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Solo Dancing by real_life_sucks
Chapter 3 : Scheming and Foiling
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Solo Dancing
Chapter 3 - Scheming and Foiling

by real_life_sucks
no beta
but amazing banner by moonys aimee =)

Late that evening, one could see an exhausted girl of about 17 entering her house. Her hair had fallen out of whatever type of bun it had been put up in, her clothes indicated that she had been at some sort of dance lesson, what little make up that was on had been smeared, and her eyes seemed hardly to focus. But who was to blame her? She had practically seen a ghost she once knew from another world in this world of everyday humans.

And she was going to have to be forced to be civil around him on a daily basis without pulling her wand out and cursing him to millions of pieces, no billions, to blast all over the world. It would help everyone in the long wrong – what he came so close to doing and what caused one of the greatest wizards of this to fall to his death because he refused to let them pass. Because he had to have someone watching his every move and fulfill those orders he couldn’t.

Walking into her living room, she gave a vague hello to her parents before heading back up to her bedroom to sit down and think for a while. But the moment she got there, everything exploded. She threw the bag in her hand across the room and ripped the sheets off her bed, knocked the papers off her desk, and then seemed to pause as if a thought had entered her mind.

She would write a letter. Tell her two friends what had happened, what she had discovered. So maybe, she could help them without being there. Get them information from the inside. It would be tricky, but surely it could be done. It would be ridiculous if it wasn’t possible. After all, she was a witch, so nothing was beyond her reach. A few crafty plans and she would have exactly what she needed.

Grabbing a sheet of paper from the ground, she quickly grabbed a pen, too aggravated to deal with a quill and ink. Pulling her chair through the rubbish she left on the ground, she quickly sat down and began scribbling her note.

Dear friends-

I mustn’t use names – that would be too dangerous in the times about us. But I have some news that could be very good to our own personal cause. I suppose you remember the plans. I found the key component to get into the place. Surprised? I was for sure. Who would have expected to find him in this world out of all of them – I for one would have never seen him living in this world with those he feels degrade him. But none the less, the facts stand as so. Don’t write back – it would be too dangerous.

-your one and only

Rushing down stairs, she hurried into her back yard, quickly opening the lock on the little shed there. Briefly thanking no one, she hurried inside, closing the door behind her. Pulling a string, she smiled as the place was lit up and a little owl sat in front of her. She was solid black and her parents had finally given into the pleas before she had last left – a method for her to contact them she said, which she rarely did. She called the bird down to her by its name, Shadow, before hastily tying the letter to his foot. Opening the small window, she sent him out on his way before quickly heading back inside.

But if Hermione had waited a few more seconds, she would have known that the owl never delivered the message to the right people. She would have seen the sparks that captured the owl and pulled it down to a pale skinned and blonde headed youth of her own age.

The next day, Hermione left her house in high spirits on the way to a local coffee shop down the road that she enjoyed on her time off from school. Abandoning the car, she walked quickly in the brisk morning air, enjoying the rare day. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping – little kids were playing in the yards and Hermione couldn’t help but find herself skipping slightly as she made her way down the sidewalk. It seemed Mother Nature had decided to share her wondrous mood.

Finally she reached the little crook that the coffee shop was tucked into and entered the building. Everyone inside was rushing around – it was time that adults were rushing in to fulfill their caffeine addiction before heading off to the work place. Hermione chuckled quietly to herself before quickly giving her order to a passing waiter and taking a seat beside the window.

Pulling a book out of the bag she had slung across her shoulder, Hermione leaned comfortably into her chair and began to read her book. She had nothing to do for the four hours till her dance began up again – why not pass the time pleasurably for once? Absently thanking the waiter when he brought her coffee, Hermione curled up into the chair, thankful that it was an overstuffed one, and read her book while sipping from her coffee.

So absorbed in her book, Hermione failed to notice when someone sat in the chair across from hers. Several minutes passed, with Hermione reading the book still, until the person cleared their throat, causing Hermione to startle and spill her coffee down the front of her clothes.

Muttering as she quickly pulled her book out of harms way and stood up, Hermione looked up to lecture the person on proper etiquette before she noticed who it was. Paling slightly, she still managed to say something. “You of all people should know better than to startle someone, Malfoy.”

Malfoy shrugged, and looking around hastily, quickly pulled out his wand and muttered something that cleaned off the front of her clothes and refilled her cup. Muttering a slight thank you, Hermione grabbed her book and curled back up in her chair.

“What are you doing back here? Aren’t you supposed to be with Weaselbee and Pothead?” He commented nonchalantly, inspecting his fingernails in the process. Raising her eyebrows slightly, Hermione took a slow sip of the coffee and said nothing. “Now please Granger, here I am trying to be civilized and discover why you’re back in muggle England and all you’re going to do is give me a cold shoulder? I hardly think that is fair when I’m to dance with you for the next two months.”

Scowling, Hermione slammed down her cup. “That would be why I’m not with them.” She snarled, wanting so badly to just slap Malfoy like she had in third year. “My mother forced me to come back and dance this stupid recital because I committed to it and now I’m stuck with a disgusting twit as my partner.” Hissing, Hermione quickly grabbed her bag and stuffed her book inside before storming out the shop, leaving Malfoy staring after her with a smirk.

Author's Note: So I felt like writing the next chapter in this. I'm having boy problems, and yeah. Tomorrow I'll be gone all day, but I'm taking a notebook, so I'll start the next aprt of the Life and Death trilogy, as I've decided to call it [at this moment at least]. So, feed my review box? and if you like ronmione a little, go read Till Death Do Us Part, I promise the next part of the trilogy is dramione. cross my heart. go get the hints from it =) but R&R dears!!

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