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The Boy Who Never Knew by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 3 : The Stag and Its Caster
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Rylan was at the Burrow for the day, meeting the Weasleys and the rest of the Order of the Phoenix one week later. The tension between Rylan and everyone was extremely odd and Rylan did not understand any of it. He had met a woman whose hair, color and style, had changed three times within one hour and whose nose had grown or shrunk twice and whose eyes had changed color repeatedly. He had met a man whose eye whizzed about wildly and who had an odd grumble for a voice. He had met a red headed man whom Hermione had explained to him was Ron's father who was completely fascinated with him and had asked in question upon question.

Over all, he had met a very odd group of people and he couldn't help but stare in an odd way as they sat around a large, wooden table in the kitchen. Rylan had been trying his best to follow the heated conversation that the man with the crazy eye, whose name he had learned was Mad-Eye Moody, and Remus, whom he had met a week before, had generated. He had given up a fair bit ago and was now just watching, nodding every now and then when people turned to him and asked if he understood.

Rylan had taken into account the red headed girl sitting next to Hermione, whom was right by his side, that kept staring at him oddly. Rylan glanced to her and the girl slowly turned her head away with a quiver of the lips. She had come into the kitchen in the middle of the conversation and had sat down next to Hermione quietly. Rylan didn't even know her name. The boy whom Hermione had talked about one week previous was on Rylan's other side, Ron, and Ron kept smiling to him politely and trying to answer his questions whenever Rylan asked him.

As Rylan watched the witches and wizards, Rylan knew they were arguing about him. Mad-Eye Moody growled, "Yes, Remus. He is, indeed, the Potters' first, but what good is he going to do? We still can't find that bloody other one!"

"Harry has things to do. You all know that." Remus shook his head, groping the table. The woman whose hair was currently a bright blue, sitting next to Remus, leaned forward at the table and began using wild hand gestures, "Harry's whereabouts are not important right now! And they're not important until we figure out what we're going to do! Voldemort's advancement is getting larger week by week and we can't keep sitting here, doing nothing. If Harry doesn't return, we must have this battle without him."

"Now, how does that work, Tonks? How do you fight the Final Battle without Harry Potter?" Kingsley Shackelbolt asked. Tonks threw up her hands, "I don't know! Think of something!"

"She's right though." Remus nodded, motioning to Tonks, "If Harry isn't here by the time Voldemort makes his final advancement, then we can't draw back. We have to participate in the battle."

"This is where Rylan, here, comes in." Kingsley Shackelbolt said.

"And what can he do, Kingsley?" Moody pondered, "He's a muggle. He knows no magic."

"No." Remus shook his head quickly. Remus became infuriated at the words of Rylan as a weapon, "No. James and Lily would never have it! They sent Rylan away so he could be safe! Now, we go and stick in in the battle of the century?! I think not!"

Rylan leaned over to the side and asked Hermione through the corner of his mouth, "And James and Lily are?"

"Your parents..." Hermione whispered.

"My dead parents, right?"


"Ah." Rylan nodded, returning to the conversation. Remus suddenly froze and said, wrinkling his nose, "No. Wait, Moody. You said Rylan is a muggle. How can that be? James and Lily were both of magical power! Harry is too! Rylan must possess some kind of magic!"

Everyone turned to him and Rylan blinked. He shrugged and asked, "What?"

"Have you been paying any attention at all, boy?" Mad-Eye Moody growled.

Rylan wrinkled his nose and unfolded his arms from his chest. He sat up straighter and huffed. He didn't feel like talking fair, "Now, I don't think that's fair. How do you expect me to understand what the bloody hell you're talking about? No. Of course I haven't been paying attention! I have no idea what you're talking about! Only small things here and there..."

Remus snorted and everyone turned to him in confusion, wondering why Remus would find any laughter at all in this situation. Remus smiled to Rylan, "That is the exact comment his father would have made..."

As murmurs sounded, Rylan actually smiled, but the murmurs quickly hushed and the room was once again serious. Moody leaned forward at the table and looked to Rylan, "Boy, have you ever experienced any sort of odd happenings? Your brother for instance. Your brother made glass disappear out of anger before he even knew he was a wizard."

As Moody said this, Rylan was wondering if he was actually reading his mind. Rylan swallowed and nodded, "Y-Yeah...O-On occasion."

"Give me a wand." Moody said quickly. Remus quickly took his own from his pocket and handed it properly to Rylan. Uneasily, Rylan took it, eying it suspiciously and he glanced back to Remus as Remus said, "Think happy thoughts. Expecto Patronum."

"What did you call me?!" Rylan yelped.

Remus chuckled and shook his head quickly, "No. It's a charm. Say it."

"E-Expecto Patronum." Rylan stuttered, holding the stick in his hand as he remembered happy conversations with Lexi. Rylan's eyes went wide and he threw the wand from his grasp when what looked like a doe emerged from the tip and cantered about the room. Hermione gasped and shrieked from next to him, "Rylan! This is amazing! Your first spell and you can already conjure a full patronus!"

"A what?!" Rylan asked, confused and bewildered. As he lost concentration, the doe disappeared and Rylan was left to be stared at. He has so many questions and he didn't think that they would ever be fully answered.

"Rylan," Remus said. Rylan looked up to him in acknowledgment and let Remus continue, "We do not know for certain if you are James and Lily's first son, but I would bet on it that you are. If you want to be found, if you want to be given a name and a family, then we will have you take a test. It will tell us who your parents are. You haven't asked very many questions. If I were you, I would have millions of them."

"Well, I do have a lot." Rylan nodded, but he said first, "I do want to be found. Give me the test."

Remus nodded and then asked Molly Weasley kindly, "Molly, will you start the blood line potion?"

"Of course, Remus." the stout woman said, rising from the table with a smile.

Hermione nudged him and it might have only been Rylan's imagination, but was the red headed boy from next to him glowing in envy? Rylan looked to him through the corner of his eye and dismissed it as Hermione urged him to ask whatever he might want to know. Rylan searched for his first questions, "My parents. Did you know them before they died? Why didn't my brother know of my existence? Why didn't anyone for that matter know of my existence?"

With that one question, Remus lowered himself into the chair and began with a slow answer. Rylan found himself intrigued and, for hours, asked question after question until he finally understood the Wizarding World and the life of Harry Potter.

That evening after dinner, Molly said after the dishes had been cleaned up, "Remus, the potion his ready."

"All right." Remus nodded happily. The rest of the Order of the Phoenix had dispersed and it was now the Weasleys, Tonks, Remus, Hermione, and Rylan. He turned to Rylan with a smile, "Are you ready to find out if you're a Potter?"

Rylan glanced to the girl sitting next to him, the girl that he had grown so fond of, and waited for her to urge him forward. Hermione smiled and nodded, whispering, "Do it." Rylan swallowed and nodded as Molly brought a small cauldron to the table. She set it in front of Rylan and Remus and Rylan looked to the man in front of him for instructions. Remus said slowly, "Now, for this to work, all we need is a drop of blood. I hope you don't mind."

"Oh. No." Rylan shook his head. He looked around for something to cut himself with and when he had no success, he asked slowly, "Could I have a knife or something?"

Remus shrugged and gestured his head in a way of approval, "Well, sure if you want to do it that way." Molly skittered back over with a small cutting knife and Rylan took it from her hand with a small thank you. Hermione winced in disgust as Rylan lifted a hand over the cauldron, a raised knife in the other. She hissed in distaste, "Ew, Rylan. Isn't there a better way?"

"I don't know. I don't mind though." Rylan shrugged. In one quick motion, he made a slit in the tip of his finger and set the knife on the table with a small hiss of pain. He bit his lip as Hermione squeezed his thigh, looking away as blood trickled off his finger and into the cauldron and the swirling white substance. He looked to Hermione and said with a small smile as Ron looked like he was about to punch him, "It's all right. See, just a small cut. It's fine."

"Let me heal it though. I can stand anything besides blood. Blood just makes me sick." she said as she took his hand into her lap and pointed her wand at the cut finger. Rylan watched her in an admiring way as his finger healed. He didn't even take notice in the pain that slowly dissipated from his finger. Instead, he kept his eyes fixated on the girl who didn't remove Rylan's hand from her lap and let it remain there, wrapping her and around his own. Rylan smiled and turned back to Remus as Hermione's warm hand covered his own.

Remus cleared his throat and said, "Now, when it changes blue it will show your first name, which we already know is Rylan. When it changes red, it will show your middle name, and green will show your last. Black, your parents and date of birth." Remus taped the cauldron with his wand and recited as the substance changed, "Rylan - " he paused, waiting for the potion to change yet again. Remus drew in a shaky breath as the potion changed and he lowered himself into the chair, knowing what the rest of the potion would say as Rylan's middle name appeared, "S-Sirius...P-Po...Rylan S-Sirius Potter...Parents: James and Lily Potter. D-Date of birth: August 14, 1978..."

Rylan lifted his head, his mouth open. Remus gazed at him, his eyes watering, and then Remus leapt up, quickly walking to the other side of the table and engulfing the boy into his arms, "R-Rylan. My god! It's you! Oh, it is you. My god son..."

"Y-You're my god father?" Rylan stuttered, slowly beginning to hug Remus back. Remus nodded against him and said, his eyes closed, "The last time I held you, I thought I was saying goodbye forever..."

Rylan closed his eyes and smiled. Then, suddenly, he laughed. He laughed loudly, ever so happily, and he cheered, "I have a family!!"

Remus chuckled and drew away from him, smiling brightly and nodding, "Indeed, you do."

Rylan turned to Hermione, her beautiful beaming face staring directly at him with her chocolate eyes swelling with tears. With a small laugh, Rylan opened up his arms and took Hermione into them with a smile. Hermione said happily against his muscular chest, "I'm so happy for you!"

Rylan found himself becoming lost in Hermione's touch and he had to draw away before he would find himself in her embrace for the rest of the night. Her beautiful form, her frail body and sweet scent clouding all of his senses was just too much. He knew that new feelings for this woman had sparked within the last few hours. Rylan looked to Ron and he smiled, offering him his hand, "It's nice to actually meet my brother's best friend."

The red on Ron's face faded some and he put aside the anger that was oblivious to everyone and actually smiled, shaking Rylan's hand, "And it's nice to meet my best mate's brother." Rylan laughed.

An hour later, Rylan and Hermione sat on the stairs, talking happily. Ron was most likely asleep, it being quite late, and the two sitting on the stairs were almost certain that they were the only ones up. The rest of the house was quiet. Rylan was to stay the next few nigths with them to get a feel of the people that could possibly be his so called "family". Rylan sighed happily on the stairs, letting his head fall against the wall as he chuckled, "I can't believe it. A week ago, I had no one. Now...Now, I have everyone. Well, not everyone of course, but you get my point."

Hermione giggled from the stair above Rylan and looked to him. She lifted a hand and touched his hair as Rylan sighed at her touch, closing his eyes in tiredness. She delicately ran her fingers through his extremely long raven hair with a smile. Rylan chuckled, "I don't think your friend Ron likes me very much."

"Of course he doesn't." Hermione rolled her eyes, "He has the emotional range of a teaspoon and gets jealous easily. Don't worry about him. He'll come to his senses."

Rylan chuckled and silenced. She whispered after a moment, "It's great to have you around now."

Rylan turned his head to hers and smiled as the light from the landing above cast a soft glow to her brown curls. He whispered with a smile, "Yeah. It is nice..." He, of course, wasn't referring to himself. He was referring to the girl in front of him.

The girl that he wanted to hold...

The girl that he wanted to caress...

The girl that he wanted to kiss all over until the world came to an end...


Oh, Hermione. He spoke her name over and over inside his mind and it seemed to ring through his brain like a gorgeous, porcelain bell. Hermione giggled after a moment, "Rylan..."

"What?" he asked, shaking his head from, coming to his senses. Hermione whispered in a seductive voice and touched his warm cheek. Rylan cherished her palm against him and let his eyes droop in admiration at her touch. She whispered, "If you're going to look at me like that, you might as well just kiss me now..."

"Thank god..." Rylan grunted as he lifted a hand and placed it on the satan skin of her neck. Neither hesitated as Rylan sent his thin and lose lips crashing down on her warm and tight ones. They seemed to melt together as Rylan groaned in satisfaction and caressed her neck, trying to bring her close to him without the both of them tumbling down the stairs. Which Rylan wouldn't really mind as long as he got to kiss Hermione like this again after.

As they kissed over and over, Rylan's hands creeping up her, they began to deepen until they both felt comfortable enough when they began urging their mouths open. Rylan smiled in happiness as they kissed and their tongues collided. He bit down lightly on her lip and she giggled loudly.

Suddenly, a crash sounded from below and white filled their closed eyes. Rylan quickly broke away and raised a hand to his eyes, covering the blinding light moving fastly up the stairs. Hermione gasped and lept to her feet as what looked to be a stag emerged from the light and cantered down the stairs, bucking its head. Rylan asked, out of breath from their kissing and amazed by the moving animal, "What is that? Is that a - "

"It's a patronus!" Hermione shouted, grabbing Rylan's hand and yanking him to his feet, following the stag as it rounded a corner. She finished as she whipped around a corner and into the kitchen of the Burrow, "It's Harry's! It's a stag!"

"My brother's?" Rylan yelped, amazed. Hermione flung the back door open and called out wildly, "Harry!!"

Rylan asked again, looking around the yard for a sign, "I thought you said he couldn't be found!"

"He can't, but maybe he needs our help! Look for him! Harry!!" the stag began to distance itself from the two at the back door. Hermione looked to Rylan in a fright, "Rylan, you're the faster runner I'm sure! Chase that stag down and follow it! Harry needs us. I'll catch up with you."

"What if - "

"Go!!" Hermione shouted. Rylan burst forward at full speed and he followed the bright light. He jumped the garden's fence and began sprinting across the meadow into a thicket of trees. As branches filled his vision, he lost sight of the stag for the moment. He pushed through them and called out, "Harry! Harry, if you can hear me, say something!!"

"O-Over..." a scratchy call sounded, unable to finish. Rylan strained his ears and tried to silence the rustle of the leaves under his feet. Rylan called out again, "Harry!!"

"...h-here!" the croak finished. Rylan finally found the stag again and chased it down. He came into a clearing and saw the stag on its hind legs, kicking its front legs as the moon light spilled across the patronus. The stag lowered itself onto all fours and took slow steps forward. Only then did Rylan take notice of the mangled body on the ground, panting heavily. Rylan sprang forward, running directly to the stag, which seemed to be tempted to lick the boy's face as he lay on the ground, the stag sniffing his face. When Rylan was just a few feet away from the stag, the stag lifted his face and approached Rylan, its nostrils flaring as the patronus breathed in his scent.

Rylan drew in a shaky breath and took a quick step back when the stag rose on its hind legs and kicked. Rylan swallowed. After that, the stag disappeared. Rylan choked in confusion on the cold air whipping at his lungs and he fell to his knees by the boy's side. The boy had long, raven hair spilling below his eyes and his clothes were ragged and torn. A wand lay in his limp hand. The boy croaked, "R-Ron..."

"I'm not Ron." Rylan shook his head, not knowing what to do. Rylan looked over his shoulder and called quickly, "Hermione!! Hermione, over here!!"

Eighteen-year-old Rylan Sirius Potter placed his arms under seventeen-year-old Harry James Potter's neck and knees and brought him into his arms, rising from the ground. Rylan said as he looked to his brother's wide and shaking emerald eyes, "I'm Rylan..."

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