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Lost Memories by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 9 : Potter Mannor
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Lost Memories 8
By: Gryffindorgirl153


‘Actually,’ Malfoy corrected himself. ‘You’ll see what happened,’ he emphasized on the word ‘happened’. ‘When you did not follow my orders,’ Lucius lifted his hand once more to match the level of the locket that hung on her neck, and then crushed his hands together, as if there was something in the middle. The twin of the locket crushed beneath the force of his magic, and fell of Draco's neck from outside the door. The memories that had been enclosed for the longest time came out, and floated back into Hermione’s head where they belonged. ‘If you disobey me again,’ Malfoy said as he bent down to meet her level since she was kneeling on the floor breathless. ‘You will both die with no mercy,’ He whipped around, causing his cloak and hair to follow. The door blasted open, and Draco was sent flying into another room.

Hermione stayed on the floor, breathing heavily. She had a massive head ache, and couldn’t understand anything that was going on around her. Her vision was becoming blurry, and she was becoming dizzy. The last thing she saw was Malfoy rushing into the room and by her side.


Hermione’s vision was blurry, and all she could see were figures of people she was uncertain off, staring straight down at her. She had a pounding headache, and when ever she’d blink, it would get worse and worse until she couldn’t take it anymore. Hermione shut her eyes again, and heard a distant voice. ‘Is she going to be alright?’ She heard. ‘She should be,’ A woman said. ‘Her condition isn’t very critical, but for now. She needs rest,’ Hermione groaned, and then moved her head to the side, trying to sleep. ‘Hermione?’ A voice inside her head was saying. ‘Wake up,’ they said as she was drifting off to sleep. ‘Please wake up,’ The voice that was so familiar to her, soon turned into a nightmare.

‘Hermione,’ A man that was sitting next to her, by her hospital bed was begging for her to wake up. He had a tight grip on her hand, and as Hermione stood about 5 feet away, she could feel her hand tingling. ‘Hermione,’ He whispered, but this time more desperately. ‘Please,’ He begged. ‘Please wake up,’ His voice was cracking, and it looked like tears were coming from his eyes. ‘Please wake up,’ He cried dreadfully. ‘Please,’ He gripped her hand harder, and Hermione could feel herself hurting. ‘I need you,’ He leaned his forehead against their joined hands, and then kissed the tip of her fingers lightly. ‘Please,’ He repeated once more. ‘Don’t die,’ He cried. ‘Don’t die,’ He repeated. Then, right before her eyes, he broke down, and started crying in her hands.

Hermione sat down carefully, on an armchair that was placed near the window that looked very much like the one that was in Draco’s room in the hospital. She couldn’t believe that she was seeing Draco Malfoy, begging for her to wake up. Hermione couldn’t believe that she saw him crying because she was dying. But what Hermione couldn’t believe most, Is that he was crying because he loved her.


‘Hermione!’ Her vision was still blurry, but she could see a head of bright red hair run towards her, and bring her into a tight hug. Hermione remembered the scent that the girl carried and knew that it was Ginny Weasley hugging her. ‘Thank god you’re alright,’ she said. ‘We thought you would never wake up,’ Ginny told her as she let go of her best friend. ‘You’ve been out for almost 4 days now,’

‘Really?’ Hermione asked as she sat up in her bed. She could now see perfectly, and she saw several people from the order standing, sitting or sleeping around in the room. ‘What is everyone doing here?’ Ginny sighed then sat down.

‘The order has been tightening the reigns on both you and Malfoy,’ Ginny explained. ‘After the incident in the Shrieking Shack, Dumbledore’s afraid that both of you will be in danger everywhere. No one knows how a death eater got into Hogwarts Grounds, and that’s what scared everyone else,’ She explained. ‘And especially since no one could tell what he did to you, it’s been scaring everyone,’

It was this moment, when Ron had realized that Hermione was awake. ‘Hermione!’ He exclaimed. Ron ran over to her side and held her hands in his. ‘Are you alright?’ Hermione nodded. ‘We thought you’d never wake up!’ He repeated what his sister had said to her.

‘Are you alright Hermione?’ Harry asked from beside Ron. ‘The nurse said that you would wake up soon, but no one knew when that would be. Some of us hasn’t even slept since you came here,’

‘I’m fine,’ Hermione said. ‘Really,’ She looked around the room, and saw everyone sending a smile towards her. Remus led everyone else out of the room, and left only Ron, Ginny, Harry and Hermione inside. ‘What’s going to happen now?’ She asked her friends, hoping that they would feed her some news.

Harry sighed. ‘Malfoy and you will be on strict watch,’ He said. ‘Dumbledore has no idea how Lucius Malfoy got into Hogwarts grounds without being spotted,’ Harry told her. ‘Dumbledore’s scared that another attack will be placed on you,’

‘Do you remember anything?’ Ginny asked. ‘Anything at all?’ Hermione thought hard.

Then she spoke. ‘I don’t remember much,’ she said. ‘I remember talking to Malfoy in the Shrieking Shack, telling me to stay away from Malfoy, and he said something about showing me what happened the last time I didn’t listen to him,’ Hermione said. ‘What was that about?’ She asked. Ginny glanced at her husband, and Harry glanced at Ginny as well.

‘Hermione,’ Ginny said gently. ‘Do you remember anything before graduation?’ She asked her, as if she was testing her memories. Hermione frowned, and then shook her head. ‘What happened in your 7th year Hermione?’ Ginny asked. Ron glanced at both his brother in law and sister, obviously confused with their conversation.

‘Nothing out of the ordinary,’ Hermione answered after a long pause.

Ginny looked at her with pleading eyes. ‘Hermione, think harder,’

‘Ginny,’ Hermione told her. ‘I’m telling the truth,’ She said. ‘You were there at my 7th year, you know what happened. It was the same as every other year,’ there was a knock on the door, and Ron went to open it. Draco Malfoy strode in, with a cast on his right arm, and looked at Harry.

‘Dumbledore is looking for you,’ Draco said. Hermione turned her head to see Draco. Their eyes met, and Hermione gasped. Memories that she never knew she had came sweeping in- memories with Draco.

‘Hermione,’ Ginny said in alarm, as she didn’t move nor breath. ‘Hermione,’ she said in a more urgent voice. ‘Breath Hermione,’ she said. ‘Breath!’ Hermione’s mouth shut, and her chest wasn’t moving at all. Her eyes were blank and her skin turned pale.

‘What’s wrong with her?’ Harry asked in the same tone that Ginny had a moment ago. ‘Ron!’ Harry shouted. ‘Call a healer!’ he ordered. Ron ran out of the room, and Draco ran inside.

A billion things were running through Hermione’s mind. She saw an assortment of events that included Draco and herself. Hermione felt her head was going to explode. She couldn’t breath, speak nor was she able to move.


Draco and Hermione were walking through Hogwarts, doing what seemed like their nightly rounds. Their hands were entwined and a happy smile was plastered on both their faces. Hermione could feel everything that she was feeling that moment once again. She had never seen Malfoy that happy in her life, nor has she seen herself in such a happy state. ‘Are we done yet?’ Draco asked when Hermione checked inside all the classrooms, broom closets and storage rooms that they passed. ‘It’s really late,’

Hermione laughed, their hands still entwined. ‘It’s your fault for keeping us late,’ she told him. ‘We wouldn’t started earlier if you hadn’t started fooling around,’ Draco laughed then stepped in front of his girlfriend then placed his hands on her waist.

‘Well I couldn’t help it,’ Draco said with a seducing smirk on his face. ‘It was just so tempting,’ He told her before capturing her lips in his.


‘Granger,’ Draco growled. ‘Can you get any louder?’ He was sprawled on top of the couch, trying to go back to sleep, but a certain mudblood was preventing him from it. ‘I’m trying to sleep!’ He exclaimed as he threw a pillow on top of his head in order to block out the noise that the girl in front of him was making.

‘This is a common room Malfoy,’ Hermione retorted. ‘If you have a problem with it, then get your butt up to your room!’ she screamed as she flipped the page angrily. What nerve. She thought. Hermione had taken care of him for the past 2 days because of his illness and McGonagall’s orders, and he has the nerve to be rude to her. Hermione started flipping her book as she read, and humming a tune that was stuck in her head.

‘Granger,’ Draco growled once more. ‘Will you please stop,’ he asked her politely through gritted teeth.

‘Go up to your room if you feel so bothered,’ Hermione told him angrily.


It was a lovely restaurant, much like the restaurant that Ron had taken Hermione on their first date. Draco had really outdone himself. ‘Are you sure this is alright?’ Hermione asked as she examined the restaurant. ‘It’s so, fancy,’ she told him. ‘Thank you,’ she told the waiter who had handed both her and Draco a menu.

‘Don’t worry about it,’ Draco reassured as he opened up with long menu. ‘I got everything taken care off,’ He sent her a smile- a real smile, not one of the smirks that Draco always gave to her.


‘Hermione!’ Ginny shouted for the last time before Hermione was able to breathe again. ‘Oh thank god,’ Ginny said as she hugged her best friend. ‘What was that?’ Ginny asked her. ‘You almost scared me half to death!’

Hermione still couldn’t get words past her mouth. She saw Ron, Harry, Ginny, Draco and a Nurse staring down at her. ‘Miss, maybe you should lie back,’ The nurse said.

‘I-I’m fine,’ Hermione said in a hoarse voice. ‘I’m okay,’ She told everyone. The nurse exited the room under Harry’s request, to give the group of friends some privacy.

‘Hermione,’ Harry said in a serious tone. ‘You’ve got to tell us what Lucius Malfoy did to you,’ Hermione couldn’t even answer the question as she sorted everything out in her head. ‘Hermione,’ Harry repeated. ‘What did he do to you?’

Hermione turned to Harry and saw serious concern in his eyes. ‘Nothing,’ Hermione finally answered. ‘He talked to me that was it. And I told you what he had said,’

‘Then why did you faint Hermione?’ Ron asked. ‘Why is it that Malfoy found you unconscious on the floor?’ Hermione shook her head.

‘I wasn’t feeling very good that day Ron,’ Hermione answered. ‘After Malfoy came in the room and found me, I guess stress just came over me and I fainted,’ Ginny, being the only one knowing what was going on kept quiet. ‘May I please have some privacy?’ She asked her friends. ‘Just for a moment,’ she told them when they gave her concerning looks. ‘I have to think over some things,’

Ginny was the first to stand. ‘Alright,’ She said. ‘But just a moment,’ she told her. ‘I’ll come to check up on you in a while,’ Hermione nodded then thanked Ginny after she ushered the men out of the room, then left herself. Hermione took a long sigh before standing up carefully, and walking towards the window.

It was a peaceful night. The snow was falling lightly, setting a thin layer of snow across the city. Hermione breathed deeply, and then let it out, causing fog to appear on the clear glass before her. She had a massive headache from taking everything in so fast. She suddenly started looking at Draco Malfoy in a different way now, and she remembered being with him back in 7th year, when she never did before. Hermione didn’t understand what Lucius Malfoy did to her, or why he did it.

‘Actually,’ Malfoy corrected himself. ‘You’ll see what happened,’ he emphasized on the word ‘happened’. ‘When you did not follow my orders,’ His voice was still so clear in her mind as she tried to figure out what he meant.

So Draco and I were a couple back in 7th year. She thought as she tried to sort things out as best as she could. And Lucius Malfoy wants me to stay away from him, so he showed me what happened the last time he warned me. Her eyebrows knitted into a frown. But- she thought. Why don’t I remember anything? Did he just put those thoughts and memories in my mind, or were they always there?

‘Hermione do you remember anything before graduation? What happened in your 7th year Hermione?’ Ginny’s voice echoed in her head. Ginny knew. Hermione concluded. That must mean it’s really true. Ginny knows everything that’s going on. She thought. But, now. Hermione began massaging her temple. What is it that she’s hiding from me?

The door behind her opened, and Hermione felt a sensation in her stomach that she had never felt before- or at least she though she never felt before. ‘Are you alright?’ Draco’s voice said from behind her. Hermione nodded her head as she watched Draco’s figure on the window in front of her. ‘I’m sorry I couldn’t do anything,’ He said with a guilty tone. ‘What ever my father did to you,’ He told her. ‘I’m sorry,’ Hermione turned around and slowly walked towards the man who was sitting on her bed with his head bent low.

‘It’s not your fault,’ Hermione said. The sensation in her stomach grew each step she took closer to Draco. ‘No one saw it coming,’ She reassured him softly. Draco shook his head every time Hermione would say that it wasn’t his fault.

‘I should’ve done something,’ Draco said. ‘I should’ve,’ he told himself. ‘I could’ve,’ he finished. Hermione was dazed as Draco continued to speak. ‘Everyone was so worried,’ He told her. ‘Your friends wouldn’t sleep, and Ron’s been pacing in the same exact spot for days,’ He said. ‘No one knew what he had done to you,’ Draco whispered. ‘They were all scared,’ he said. There was a moment of silence between them.

Hermione kept stealing glances at the man who was in deep thought, sitting right in front of her. She couldn’t understand why there was a strange sensation in her stomach when he was around, one that she had never felt before. For the first time in her life, Hermione was scared. She was scared one what was coming, she was afraid for Draco, and she was afraid to fall in love.


‘Ready to go?’ Ginny asked. ‘They’re letting you have a month off,’ Hermione was packing all the clothes that Ginny had brought to her from her flat, into a large bag. ‘And with Dumbledore’s orders, both you and Malfoy will be staying with Harry and I,’ Ginny told her. Hermione nodded then slung the bag over her shoulder, but dropped it as soon as she realized how heavy it was. ‘Leave it,’ Ginny told her friend. ‘I’ll have Harry pick it up before we leave,’

The Potter Manor looked bigger than ever when Hermione went over that night. Ginny led her to the room that she would be staying in, and it was right next to Malfoy’s. ‘These were the two next biggest rooms available,’ Ginny explained. ‘The other rooms are filled with dust and junk since we hadn’t bothered to clean it in a while,’

‘This is fine,’ Hermione said, taking a seat on the bed. ‘I don’t mind,’ Ginny smiled.

‘Good,’ She said. ‘Dinner should be ready around 7:30,’ Ginny told her. ‘We’ll call you down then,’

‘Thanks Ginny,’ Hermione said before Ginny closed the door behind her. She dropped down on the bed and drifted off to sleep.


‘Where are you getting at Malfoy?’ Hermione asked as she stared at the rose that Draco held out in his hand.

Draco sighed. ‘You don’t get it Granger do you?’ Draco growled. ‘Is it really that hard to comprehend?’ he asked. ‘I- like- you,’ Hermione just stared at the man who was confessing his likeness to her as if he had 4 heads. ‘Looks like Miss know-it-all Granger isn’t that fast after all,’

‘Quit playing around Malfoy,’ Hermione said as she turned and walked the other way. ‘I have no time for your games,’ Draco groaned in annoyance and ran in front of her, blocking her off.

Every step Draco took towards Hermione, she took two steps back, and eventually collided into a wall. ‘What are you playing at Malfoy,’ Hermione snarled. After he didn’t answer her, she spoke. ‘Well what ever it is, stop it,’ Draco’s hands made it’s way towards Hermione’s waist as he tried a different approach.

He brushed his lips against her ear softly. ‘Is it so hard to believe Granger?’ He said in a husky voice that sent shivers down Hermione’s back. ‘I like you,’ He whispered. ‘I really like you,’ to prove it to her, captured her lips in his and kissed her like he never kissed anyone before.

Unlike their previous snogging sessions, Draco made this one special. It wasn’t hard, wanting, desperate, but it was soft, slow and passionate. One that Draco knew Hermione couldn’t resist. Once he felt Hermione’s lips moving against his, a smirk formed on his mouth and he tightened his grip around her waist, and she wound her arms around his neck.

When Draco broke the kiss, they were both breathing heavily. He leaned his forehead against hers, and waited until he caught his breath. ‘Believe me now?’ He asked her. Hermione was still breathing heavily when she nodded her head, and then kissed Draco once again.


‘Well, well,’ Lucius Malfoy spoke. ‘What do we have here,’ Draco and Hermione were both sitting on the common room couch. Hermione was in between Draco’s legs as she leaned on his stomach, and Draco had his arms around her waist, as he leaned back on the soft cushions. ‘Ah, Draco,’ Lucius said. ‘And, Miss Granger,’

Hermione crawled off Draco as they both stood up, gripping their wands tightly in their pockets. ‘What are you doing here,’ Draco spat. Something flared in Lucius Malfoy’s eyes and with a wave of his wand, Draco’s mouth was zippered and he was thrown against the wall. Senior Malfoy turned to Hermione and disarmed her easily as she took out her wand to hex the death eater standing before her.

‘Ah, ah ah,’ He wagged a finger in her face. ‘Bad Mudblood,’ He spoke to her as if she was a pet. ‘Since you are able to speak, maybe you can answer me,’ he said. ‘What possessed you to think that it would be alright for you to date my son?’

‘It is not your choice of who Draco chooses to love,’ Hermione replied with her head held high. ‘It is not your choice of how Draco chooses to live his life,’ Hermione added. ‘He’s not a pet! He can live his own life!’ As soon as the world life came out of her mouth, his hand collided with her cheek, and Hermione was thrown on the floor with her hair covering her face.

‘Do not talk down to me like that mudblood,’ Lucius Malfoy spat. ‘Now, let me ask you again and I expect a decent answer this time,’ He told her as he bent down and flipped her over so she was facing him. ‘What possessed you to think it was alright to date my son?’

Hermione stood up on her feet and glared at the death eater that stood before her. ‘I do not have to answer anything you ask me,’ He glared at her once more then pointed his wand at her.

‘Crucio,’ Hermione fell to the floor and let out an ear piercing scream until he took the curse off her. ‘Crucio,’ He repeated. ‘Crucio,’ Hermione let out another scream which caused Draco to wake up and run over her.

‘Hermione,’ He whispered as he looked over her. ‘Get out!’ He screamed at his father. ‘Get out!’ Draco said as he pointed his wand towards him.

‘If this does not end between the both of you,’ Lucius said before he left. ‘I will kill you both,’ Draco dropped his wand and cradled Hermione in his lap.


Hermione sat up and found James staring down at her with his big chocolate brown eyes. ‘Mione?’ He asked. A bunch of words came out of his mouth but Hermione didn’t understand it.

‘James?’ She asked. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘You were yelling,’ A voice came from the door way. Draco walked towards the bed and sat down by Hermione’s feet. ‘Loud,’

‘I was?’ She asked. James nodded, his brown eyes wide, staring at Hermione. ‘I didn’t realize,’

‘Of course you didn’t,’ Draco said as he started playing with James. ‘You were asleep,’ He said. ‘We all got worried; Ginny heard you from the kitchen and rushed in here to check up on you,’

‘Where is she now?’ Hermione asked.

‘Downstairs, she went to get you a cold towel just incase you wake up with a fever,’ Draco answered. ‘What was it that made you scream like that? It was as if someone had a curse on you,’ Draco asked Hermione. ‘I tried to wake you, but you just kept thrashing around and screaming,’

‘Bad dream,’ Hermione replied.

‘No dream keeps you asleep for that long while you’re being tortured,’ Draco told her. ‘It must’ve been a flash back,’

‘Yeah,’ Hermione replied. ‘It must’ve been,’

A/N: Alright, i promised you all a christmas present, and here it is. I updated earlier that i would've, and a new oneshot is on the way ;).
enjoyy. This chapter is just the beginning of Draco and Hermionee. :D and it has many of her previous memories.

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