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Second time love. by merlinsaprentice1
Chapter 4 : Chapter four
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None of the Harry Potter characters belong to me, I have only borrowed them.

Second time Love

Ginny’s in love with you too.

Hermione woke early the next morning and found that she was the only one up, having made and drunk a mug of refreshing tea she made a decision, things were different now to the way she remembered them, she had changed the past and no longer knew what was going to happen so she would have to live like everyone else, taking each day as it comes.
She decided she would see Ginny today, early before anyone else was around, she knew of course that the Weasley matriarch would already be awake but she did not wish to talk to her yet so she could not just arrive unannounced, but she did need to talk to someone and she thought that she could trust Ginny because she wanted more or less the same thing as herself, Harry Potter happy.
So she would need to make her visit to Ginny and Ginny only.

It did not take long for Hermione to dress and apparate to the Burrow, nor did it take her long to find Ginny’s bedroom window, she had slept in that room almost as much as she slept in her own bedroom and knew it well.
Using a levitating charm on her self Hermione rose slowly upward until she was level with Ginny’s window. She was pleased to see that it was ajar just as it normally was, it was always open to allow in any owls that might visit, very handy she thought as she reached over and grabbed the frame. Pulling herself gently toward the open window she came to rest on the window sill, then having removed the levitating charm from her self she opened the window and climbed in.

Ginny Weasley woke with a shout when she realised someone was in her room, Hermione had already pre-empted any yell or cry that Ginny might make by placing a silencing charm on the room.

“Ginny shush, it’s only me,” Hermione said trying to calm the red head.

“Hermione? Hermione what the heck are you doing sneaking about my bedroom at… what time is it anyway?” Ginny hissed angrily.

“It’s nearly six,” Hermione said as she checked her watch.

“Tell me you mean six in the evening, tell me you are not actually here at six o clock in the morning,” Ginny said irritated, she was never very good in the mornings and the earlier it was the worse she felt.

“Ok if that’s what you want me to tell you, but it wouldn’t be the truth,” Hermione said chuckling at the red haired girl who was rubbing her eyes.

“Ok so what do you want at this ungodly hour during the holidays?” Ginny asked sitting up in her bed.

“What you said to me on the train, about not hurting Harry I mean, did you really mean it or not?” Hermione asked as she sat next to Ginny on the bed.

“Of course I meant it, why what’s happened?” Ginny asked suddenly looking at Hermione suspiciously.

“You won’t like what I have to say, but if you meant what you said then I will need your help to stop Harry being really hurt,” Hermione told the young girl.

“I don’t think I like this,” Ginny said seriously “so spill it, who or what has you so sure Harry is going to be hurt.”

Hermione told Ginny all about Ron’s jealousy and his plot to keep Harry from being happy, how Ron had known how both she and Harry felt for each other, but instead of helping them he had tried to convince them both that the other wasn’t interested, “he even tried to get me to fall for him just so he could gloat over it to Harry,” she finished.

“Hang on let me see if I have this right, both you and Harry admitted to Ron that you fancied each other,” Ginny said looking into Hermione’s eyes.

“Yes, we did,” Hermione agreed.

“And then Ron lied to both of you and said you didn’t like each other that way, just because he’s actually jealous of Harry’s fame and money, and you say he’s stringing Harry along simply because there are benefits to being best friend of the boy who lived,” Ginny sounded as though she couldn’t believe what Hermione was saying.

“That about sums it up,” Hermione nodded.

“So why’s Ron giving you the silent treatment, we all thought it was because he fancied you?” Ginny asked.

“I suppose he’s just a little annoyed that part of his plan failed,” Hermione replied quietly.

“And how the heck do you know all this?” Ginny asked still not able to believe it of her brother.

Hermione had been ready for this question and she answered with out pause “I heard him talking in his sleep when I went to wake Harry.”

“Have you told Harry?” Ginny wanted to know “and why tell me?”

“No I haven’t told Harry, I don’t know how, I told you because it was beginning to get me down and I needed some one to talk to, someone who could help when Harry finds out the bloke he trusts with his life, actually hates him.” Hermione answered honestly.

“Well I don’t know what I can do,” Ginny said frowning, it seemed so unlike Ron, even Percy wasn’t that bad.

‘I wonder what Ginny would say if she knew her dear brother was going to turn out to be a wife beater’ Hermione thought as the two girls fell into an uneasy silence.

Ten minutes of silence later Hermione decided it was time to go home, she had done what she set out to do, she told Ginny the address of her parents, informing her she would have no trouble with sending owls but it would be a waste of time to try and actually find them.

At eleven that morning Harry opened the kitchen window to let in Ron’s owl ‘pig’, the little ball of fluffy feathers flew around the room but was no match for Harry’s quidditch skills, having caught pig Harry removed and read the letter while Hermione and her mum watched with some interest.

“It’s from Ginny, she says she will be out side in the street at eleven thirty, her dads going to drop her off and can you meet her,” Harry read, he did not seem to happy about it “why would Ginny be coming over, and how would she know how to find us?”

“It’s ok Harry, I told Ginny the address so she could send us owl post, as to why she is visiting we will just have to wait to find out,” Hermione told him calmly.

“Ok but you’re not stepping out there on your own,” Harry declared as he picked up his half pint glass mug and poured himself some orange juice.

At eleven thirty both Harry and Hermione stood at the garden gate, still within the wards but able to see out into the street.
The sound of a crack, rather like a car back firing made them both turn their heads to look to the right, standing a few yards away just outside the confundus charm limit were Mr Weasley and Ginny.
Hermione knew instantly that there was something wrong, the way Mr Weasley had his arm around his daughter told the story, Ginny was crying.

Both Harry and Hermione realised at the same time and together they rushed out to their friend and her father. Holding the crying Ginny between them they led the way into the hidden garden and on up to the house.
Ginny sobbed with her head bowed all the way to the kitchen, Hermione helped the younger girl to sit at the table, it was then that Harry saw something that turned his stomach.

“Who the bloody… who did this?” he asked a rather worried and upset looking Arthur Weasley.

Hermione stared in disbelief at the two black eyes and swollen lip and other bruises on Ginny’s face, Mr Weasley pulled out his wand.

“Can I do the charms now?” he asked sounding upset.

Ginny looked around the room at Hermione, then Hermione’s mum, then finally at Harry, before she nodded to her dad.

“She wouldn’t let us do anything till she saw you two,” Arthur said almost guiltily.

A few waves of his wand healed most of the bruising, leaving just a little yellowing where the bruises had been.

“It was Ron wasn’t it?” Hermione asked Arthur.

“Hermione don’t be silly Ron wouldn’t…” Harry stopped talking when Arthur replied.

“To my eternal shame, Yes it was Ron, I have never seen a man hit a woman before, but to do it with so much hate and anger,” Arthur said looking at Hermione’s mum.

“Ron hit Ginny…” Harry said disbelief evident in his voice.

“Oh Gin, I’m so sorry, I never expected this,” Hermione said tears falling down her cheeks.

“Why the heck would Ron hit a girl?” Harry asked still not able to understand that a boy could hit a girl; he found it impossible to imagine someone hitting their own sister.

Ginny turned to Harry “You want to know why he did this Harry, I’ll tell you why your so called best friend did this, he did it because I said I was going to tell you how he has been stringing you along, how he hates you, but loves being the best friend of the boy who lived, he hates you and he even tried to stop Hermione falling for you. That’s why he did this, he is so full of hate for everyone, he hates it because you have money and fame, he hates it because he can’t live up to his brothers, he hates because we don’t have much money, on top of that he thinks he isn’t as clever as the average person.”

As all this sank in Harry began to get more and more angry, as if he didn’t have enough trouble in his life he had to have this as well, Ron or not he was not going to get away with hitting a girl, especially one of his friends, grabbing his wand off the table he headed for the door.

“Harry, he’s not there, he’s in St Mungo’s, the boys Fred, George, and Percy, caught him hitting Ginny,” was all Arthur said to stop Harry’s mad rush for the door.

Hermione was still in some shock, she knew Ron had hit her often in the other life but she had never thought he would hit his sister. he had hit Hermione when she had been trapped in her marriage to him, there was no leaving your husband in the wizarding world, no divorce, no separations unless the woman managed to get help and left the country and lived somewhere with out magic as a Muggle. Tears fell down her cheek as she silently blamed herself for Ginny’s injuries.

Arthur asked Hermione’s mum if he would be able to leave Ginny with them for a while, he had to do a lot of thing’s and he did not think his wife would be able to cope, “She’s devastated is Molly, she was so proud of all of our sons, and Ginny specially of course, but for one of them to turn out like this, it has really shaken her.”

Mrs Granger agreed that Ginny could stay as long as she wished, she could share Hermione’s bedroom, she waved Arthur away when he offered to pay for his daughter’s food and board.

“Arthur Weasley, don’t you dare,” Mrs Granger said “you have had Hermione stay over at the Burrow almost as much as we have had her home, now don’t be silly; friends should always be willing to help out when needed.”

Sirius offered to accompany Arthur to collect Ginny’s trunk “After all she’s going to need her things,” he said while Arthur shook his head.

“If I find you putting your self in danger for me, I’ll put my foot up your butt,” Ginny said to Sirius smiling.

“Me too,” Added Arthur, Harry, and Hermione, together.

“I wont tell you what I intend to do to you Sirius Black, if you so much as think of stepping outside our garden,” Mrs Granger said laughing.

Sirius shrugged at Arthur then walked over to examine something on the cooker. Arthur gave a small chuckle before saying that he would bring the Trunk himself now that he knew where the house was.

“I think you should arrange to meet us out side again,” Hermione stated.

“Ok how about in an hour then?” Arthur replied smiling at Hermione’s authoritive voice.

By lunch time on the fifth day of Ginny’s stay with them, Hermione was beginning to get worried about the awkward atmosphere around the house, and Harry though he was a boy and somewhat slow on picking up on people’s feelings had definitely noticed the change. Though he had said nothing he was getting annoyed with Hermione, because since Ginny arrived Hermione hardly let him kiss her, and when she did it was usually just a quick peck before she moved away, she no longer held his hand during their meals at the table, she didn’t sit with him on the sofa as they watched the TV, in fact as far as Harry was concerned it seemed that Hermione had lost interest in him.

“Ok what the heck have I done?” Harry suddenly asked as they all ate their lunch.

Sirius, who had also noticed the rapid cooling of Hermione’s affections toward his godson, excused himself and with a worried frown went to sit in the living room.

“Sorry Harry, what do you mean?” Hermione asked pushing her plate away.

“Look if you have changed your mind and you want to finish with me, just say so, and I’ll go pack my things,” Harry said getting up from the table and heading to the door.

“Harry, where are you going?” Mrs Granger asked looking from him to her daughter.

“Like I said I’ll go and pack my stuff,” he replied opening the door.

Hermione sat stunned she could not believe that while trying to save Ginny’s feelings she had pushed Harry away, she had almost blown everything and now he was walking away from her.

Harry reached the door and had it open, with one last glance at Hermione who was just sat staring at him, he shrugged “Well it was nice while it lasted,” he said then he was gone.

“Don’t just sit there you fool,” Mrs Granger said giving Hermione’s shoulder a shove “you need to reach him before he reaches his trunk.”

Hermione almost fell from her chair before she snapped out of her stunned state, she jumped to her feet and raced up the stairs, reaching Harry’s bedroom door just as it shut, she didn’t even bother to knock, opening the door she rushed across the room and threw herself into his arms.

They were still kissing when there was a small knock on the door, pulling apart and quickly straightening their clothes they both said “come in.”
Ginny stood in the doorway looking slightly guilty and sad.

“I think it’s time I went home, I don’t want to be the cause of all this,” Ginny said

“Be the cause of what?” Harry asked slightly bewildered by all that was happening.

“Hermione knows what I mean Harry, I’ll pack my things, oh and can I send Godric to ask dad to pick me up,” she said as she turned to go.

“Sure Gin, and thanks,” Hermione said as Ginny left them.

“What’s going on Hermione?” Harry asked still baffled by it all.

“I’m sorry about how I neglected you love, it’s just, I didn’t want to upset Ginny,” Hermione told him.

Harry still looked puzzled “You have no idea do you?” Hermione asked him.

“Eh?” was all he answered.

“Well Ginny is in love with you as well you great prat, I was sort of trying to spare her feelings, I sort of forgot all about our feelings, about you and me, I really am sorry,” Hermione said quietly, “I wont let it happen again though you can bet on that.”

“Ginny loves me, you got to be kidding,” Harry managed to say before the huge smile spread across his face “Wonder how many more girls love me.”

Hermione gave him a gentle thump on his shoulder “You are mine Potter and don’t you forget it, now give me another kiss.”

When Mr Weasley arrived to collect Ginny he told them that Ron was still in St Mungo’s undergoing some sort of treatment and would not be allowed out for quite a while. Hermione wondered if what was wrong with Ron could be treated but she doubted it.

Harry was a little uncomfortable when he hugged Ginny while saying goodbye, Hermione promised to get things right for when they visited the Burrow. Then with all the good byes said Hermione, Harry, Sirius and Mrs Granger stood at the gate and gave a final wave.

“You know you two had me worried for a while,” Sirius said as they walked back into the house.

“Me too,” Mrs Granger added as she pushed them all through the door way.

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