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Dreams Turning into Reality by earthfarie
Chapter 1 : Dreams turning into Reality
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Disclaimer: I own nothing, it's all J.K. Rowling's.

I would try hot water.

So, I did. Violently twisting the knob to “Hot” I splashed the scalding hot water on my face. I cringed slightly at impact, but squeezed my eyes shut and waited for the pain to subside.

Hot didn’t work.

I would try cold water.

So, I did. Jamming the knob in the opposite direction, towards “Cold” and splashing the freezing water across my face and partly down my tank top, I sighed as my body cooled and the after affects of the ‘steamy dreams’ I had been having left almost instantly.

Cold worked.

Good to know.

I had been having this problem more and more recently. I would wake up at insane hours of the night, dripping in sweat and needing to splash water on numerous parts of my body to relax myself.

As I slumped against the door I thought of what he would think of me if he could see my dreams, and what we were doing in them. The thought of any of my dreams becoming real was laughable and I almost did, before remembering my dorm mates were only feet away sleeping peacefully.

I sat there, breathing heavily and concentrating on clearing my mind and pictures of him shirtless come floating through my head, as they always did when my mind was clear and I groaned inwardly as I stood up.

Why, oh, why did he have to take his shirt off after that Quidditch game, fueling my thoughts and dreams even more?

Did he like to torture me?

I decided it would just be better to walk down to the Room of Requirement, as I usually did and sleep, not in fear that my dorm mates would wake due to my moaning, groaning and screaming.

He always told me I was a screamer.

Not that we had ever had sex. He’d only told me in one of our arguments that because I screamed so much out of bed, that I probably screamed as much, if not more in bed.

Stupid prat.

I shook my head to clear my mind and quietly opened the bathroom door, where I quickly ran out of the room and down the stairs.

Greeted by the exact person I had been hoping to avoid, and the exact person my tantalizing dreams were about, I swore. Loud enough for him to hear me, and he cocked an eyebrow at me. Realizing he had heard me, I swore again.

“No need to be so vulgar. What’re you doing up so late Evans?”

“Potter, I’m really not in the mood. Shove off.”

“Aww, Evans, I’m hurt. I was hoping for a midnight snog.”

My thoughts went into overdrive as I thought about his words. Then, I remembered that I acted like I hated—sorry, strongly disliked him- acted being the key word.

Sometimes I considered telling him I liked him, then he would go and pull a prank, and I’d be standing in the middle of The Great Hall, wearing no skirt.

My mind would always change then.

If only Potter knew how close I was to tackling him in the middle of the hallway, when he yawns and his muscles flex or in the common room when he actually looks innocent as he sleeps the flickering flames of the fire reflecting off his glasses…

Anyways, tackling him and snogging him senseless, right there in the middle of everything, he’d never pull another prank again in his life.

Yes, that’s how close I am to giving in to him.

It’s sad, I know.

I remembered that I should give him an answer, and said “Potter, I really don’t need this. Please, just leave me alone, unless you want to sustain bodily harm.”

The voice in my head added “Because I kissed you with so much force.

He yawed, stretching his arms back…and there his muscles go, flexing away.

And now…I’m staring at him upper-arms, which is very normal.

Merlin, I’m such a fan girl.

Oh, now he’s saying something.

I should probably pay attention.

“Oi, Evans! Are you listening? What’re you doing up so late anyways?”

I said “Potter, didn’t I just tell you I don’t need this right now?”

James crossed his arms and said “Just answer the question.”

I sighed, giving into defeat and said “I woke up because of some dreams I was having.”

James’s head snapped up and said “Nightmares? Are you ok? Are you hurt? Do you need to see Dumbledore?”

I frowned slightly and said “No, nothing like that. They just…wake me up in the dead of the night and it’s rather unfortunate, that’s all.”

James nodded “Are you sure?”

When did Potter become Mr. Mom?


I sighed loudly and said in an exaggerated tone “Yes Potter, I’m perfectly fine with the exception of you nagging me.”

After a few moments of silence I realize he’s staring at my chest.

Perverted prat.

“Evans, are you aware that the front of your shirt is wet?”


That’s what he was staring at.


I blushed and said “Yes. It’s just water.”

James raised an eyebrow curiously and said “Here, let me help,” then waved his wand and my shirt was dry.

I blushed harder and said “Thanks. So, why are you up this late?”

He looked at his feet and mumbled something incoherent.

I raised an eyebrow at him and said “You know as well as I do that I couldn’t hear that.”

He continued looking at his feet and said “I thought I heard someone saying my name. Well, it sounded like they were screaming it actually. Is that what woke you up too?”

I swear, I tried as hard as I could to keep a strait face before I blurted “No, because it was--…”

Bloody hell, I’m such an imbecile.

This is where I was supposed to run from the room and deny ever having this conversation whenever he brought it up.

But no.

The idiot that I am, I don’t move while I watch his face as he realizes that I know who was screaming his name.

I’m so smart sometimes.

James immediately says “Who was it? Come on Lily, I won’t tell a soul that I know who it was, I mean, why would someone be screaming my name, unless they were having a dream and didn’t know they were doing it, and then they’d have been in the bathroom, I heard the pipes, and it was a girl, so--…”

Then, it all clicked.

To him.

It clicked to me that I was a goner as soon as he said he heard someone screaming his name.

I mean, sometimes I’m dense, but I’m not that dense.

He whispered hoarsely “Lily? Was it you?”

Without saying a word, I nodded slowly.

He continued in his raspy whisper “Why were you screaming my name? Were your dreams about…me?”

Defensively I blurted “You don’t do all the work. I do it, too.”

As soon as I realized how sexual my words sounded I acted rashly.

Very rashly.

I kissed him.

On the mouth.

Then, an amazing thing happened.

Well…not that amazing.

I mean, we are talking about the same James Potter who has pined after me for three plus years.

Continuing, the amazing thing that happened:

He kissed back.

I’ll just say my dreams did turn into reality that night.

Well…half of them.

The other half will come as soon as he takes him shirt off.

Or, I remove his shirt for him.

Either or, but most likely the latter one.

I might not be able to control myself then.

Did he like to torture me?

A/N: For my first story, I think it's pretty good. Seeing as you've already read the story, please review!!! Thanks so much! -earthfarie

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