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Shooting Star by juls
Chapter 1 : When You Wish Upon A Star
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a/n: This story was written as part of the SAYS Secret Santa project. The giftee was Harrystrulove (Anne), and I enjoyed every minute writing it. It's my fluffiest story yet. Beta was 'K' and EllisandrAnne read it over also. ENJOY~~ juls

"No man or woman is worth your tears, and the one who is, won't make you cry."

The party was in full blast, as the survivors of the 'War' celebrated the fifth year anniversary of Voldemort's downfall. Ginny stood with Harry and Hermione by a punch bowl, and grinned happily at them as she sipped from her glass. Her eyes searched the other party-goers for her brothers, but she only saw Bill dancing with Fleur in the middle of the dance floor. Her parents were off in a corner with Kingsley, and she waved to them.

"Have you seen Ron at all?" Ginny asked them. Hermione rolled her eyes, and pointed off to the corner where Ron stood in the dark corner talking to Lavender Brown. "Gee, how could I have missed that?" She commented dryly, and placed her hand on Hermione's arm lightly. Hermione smiled at her, and Ginny looked back to Harry. Harry just shrugged his shoulders. Ron would always be his best friend, but sometimes he just didn't understand the boy.

"I'm over it Ginny, truly." Hermione's eyes scanned the party for the date she had arranged for the party. "You two go dance, I'm going outside for some air." She told them, and pushed them out onto the dance floor ignoring their protests. She watched them for a moment as Harry twirled his fiancée, and then headed out to the gardens that lay outside the Hogwarts Great Hall.

Hermione walked down a path and stopped once in awhile to smell the flowers. It had taken her a few months to realize that her future didn't lie with Ronald Weasley, but she was happy. They had kissed after the final battle and comforted each other over all that had happened that night. When Ron proposed he went on and on about how he wanted her to be like his mum and take of the kids. That had made her stop and think. While she loved Ron, she wasn't ready for the step he wanted to take yet. She didn't want the life he did, and she had told him she couldn't marry him just yet. She wanted to finish her Charms training and possibly teach or get a job at the Ministry before settling down to what he wanted. Ron and she had argued for an hour over it before she told him it was best they didn't see each for awhile. He had scowled and Hermione had walked out. She couldn't see how she could possibly even be friends with him anymore.

Trying to make Hermione jealous enough to realize her mistake, Ron had begun to date Lavender Brown after the break up. The joke had been on him though when he realized he did care for Lavender more than Hermione. Now they were to be married- much to Ginny's ire and Harry's consternation. Hermione had cried that day, even though she knew it was for the best. It had hurt to see them, and she had fled the Burrow-a place she could find solace.

Standing before Professor Albus Dumbledore's White Tomb, she broke down. She never heard the footsteps that came up behind her, or the slight cough to get her attention. The hand that finally touched her shoulder made her jump to her feet and she dragged her hand over her face in an attempt to dry the tears. Her eyes finally focused, she looked into the gray eyes of Draco Malfoy.

"Go away Malfoy!" Hermione told him as she turned back to the White Tomb. Her eyes still burnt from the tears. For him to see her like this was the final straw and her hands fisted to her side.

"You okay, Granger?" Draco asked her stepping back to give her the room she seemed to need. He leaned up against one of the trees by the White Tomb and folded his arms across his chest.

"Oh I'm fine," Hermione said turning back around to look at him. She'd heard that he had testified after the battle, and his words had placed many in Azkaban- his father and aunt included. He had served a few months himself for his part in Dumbledore's death, but Snape had left memories of the whole matter which proved his innocence. It hadn't cleared his family name though. It had shocked many when Professor McGonagall had offered him the Charms teaching position after Flitwick had retired.

"You don't seem fine," Malfoy said after a few minutes stepping closer to her again. Her eyes flashed and he stopped. "You want me to get Minerva for you?" He asked, and she shook her head no.

"I'll be gone in a few," Hermione replied and then sat down in the grass near the Tomb. It had been two years since she had graduated from Hogwarts, and she'd missed the place. Her hurt over Ron slowly dissipated as she let the air of the grounds surround her. Malfoy seemed different than the prat she went to school with .
What had changed him? She thought and sighed.

"You need someone to talk to?" Malfoy asked her and knelt down beside her in the grass. It was weird to him, after all the years of hatred to be talking to the girl who had changed his life. Her, Dumbledore and Snape. He'd been forced to grow up that last year, and have his eyes opened to the evil his father had tried to force on him all his life. "You don't have to tell me what's really wrong if you don't want to." His eyes gazed past the tomb that held Dumbledore to where another tomb lay. It was black, and McGonagall had shocked the wizarding world by having it placed on the grounds.

Draco thought it fitting. Snape had just as much of a tie to Hogwarts as Dumbledore. He had been in Azkaban when the tomb had been erected, but he'd read the 'Daily Prophet', and seen a picture of Potter standing by the headmistress in front of it, his eyes blinking.

Hermione looked at Draco Malfoy and nodded. That day they spoke of things that went on in the world around then, and a tenuous friendship began.

Hermione picked a small flower, and sniffed it before tucking it behind her ear. She continued to walk down the path, and found herself heading towards the trees on the grounds. Her steps were light as her feet met the grass and a smile lit up her face. Her head nodded towards the tombs in respect, and she looked out towards the lake. It was a beautiful night, and the stars twinkled overhead. She reached out her hand as if to catch one and then laughed. Her thoughts turned to a later meeting, and she settled down in the grass.

"Come on, Hermione!" Draco said with a laugh in his voice. "Just because Potter and Weasley tried to teach you to fly and couldn't doesn't mean I can't." He held the handle of his broom in one hand and held his other hand out to her. His eyes held a challenge that she couldn't refuse and she walked up closer to him. "I won't let you fall." He promised her as he climbed aboard the broom. He helped her get in front of him and wrapped his free arm around her.

"I'll hex more than a few canaries on you if you do!" Hermione said in a shaky voice and leaned back against him. Her hand clasped the one at her waist, and she felt his fingers thread through hers.

"It'll be fun," Draco whispered into her ear and kicked off to sail into the night sky. The breeze blew her hair back into his face, and he grinned over her shoulder. He did a dip and roll, and laughed as she cried out. "See! You didn't fall."

"I'm going to be sick," Hermione said and looked down. Her eyes snapped shut at the view and her stomach spun out of control. She gulped and reopened them.

"Trust me still?" Draco asked, and she turned her head to look at him. He saw the fear in her eyes, and he held her closer. "I won't let go- and I'm an expert flier- remember?" He told her firmly.

"No more spins and loops- this time." Hermione said, and he nodded to her. He steadied their flight, and they went smoothly across the expanse of the grounds surrounding Hogwarts. They went low across the dark waters of the lake, and Hermione reached her hand down to run along the reflection of the moon. She tipped her head back to laugh, and felt Draco's warm breath on her neck.

Finally their ride ended, and they landed back at the stadium. It was lit by the stars and the moon, and Draco helped her get off the broom. "Wasn't that bad was it?" He let his eyes hold her gaze noticing the slight shake of her legs.

"No it wasn't bad at all," Hermione told him truthfully and slipped a hand in his. He looked down at her and placed his other hand around her waist. Her head was tipped up to look at him as he looked down. His grin turned to a look of wonder and he dipped his head and kissed her for the first time since their first meeting. His hand left her waist to wrap around her neck, and his thumb gently caressed her cheek. He smiled into the kiss as he felt her hand touch his cheek, and he pulled back to look into her face.

"More?" Draco asked her, and watched her eyes as they blinked and looked away. She looked back at him and smiled. Her eyes were a deep chocolate color, and he felt like he never wanted to look away from them. He wanted to drown in them and never come up.

"Just no spins or loops," Hermione answered him as she looked into his gray eyes and noticed them darken with passion. Her other hand reached up to touch his shoulder, and they kissed again. She felt like she was flying higher than their broom ride, and she held on tight.

Hermione's smile grew soft at the memory, and she played with the grass that surrounded her. The moon's rays kissed her face, and she looked up at it. The stars twinkled one shot across the night sky. As its trail went across the darkness she closed her eyes.

"Have you ever wished upon a star as it shot through the sky, Draco?" Hermione asked him as the lay on a blanket outside of Hogwarts. It was summertime, and it was dusk. One star had popped through the darkness, and it twinkled before them.

"Never really," Draco told her and pulled her closer into his arms to kiss her. "I did as a child. My mum would also." He said as he thought about it. "My dad believed that it was what you did that mattered. Wishes held no bearing in the Malfoy mansion. It was all action, and that's what made me the man I am today. The prat will always be there- but its been tempered by Dumbledore's and Snape's views. Snape saved me from more than just being the one to kill Dumbledore, he drew me out of the life with talks. Looking back I see all he risked, but for him it was worth it. I could have told my father- it would have gotten back to Voldemort, and Snape would have perished too soon to help Potter."

Hermione snuggled into him, and ran her fingers over the arm that lay over her waist. The star that had been stationary suddenly shot through the sky and she closed her eyes to make a wish. Her eyes opened to stare up into Draco's and she winked.

"What did you wish for?" Draco asked her, and touched her cheek softly to turn her face more to him. His lips caressed her cheek, and he felt her sigh.

"If I told it wouldn't come true," Hermione reminded him and turned her face to where his lips met hers. She felt his body move against hers, and the kiss deepened.

Hermione felt a light touch on her arm, and she turned to look into Draco's face. "You're late," She said with a laugh, and he helped her to stand. She wrapped her arms around him, and they kissed.

"I'm sorry, Hermione," He told her, and he wrapped his arm around her waist as they walked back towards the castle. "I had to patrol the halls 'cause the prefect in my House was in the infirmary. Took me a might longer 'cause I caught some snoggers- in my own office! Imagine that." He laughed and shook his head. His own years as a student had given him the knowledge of where to look. It was amazing to him, that even as the years past nothing really changed.

"Were we ever that young?" Hermione said to him, and they stopped just outside of the Great Hall double doors. She brushed her hands along the length of her skirt, and turned to see if she had any stains on the white fabric.

"Yes we were, and you look beautiful," Draco said and tucked her arm through his. His robes were black with a green pinstripe. Her eyes roamed over how it fit him, and she smiled. The gray of his eyes were accentuated by the green in his robes. "Let's go in." He said and stepped over the threshold with her on his arms. He looked arrogantly around as if to challenge a comment and then turned to look down at Hermione.

Draco swept her up in his arms and began to dance with her. They twirled around the dance floor with many shocked gazes upon them. He bent down to whisper in her ear, "Don't look now, but Weasley's having a hippogriff," He laughed softly and kissed her cheek. "Potter and the Weasley girl are dancing beside us though." He said with a grin of satisfaction.

"Ron has nothing to do with us," Hermione said as she looked over at Ginny and smiled. Ginny winked back. "They just want me to be happy, and Ginny knows you make me smile- not cry." Draco dipped her low, and growled lowly before lifting her back to dance around the room again.

"I have to ask you something," Draco said, and as if on cue the music stopped, and he looked into her eyes. He could feel every eye boring into his back, and he knelt to one knee. "In the four years I have been friends and lovers with you Hermione Granger I've experienced more love and acceptance than I have in my whole life." He heard a gasp come from the corner, and he turned his eyes towards it. He glared at Ron who stepped back to stand by Lavender. Draco smirked.

Draco turned to look back to Hermione and grinned. "You've helped me see all that Professor Dumbledore tried to tell me before he died. You complete me and make my heart whole. You've taken me to heights that I've never seen before. In your eyes I see the man I've become because of you." He coughed slightly, and his hand tightened on hers briefly. "What I am trying to say, Hermione," His eyes turned to hers pleadingly, "Is will you marry me?"

The room went, is possible, even more silent. All eyes went from Draco to Hermione. Her eyes held tears, and she couldn't speak. When she'd asked to finally let the world beyond McGonagall, Harry and Ginny know, she hadn't expected this. She thought of the star and realized that her wish had been fulfilled by more than her expectations. She nodded her head, "Yes Draco."

Draco pulled a ring from his pocket, slipped it upon her finger, and stood up. "No more tears," He said and gently brushed the tear beneath her eye with his thumb.

"This is what I wished for," Hermione whispered to him, and he arched an eyebrow. "For the world to know about us. You exceeded that love." She winked at him, and the music began to play again. She caught Ginny's eye over Draco's shoulder and she winked again. Draco caught Harry's gaze, and he read the warning there. He nodded, and relaxed when Potter nodded back- a hint of a smile on his face before he twirled away with Ginny.

"I love you," Draco whispered, and held her close. The music accompanying the beats of their hearts.

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Shooting Star: When You Wish Upon A Star


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