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Too Little, Too Late by TomFelton_Malfoy926
Chapter 7 : Chapter 7
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(A/N: I’m gonna break this up in three parts. First Blaise/Annie, then Harry/Heather, then Draco/Hermione)

Chapter 7

Let’s just say, after two weeks, things still weren’t back to normal. Well, mostly. To start out, Blaise and Annie had the most problems and they had the most to deal with.

(Blaise x Annie)

“Blaise, I’m sorry. But why did you have to bring your mother into this? She comes storming in accusing me of cheating on you, calling me a skank and basically threatening me, not to mention a bribe of ten thousand galleons, to get out of your life. Why is it so difficult for you? Why don’t you want to postpone the wedding?” Annie asked. Blaise was sitting across from her looking down at his feet. “I’m not saying we have to postpone forever. Maybe once the twins are about three months. Please Blaise, why is this so difficult?”

Blaise finally looked up at her. “It’s not that Annie. The thing of it is….I don’t want to postpone because if we do, then I’m afraid that you aren’t going to want to even get married. We’ll have twins and you’ll be so busy with them, that you won’t think of anything else.”

Annie gasped. “Is that what you think?” Blaise slowly nodded. Annie walked over to him and smacked him across the head.

“What the hell was that for?” Blaise snapped as he rubbed the spot on his head.

“You would think that after we had kids that I wouldn’t want to be with you.” She sat down on his lap and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Blaise, I love you. And no one can change that. And you know what, I think we should get married before the twins arrive.”

“Really?” He looked up in shock.

“Really,” She gave him a devilish smile. “I say that you and I get married next weekend.”

Blaise stared at her dumbfounded. “Are you sure?”

“More then,” She replied kissing him on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her waist as she deepened the kiss. She felt fire coursing through her veins as she began to kiss along his jaw and down his neck.

(I’m not going to go into what happens between them. Let’s just say, Blaise and Annie rekindled their love that day.)

(Harry x Heather)

“Heather, what is it going to take for you to forgive me?” Harry asked. Heather was busy changing Lily into a new diaper and dress. Lily had just had her second bath of the day, after getting more food on herself then in her mouth, and was now being changed into her fourth outfit.

“I do forgive you Harry,” Heather said bluntly. Lily laughed as Heather planted a raspberry on Lily’s tummy.

“Then why for the past three weeks have I slept on the couch?” Harry asked.

Heather turned around from Lily and stared at her husband. “I’ll tell you why. It’s because of what you said to me Harry Potter. I’m sorry if you can so easily forget what happened, but I can’t. You really hurt me Harry and it’s going to take more then an ‘I’m sorry’ to fix that.” Heather grabbed Lily and headed downstairs and placed Lily on her blanket on the floor with her toys.

“I know that Heather. I understand that it will take more then just an “I’m sorry” to fix what I said.” Heather still had her back to him. Harry walked up and wrapped his arms around her from behind, causing Heather to jump five feet. Harry reached behind him and extracted three things from his pocket. He brought them in front of her so she could see.

“Which is why these are for you,” He continued. “I know I’ve been a jerk, but to hopefully make up for it, I bought us two tickets for an all expenses paid trip to Italy. We’ll be staying there for a four day three night weekend.” By this time Heather had turned around in his arms to look at him. “And before you say anything, Hermione and Pansy have already agreed to watch Lily. Our bags are packed and the flight is tomorrow morning. I understand that apparating it easier, but I kind of like the idea of an all muggle weekend with my gorgeous wife.”

Heather was completely speechless. “And there is one more thing. Harry held up a black velvet box in front of her face. Heather silently gasped and opened the rectangular case. Inside was a white gold necklace with diamonds and sapphires intertwined all around it.

Heather looked into Harry’s eyes. She saw a million emotions running within them…love, passion, guilt, sadness, and warmth. Heather wrapped her arms around his neck and cried into his shoulder. His arms tightened around her waist as he buried his face into her hair.

“I love you Harry,” Heather whispered.

“I love you too Heather,” Harry whispered back as he once again tightened his grip on her.

(A/N: Before we begin the Draco/Hermione portion…the reason I made this one last was because this one is going to be the longest. Even though all the couples are important…Draco and Hermione are the stars of this story.)

(Draco x Hermione)

Draco was fixing his hair for the twelfth time that day. Even though today was his day to spend with only Nora, the little one refused to go anywhere without her mother. So that is why Draco was standing in the hall in black jeans and a gray sweater. He kept pacing the length of the hall nervous as hell. Just as he was about to fix his hair again, he heard steps on the stairs.

He turned to see Hermione walking down in a gray wool skirt with black leggings. A pair of black American Eagle Murphy sweater boots and a black Croft & Barrow snap mockneck. She had pulled her hair up into a ponytail and all in all, she looked radiant.

Nora came bounding down behind her. She had on a pair of blue jeans with a flower design along the side, a long sleeved black turtleneck and a blue jean jacket that matched the jeans. Nora also had on black boots and her hair was clipped to the side.

“Well don’t you look radiant Nora,” Draco said when the two of them were standing in front of him.

Nora beamed and turned toward her mommy. “Did you hear mommy? Draco said I was radiant.”

“Yes I did honey.” Hermione smiled at Draco and silently nodded her head in thanks.

“And may I say you look quite amazing as well Hermione,” Draco added.

“Thank you,” Hermione said. Draco picked up Nora into his arms and the three of them walked outside. It was slightly chilly, but they stayed warm with the help a heating charm. Nora had wrapped her arms around Draco’s neck and rested her head against his shoulder as the three of them headed to the park not far from Grimmauld Place.

They found a spot by the lake and Hermione conjured up a woolen blanket which Draco sat down upon, maneuvering Nora a bit so the both of them could be comfortable. The three of them sat in silence until Nora saw ducks in the lake and ran over to try and get to them. Draco and Hermione laughed as Nora’s attempts to get the ducks to swim over to shore. It lasted a few minutes before Draco conjured up a loaf of bread, gave it to Nora and told her to throw small pieces into the lake to feed the ducks.

He also conjured up a thermos of hot chocolate and a basket of hot rolls. The two of them sat in silence as they watched Nora become surrounded by hungry ducks. Making sure she stayed safe Draco placed a small barrier around her to make sure no ducks tried to attack her. Draco knew today was all about pleasing Hermione and making Nora comfortable with him.

Even now Draco could see he had been completely wrong about Hermione and Nora. There was no way Hermione could have been with another man. It just wasn’t possible. He wouldn’t have cared even if she were because she was with him now and nothing could ever change that.

“Draco!” He looked over to see Nora calling to him. He gave a quick smile to Hermione before picking himself up and walking over to Nora.

“What is it?” He kneeled down so he was eye level with her.

“Can I ask you something?” She said, a small angel look of innocence showed in her eyes.

“Of course you can.”

“I have my mommy, but I don’t have a daddy. So I was wondering, can I call you daddy?” Draco was floored. Nora wanted to call him daddy!

“That is up to your mother, but if you wish you may call me daddy,” Draco said as Nora wrapped her arms around his neck, kissed his cheek and gave him a hug, which he returned.

“Come on over and have some hot chocolate,” Draco said as he stood up and extended his hand to her. Nora grabbed onto his hand and walked with him over to Hermione.

“Hello you two,” Hermione said as Nora seated herself in her mother’s lap. “Nora did you have fun feeding the ducks?”

“Yes I did mommy and daddy said I can have some hot chocolate because I did such a good job,” Nora replied as her little angel face lit up when Draco handed her a sippy cup of hot chocolate.

Hermione’s eyes widened. “Daddy?!?!?!” She looked over at Draco.

“Yea, Draco said I can call him daddy,” Nora answered as she took a sip. Draco a put a slight cooling charm on the drink, so that while it is still hot, it won’t burn her.

Draco held up his hands in defense. “Hey, Nora asked if she could call me daddy. I said it up to you, but that I had no objections.”

Hermione sighed. “Mommy, is it okay that I call Draco daddy?”

Hermione stared at her daughter and nodded. “It’s alright by me.” She took one more look at Draco before taking a hot roll and biting into it so she wouldn’t say something stupid.

Another hour passed in which the three of them had drank hot chocolate and eaten hot rolls until the sun began to set and Nora had fallen asleep in Draco’s lap. As the three of them headed home, Draco holding Nora in his arms and Hermione walking next to him, Hermione gently moved her hand into the crook of his arm and leaned her head against his shoulder with a sigh.

‘Everything feels so right. I actually feel like I’m walking home with my husband and child.’ Hermione sighed again as the three of them got to Grimmauld Place. While Draco headed upstairs to put Nora to bed, Hermione went into the kitchen to make a pot of tea.

A half hour later Draco walked down. “Sorry it took so long. Nora wanted me to read her a bed time story.”

“That’s all right,” Hermione responded as she handed him a cup of tea and the two of them sat at the table side by side. “You know that was really sweet of you. You seemed so comfortable with Nora and her with you. You almost acted as if she were your child.”

“In some ways she is,” Draco muttered. “I guess me a while to realize that Nora is your adopted daughter. Not that I mind, she is beautiful. And in some ways I wish she were my daughter. In some ways I wish both of you were in my life.”

Hermione was speechless. “But I’m getting ahead of myself. Don’t worry about it. Today was a lot of fun and I hope that maybe the three of us can do it again some day,” Draco said as he got up from his seat. He took Hermione hand, placing a kiss upon her knuckles and wishing her a good night.

“Sweet dreams Hermione.”

Hermione nodded as Draco left the kitchen and headed upstairs for bed.

A/N: I know it was dreadfully short and you all probably hate me right now because it took forever to post. And I am dreadfully sorry about that. I have had so much work to do and now that things have finally settled down, I have more time to write. Again I am dreadfully sorry.

My mid-terms just finished and I am off for 2 weeks, so I plan on working more on my stories if possible. Don’t worry, I promise not to leave you all hanging anymore.

Next chapter previews:
- Blaise and Annie’s wedding
- Harry and Heather leave for the weekend
- Draco has a surprise for Hermione

So I hope you can forgive me. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and an awesome New Years. I know I will because on January 3rd, I get my license. YAY!!!!!

Happy Holidays,

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