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What Would Happen if we Kissed? by Ruby_Elsi_Riddle
Chapter 1 : The Beginning...
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I woke up to the sun shining softly through the golden curtains around my bedroom window.  It was so peaceful. Wait. Peaceful? Something is wrong. I thought to myself. It’s never peaceful here.


My name is Hermione Granger. I live with thirteen other children in an orphanage just outside of Surrey, England.(A/N: Not sure if it says where Hermione lives, sorry) I’ve moved around all my life, ever since I can remember anyway.  You see after I was born, my birth mother gave me up for adoption, but they couldn’t find anyone to adopt me so I was moved from my first orphanage at the age of three, to live with a foster family, by the name of Isolde and Gerard Granger. They wanted to see how having a child would be like. So they had my name legally changed to Hermione Jean Granger, from Hermione Ashleigh Snot. I don’t know where my name came from, but I think the government gave it to me.


But then, Isolde got pregnant when I was six, and I was moved to another orphanage. I stayed in this one until I was the age of twelve. You see, I am a witch. I go to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I have two best friends who are boys by the name of Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley.  In some ways Harry are a lot alike. We are both orphans, we are both magical. But in others we’re not. Like the fact that I’m a muggleborn; while he’s a half-blood.


But, that orphanage got shut down for possession of large amounts of liquor, with a bunch of minors, around. So we all got split up…that’s how I ended up here.


“HERMIONE GRANGER!! WAKE UP! WE HAVE SOMETHING THAT WE NEED TO TELL YOU!!” shouted Darlene, one of the four orphanage care takers. I walk down four flights of stairs, then take a left then a right into the kitchen, where they always tell us any news, whether it be good or bad. I walk into the kitchen, where they are all, predictably sitting around the huge table in the corner.


“Yeah, Darlene? What is it?” I ask, getting a bowl of cereal. “Good morning, Helga, Sophie, Mageria.” I say sitting down at the table. They all have sad regretful faces. Great…are they moving me, yet again? I ask myself.


“Hermione, darling, we have some regretful, but good news. The government, sent over a few things, which they believe belong to you. The lady that was working at the hospital the day you were born then put up for adoption, had seen your birth mother, wrap them up and put them in your basket, but it had looked liked a balled up blanket, so they put it on the bed for the nurses to take care of. The nurse, opened it though, and showed a doctor. The doctor then gave the stuff to a social worker, who tried to track down your mother, but the address your mother had put down on the forms was nonexistent. So they have been trying to connect that to whoever had had the baby.”


“They finally looked through the stuff a couple days ago and found a necklace that had your name on it. When we heard about it, we instantly knew that, from what you have told us about this school that you go to, it was probably, bewitched by your mother, to change your name, when you had a permanent one, to the necklace.” Sophie said. Mageria, pulled out a bundle of stuff. She laid it on the table, letting it all separate from each other. I gasped.


In the sack was the most gorgeous necklace, ring, bracelet and earring set imaginable. On the necklace was a pendant, which had my name on it, spelled out in diamonds, emeralds and rubies. And the string it was on, you could tell that it was pure gold. But to me, not just any type of gold, goblin made gold. The purest of all types of gold. The ring and bracelet were made of the same gold, but didn’t have my name. The ring, though, had a crest in the middle, like you would see on an American class ring.


The crest wasn’t unusual. It was the colors that it was made up of, that was unusual. The lines that ran through it, creating the design were silver and gold, it was really pretty, like the maker had melded pure silver and pure gold together in the middle, making it looked mixed together. But the prettiest thing of all, was the inside colors. Red and green, in like a marble swirl, was in the middle and in the very middle, there was a bold uppercase Z alternating in ruby, emerald, diamond, and topaz colored stones.


 But the Z didn’t really make sense, until I read what was inscribed on the bracelet. Hermione Amelia Zabini. I started to hyperventilate. Zabini? What in the world? I’m no Zabini! Then i noticed a letter, beside all of this. It was from my mother.


My dearest daughter,

It was for your own good, to have left you, with those muggle people to find you a home. If I had kept you, we would both have died. You see, I am Amelia Rose Malfoy. I am married to Hegustis Malfoy. Brother of Lucius Malfoy. But I had an affair with you birthfather, Geoff Zabini. You are in no way connected to the Malfoys. I would rather have married a muggle than a Malfoy, but our marriage was an arranged one, from birth. I do not want you to think badly of me for having an affair. We were in love. In accordance to the muggles we are married. To the wisarding world we are not. By the time you are able to read this I will most likely be dead, but I will have told Geoff, about you. On the eve of your seventeenth birthday, your appearance will change. When the nurses and doctors left me alone with you I put a concealment charm on you, to be taken off on your seventeenth birthday. When this concealment charm has been taken off, your life will change dramatically. Just remember your true friends. That is the person you are, not the person that you will look like. You have a half brother, Blaise Zabini; there is no doubt that you will know him at some point in your life. You will look a lot like your father, Geoff, so be on your best guard if anyone of those deatheaters, tries to hurt you. I’m sure Blaise will know that he has a sister, so he may be the only one who knows who you are at the beginning of the school year. I love you with all my heart Hermione; at least I hope that is what you still call yourself. Geoff does not know that I named you Hermione, so you don’t have to worry about Blaise, making that connection, if you do still go by that name.


Your mother,

Amelia  Rose Malfoy

 And with reading that, I fainted.

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What Would Happen if we Kissed?: The Beginning...


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