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Harry Potter and the Seer's Prediction by FoxGirl
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, and I am sure you don't either, besides, I can't let getting sued get in the way of my education!

Please R/R: If you don't, I might loose confidence and think that my story is bad and never finish, or I might just get too lazy, but, like most people, I love to see all the reviews people give me and it motivates me to continue with my story, so, READ AND REVIEW!


Harry stood on Platform 9 3/4, waiting for Hermione to arrive. He stayed at the Weasley's for 2 weeks of his summer holiday.

Suddenly someone behind him tapped him on the shoulder. Harry spun around, "Hermione?" A girl stood there, she was a bit shorter, and looked nothing like Hermione, her shoulder length blonde hair was in a ponytail, her narrow green eyes gave hima glare.

"No, your friend, Hermione Granger, is not here yet, she will be though, in about...1 minute," Harry, wondering how she knew Hermione's last name, looked at Ron, he, of course giving Harry an "she's oviously mental" look. "Look, I must warn you to be on your gaurd at Hogwarts...or you might be very unlucky..." She said, giving a cold glare at Ron.

Suddenly, Hermione ran towards her two best friends and the mysterious girl. Ron gave a look of amazment, for it had been a minute since the girl had told them she would be arriving in a minute. Hermione smiled. "Hello Harry, hello Ron," She looked at the girl. "Hello, I am Her-" Harry interupted. "She knows, dunno how though." Harry turned his head towards the girl, but she was gone.

Harry looked around, finally he saw her, she was getting on the train. Ron and Hermione began getting on the train, Harry following, Ron and Hermione chatting away about their summers. There were no empty compartments, and only one with one person sitting in it, the one with the girl. They got in, Harry and Ron sitting next to each other, Hermione next to the girl. Hermione looked at her. "Hello, I am Hermione, of course you know my name, but what is yours?" The girl looked at Hermione, rather angry because she oviously was getting into a good part in her Transfiguration book.

"My name is Zelda Ratri," She answered. "I am just entering Hogwarts, I have been home schooled for a while, given permission from the Ministry, but my mum would like me to be in a school with others and be social, I have read a lot of Hogwarts from a History of Hogwarts." After saying that, Hermione and Zelda got into a conversation about the book, of course, they probley being the only people in school to read it.

Ron rolled his eyes, whispering to Harry, "She just HAD to say the book, didn't she?" Harry let out a small snort. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, Harry opened it and there stood a lady selling candy. "Hello! Would any of you like some candy?" Harry, of course, bought the whole thing and shared with his friends, and his probley soon-to-be new friend, Zelda. 'I bet she would get along with Luna.' Harry thought, nodding, she probley would.

After hours of chatting away about summers, they finally arrived at Hogwarts, Zelda looked out the window, grinning a bit. Hermione grinned. "Hey, Zelda, I wonder what how you will be in, hopefully Gryffindor." Zelda nodded. "Don't worry, I will be." She said in a mysterious tone, which sort of reminded Harry of Mr. Trelawny.

They got off the train, bumping into a lot of people, all happy with getting off the train. Zelda stepped into one of the carriages, Hermione following, so, of course, Ron and Harry followed. sitting next to each other. Zelda grinned. "Did you see those thestrals?" Hermione gave her a funny look.

"You can see them?" She asked, "Who died that you saw?" Zelda looked at her. "My mom and my cat." Hermione nodded her head. "Aww, sorry." Zelda shrugged. "It's fine."

They finally arrived up at Hogwarts, Zelda looked at the castle from the outside one more time before entering, she was stopped by Professor McGonnagal and followed her ahead of the crowd. Harry, Ron, and Hermione oviously knew why, she probley was going to get sorted before they even got to see which house, but as the entered the Great Hall, Zelda was sitting, the ugly, old Sorting Hat on top of her head.

'Hmm...' The hat spoke inside Zelda's head, suddenly it called out, "GRYFFINDOR!" Hermione, Harry, and Ron all cheered along with the rest of the Gryffindor table as she sat beside her new three friends, while some others congratulated her for getting sorted into Gryffindor. The rest of the first years got sorted, most of them were in Hufflepuff, or atleast thats what it seemed. After the last eleven year old got sorted, Dumbledore stood, begining his welcoming speech, everyone listened, except all the Slytherins, and Pansy, mostly, who was fawning over Draco, giving him hugs and kisses.

"I missed you Draco! You sweetie pie!" Draco glared at her. "Shut up you stupid girl! And get off me!" Pansy quieted and stopped, feeling slightly bad. Dumbledore then called out, "Let the feast begin!" Plates of different types of food appeared on the tables, people began to eat, Zelda forgeting what she was going to say.


The feast was over, and everyone was heading to their common rooms, most were rather tired from stuffing food in their mouth and swallowing it, then repeating until full. Hermione and Zelda were talking about books, and Zelda told her about how she was trying to learn to be an animagus. "I am registered of course, I just started! You should try to and we could practice together!" Hermione grinned, she liked the idea.

Near the back of the crowd was Harry and Ron. Ron of course, was very full and hardly able to walk, Harry staying behind with him, besides, Hermione wasn't the funnest person to talk to. He sighed as they reached the common room, Zelda and Hermione talking, sitting next to each other on the couch, once in a while he head, 'animagus', 'training, 'books', and, of course, 'book worm'.

Then Hermione and Zelda got up and walked up the girls dormitory. Ron looked at Harry. "Harry, do you think Hermione would not want to be our friend any more? She might hang around Zelda too much, then, forget us..." Harry looked at ron. "She wouldn't do that! And besides, I think we have a new friend, I overheard that she was training to become an animagus, didn't hear which animal though." Ron nodded and headed up to bed.


End of chapter one! YAY! I got this chapter done in only 2 tries! I am begining to think this chapter was a bit too it?

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