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Harry Potter and the Downfall of Corruption by SoulofSlytherin
Chapter 18 : Back to School
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Chapter 18


Back to School


Many of the older Gryffindors were lounging around the common room. Girls were huddled in small groups telling of their summer and ogling the boys that had changed a lot over the summer. The boys lounged on the couches talking of Quidditch and other impersonal topics. A loud slam from the doorway caused the entire room to fall silent as the thin form of Harry Potter stormed through the room disappearing off up the stairs.


“What’s his problem?” a forth year asked, causing many people to shrug before turning back to their conversations. The sixth year boys along with Hermione and Ginny got up and followed Harry up the stairs. When they entered the dormitory they found Harry sitting on his bed a photo album open across his lap.


“Harry?” Hermione said getting the boys attention “Is everything alright?”


“Its fine,” Harry replied, smiling slightly, “I am just fed up with Dumbledore’s meddling.”


“Oh?” Hermione questioned, prying for more.


Harry shrugged, “It doesn’t matter though. You wanted to hear about my summer?”


“Yes!” the boys exclaimed rushing to his bed. Harry laughed and beckoned Hermione and Ginny closer.  Harry closed the book, so that they could see it from the beginning.


“Forever United: A Summer in Review?” Hermione read confused. Harry laughed and nodded opening to the first page.


“Is that her?” Dean asked pointing to Erika.


“Yep,” Harry grinned, “That’s Erika. The other two boys are Michael and Xavier. Xavier’s her brother.”


The seven sat up for a long time talking and looking at pictures from Harry’s album. When they reached the final page, Harry explained about the band the four created.


“You play the guitar?” Ginny asked.


Harry nodded, “Yea, you want to hear it?”


“You brought it with you!” Hermione screeched.


Harry laughed, “I brought my mum’s old guitar. I left the electric guitar though, it wouldn’t work here.”


Harry walked over to his trunk and pulled out a small case, he unshrunk it and pulled the guitar from its case. Casting a silencing charm around the room he began to play the song he had started back on privet drive.


“It’s so beautiful,” Hermione whispered when he finished. Harry noticed a tear run down her face and he smiled.


“Thanks, but I think we should go to bed, after all we have classes tomorrow.”


“Great Scott!” Hermione exclaimed, “It’s three am!”


The boys laughed and watched as Hermione and Ginny scurried from the room.


“So mate….” Seamus started waggling his eyebrows, “Is there anything else you want to tell us about this Erika girl?”


Harry snorted before replying, “She’s a really good kisser.”


Seamus frowned and it was clear that he was hoping for a more detailed account, but Harry just smirked and pulled the hangings around his bed closed.


The next morning came too quickly for all of them and they soon found themselves in the Great Hall for Breakfast. Professor McGonagall came by with their schedules and Harry groaned loudly.


“What is it?” Ron asked, not looking up from his breakfast.


“Potions first,” Harry replied.


“Not for me,” Ron grinned, “I didn’t get an Outstanding.”


“What?” Harry replied absentmindedly.


“On my OWL mate?” Ron laughed.


Harry dropped his fork, “I totally forgot.”


“How could you forget?” Hermione scoffed. “The results came in mid-July.”


“I never got mine,” Harry admitted.


“What?” Hermione exclaimed. “That’s impossible, you need them to select electives.”


Harry scowled, “I’m going to talk to Dumbledore. I bet he knows something about this.” He stood up and stalked over to the head table. As he approached Dumbledore stated,


“You don’t need to apologize, Harry, it is already forgiven.”


Harry stopped dead in his tracks, “I beg your pardon?” His voice dropped and several teachers looked up to watch the exchange.


“I assumed that you were coming over to apologize for your behavior yesterday,” Dumbledore replied.


“You assumed wrong,” Harry growled. “Where are my OWL results and why didn’t I receive a notice to choose my classes? I know that I am not obligated to continue them all.”


Dumbledore blinked, “You were unable to be found, Harry, I made the decision based on what you told Professor McGonagall last year.”


Harry’s gaze darkened, “That was not your decision to make, my results, if you will?”


Dumbledore pulled something out of his pocket and handed it to Harry. Harry skimmed the contents quickly,


Harry James Potter has received the following on his Ordinary Wizarding Level Examinations:


Transfiguration: EE

Herbology: EE

Defense Against the Dark Arts: O

Care of Magical Creatures: EE

Charms: EE

Divination: P

Potions: O

History of Magic: D


Harry’s eyes went wide, “Interesting,” he muttered. “Next time, Headmaster, please remember that you do not have the authority to make my decisions for me. I want to add Spellcrafting and Healing to my elective courses, and drop Magical artifacts.”  His eyes met Hagrid’s and he sent a small message to the half giant through the legimency he had practiced over the summer.


“Forgive me Hagrid, but I need more time this year.”


The man’s eyes widened, but he said nothing.


“And I am going to have to drop Magical Creatures,” Harry frowned.


Dumbledore scowled, but wisely said nothing.


“Professor McGonagall,” Harry stated turning to her, “Can you arrange that?”


“Of course, Mr. Potter,” the woman smiled warmly, she waved her wand and another schedule appeared. “Here you are.”


“Thank you very much,” Harry replied taking it. He walked back to the Gryffindor table without another word.


“What did you say to Dumbledore?” Ron asked, “He looks royally pissed off.”


Harry shrugged, “I just changed my schedule some, I dropped Magical Creatures and Magical Artifacts and added Spellcrafting and Healing.”


“You dropped Hagrid’s class?” Ron gaped, “Why?”


“I need the other classes more,” Harry replied. “Hagrid understands.”


“Well then,” Hermione stated standing up, “We had better get to Potions, Harry. We are going to cut it close as it is.”


Harry looked at his watch and swore, “Let’s go,” he replied standing up quickly.

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