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The New Malfoy. by life_writtendown
Chapter 1 : 1
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Hello , this is my first chapter for my first story, So I hope you will like it, and now comes the hardest part…… sadly and depressingly I admit that I own nothing and that JK is the luckiest person ever, Ok im done, plz R&R!!

This would have to be the crappiest day ever. Not only have I found out that my family was moving this year, but I also found out that my mother, Jane Granger was a pureblood and the cousin of none other than Lucius Malfoy. It stunned me so greatly I fainted and probably lost a couple million of brain cells. I was also stunned because for once in my life I did not know the answer. I know the whole Black family line but the whole Malfoy side is a little iffy. The Black’s are infamous, but the Malfoy’s are just known for money, money and more money. So now back to the present. Right now I am sitting in my room packing my luggage for the trip to my new home.


“What mum?”

“Listen dear, I have to go visit Lucius before we floo over, because we still have to work out the living arrangements,”

“Why? We get our own place right?”

“Well you see dear… “She said hesitantly

Uh oh I can almost feel the bad news coming my way.

“Spit it out mum” I said

“ Well you see the Lestrange’s are taking up the guest manor near Diagon Alley and the one near Hogsmeade is a holding ground for mud-bloo“

“Ok, Ok I get it, so where are we going to stay?”

“That’s what I am going to ask Lucius about, I will be back in a few minutes, until then finish packing and go owl your friends, but brief about it Ok?


And then with a flash of light she was gone. So all I can do is wait. At first I was Ok with moving, as long as I could still go to Hogwarts. But now things seemed to be rolling down hill pretty fast. So to keep mind preoccupied I decided that I should start my letters.

Dear Ronald,
I hope all is well and that you have remembered to keep up your spell work and that you have not eaten yourself into morbid obesity because of your mum's cook-

No, No it’s too demanding,and insulting. I need to show him that I like him not that I am second mother. OK I’ll start again.

Dearest Ron,
I am just saying that I just can’t wait to see you next weekend. I really want to get to know you better, a lot better, well what I am trying to say is that I love you more than I love bo---

Oh my god, If I sent that I would probably have to kill myself. Wait, no that would not be helpful because then he would read that at my funeral. I can just see the look on my dad’s face. He would probably kill Ron on the spot . OK one more time

Dear Ron,
I hope you had a pleasant summer, all is well for me, and there is some big news. My family is moving but don’t worry I will still attend Hogwarts this year. Hope to see you next week-end for our annual Diagon Alley trip , It will be so much fun .
Love Hermione

Well, that’s much better. Short but sweet, much more my style.I reached to grab another piece of parchment but suddenly a large crack and a flash of green  came from the living room. When I got to the bottom of the stairs.  I didn’t just see my mum . 

Ok , ok I know its short , R&R plz

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