” she stepped inside the statue and turned around, looking at the two.

“Well? Are you coming or not?” Hermione and Emma quickly ran in.

Hermione pulled Emma and Hannah into his office, Dumbledore was sitting in his chair, as if he were waiting for them. He smiled, his eyes twinkling. "Ah, Hannah.” he said, leaning forward in his seat. "I've been waiting for you. I'm very surprised it took you this long to find me." A small twinkle formed in his eyes. Although, if you looked closely, it wasn’t the normal twinkle he always had. It was much different. "I suppose that might have something to do with you, Miss Grant?" Emma nodded and then stole a look down at the floor. "So I thought." Dumbledore looked into Hannah's dark green eyes. He was looking deeply into them. Hannah had to cast a look away. She didn't want this old man to figure it know things that he shouldn't. “Very well, then.” He stood up, the new twinkle never leaving, "You need to be sorted.“ Dumbledore arose from his chair slowly, as if he had a tremendous pain in his back, which was making his movements slowed down. He walked over to his shelf; it was cluttered with all sorts of knick knacks. A small glass troll, from Diagon Alley, a few hundred books, some by the git, Gildeory Lockhart. His blue eyes shifted upwards. There it was.

He plucked down the old, battered, and completely worn out sorting hat. Glancing back at the three girls, he smiled. His all knowing gaze shifting over to the deep green eyed girl. His lips twitched downward into a disapproving frown, however it went unnoticed by the anxious young ladies before him. He strolled over to Hannah and placed the sorting hat on her head. "Lets hope you wind up with your sister, Hannah." He smiled and sunk down in his chair.

Hannah fidgeted, suddenly becoming very uncomfortable. All these were eyes on her, watching, waiting, and wondering. She took in a deep breath, pondering how in the hell an old hat like this would sort her. Then, she heard it. A little whisper.

“Ah, another Granger? My, my, isn't this a treat? But, what's this? Oh my, you have a dark little secret. Don't you? Hmm..I wonder, if you should be in Slytherin. Let's see. You have the brains of Ravenclaw, the bravery of a Gryffindor, the trust of a Hufflepuff. But that's not all, now is it? Oh, no, child. You have the cold heart, of a Deatheater. Your once warm, caring blood that flows through your veins is now as thick as ice. Did you tell anyone of this little secret? I should suspect not. Hm...Where should I place you? Hannah narrowed her eyes. "I'm not a heartless Deatheater! I was tricked into this!"  She mentally snapped at the hat.

"Oh, but sweet child, you could've prevented this. The thing is, you’ve killed. And you loved it. You have a gift. A deep, powerful gift, .one perfect for a Slytherin.” 

Hannah swallowed, glancing at her friends, and then at Dumbledore. She was sure they could hear the hat. They all sat there, waiting. Dumbledore looked at her, the twinkle never going away. She shivered. He knew.  "My, you are tough to place, almost as tough as Mr. Potter. Oh, I know. For this little charade of yours…then it shall be…”
Hannah drew in her breath, and clenched her teeth together tight, a bad habit, which she needed to stop. "GRYFFINDOR!" she heard the manic hat shout through the office. Her whole body shaking, she stood from her chair, and dropped the hat on the Headmaster’s table. Hermione grinned.” I knew it!" Emma laughed. "Dude, that took like forever!" Dumbledore smiled at them. "Congratulations, Miss Granger. Hurry off on to dinner now, you three." Hermione and Emma said goodbye and ran out of the office. Hannah glanced at Dumbledore, once again. Sighing, she followed.

“I knew you’d be in Gryffindor!” Emma squealed. “Herm, let’s go show your sister the common room!” Hermione rolled her eyes. “We have to eat first!” she laughed, shaking her head. Sometimes, Emma amazed her. She pulled them in the direction of the Great Hall.

“I’m starving!” Hermione led them in the Great Hall and over to the Gryffindor table. Harry and Ron were already there, stuffing their faces. Ginny looked bored. Hermione sat down next to Ron, Emma sat down next to Harry and Hannah, next to Ginny.

Harry grinned. “Hey gu--” he looked at Hannah. “Holy Hell!!” Ron rubbed his eyes. “Hermione!! You’ve been cloned!” he gasped. Ginny blinked. “Whoa!!” Hermione chuckled and rolled her eyes at Ron’s comment. “Harry, Ron, Ginny, I’d like you all to meet Hannah. My sister. She transferred here from err--” she broke off. “Woodbine” Hannah said, smiling at them. Hermione nodded.

“I didn’t know you had a twin, Mione” Ginny said. Hermione laughed. “Neither did I”

Harry grinned. “Well, nice to meet you Hannah. I’m --” “Harry Potter.” she interrupted. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.” Harry smiled. Hannah glanced at Ginny and Ron. “You must be Weasley’s.” Ron laughed. “Yep.” he replied, while taking a bite of chicken. Ginny frowned slightly. “You both have red hair.” Hannah said simply. “How’d you kn--oh” Ginny said.

Emma giggled. “She did that to us too!!”

Ginny looked at Hannah skeptically. “Who is this girl? She suddenly show’s up and tries to show off. I don’t like her. She’s too suspicious. She must be hiding something.” Ginny thought very unaware of Hannah’s gift.

Hannah scowled and clenched her hand into a fist, tensing. “Breathe Hannah, ignore her.”
Ron frowned, noticing the far away look on the newest member of their little gang‘s face. “You okay, Hannah?” he asked, watching the beautiful red-haired girl cautiously. When she didn’t respond right away, Ginny nudged her hard in the ribs, on purpose. She smiled.


Hannah cried out in pain, rubbing her side. She glared at Ginny, who moved her eyes to her plate. Turning to Ron, she said, “Yeah, I’m fine.” she smiled. “Oh, How dare she. She better watch herself!”
Ginny grumbled, already not liking her. “Stupid girl.” she muttered under her breath. She picked up her roll and furiously bit into it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Hannah roll up her right sleeve, but kept the left down. She cocked a brow. “Odd”

Ron, trying to impress Hermione, put a broiled potato on his spoon, and put it near the edge of the table. The handle was hanging off, about half way to the mouth of the spoon. Ron winkled at Hermione, and slammed his fist down on the other end. The spoon flipped off the table, falling into his lap, and the potato shot in the air. He leaned back, nearly falling off the bench, and caught the potato in his mouth. He grinned. Hermione rolled her eyes, but giggled softly.

“Nice one, mate!” Harry said, laughing, and then he turned to Hannah. “So, Hannah did you ever play Quidditch at your old school?” he asked, with inertest. Hannah grinned. “Actually, I was captain at my old school and Seeker.” she boasted proudly. Harry looked surprised, so did everyone else.

“Really?” Hannah nodded. “Awesome!” he exclaimed, very impressed. Hannah giggled. Ginny scowled. “Prat thinking she’s going to steal Harry from me. Well, she doesn’t know who she’s messing with.” 

Hannah glanced at Emma, who was hunched over her glass of pumpkin juice, humming Halloween songs. She raised a brow. “Emma, what in the world are you doing?” Everyone turned to look at her. Emma glanced up and brushed her bangs out her eyes. “Duh, if you recite Halloween songs while looking at pumpkin juice, Halloween will be here!!” she exclaimed, excitedly. Hermione, Harry, Ron and Ginny all groaned in unison. “Who told you that?” Hannah asked, wrinkling her nose. Emma jerked her thumb behind her. “Ethan.” she said simply.

“Of course!” everyone, but Hannah said. She just looked confused. “Who?”

“My brother.” Emma said, still humming. Hannah blinked. “You actually think that will work?” she said, in disbelief.

“Yep!!” she grinned. Hannah rolled her eyes. Her left arm suddenly tingled. It felt as if someone was taking a lighter to it, from the inside. The pain was right were the Dark Mark was located. She dropped her fork and grabbed her arm, hissing in pain. Ginny raised a brow. “What’s with you?” she asked, annoyed.

“My arm!! Something’s wrong!” Hannah cried out. The others stared at her. Hermione frowned. “What ha--” she began, but stopped as she suddenly felt her own arm begin to prickle in pain.

“Ow!”  she rubbed her arm. 

Harry looked between the two girls. “You two alright?’ he asked, concern showing in his green eyes. Hannah gritted her teeth in pain, as it grew worse. She knew exactly what was happening. Voldemort was calling her. The pain subsided as it grew lighter, until it was gone. Hannah breathed out a sigh of relief, gently rubbing her arm. Her eyes glanced up at Hermione, who was rubbing her arm tenderly and pulling back her sleeve, as if to make sure it wasn’t burned. Hannah glanced around her. Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Emma were all staring at them, confused looks clearly written upon their faces.

“That was so weird!” Ginny exclaimed. “You okay now?” she asked Hermione, who nodded. “Damn Voldemort!” Hannah thought bitterly.

Emma saw the scowl suddenly appearing on Hannah’s face.” What’s wrong?” Hannah shook her head. “Nothing, I’m fine.” Emma blinked. She obviously wasn’t fine. “You sure?” her voice urging her to tell them what was the matter. “I’m fine!” she snapped.

Emma’s eyes winded, surprised at her sharp tone. “Fine. Just asking.” she grumbled, stabbing a noodle with her fork and popping it in her mouth. Emma chewed thoughtfully. “I wonder what caused the sudden pain in your arms,” she said, looking at Hermione, than at Hannah. Hermione shrugged.

“It’s fine now.” she said, nodding. She looked up at Hannah. “Is your arm okay?”

Hannah sighed. “It’s fine. It just felt like it was on fire.” she said, yawning.

“Like someone was pressing a white hot cord in an open wound?” Harry asked. Hannah nodded; a bit surprised he knew how her arm had felt. He studied her carefully. “Has it happened often?” 

“Not before I got the mark.” 

“No” she said.

Ginny, suddenly laughed. “It was like someone was causing your arm to hurt like that, you know?” Hannah forced a weak laugh. “Yeah...” she averted her eyes and dropped them to her plate. “I -um-gotta go look for something in my trunk.” she mumbled and shot to her feet. “I’ll see you guy’s later.” she ran off, before anyone could say a word. “But you don’t know where the common room is!!” Emma called after her, scrambling off the bench and dashing out after her.

Hannah tore down the dark corridor, breathing hard. “Shit, shit.” she mumbled, trying to remember what Voldemort had said to do, in case he needed her. She turned the corner, not paying attention, and collided hard with someone. She fell to the ground. “Ow!!”

“How dare you!!” snapped a harsh, male voice. She looked up into cold eyes. A boy around 5’ 8 with blonde, wavy hair and ice blue eyes was glaring at her. “Don’t you pay attention to where you’re going!?” he said, disgusted as he climbed to his feet and dusted himself off. Hannah scrambled to her feet.

“Sorry.” she grumbled. Draco smirked. “Well. If it isn’t the mud blood.” he looked her up and down. “You’ve changed, Granger.” Hannah rolled her eyes. “My name is Hannah, not Hermione. Hermione is my sister.” she said, annoyed with him. Draco’s eyes winded, in surprise. “Two mud bloods then eh? Just what this place needs,” he spat, actually spitting on the tire. Suddenly, he grinned and winked at her. “Draco Malfoy, Slytherin Sex God and king of this pathetic place.” he said, clearly thinking highly of himself.

Hannah scowled and shoved past him. “Move!” she snapped. Draco turned and grabbed her arm, pulling her back. “Now, where are you going so fast?” he smirked.

“Let go!” she tugged her am away.

“C’mon a girl like you doesn’t want to take a ride on the Sex God?” he boasted, puffing out his chest.

Hannah laughed, mockingly. She stepped closer to him. So, close that their noses were just an inch apart. She twirled a lock of his hair between his fingers, a soft smile forming over her lips. “Hm. Did daddy give you that tile?” she asked, smiling sweetly. Draco’s smug face fell. His eyes narrowed. “Guess so, eh?” she smirked, shoved him back and walked past him, quite calmly.

“You better watch your back now, Mudblood!” he threatened, and turned around, stalking towards the dungeons.

Hannah sighed and stormed down the hall. She could not believe that fucking jerk Malfoy had the nerve to insult her, after just meeting her.

“Stupid God Damn prat!” she grumbled under her breath, as she stalked down the hall. She was so furious; she wasn’t paying attention and smashed into someone.


"Damn it! Move!” She snarled, not even looking to see who she bumped into.

“Well, why don’t you try watching where you’re going, then!” a girl snapped. She was around 5’7 and had long blonde hair that went past her shoulders. Her eyes were light green. She was very attractive, but the look on her face clearly warned others not to mess with her. “I think you should apologize to me.” she said, crossing her arms and tapping her foot, looking at the girl in front of her.

Hannah rolled her eyes. “I’m sorry for bumping into you, your royal highness.” she spat. The girl tilted her head to the side and raised a brow. “Royal Highness? Is that all you got?” she smirked. “Hm” she frowned. “What?!” Hannah snapped. The girl shrugged.” Nothing, I’m just shocked is all, I didn’t know they let dogs in here.” Hannah glared and stepped closer to her. “Well, you’re in here. Wait! I think I’ve seen you before… you were in that one freak show right?”

She snapped her fingers. “Yeah!! And then you got fired for being over qualified!!” The blonde haired girl’s eyes narrowed sharply in annoyance. She stepped closer to her, glaring at her, her fingers playing with the end of her wand. For a second, Hannah thought this girl was going to attack her, so she was surprised when the girl grinned and stepped back, holding out her hand.

“Names Lisa Brown.” she said, smiling. “Gryffindor’s future Quidditch captain.” she stuck out her hand for Hannah to shake. Hannah blinked, then slowly shook her hand, smiling. “Hannah Granger. Gryffindor’s new er… member?” she laughed lightly. Lisa laughed.” That--wait, Granger? Whoa! I didn’t even notice!! Hermione’s your sister right?” 

Hannah nodded.” Holy two exactly the same! I didn’t even know she had a sister!! Like where have you been? Damn!” she said, amazed.

Hannah laughed. “Okay, breathe. She didn’t even know! I didn’t even know! We got separated at birth, I guess.” she shrugged. “But I heard Hogwarts was an awesome school and I decided to transfer.” she laughed. “Imagine my surprise at what I found here, eh?” Lisa chuckled. “Yeah, I mean holy crap. That’s so cool!”

Hannah nodded. Suddenly, her left arm tinged in burning pain…Again. She grabbed her arm and made a face. Lisa eye’s winded. “Are you okay? What’s wrong with your arm?” she asked, reaching out to grab it. Hannah stepped back quickly.

“No! I mean er…my arm, its fine, I just er…I gotta go to the bathroom! Nice meeting you, Lisa!” she shot past her, before she could even blink. Lisa turned around and watched her run off. “What an odd girl.” she said, and turned to make her way to the Great Hall.

Lisa shook her head as she walked. Hannah was certainly odd. She suddenly wondered how her sister, Jodie was. She had already graduated and was working as an Auror. Both sisters had light blonde hair and green eyes. Lisa was one that someone would call ‘boy obsessed’, but she couldn’t help it. They were so cute and strong. She sighed, thinking of one in particular. Like most of her friends, Lisa was brilliant. Nearly the top of her glass, course Hermione beat her to it. Also, Lisa had a knack for correcting people with their grammar and spelling. She smirked, thinking of how she pissed people her. Her light blonde hair fell in her eyes and she pushed it back. Glad to finally see she had made it to the Great Hall.

Hannah tore down the twisted dark, hallways. Then she remembered something about a Room Of Requirement, or whatever it was called, that Voldemort had told her about. She stopped running, when she came across a painting of a knight, who was dueling with another. “Excuse me” she said breathlessly. “Can you please tell me where the Room of Requirement is?” The Knight looked at her. “Why Miss, it is right down that hall” he pointed to the hall behind her.” Stand in front of the wall and concentrate on why you need to get inside.” Hannah nodded and dashed down the hall. She stopped in front of the wall, breathing hard. “Damn!! How does this thing work?!” she paced in front of it, waiting anxiously for the door to pop up.

Emma turned down the hall. “Hannah!?” she called out, worried her new friend had gotten lost. “Where are you?!” she ran down the corridors, searching frantically. Hannah?” she stopped running and frowned. “Great...”

“Excuse me miss” said a voice. Emma turned around, looking for the source of the voice. “To your right!” the voice said. Emma turned to her left. ”Hello?” she called out. “TO YOUR OTHER RIGHT!” 

Emma turned and spotted a knight in a painting. “Oh!! Are you talking to me?” she asked, a tad confused. The knight sighed. “Yes. The one you call Hannah. Does she have red hair and green eyes?” Emma nodded. “Oh, she just went to the Room Of Requirement, she asked me where it was.”

Emma grinned. ”Thanks!!” she was thoroughly confused as to why Hannah would even go there, or how she even knew about it. She turned around and looked down the hall, to see Hannah disappearing inside. Emma bolted down the hall and ran inside, before the door vanished.

“Hannah!!” she cried out. Hannah shrieked and whipped around.

”Emma!! God, you scared the shit out of me!” Emma giggled. “Sorry! Err.. what are you doing in here?” she asked, wrinkling her nose.

Hannah sighed.” I um… just wanted to check it out.” she lied. Emma nodded. 

“I see.” She then noticed that Hannah was frantically rubbing her arm.

“Arm still hurt?” Hannah nodded “Listen, Emma, you’ve got to get out of here. I um, need to be alone.”

Emma frowned. “Why? What’s wrong?” Hannah grabbed Emma’s shoulders and started to push her out the door.

"Nothing I just want to be alone!” she snapped, shoving her out the door. She locked it, and put a silencing spell around the room. She heard a crackling sound, and turned to the direction of the fire. Voldermort’s head had appeared. She gave a small shriek.

“Shh, child!” his head snapped. “Now, what have you found out?” Hannah then quirked a brow, “Um.. I’m in Gryffindor?"

She rolled her deep green eyes and scoffed, plopping down in a chair. “Oh, no Voldy, I’ve learned so much! Like Harry, for instance has a fear of moth balls! You can shove them down his throat, and watch him choke to death!” she snapped, sarcastically. Voldermort’s eyes narrowed.
“Do not speak to me in that tone!” he snapped. Hannah laughed. “Meet us you know where, tonight…Precisely at midnight. Don’t be late.” There was a loud crackle of the orange, red flames as his head disappeared.

Hannah groaned and pressed her fingers to her temples. Since when had life become so complex?

Since I sold my soul to the devil.”  She thought bitterly, wishing she hadn’t. 

Sighing, she exited the room, making her way back to the Great Hall. Unfortunately, she was unaware of the person who stepped out of the room after her. Completely unnoticed. He smirked, his eyes narrowing. Oh, this was too good.


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More to come!

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Shadow and Light: Meeting the Gang


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