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And WHY Am I in Hogwarts?! by Boe
Chapter 1 : And WHY Am I in Hogwarts?!
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Boe was pacing quietly around her room. It was around two thirty in the afternoon. She had told her mother that she wanted to practice her violin, but really had just wanted to escape to her room just so she could turn on the air conditioner to battle against the sweltering August heat. Her mother was very strict in the "WE HAVE TO CONSERVE ENERGY! NYAH NYAH NYAH!" and therefore would never let them be turned on during the day. To avoid suspicion, she had turned on a CD of "Greatest Violin Hits of the 1800's" (which in itself was a contradicting title) and cranked it up full blast. No one was the wiser.
She knew that her parents would want her to be catching up on her summer assignments. "Yeah, whatever," she breathed quietly. "Why would I do that when I could be sitting here and staring at my wall?" She opened up her armoire and stared at her reflection.
Boe was your slightly-unaverage teenager. She was thin and curvy, standing around 5'7''. Her large, dark brown eyes matched her shoulder-length, curly hair. She had a sweet, pretty face that was a stark contrast to her sarcastic, witty personality.
She flopped backwards onto her bed. Her summer had been quite boring thus far. Besides working for her dad and avoiding chores by shoving them all onto her younger sister, who was most certainly not too happy with that arrangement but was powerless against the "I'm the big sister, no arguing," not much had been happening.
"BOE!" her mother shrieked suddenly up the stairs. "BOE!"
"WHAT, Mom?!" Boe yelled back, examining the cracks in her ceiling with slight interest.
Boe got up, groaning. She lightly walked downstairs to see her mother sorting out the mail.
"You were practicing so loudly that I couldn't hear you yell," Boe's mom snapped. "Here," she said. "You've got a letter."
Boe took the letter from her mother and was a little surprised to see that, in shining emerald ink, were the words "Boe Gray, The Second Largest Bedroom, London, England".
"Mom, is this some kind of joke?"
Her mother quickly looked at the heading, shrugged, and said, "Go ahead, open it."
Boe shrugged and gracelessly tore open the letter. Her eyes widened as she read the words aloud.
"Miss Gray, we are pleased to blah blah blah... been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" Boe's mother perked up and stared at her, confused. "While you are sixteen, we have been notified that your latent magical abilities have indeed developed enough to grant you admission to our school. We expect your owl no later than August 10."
Her mother paused. "Owl?"
Boe nodded, bemused. "Owl."
"Well," her mother slowly said, "I suppose we'd have to talk to your father about it..."
"Oh, but I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to go, Mum!" Boe exclaimed, trying her best to do the 'puppy-dog' eyes. "PleasepleasepleasepleasePLEASE!?"
"We'll see," her mother faltered. "You know my views on it-"
"AUGH!" Boe's mother cried. "WE'LL SEE WHAT YOUR FATHER SAYS!" Then, her mother froze, listening.
"Boe," she asked, "how is it possible that if you're practicing the violin, it's still playing with you down here?" her mother commented, arching an eyebrow. Boe thought quick.
"Magic," she remarked, grinning. Then, she ducked back upstairs, laughing hard as her mother just shrugged, nodded and went about her business.

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