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The Potter Identity by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 5 : Duelings and Kidnappings
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Author's Note:
Happy New Year everyone!
I really like this chapter. This one and the next one are big ones! :)
I do not own Pirates of the Caribbean mentioned in this chapter. Haha!


The cab pulled up to Potter Manor and Harry paused as he sighed heavily, glancing to the large house. The driver asked, "Is this it?"

"Yeah..." Harry sighed, rubbing his eyes in tiredness and trying to make himself look as if he hadn't been crying. He handed the driver the money and he reached into his pocket, drawing out the gold band. He slipped it onto his finger and as he did so he could almost feel as if Elizabeth's love had left his body. But he knew it hadn't...

There was no way it could have. She would be with him forever.

He climbed out and thanked the driver, closing the door behind him and stepping into the yard. He followed the pathway in anticipation and then knocked uneasily on the door. It opened just mere seconds later to Ginny's blazing face. Harry swallowed, wishing that face was Elizabeth's, and he croaked, "H-Hi."

"Hi, Harry." Ginny smiled, stepping aside to allow him entrance. Harry nodded politely to her and once again looked around the entrance of his home. Ginny smiled and spoke politely, as if they were on greeting terms. Which, in Harry's case, they were, "Don't be so modest. It's your home. You live here."

Harry nodded and he chuckled, trying to act as if his heart wasn't crushing him into a million pieces, "I-It's huge."

Ginny laughed and offered him her hand, nodding her head towards the stairs, "Come on. I never thought I'd have to show you around our own home."

Harry smiled kindly and took her hand uneasily. She urged him with a soft whisper, "It's all right. I don't bite." Harry smiled again and let her lead him up the stairs. He admired all the fine furniture, drapery, and gorgeously painted walls. Ginny giggled at him and tugged on his arm, "Come on, Harry."

"H-How long have we lived here?" he asked, wondering if the memory he had seen when he first saw this house was real or not. So far, it seemed to be.

"Since our wedding day. You gave it to me as a wedding present." Ginny smiled, leading him into their bedroom. Harry paused at the door and grabbed onto the side of the door for support as pain washed over him and he gasped, his eyes widening as he lived through what seemed to be a forgotten memory.

"Harry, this mission tomorrow is going to be so dangerous. We have to be careful. [b]You[/b] have to be careful." Ginny Potter said seriously as they stood in the center of their bedroom. Harry chuckled and wrapped his arms around his wife's waist, "Don't worry, Gin. Why would I not be careful? It's not like I try to go and get myself killed."

Ginny shrugged with a smile, "Well, sometimes you're a bit more careless than I would like."

Harry laughed and swayed his hips against hers, running his hands along her back and sides. Ginny giggled under his touch and shivered as Harry smiled in approval and bent down to kiss her. Ginny met him half way and wrapped herself around him as he grunted in satisfactory and picked her up, holding her hips to his abdomen. He carried her to the large red and gold bed and laid her down, climbing on top of her as they continued to kiss feverishly. Harry moved his hips from on top of her as he pressed his body against her, pulling up her shirt.

Ginny did the same to him and soon their chests were tightly pressed up against each other. Ginny pulled away with a tease, lifting a hand to stop Harry from kissing her. As she spoke, Harry laughed and tried to swoop down to kiss her, her neck, her lips, her chest, anything reachable. She giggled, "Don't think you can make me forget about your stupidity at times."

"What stupidity!?" Harry snorted.

Ginny rolled her eyes and teased, "You know what I mean. Just don't...Don't get yourself hurt, Harry. If you did...poo, I don't know what I would do."

"Don't worry, love." Harry smiled as he pulled down her jeans and kicked off his own, along with his boxers. He spoke softly as he stroked her cheek, pushing her red hair out of her face, "I won't. I can promise you that. Nothing's going to happen to me."

"I hope you're right." she whispered as she grabbed his hips and pulled him on top of her.

Harry coughed, sliding down the wall as he came out of the memory. Ginny narrowed her eyes at him and kneeled down next to the panting man. She touched his shoulder and asked, "What is it?"

"M-Memories." Harry sighed, rubbing his eyes, "They come back to me at the oddest times."

"Did you just have one?"

"Yes." Harry nodded, beginning to think that talking with this woman was just about the easiest thing on the planet. He cursed himself for thinking that. Thinking that was just one step further to falling in love with her again. He rose to his feet and whispered, telling her what memory it was by the eager look on her face, "I-It was...W-We were...Um..."

Ginny laughed as Harry silenced and she said with a sense of understanding, "You saw us having sex."

"Uh." Harry coughed, looking down, "Yeah. Tha'd be it."

Ginny took Harry's bag and opened it, setting things in their proper place. She asked as she did so, "Well, could you make out when it was?"

"Y-You looked the same as you did now. Me too, I guess. Um, y-you were telling me to not do anything stupid and to not...get myself hurt." Harry said, walking to their bed and sitting on it, watching Ginny in the process. She froze and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear, pausing, "Oh. That one..."

"Why do you say that?" Harry asked, tilting his head to the side as he inspected her. He took in her small and frail from, her womanly hips and round breasts, her long and curling red hair, her chocolate eyes that seemed to melt into heaven every time she looked at him. Harry couldn't help but adore her striking beauty and for that he cursed himself, slapping himself inwardly a million times over.

She sighed, "That was the night before you disappeared. The night I - " she cut off and shook her head quickly, "No. Never mind."

"No." Harry smiled, shaking his head, "Tell me."

"No. Now's not the best time. Besides, you barely know who you are." Ginny said, waving a hand of dismissal as she plopped down on the bed and sat cross legged. She leaned back, palms spread against the satin covers of the bed and she smiled, "I bet there's a lot you would like to know. Why don't you ask?"

Harry looked around and took this as an opportunity. This woman was offering to tell him his life. Even though he couldn't stop himself from admiring her beauty, he nodded and searched for his first question, "Lord Voldemort. You told me he was this bad dude who has been trying to kill me my whole life, but why? Why has he been trying to kill me?"

With that question, sprung Ginny's answer. With that answer sprung many, many, many new questions in which Harry believed too many had filled his mind. Hour after hour passed as he asked his wife questions about his life and after every single question Ginny answered with an informative answer remained patient with him. Harry was intrigued with nearly every single answer until he was confused, happy, sad, depressed, and excited about his life all at the same time.

Harry was sure that he could not have retrieved so much information a better way. He felt like he had regained half his memory just by listening to Ginny talk. Finally, Harry had only one question left, "All right. Last one. Well, I sure hope it's the last one. You said about the prophecy that I would have to fight Voldemort and one us would die. If my memory has been erased, do I have to relearn all my magic?"

"Oh, crap..." Ginny murmured. She glared at Harry and sighed, "You have got to be kidding me!!"

Harry laughed and shook his head, saying politely, "No. I'm not. Sorry."

Ginny sighed and leaned against her cheek, "It's all right. Um, I guess you will. Well, no. Not quite. Let's try something. You said that you recalled a few things. You knew you weren't too bright with electronical-hickies."

Harry snorted and corrected her, "Just plain electronics."

"Right." Ginny laughed and nodded, "So, maybe you'll recall a few spells. I don't have your wand. By any chance do you happen to have it?"

Harry nodded and reached into his pocket. He spoke slowly as Ginny blinked in surprise, "I didn't know what it was. I just thought it was a stick of wood until I visited my aunt and uncle and learned a little from them. That's when I figured that this was my wand."

Ginny smiled and nodded proudly, "Well, you're right. That is your wand." She stood up and rubbed her hands together, "This should be exciting. All right, on your feet, Potter."

Harry smiled at the sense of toying in her voice and he already found himself growing fond of her. No, he did not love her and he did not have a crush on her either. But he did know that she was his friend. That was good enough for him. He knew he would try his very best to not let anything more than that occur. He rose and stood in front of her. Ginny drew out her wand and Harry blinked in fright, taking a step back, "What the bloody hell are you doing?!"

"We're going to duel. Disarm me." Ginny said, shrugging her shoulders. Harry wrinkled his nose in confusion and pondered for many moments. Ginny watched him with an intriguing look as he racked his memory for what could possibly be any funny words that could possibly be a spell. He smiled and pointed his wand to her, "Stupefy!"

"No!!" Ginny yelped as a jet of red light shot out the tip of Harry's wand and blasted her across the room. She groaned along the floor as Harry gasped and sprang forward, falling to his knees behind her, "I'm so sorry! Ginny, I'm so sorry!!"

She laughed, rubbing her bum, and pulled herself to her feet with a chuckle, "Don't worry about that. That was very good actually. You didn't find the disarming spell, but you found a stunning one and it does exactly what just happened to me."

"I'm sorry!" Harry croaked again, biting his bottom lip in embarrassment. Ginny laughed and patted his arm with a smile, "Don't worry about it." She repositioned herself in front of him and said, giving her wand a flick, "Why don't you try this one. Expelliarmus!"

Harry's eyes went wide as his wand flew out of his grasp and his wife caught it in her open and outstretched hand. Ginny giggled at the stunned look on his face and tossed him his wand. Harry smiled as he shook his head, coming back to his senses, "Good catch."

"I'm not the only one with talent around here, remember? You're the youngest seeker of the century." Ginny snorted.

Harry remembered her speaking to him about that just a while back and he nodded with a smile, "Right. Game with balls and bats on broomsticks. Seven players. Quadpitch."

Ginny laughed hysterically, grabbing onto her side and Harry asked, shrugging his shoulders, "What?! What's so funny?!"

"It's Quidditch, Harry. Quidditch." she said again as tears streaked down her cheeks from the laughter. She straightened and calmed herself, motioning for him to act seconds later, "You try it now."

Harry swallowed and tried to mimic what he had seen Ginny do, "Expelliarmus!"

Ginny's wand flew from her hand and into Harry's open one. He caught it and smiled, "I did it!"

"You sure did!" Ginny cheered, throwing a hand up, "You even used Quadpitch reflexes."

Harry smiled and teased, "Hey, now! No making fun of me!"

Ginny smiled and shook her head, saying sweetly, "I would never make fun of you, love."

Harry froze, not knowing what to say after her last comment. Realizing what she had just said, Ginny blushed and looked away from him, speaking quickly, "I'm sorry. I forgot. I didn't realize...Forgive me. I know you don't feel the way for me that I feel about you."

Harry pursed his lips and he nodded in understanding, "I understand, Ginny. It's all right."

Ginny nodded and smiled, asking as she tried to push it out of her mind, "What else do you want to try?"

Harry smiled, knowing what he wanted to try. He said eagerly, "You said in my...erm, third year? Yes! That's it. You said in my third year that I fought of dementy-what's its with a certain charm. The patronus? How do I do that?"

"Dementors." Ginny giggled again, "Yes, the patronus. Well, you have to...You have to have a happy memory or think happy thoughts and then you simply say Expecto Patronum. If you do it right and strong enough, what is called your patronus will leave your wand and follow your guide. Your patronus, Harry, is a stag, standing for your father."

"Sirius, my god father, called him Prongs?" Harry asked, trying to make sure he was correct.

Ginny nodded and smiled brightly, "Yes. Wow, I didn't know you had such a good memory."

Harry smiled and said eagerly, "I want to try it."

"All right. Do you have a happy memory that you can recall?" Ginny asked. Harry paused and immediately thought of Elizabeth...

He swallowed and nodded, knowing that she couldn't read his mind. And as Ginny instructed him, he gave a wave of the wand and he closed his eyes, letting his mind wonder across all their happy times. Her voice rang through out his mind like a sweet bell.

"M-My name is Elizabeth..." Their glorious meeting. "Harry. I like that name." ... "Don't say that. You're not causing me any pain. Pain is complete opposite of what I'm feeling right now." ... "Come on, to the front of the ship. You can see everything from there." ... "You're welcome to stay with me." ... "I'm so glad I found you, Harry..." ... "I'm coming with you..." ... "I love you..." ... "I'll remember for the both of us, Harry." ..."Wait! Wait, no!! Stop! Stop the car!!"

Feeling his happiness leave as he remembered leaving her on her door step that morning, he shook his head and shouted as he forced all of his mind, body, and soul into thinking about his wonderful times with Elizabeth Green before he began sobbing again, "Expecto Patronum!"

Surprised with tthe outcome, silver mist erupted from the tip of his wand and followed by that, an enormous stag erupted. Harry smiled and laughed as the large stag cantered about the room. Ginny squealed in excitement and clapped her hands together, cheering excitedly, "Oh! Amazing job, Harry!"

Harry chuckled and smiled as the stag circled about him. Harry looked to Ginny as the mist separated them and he smiled delicately. He admired her laughing and smiling form. The stag disappeared and Harry let his mind trail off. Maybe this won't be as bad as I made it out to be...

Later that night, Harry sighed as he finished brushing his teeth and getting ready for bed. He entered the guest bedroom in which he had asked to stay in and looked around. It looked cozy and Harry was thankful for that. He tossed the covers back of the large bed when a small knock came from the door. Harry turned and smiled gently to Ginny. Ginny took a step into the room and said, "You're welcome to sleep in here until you want to sleep in our bedroom."

"All right." Harry nodded in understanding. Ginny seemed to watch him in hesitation as Harry continued to ready himself to crawl into bed. Ginny sighed heavily, feeling put down when Harry made no move to kiss her, or even embrace her for that matter. She swallowed in hesitation and then made her way to the door with a soft squeak, "Good night, then."

"G-Ginny, wait." Harry said quickly. With excitement in her eyes, Ginny turned around and smiled, waiting for Harry to continue. Harry bit his lip and croaked, "T-Thank you."

Put down once again, Ginny looked to the ground and nodded, leaving his presence.


Elizabeth Green sat curled up on the couch in her living room, cuddling a picture of herself and Harry that they had taken the night before and had already had developed and framed, a blanket spread over her legs. She closed her eyes, sighing heavily and trying to remember Harry's feel, his voice, his soft eyes gazing to her. She let her head roll back and rest against the couch, her breath quivering in choked sobs.

Elizabeth jumped to life when loud cracks filled her apartment and she looked about wildly, a pair of hands snatching her face and holding her still. The possessor of the hands growled harshly to her, "How do you know Harry Potter?!"

"W-What?" Elizabeth stuttered, frightened beyond imagination. The man holding her still with a masked face and a cloak shook her violently and let his voice reverberate through the apartment, "Where is Harry Potter?!"

"I don't k-know."

"Yes, you do!!"

"N-No, please." Elizabeth choked out as she was forced to the ground, surrounded by other masked and cloaked people, "I don't know where he is. I promise!!"

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" one of them reached for the picture frame on the couch. Elizabeth shouted, trying to reach for it, "Don't touch that!!" The cloaked man laughed shrilly and took the frame into his hands, snickering at the picture, "So you and the Potter were intimate I see."

Another cloaked man struck her to the ground and Elizabeth whimpered in pain, holding her lip where she began to bleed. The cloaked people began talking amongst themselves as Elizabeth watched in a frightened manner, "The Dark Lord said to find Potter."

"It's your fault we lost Potter in the first place, Malfoy. You knew the Dark Lord's plan. Potter agreed to work for us and you chased him off!" another growled, "If we can't find Potter now, then we'll take his pet and use her as bait."

With grunts of agreement, one of the cloaked people brought out their wand and Elizabeth found herself wrapped around ropes and her voice leaving her. She opened and closed her mouth, trying to call out as one of them picked her up and slung her over their shoulder. Elizabeth beat at the back of her carrier as tears filled her eyes and she wanted to scream and shout in agony as one of them stepped on the frame, the glass crunching under their shoe.


The the dark and middle of the night, Ginny slowly lowered herself onto the edge of the bed in the room where Harry was staying. She sighed heavily, uneasily lifting a hand to her husband's face, and she brushed away his long hair. Harry gave a sleep groan under her touch and he rolled onto his side, facing Ginny's thigh. Ginny watched him in admiration and slowly bent down to let her lips brush against his forehead. She whispered, "I love you, Harry..."

Harry gave off a moan in his sleep, burrowing his head into the covers, "Elizabeth..."

Ginny froze, her lips softly pressed against his hair. Who was Elizabeth? Ginny closed her eyes and pondered, pulling her head away from Harry's. Maybe Elizabeth was no one. Harry had, after all, said that a muggle had found him. Maybe while he had been searching for Potter Manor, that one movie had been playing. Ginny couldn't put her finger on the title of the movie, but she knew it had a character named Elizabeth. Maybe it was that one movie...Oh, what was it called?!? Ginny racked her brain for the title.

Aha! Pirates of the Caribbean. That was it!

Ginny didn't worry about the name. Instead of fretting about something she had no idea what it was, she rose and slowly walked to the door of the room as sleep tried to snatch her. She looked back when Harry gave a groan and began moaning loudly, "N-No...No, please...Don't hurt her...I-I'm sorry."

Ginny wrinkled her nose in confusion.

In Harry Potter's dream, a Death Eater viciously tugged on Ginny Potter's hair. Ginny whimpered, kicking as Voldemort sneered from next to Harry, chained to a wall, "NO! Harry!! Harry, what have you done?! Don't do it!!"

"I-I'm sorry, Ginny..." Harry whispered, shaking his head. He looked down, unable to bear the sight as Ginny was drug from the room, screaming his name. The door swung shut behind her and Harry lifted his face to a happy Voldemort. Voldemort clapped twice and snickered, "Well done, Potter. Well done. Let me see that arm now." Voldemort pointed his wand at Harry's left shackle and gave it a flick.

Harry's arm broke free and he let it rest limply by his side as blood slowly oozed down it, a hissing pain skittering up his skin.Voldemort reached for his arm and Harry hissed in pain when those long and pale fingers wrapped around Harry's wrist. Voldemort ripped the sleeve of Harry's shirt as Harry turned his head away, unable to look in disgust. Voldemort put his wand to Harry's left forearm and said in pride, snickering loudly.

Harry screamed in agony as he felt like a million daggers were stabbing his arm over and over. The pain was unbearable. Harry tried to rip his arm away, but was unable to do so. Harry's mouth spread larger in pain, the skin of his cheeks stretching as his mouth widened and his screams grew louder. Finally, Voldemort let go of his arm and Harry yanked it to his chest, hissing and biting his lip in pain. Harry closed his eyes, panting loudly as Voldemort snickered, "I underestimated you, Potter."

Voldemort laughed and strode forward, leaving the room. When the door slammed shut behind him, Harry pried his burning arm away from his chest and he hissed, biting his lip until he tasted blood. There, blazing bright on his red and raw skin, was a black snake and skull, moving about wildly. Harry grabbed onto his arm again, clutching it to his chest. He slid down the wall and whispered, shaking his head, "What have I done...?"

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The Potter Identity: Duelings and Kidnappings


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