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Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas by Joanne K
Chapter 11 : Eleven Mokes a-Shrinking
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The Eleventh Day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Eleven Mokes a-shrinking
Ten Porlocks grazing,
Nine Fairies dancing,
Eight Knarls for milking,
Seven Plimpies swimming,
Six Skrewts a-blasting,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

It was the night before Christmas and Hagrid and Olympe were sitting under the Christmas tree watching the fairies dancing amongst the branches whilst sipping on mugs of hot cocoa with marshmallows.

Outside it was snowing, turning everything white. The winged horses were warm in their stables, accompanied by the ten Porlocks, who were curled up in the hay. The Knarls were sleeping peacefully in their warm box beds. The Plimpies were swimming happily in their pond, which still had Hagrid’s charm to prevent it from freezing over. The five baby Unicorns huddled together in the shelter of their enclosure, while the Blast Ended Skrewts randomly let off blasts of sparks in theirs. The French Parps were all nestled snugly in their nesting boxes, with their heads resting under their wings.

Inside the Fwooper and the Jabberknolls were perched silently in their respective cages. And the four Salamanders were playing happily amongst the coals of the crackling fire in the fireplace.

Olympe and Hagrid huddled up together, as those in love do, and whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

“I love spending Chreestmas wis you,” Olymped sighed.

I love spending Christmas with yeh too, Olympe,” Hagrid said.

“You know it is a tradition in my family to open one present on Christmas Eve,” Olympe said.

“Tha’s good, ‘cause I’ve bin wanting to give you a present today anyway,” Hagrid said.

Hagrid reached under the Christmas tree and pulled out an elongated gift wrapped in green wrapping paper and handed it to Olympe. Olympe gently removed the wrapping paper to reveal the gift inside. It resmembled a Muggle lava lamp, except that inside were little lizards.

“They’re Mokes,” Hagrid said, smiling, “Jus’ watch ‘em.”

Hagrid and Olympe watched the lizards inside the tall glass tube. All of a sudden one of them began to shrink. Olympe gasped in surprise. One by one the little lizards all started shrinking until they were the size of ants. Then just as suddenly they began to grow again until they reached their normal size.

“What eenteresting creatures!” Olympe exclaimed.

Olympe carefully placed the lizards on the side table and reached under the tree for a gift for Hagrid. She handed him a small gift wrapped in red wrapping paper and tied with a gold bow.

Hagrid tore off the wrapping paper to reveal his gift. Inside was a black velvet box. Hagrid opened the lid of the box to find inside a large gold watch with hands that resembled the moon and the sun.

“I ‘ad eet specially made,” Olympe said, as she took the watch from Hagrid and put it on his wrist for him.

“Eet’s beautiful,” said Hagrid, examining the watch in awe, “I’ve never owned anythin’ as exquisite as this in me life.”

“I am glad zat you like it,” Olympe smiled.

Olympe leaned over and kissed Hagrid on the cheek as Hagrid’s watch gave a small chime to indicate that it was midnight.

“Merry Chreestmas, ‘Agrid,” Olympe said, nuzzling her head against Hagrid’s chest.

“Merry Christmas, Olympe,” Hagrid replied.

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Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas: Eleven Mokes a-Shrinking


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