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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 9 : Full Moon and Snivellus
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Author's Note:
FYI: this chapter has not been edited yet. I'm just trying to get it up. This chapter a long with all the rest in this story are the exact same as they were when I was writing this two years ago, my very first fic.

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Monday afternoon the Marauders, Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny were eating lunch in the Great Hall. Dumbledore stood to make an announcement, "Now as you all know, this year we will be having a Christmas Ball, it will be held on Christmas Eve in the Great Hall. Fourth years and above will be the only ones to attend unless asked by an older student. Now I know, not fair for you younger ones, but when you are a fourth year or above you will have your chance. Have a good afternoon, and only 2 more classes till Christmas Break! See you all next term!"

Many groans emerged from what they could tell were the third years and below. This reminded Harry of what was to happen that night. Harry was always fearing it, but tried not to show it too much to the rest of his friends. They were worried about Harry as much as it is. They knew Harry was brave.

Harry looked down at his plate of food, and he felt as if, once again, that the whole world would be depending on him that night. Ginny noticing Harry's reaction to the announcement, rubbed his back affectionately.

"Come on." Hermione said. "We have potions now."

"YES!! I get to torment Snivellus again!!! Yippee!" James screamed, and they all got up from the Gryffindor Table and headed into the entrance hall. Harry kissed Ginny quickly and she headed up the marble staircase for her DADA lesson and the seven other friends went down the steps into the dungeon.

James, Harry and Sirius took a seat by each other and the other four sat at the table next to them.

James looked at the Potions teacher and smirked. 'Snivellus!' he thought. 'MUAAHHAHAH!'

"Let the fun, begin." Sirius smirked to James.

"Right-o, Padfoot." James said.

"Shut up, class!" Snape yelled. "I will not have annyyyyyy goofing off today. If I find a single one of you doing so, I will send them straight to the Headmaster."

"If we do what, you'll send us to the Headmaster, Professor Snivelly?" James asked.

"I said, if you goof off, which seems just like your arrogant self."

Harry's head flamed up with hate from Snape. He was about to stand up and yell at his professor, but thought the better of it. 'Dad can fight his own battles.'

"We're seventeen, what do you think were gonna do? Throw binkies at you??" Sirius said sarcastically.

"Fifty points from Gryffindor! And with Mr. Prongs, here, as your little mischief maker, I am sure he has something up his sleeve for the class." Snape yelled across the room.

Sirius has a point you know!" Harry said, coming into the fight.

"Silence. This is partly what I meant by goofing off. Now, class. Make me a potion to cure poison, at the end of the period we will test it a poisoned frog." Snape yelled.

"Trevor!" Neville squealed.

"It's not your lump of a toad!" Snape retorted at Neville, who cowered under his chair at Snape's remark.

Harry opened his copy of Advanced Potion Making: Year Seven and turned to a page that said, 'Antidote to Cure Poison'. He pointed this to James and Sirius and they began putting the ingredients into a cauldron.

"Psst. Prongs. You do have something up your sleeve, don't you?" Sirius whispered over to James.

"Shhh. Padfoot...I sure do." James winked.

James pulled out another small cauldron and set it on the burner, he dumped a orange liquid into it and lit the fire under it. It began to bubble within the first fifteen seconds.

"James! What are you doing?" Harry whispered over to his father.

"What do you think Iím doing, Harry!?! I never miss a chance to screw up Snivelly's life!" James said back.

Sirius did a little laugh like the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard Of Oz and began to scream to the class, "Fly my pretties flyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!"

The whole class turned their attention to Sirius who was flapping his arms, as if he were actually flying and they shook their heads and returned to their work thinking, 'His poor mother dropped him on his head to get him to calm down, but just made it worse. Pooooor Sirius. We know you need help....just not that much!'

After two minutes James looked at his orange bubbling substance, smirked and turned off his burner. He touched it with his finger and smiled. He scooped a pile of it up and set it on his desk. He pulled out his wand and whispered, ďWindgardium Leviosa.Ē

The orange muck went flying across the room and hit Snape smack in the face. He screamed like a girl and touched the orange on his face that was now slowly descinigrating and causing the largest boils to appear. When his hands touched his face his hands began to do the same thing. He ran out of the room screaming like a banshee.

The whole class burst into fits of laughter, and talked the remainder of the period. Snape did not show up, nor did he show up at dinner, in the great hall that night.


The friends were eating dinner in the Great Hall. James' stand up to Snape had quickly spread around the whole school, and they were all cheering about it except for the Slytherins, who were despising the Gryffindors more and more each day.

"Where'd you get that orange stuff though?" Ron asked.

"Your brother's shop!" Sirius said, with a mouth full of potato.

"Yes! Iím gonna talk to them! I need to get some of that!" Ron said.

James looked out the window and saw the sun setting and the moon slowly rise; he dropped his fork and swallowed his food in a rush. "Crap!" he said.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Damn it! Moony what day is it!?!!?" James said.

"Monday, why?" Remus said, calmly.

"Not that!! What day of the month is it for the moon's cycle, you idiot!?!?!" James said.

"Bloody hell! Why didn't you tell me?" Remus said, he said, knocking his bench over and running out of the hall.

"Whaz goin on?" Peter said, through a mouthful of cheese.

"Full moon, you traitor!!" Sirius said.

The other three marauders followed Remus' footsteps to the Whomping Willow. The Trio and Ginny got up from their seat, and looked out the Oak Doors, a moment later they heard the sound that the Shrieking Shack had missed for 20 years, the howl of a were-wolf.


The next morning the Maruaders stumbled into the Common Room, scratches covering their arms and legs.

Harry and Ginny awoke with a start as they clambered in. They collapsed on the armchairs and sighed.

"Where's Remus?" Harry asked, noticing he wasn't with them.

"Hospital Wing." Sirius said.

"Broke his arm." James replied.

"Thatís too bad." Ginny said.

"Yea." James said, one last time, before he, Sirius, and Pettigrew fall to sleep, snoring loudly.

"Well. Thanks for ruining our morning." Harry mumbled.


Later that evening Harry was heading to his lesson with Professor Moody. As the Battle was drawing nearer Harry had a lesson with him once a week, so Harry could learn as much as he could before Christmas Eve.

Harry knocked on the Professor's door and heard the usual growl "Come in." respond.

Harry entered and Moody said, "Take a seat; I've got something for you."

Harry took a seat and Moody continued, "Now, as Professor Dumbledore tells me your wand and Voldemort's wand are brothers, am I correct?"

Harry nodded, he had completely forgotten this fact.

"Yes. So, Professor Dumbledore had this wand specially made for you, if the Prior Incantem occurs again." Moody growled again, he pulled out a slim box from his desk drawer and handed it to Harry.

Harry slid the lid off from the box and looked at the beautiful wand.

"Redwood, ten inches, flexible, Dragonheart String." Moody said, "Now Potter, this wand was made with the best quality and is most likely the strongest, they've ever made. Take care of that wand, and make sure you have that wand with you or Christmas Eve."

"Yes, sir." Harry responded, slipping he lid back over the box.

"Now. I have taught you everything I know and it is near time for the battle, next week is your last lesson. How about we duel today?" Moody suggested.

"All right." Harry said, thinking 'This will be fun.'

"You can use any curse, but the Killing Curse. Iím not ready to die. Not quite yet. But you can use the Cruciatus Curse, because I know for a fact Voldemort will use this cruse on you, and you need to be able to do it back at him. And don't think that I don't need a little torture every now and then, because I do." Moody said, "We all do."

"All right." Harry replied, 'Wow, I get to torture the Professor and he won't send me to Azkaban for it.' he thought.

"Now, come on. Let's get started."


An hour and a half later Harry climbed back through the portrait hole, and found his friends around the fire, talking happily with each other. Harry went over and gave Ginny a kiss before taking a seat on the floor and leaned on Ginny's legs, because all the seats were taken and Sirius and James were into a rough game of Wizard Chess.

"How was your lesson with Moody?" Ginny asked, running her fingers through is unruly hair.

"Good. We dueled today." Harry said, watching the intense game of chess.

"Cool. Did you do anything else?" James asked.

"I have never told you something." Harry said, he saw the confused expressions on all of their faces and added, ďNot even you, Ginny, Ron or Hermione."

"What is it?" Hermione asked.

"When I got my wand in first year. Mr. Ollivander told me that my wand...and Voldemort's wand are brothers. The phoenix that gave the tail feather for my wand gave another feather and that wand is owned by Voldemort." Harry said, not looking at any of them, and just starring into the blazing fire in the grate.

"Harry. How come you never told us that?" Ginny said.

"That is something very important." Hermione said, "Why did you bring this up just now?"

"Because at the lesson Moody gave me a new wand, because in my fourth year when I dueled Voldemort I sent stupefy at him and he sent the killing curse. Our spells met in midair and the Prior Incantem occurred." Harry said, still looking into the fire.

"Oh. Harry...you saw...them that night, didn't you?" Hermione said, emphasizing the word 'them' greatly.

"Yes. Thatís how I escaped that night. I would have died if it hadn't happened." Harry said.

"I never asked how you got away, but why didn't you tell us Harry?" Ron asked.

"I just...I had other things on my mind...then." Harry said.

"Alright. Well, let me see this wand we speak of." Ron said, kind of being enthusiastic.

Harry pulled the slim box out of his pocket and showed them the wand. "Moody said it was made by the best quality and possibly the best wand made. Flexible, ten inches, Dragon heart String, Redwood." Harry said, as he handed the wand to Hermione, who was amazed at the wand, which had been made with such perfection and care.

"It's beautiful." Hermione said.

Harry smiled. "Iím gonna go for a little bit." Harry said, getting up from leaning on Ginny's legs on the floor.

"Harry, are you alright?" Ginny said, grabbing Harry's arm as he got up.

"Yeah, Iím fine. I just need some time...alone. Thatís all." Harry said, nodding his head.

"All right." Ginny said, letting go of his arm. "You come back though!" she said, poking a finger at his chest.

Harry chuckled slightly and said, "Donít worry, Gin. I will." He finished with kissing her, and a groan from Ron as he did. And Harry climbed through the portraid hole.

Harry wandered the silent corridors and his mind raced with thoughts. 'This is horrible. I can't kill Voldemort, I won't be able to live the life I want with Ginny. I just need someplace to get away and not have to worry...I need some place to get away...just get away.'

While Harry had been thinking this he hadn't realized what hall he was pacing. A wooden door appeared on a wall and Harry entered the Room of Requirement.

When Harry entered the Room it had a large chess set, a huge leather couch about the size of a twin bed, and a roaring fire in a great stone grate. There was also a huge King size, four poster bed, with curtains, and pillows piled on the bed.

Harry looked around the room and took a seat on the couch. He let his mind wander again, thinking the same thoughts. 'Ginny wonít know how much I love her. I wonít be able to give myself to her. I wonít be able to marry her. I won't be able to watch our children board the Hogwarts Express for the first time or even be able to have Ginny break my hand as she is giving birth to our first child.'

He smiled at the thought of being able to do all the wonderful things with Ginny. He knew he could do it; he just couldn't kill some one. 'I can't believe the Final Battle is in about three weeks...I just can't do this.'

Tears started to well down his pale face as he thought all of this. Everything would be unbearable if he wouldn't be able to share all of those things with Ginny or kill Voldemort.

Harry wasn't the kind of sensitive man who cried all the time, but the recent stuff about Voldemort had all been too much. He had always tried his best to not cry in front of the Marauders, Ron or Hermione. Ginny he could do anything with, and she wouldn't care. His tears started to form larger and they were pouring down his face.

He lay down on the leather couch and closed his eyes. He took deep soothing breaths, but the tears still fell. He soon fell into a relaxing sleep, which was greatly needed.


Later back in the Common Room, the friends were still around the blazing fire, Sirius and Remus now into a game of chess, and the rest talking happily.

"Remus, stop taking so bloody long and make a move!!" Sirius screeched.

"Be patient!!" Remus said. Although his chess pieces were yelling 'Move me! Move me!" but Remus ignored it to make sure he made a smart move. He finally moved his Queen two spaces diagonally to the right and said, "Check!"

Sirius made an ugly face and concentrated on a move to get out of the check. James laughed to see his best friend think so hard. "You know, playing chess is the only time I see Sirius think the most."

They all laughed but Sirius, and he did to long 'ha-ha's and gave James a death stare.

Ginny looked at her watch and said, "It's midnight and Harry's not back yet. Should I go look for him?"

"Maybe you should." Hermione said, still sitting on Ron's lap.

Ginny made to get up off the couch, but James beat her to it, and he said, "Wait. Let me get the map and we can find where he is. It wonít take as long."

"All right. Thanks." Ginny said, and so James dashed up the stairs to the Boy's Dormitory and came down a second later with the Marauders Map. He taped it and said, "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good."

The map cleared its blank surface and was replaced by a slanted writing bearing the words 'Hello, Prongsie!' briefly and changed to say 'Messers Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are pleased to present, the Marauders Map.' James flipped through the map looking all over the castle and finally after many minutes James could not find Harry on the map anywhere. "He's not on here. So, Iím guessing he's in the Room of Requirement."

"That makes sense. Thatís where he always goes when he needs time alone. Okay then. Thanks James. See you guys later." Ginny said and she headed off to the Room of Requirement to find Harry.


Ginny opened the door and found Harry sprawled across the enormous couch and settled herself on it, lifting Harry's head, sitting down, and lowering his head onto her lap.

She stroked his hair softly, humming under her breath. 'His hair's so soft.' she thought.

She sat like that for many moments, just humming and stroking Harry's hair, but soon Harry began to mumble in his sleep and twitch. After many moments of mumbling Harry's eyes shot open, he gasped and sat bolt up-right.

"Harry? Are you alright?" Ginny asked in a concerned voice.

He sighed and responded, "Yeah. Iím fine. Just a...bad...dream." He said, lying back down so his head was in Ginny's lap.

"What was it?" She asked resuming stroking his hair.

"The weekend in Hogsmeade. Seeing my worst memories, and seeing myself scream as...as I clutched my scar on the ground." Harry said.

Ginny said a soft 'Oh.' "Is this the first time?"

"No. It's been happening almost every night. Some nights its really bad and I even see when I figured out my scar was the horcrux. But most of the time the farthest is when Sirius fell. Itís been happening since November, and every time I fall asleep." Harry said.

"Oh. I thought you just liked to squeeze me to death, but I guess that was why." Ginny said, "Should we get back to the Common Room?"

"Whatís the point?" Harry said, looking down at his watch, ďIts one in the morning. Lets just stay here tonight and we can miss breakfast tomorrow morning and eat in here, because all we have to do is say we want food and it appears."

They chuckled and agreed they would stay there for the night, and that their friends back in the Common Room wouldn't even notice they didn't come back. Soon sleep took over the both of them.

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