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Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror by jasper21
Chapter 5 : Chapter Five: The Secret of the Weasely Family
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Chapter Five: The Secret of a Weasely

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters.

“We’re five minutes from our destination, gentlemen,” the captain said over the loud speaker.

“Really? We didn’t notice,” Ron said sarcastically.

He was wearing a parka and anything he could find to cover himself until the only thing that was visible was his eyes. He looked over at Arthur who was only wearing his phoenix leather jacket, standing at the edge of boat, looking over at the icebergs they were passing.

“Aren’t you freezing,” Ron said walking over to him.

Arthur laughed.

“I skinny dip in freezing water for fun.”

“Too much information,” Ron replied.

Arthur smiled and looked at the North side of the boat. They were quickly approaching land.

“We should get ready to board off.”

He grabbed their bags as the fishing boat reached the pier. Ron helped the captain tie the ropes on the dock. Everyone shook hands.

“Good luck on your quest lads,” the captain said before bidding them farewell and walking into the nearest fish market with his catch.

Ron and Arthur only took two steps when a young boy walked up to Ron and gave him an envelope. Bemused he opened it to find a small green arrow and a note:


Arthur looked at Ron and nodded. They both walked down the street. Several Death Eaters began to follow. When they walked down the alleyway several arrows were peppered into their chests as they fell dead on the cold wet ground.

Two men with crossbows emerged from the shadows. One was wearing a red cape and hood, while the other was wearing a black cape and hood. The one in the red cape looked around to see if there were any witnesses before dragging their bodies and throwing them into the dumpster.


“You’re the Green Arrow!?!” Ron yelled when Oliver removed his disguise.

The three of them were standing in a room three floors above a pub.

“I’ve been getting that a lot. So what do you have?”

Arthur showed a map to Oliver.

“Apparently, the dagger is in an iceberg.”

Oliver gritted his teeth.

“You haven’t heard the best part, yet,” Ron said.

Oliver looked up at them.

“This is no ordinary iceberg. You see it’s literally attached to the ocean floor. Inside the iceberg is a carved out chamber that Ian Dumbledore made,” Ron explained.

“So all we have to do is find an iceberg that is attached to ocean floor,” Oliver said.

Arthur nodded.

“And we have to find the entrance, which will be the tricky part.”

“So let’s find that iceberg,” Oliver said.

“Actually, this only needs one person,” Ron said.

Both he and Oliver looked at Arthur.

“Skinny dipping time.”


A large ship appeared several miles off Antarctica. A man with tattoos of sharks all over his face took out a telescope and spotted the small fishing boat that Ron and Arthur used.


Several minutes later, Ras Al Ghul appeared and turned to his second in command.

“Signal the U to rise.”

He nodded and ran into a room.

Several minutes later, an early model of a U-boat emerged from the depths of the water. The crew of the U-boat climbed out.

“Wait for them to find the dagger. Then we’ll pry it from their cold dead hands,” Ghul ordered.

His crew roared with approval.

Ras Al Ghul pointed at two of his crew members.

“Find what happened to the scouts I had positioned here.”

Arthur Curry was speeding through the icy depths of the Atlantic, only wearing his orange swimming trunks and his wand holster around his right leg.

This is going to take forever. he thought to himself.

Than a thought came to him. He held out his hand and focused…

Several minutes later a large whale came into view. It stopped and waited for Arthur to come over to it. Arthur sped up to him.

Hello, Arthur.

Hey Lou. How’s the wife?


Arthur laughed.

I have a question. Have you ever seen an iceberg attached to the ocean floor?

Why yes. Look over there.

Arthur looked over to his right.

Several feet away was a large glacial mountain.

There has to be a way in.

Through there.Lou responded.

Arthur looked down.

Whoa. This might be a problem.

Several hours later…

Arthur, Ron, and Oliver were approaching the pier where a large white and green yacht was waiting. Several men walked out of the yacht. One of them was…

“DAD!?!” Arthur yelled.

Both men gave each other bear hugs.

“I thought it would be fitting to bring your father along this expedition,” Oliver said.

He then turned to the other men.

“These men are my colleagues from the National Underwater and Marine Agency,” Mr. Curry said.

He pointed first at a handsome strong man around his thirties.

“This is Dirk Pitt.”

The man walked over and shook hands with Ron and Arthur.

“Pleasure to meet, y’all,” he said in a deep Australian accent.

Mr. Curry then pointed at a large white man with a scar on his right cheek.

“And this is Al Giordano.”

“Nice to meet you boys,” he said in a deep voice.

“So, son. Mr. Queen said that you located the entrance of the iceberg,” Mr. Curry said as they were climbing aboard.

Arthur shook his head.

“You guys have to see it to believe it.”

They all set their bags in their dens before meeting on the deck.

“If you’ll all follow me,” Oliver said.

They all followed Oliver all the way to the other side of the yacht before descending down the stairs.

There was a small room filled with computers, small unfinished robots and map readouts.

“Rudy?” Oliver called out.

A chubby man with large horn-rimmed glasses emerged from behind the computer screen.

“Mr. Queen! You’re just in time. I’ve plotted in Mr. Curry’s coordinates of the iceberg. You won’t believe what URE found!”

“URE?” Ron asked.

“Underwater Robot Extraordinaire. It could survive sub-zero temperatures,” Dirk said.

Rudy clicked his mouse several times and placed the image on the flat screen T.V. behind him.

Everyone gasped in shock.

“As you can see, this is the problem,” Arthur said.

Al turned to Arthur.

“More of like a big problem.”

The screen showed the iceberg. But it was among a field of underwater mountains as well. Each one was connected to what seem to be tornadoes linking one mountian to the next.

“A bloody underwater maze?” Ron asked in shock.

“There’s no way Gryffindor could’ve done this on his own. He had help,” Arthur said.

“Talk to me, Rudy,” Oliver said staring at the screen.

“Well, according to my data, those things you see connecting the mountains…they’re controlled monsoons,” Rudy said.

Oliver turned to Rudy.


“Whoever made them, they created these monsoons as a way of traveling from one chamber to the next.”

Ron ruffled his hair.

“So we have two problems. One: We have to find a way to get into these monsoons, and two: The dagger is hidden in one of these chambers.”

“No one said this was going to be easy, Ron,” Arthur said.

Oliver looked around the room.

“So what are we waiting for? Let’s get started.”

Several hours later, all the men except Arthur were in their scuba gear, approaching the first monsoon.

“So how are we supposed to get in?” Ron asked.

But his question was soon answered.

Slowly the monsoon began sucking them in.

“DON’T FIGHT IT!” Arthur yelled.

Soon they all began to scream as they were being twirled around before being ejected, one by one, into a chamber.

Dirk was the first to recover.

“Holy Shit! We have to do that again!”

Al kneeled down and regurgitated his lunch.

Oliver removed his scuba gear and began putting on his Green Arrow gear.

“I guess this isn’t the right chamber.”

Arthur looked around.

“Then we have to look for another entrance to another monsoon. Keep going, until we find the dagger.”

“Oh, joy,” Al said.
The Queen Yacht…

“Hey, Rudy. Are you there?”

No answer.

“Rudy, do you copy?”

Rudy was unconscious on the ground as the two archers waved their wands at themselves before plunging into the water.


“Master, their dead.”

“Dead? How?” Ras Al Ghul yelled standing up from behind his captain’s desk.

The Death Eater threw down a black and red arrow.

Ras Al Ghul stared at the objects.

“It seems that we’re not the only ones seeking the same artifact.”

He looked up at his Death Eater.

“Get our best men to board the U-boat. We’re going after the dagger.”

“Well, I’ll be,” Oliver said.

They were all now standing in front of a waterfall.

“A waterfall inside an iceberg?” Arthur asked.

“We must be getting close,” Ron said.

Dirk and Al slipped on their scuba gears while Ron and Oliver waved their wands at themselves before using the bubble-head charm.

All of the sudden Al went limp and fell to the ground.

“What the-” Dirk began.

He looked around and automatically held his hands in the air. Ron saw Dirk’s movement and turned around. Ras Al Ghul was standing with six of his best men, all with their wands pointed at Ron, A.C., Oliver, and Dirk.

“I think you’ve lead us far enough,” Ghul said.

A.C. looked behind him at the waterfall.

“We didn’t come this far to be stopped short from reaching our goal,” Ron sneered making minor eye contact with A.C.

“In life, we will always face obstacles. We must learn to accept them,” Ghul said.

“Where did you get that from a fortune cookie?” Oliver remarked.

“What’s a fortune cookie?” one of the Death Eaters asked.

“NOW , A.C.!” Ron yelled.

A.C. jumped into the water and sped off under the waterfall.


The Death Eater began firing away at the others. Dirk pulled out his gun and fired at one of them who blocked the bullet with ease.

“ENERVATE!” Oliver yelled at Al’s body.

Al woke with a start, and automatically covered his head from the crossfire.

“GET IN THE WATER!” Ron yelled.

Dirk and Al grabbed their scuba tanks and slipped into the water.


Arthur was swimming at increasing speeds through the water. All the sudden he stopped and looked at what was before him.

A maelstrom was raging , pulling everything into it. Arthur felt himself being quickly pulled in.

Trying with all his might, he tried swimming away. Out of nowhere, Dirk and Al were seen heading at Arthur , and colliding with him into the maelstrom.

Faster and faster they were spinning until the maelstrom sucked them down, and everything went dark.


Ron unsheathed one of his swords and threw it at a Death Eater. The Death Eater aimed his wand at the oncoming sword only to be shot by Ron’s hex. The sword then turn directions on its own accord and severed a Death Eater’s hand. Blood spurted everywhere as the Death Eater yelled in pain, running around the chamber.

“ENOUGH!” Ducard bellowed.

He outstretched his hands and all the ice surrounding them shattered. He pointed his wand at Ron and Oliver, and the ice came pounding towards them.

Ron grabbed Oliver and jumped into the water. As soon as they crossed the threshold of the waterfall the maelstrom pulled them under.

Arthur woke with a start




Everyone rose from the ground and looked at where they were. They appeared to be in a chamber in which the rain was coming down from the ceiling. They looked up at the ceiling and saw that the ceiling was actually water.

“We’re at the bottom of the maelstrom,” Dirk said.

“Look,” Oliver said.

They looked to the right and found a ruby encrusted dagger laying in the mouth of lion-shaped chunk of ice. Then the water above them began to boil.

“DUCARD IS COMING!” Al yelled.

Ron ran up and grabbed the dagger. The lion’s mouth closed shut and the wall to it’s right opened revealing a staircase.

“RUN!” Oliver yelled.

They all ran up the ice-carved steps as an angry yell was heard from the bottom.

Dirk pulled out three sticks of dynamite and threw them at the stair well bellow them.

When they were high enough, the dynamites were activated and they blew up, sealing the entrance from Ghul.

When they reached the top, they found themselves at edge of the iceberg. Oliver’s speed boat was rushing towards them, as something what appeared to be a pirate ship was firing cannons at it. Rudy looked as if he was bleeding as he quickly pulled over as everyone jumped onto the boat. Out of nowhere, an arrow was shot into Arthur’s chest.

He yelled in surprise and looked up. Two men wearing black and red robes had their arrows pointed at Rudy, and the others.

“The next one will kill him,” the man in black warned.

Ron looked down at Arthur was gagging in pain reaching for the man to his right. His father laid several feet away, appeared to be knocked out cold.

All of the sudden, eight pirate ships surrounded the speed boat.

A man apparated onto the speed boat. He appeared to be very old, with a wooden leg and long red beard and hair limped towards Ron. As he came closer, Ron saw that the man had a wooden eye, and a collection of scars. But it was his other eye, that gave Ron a shock, and rage welled up inside of him.


Oliver was being stripped of his weapons and then held down to the ground.

“Wait you know him?”

The pirate’s wooden eye looked at Oliver, then at Ron.

“Where’s your father, boy?”

“Voldemort has him. But what do you care?”

“Who are you?” Oliver demanded.

The pirate looked down at Oliver again.

“My name is Commodore Bartolomeo Weasely.”

“My grandfather,” Ron said in anger.

The Commodore walked up to Ron.

“If you want this dagger back, then you must do what I asked your father to do years ago.”

“Which is?”

“Take my place.”

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