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Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas by Joanne K
Chapter 12 : Twelve Flutterbies Flying
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The Twelfth Day of Christmas

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Twelve Flutterbies flying,
Eleven Mokes a-shrinking
Ten Porlocks grazing,
Nine Fairies dancing,
Eight Knarls for milking,
Seven Plimpies swimming,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

Christmas day dawned bright and sunny; the sky was a beautiful clear blue. Hagrid and Olympe both slept late. Hagrid awoke first and silently went about feeding all the various creatures so that Olympe could continue to sleep. On his return inside the house he found Olympe in the kitchen cooking French omelettes made from Parp eggs.

After breakfast they both retreated to the living room and sat beneath the towering Christmas tree, where the fairies still danced and showed off amongst its branches. First they unwrapped the presents that had been sent to them by their many friends.

Hagrid had received a book about dragons from Hermione, a box of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from Ron and a new hairy jacket from Harry. Hagrid tried it on immediately.

“Fits perfect!” Hagrid beamed.

Olympe had received a pair of beautiful earrings, a powder blue muff and some French perfume.

“Who sent yeh tha’ perfume?” Hagrid asked, a little suspiciously, and with a hint of jealousy in his voice.

“Eet ees from my good friend, Magarette,” Olympe replied, “She ees quite wealthy and likes to buy extravagant gifts to show of ‘er wealth.”

Hagrid relaxed.

“Shall we exchange our gifts now?” Olympe asked.

She reached for a small gold envelope with Hagrid’s name on it. She passed it to Hagrid and he opened it curiously. Inside was a small gold card with Olympe’s curly handwriting. It read two simple words:

Walk outside

Hagrid looked at Olympe with a curious expression. Olympe nodded, a small smile playing on her lips. Hagrid walked outside, wondering what to expect, and Olympe followed him.

As Hagrid walked out the front door he was accosted by a giant furry animal leaping onto him.

“Fang!” Hagrid said excitedly as his faithful boarhound licked every inch of his face, “But ‘ow? ‘Arry was looking after ‘im.”

“I know,” smiled Olympe, “I arranged wis ‘Arry to send Fang ‘ere for Chreestmas. I knew ‘ow much you were missing ‘im.”

“Olympe, yeh’re the best,” Hagrid said, smothering Fang in gigantic hugs.

“Ah, but zair ees one more part to zis present,” Olympe said, cryptically.

Hagrid calmed down Fang and looked at Olympe, wondering what more there could be.

“Look at Fang’s collar,” Olympe smiled.

Hagrid looked at Fang’s collar and found hanging from it was an elegant looking brass key.

“A key?” Hagrid asked.

“Eet ees ze key to my ‘ouse,” Olympe said, “I want you to be able to come ‘ere whenever you please.”

“Olympe!” Hagrid exclaimed and smothered her in a gigantic hug.

They walked back inside with Fang walking along at their heels. They settled back under the Christmas tree and Fang found a cozy spot by the fire. Hagrid reached for the last present under the tree, it was small enough to fit into the palm of his large hand and was wrapped in shimmering white wrapping paper and topped with a silver bow. Hagrid handed it to Olympe. Olympe unwrapped it carefully and found inside a small glass box filled with little creatures with many-coloured butterfly like wings.

“Flutterbies,” Hagrid explained.

“Zey are beautiful,” Olympe commented, “But aren’t zey supposed to be poisonous?”

“Yeah, they are,” Hagrid said, “ But yeh should see ‘em when they’re released into the air, it’s amazin’.”

Once again the couple moved outside. Fang chose to stay in his comfortable spot by the fire. Once outdoors, Olympe released the catch on the glass box and released the twelve beautiful flutterbies that were inside. Hagrid had been right, the effect was amazing as the colourful flapping wings carried the flutterbies high up into the air.

“Look at the box,” Hagrid said simply, as the flutterbies disappeared into the distance.

Olympe looked down into the glass box that had recently held the twelve flutterbies. She had expected it to now be empty, but instead she found herself looking at a magnificent diamond ring. The band was white gold and the diamond set in the middle was the size of an apricot. Several smaller sapphires surrounded the main stone. Olympe looked up at Hagrid with her mouth open in shock; she was speechless.

“Olympe Maxime,” Hagrid said, taking the ring from the glass box, “Will yeh marry me?”

Tears of joy began filling Olympe’s eyes.

“Yes!” Olympe said, “Of course I will marry you, ‘Agrid!”

Hagrid slipped the ring onto Olympe’s finger; it was a perfect fit.

As they walked back inside again, with their arms wrapped around each other, Hagrid commented, “At least now you won’t have te worry about who’ll look after all the animals while yeh’re at school.”

“You would live ‘ere in France, wis me?” Olympe asked.

“But o’ course,” Hagrid replied.

A/N: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!

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