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Lost Memories by GryffindorGirl153
Chapter 8 : Robert Turner, his Wife and 3 daughters.
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Lost Memories Chapter 7

“Another thing,” Ron said before he walked to the door. “May I ask, doesn’t it seem gauche for you to be Hermione’s patient?” Draco’s eyes turned towards Ron. “I mean, since you both had a history together,”

“History?” Draco asked perplexed. “What are you talking about?” He asked Ron. “It’s just eccentric that both of us are civilized to each other,” Ron’s face turned pale. What was he talking about? Memories from James’ birthday came back to him. Why did neither of them remember anything that happened during their 7th year?

“You don’t remember anything?” Ron asked him, astonished.

“Remember what?” Draco asked. He was baffled with Ron’s sudden change of behavior.

“You don’t remember that you and Hermione were together?” Ron finished. He stood up from where he was sitting on the bed, and ran out Draco’s room and towards a fire place where he can floo to Harry’s house.


‘So what have you found out Blaise?’ Ginny asked him, her fiery red hair, blowing in the wind. ‘What are they planning for Hermione and Draco?’ Blaise sighed.

‘Look Ginny,’ He told her. ‘You need to get Hermione and Draco away from each other,’ Blaise said with fear in his voice. ‘Many things have already been uncovered, they cannot know anymore,’ His blue eyes were filled with worry, fear and anger. ‘They can’t be together anymore Ginny,’

‘Blaise,’ Ginny said. ‘What are you talking about?’

‘Voldemort is up to something,’ Blaise to her. ‘He’s stopped ruining Draco’s mind, he must have a much bigger plan,’ he said. ‘and it probably involves Hermione too,’ Ginny gasped. ‘And Draco’s memories are beginning to come back to him. If he knew we let that happen, he’ll be furious,’

‘But,’ Ginny said.

‘No buts Ginny,’ Blaise snapped. ‘Just do it!’

‘Listen,’ She said seriously. ‘I’ve done some thinking, and I’ve noticed, that there’s really nothing much we can do for them,’ she said. ‘We both know they’ll eventually find out. Their plan was ruined, since the death eaters chased Draco towards St. Mungos,’

‘You’re talking nonsense,’ Blaise said. ‘nonsense,’ he said shaking his head.

‘You know I’m right Blaise,’ Ginny told him. ‘You know that this has to happen,’ she said. ‘you know,’

Blaise shook his head and pounded his fist on the table. ‘Dammit Ginny!,’ He exclaimed. ‘you don’t get it do you?’ Ginny remained silent. ‘Voldemort’s idea of torture is no longer the cruciatus curse. He’ll kill Hermione first, and once that locket falls from her neck, Draco’s memories come back to him. Do you know how painful that would be for him?’

‘I understand Blaise,’ Ginny told him. ‘I really do, it’s just that, they need this,’ Ginny told him. ‘We can’t do anything to separate them. Draco is still weak, and will remain in Hermione’s care. I cannot take him as a patient because I know nothing about him,’

‘Then what will you do when Voldemort captures both of them, once they’ve fallen in love again,’ Blaise asked her. ‘What will you do then?’

‘We’ll find a way,’ Ginny told him as she stood up, and tossed a coin on the table. ‘We always do. Good-bye Blaise,’ Ginny turned around, and walked away, into her car that was parked a block away.

‘I sure hope so,’ Blaise whispered, then stood up, and walked into an alley, to apparate back to his manor.

Hermione strode inside Draco’s room and found him reading as he sat on a chair with his back towards the window, and his feet was propped up on the bed that was in front of him. His eyes traveled towards Hermione who had a bright smile on her face. ‘Good Morning Malfoy,’ She said. Hermione walked over to the windows and opened the curtains so that the light came inside his dark room. ‘Jeez, you must really like the dark,’

‘Well at least one of us is have a good morning,’ Draco said with a sadden look on his face. ‘Why are you so happy this morning anyway?’Hermione shook her head, and walked over to the medicine cabinet and took out a green potion then handed it to Draco who glared at her. ‘I am not drinking that again,’ he told her.

‘It’s vitamins Malfoy,’ she said as she pushed his head back and made him swallow the potion. Draco soon had a disgusted look on his face.

‘Can I leave now?’ He asked her. Hermione shook her head. ‘Why?’ he exclaimed. ‘I’ve been cooped up in this hospital for about a month now!’

‘Well, it’s not my fault that you’re this ill,’ she told him.

‘At least let me get out for a few hours!’ he shouted. ‘I can’t stay in this room any longer. It’s a bore,’

‘It’s a hospital,’ Hermione pointed out. ‘What more can you expect,’ Hermione turned her head towards him, and saw that he had an annoyed look, and suddenly felt sorry for him. It was true; he had been locked up in the hospital for about a month, maybe even more. She was just afraid that he might not be stable enough to handle outside his room. ‘C’mon,’ She told him as she took his feet and brushed it off the bed.

‘What?’ Draco asked her.

‘Get up, and get your coat,’ She told him.

‘Why?’ he asked in a perplexed manner.

‘I’ll take you out,’ She told him. ‘You’ll stay with me for the day, but you have to be back here by 12,’

‘Me? Stay with you for the day? Are you serious?’ Draco asked with venom in his voice. ‘I’d rather die,’

Hermione glared at him. ‘You know what,’ She said. ‘I don’t have to take you out. I was just trying to be nice, but if you don’t appreciate it, then fine,’ Hermione said as she glared at him even more. ‘You can just stay here, until I decide when you can be released,’ She walked towards the door with her head held high and opened it. Her foot didn’t even reach the other side of the door, when she heard Draco’s voice.

‘Alright fine,’ He said stubbornly. ‘I’ll go with you,’ He walked over towards the door, and took his coat then slipped it onto his body. Hermione walked out of his room first without saying a word to him, and she walked towards the lift and pressed the button for her floor. ‘I thought you said we’re going to Hogwarts,’

‘We are,’ She told him as she didn’t bother to turn her head. ‘I just need to grab a few things in my office,’ Draco remained silent as she walked towards her office to take her coat, and her bag that was sitting on the couch. She also took a blue folder from her table and placed it in her large purse, then walked out the door, mumbling a locking charm with her wand.

They took another lift to the lobby, and Hermione pushed Draco into a fireplace, taking a handful of floo powder, and throwing it into the fire saying ‘Hogwarts’ very clearly. Draco disappeared in the flames, giving Hermione one last glare before they met each other again. Hermione then followed Draco’s steps, walking into the fire place and repeating the same thing she did a few seconds ago.

Her destination was a large room, filled with shelves there were pilled with books. There were a few random possessions lying about, and a phoenix perched on its stick. She stood up, and dusted herself off before proceeding into the next room. ‘Miss Granger,’ a familiar voice spoke. ‘Glad to see you again,’ Hermione turned, and beamed at her old Hogwarts headmaster.

‘Good morning Professor,’ Hermione said.

Dumbledore gave her a chuckle. ‘You’re too modest Miss Granger,’ Dumbledore told her. ‘No need to call me Professor, you’ve been out of school for about 4 years now,’

‘Sorry,’ Hermione apologized with a smile. ‘Old habit,’

‘That’s quite alright Hermione,’ Dumbledore said. ‘And I see you’ve brought Mr. Malfoy as well,’ he said as he glanced over to her right, and saw Draco standing next to her.

‘Good morning Professor,’ Draco said in a polite manner.

‘Good morning Mr. Malfoy,’ Dumbledore greeted with a twinkle in his blue eyes. ‘I hope you both are well,’ He spoke as he led them into a rather large room. ‘We shall catch up later, but for now, let us proceed with the meeting,’

‘Meeting?’ Draco asked. ‘With the Order?’ Hermione nodded.

‘I didn’t just bring you here for nothing you know,’ She told him. ‘You’re welcome to come inside, but if you rather stay out here and explore the castle once again,’ she said, but Draco shook his head. She nodded and understood, and then both of them proceeded into the room where all the members of the order were seated.

‘Hermione,’ Ron said as he happily greeted her. ‘He pulled out an empty seat that was right next to him, and Hermione took it with a small smile on her face. Moments later, Draco dropped in the seat next to her, and looked towards the front to see Dumbledore waiting for silence.

‘Welcome,’ Dumbledore started. ‘Once again, the entire Order is now present. You can see, that Miss Granger has brought Mr. Malfoy here to join us,’ There were a murmur of ‘hellos’ and ‘how are you’ that went about the room. ‘Now, to begin our meeting, I am sorry for calling you all here on such short notice, but I am afraid,’ He took a short pause. ‘That we are in grater danger than we were 3 weeks ago,’ whispers broke out from the silence, but ceased when the headmaster cleared his throat. ‘I have received news, from a spy that he his planning something new, something that we’ve never faced before,’ He said. ‘As you all can see, his main plan at the moment is killing Mr. Malfoy, and I am afraid to say- Miss Granger as well. We can only hope, that we are ready, because soon, a battle will break out among us,’

‘So what are you suggesting professor?’ Ginny spoke up. ‘That we get ready for battle? Take precautions? Set up more guards around the wanted? Figure out their motives?’

‘That’s exactly right Mrs. Potter,’ Dumbledore said.

‘But Professor,’ Ron said. ‘What has any of this got to do with Hermione?’ Dumbledore sighed.

‘That is not clear to anyone yet,’ Dumbledore lied. ‘Meeting is adjourned,’ He said in a loud clear voice, before Ron could ask any further questions,’ the room started clearing out, as most aurors ran inside fireplaces, or took off on broomsticks.

‘Hermione,’ Ron said as she took a hold of her arm before she left the room.

‘Yes Ron?’ She asked him.

‘Uh,’ He said gazing at her. ‘Would you like to go down to the kitchens with me?’ He asked her. ‘Maybe get a cup of coffee or hot chocolate?’

Hermione looked at the floor, pursed her lips, and looked back at Ron. ‘Sorry, but may be another time?’ She told him. ‘I brought Malfoy here so he could wander around, and since he’s my patient, I’ve got to keep an eye on him,’ Ron nodded as he understood.

‘Alright then,’ He told her. ‘I’ll see you,’

‘Bye,’ She waved good-bye as he exited the room. Hermione soon followed suit, and left the large room to find Draco waiting for her by the door. ‘Where do you want to go now?’ She asked him. ‘We have a lot of time left,’

‘I wonder if Hogsmeade is rebuilt yet,’ he said. Hermione looked at him in a confused manner. ‘There was an attack there, not too long ago,’ He said as they started walking out of Dumbledore’s office. ‘Many people were killed, but no students were harmed. The death eaters were supposedly looking for something,’

Hermione nodded. ‘And where were you when this happened?’ She asked him. Draco shrugged.

‘I can’t really remember,’ He replied. ‘I think I was visiting my mother back in the manor,’ Draco and Hermione waited for a carriage that would bring them into the small village of Hogsmeade. When a carriage arrived, they both saw a thestral pulling it.

‘Was she really different?’ Hermione asked.

‘Different from what?’ Draco asked her. ‘My father?’ He asked. ‘Death Eaters?’ Hermione nodded. ‘She was,’ he answered. ‘Even though her life revolved around helping my father, and serving the dark lord, it was never for pleasure. It was because she was raised that way,’

‘If she was raised like that,’ Hermione said. ‘Then wouldn’t it be the same as pleasure?’

Draco shook his head in disagreement. ‘Her parents forced her and her sisters into everything they believed in. Aunt Bella went along with it, but mother and her other sister did not,’

Hermione tried to sort it out. ‘So she only did the things she did, to please her family?’ Draco nodded. ‘But why didn’t she just run away from it all?’ The carriage stopped, and they got out right in the front of Hogsmeade Village. As usual, the village was covered in a blanket of thick white snow. ‘Just like Sirius Black,’

‘Because my mother was afraid,’ Draco answered. ‘During the time she realized the difference on her out look of life, and her parents, it was too late,’ He said. ‘She was already being married to my father, and she knew that if she would turn back then, she wouldn’t be humiliating only herself, but her whole family,’

They started walking into a candy shop, where Hermione wanted to buy a few sweets. ‘I,’ She started. ‘I never got to look at her that way,’ Hermione said to him. ‘That was brave of her,’

‘Brave?’ He asked her.

Hermione picked out a few different assortments of chocolate then walked to the register to pay for it. ‘Yes,’ she answered. ‘Brave. She lived her whole life, dealing with something that she always wanted to run away from just so her family wouldn’t be put in shame,’

‘Yes,’ Draco said as they exited Honey-Dukes. ‘Maybe it was brave of her,’ Hermione frowned at him as the walked the streets of Hogsmeade, unsure of their destination.

‘Why does it seem like you’re not so proud of your mother?’ Hermione asked him. ‘Why does it seem like you’re ashamed of her past life?’ Draco sighed and there was an awkward silence between them. Hermione didn’t want to force the answer out of Draco’s mouth, and she didn’t want him to get the idea either, so she kept quiet until he was ready to answer her.

Draco started, ‘I’m not ashamed of her past life,’ He answered. ‘I just can’t help but think,’ he took a small pause. ‘I just can’t help but think, what my life would be like if she didn’t take that path, and just went with her own beliefs,’

‘Well,’ Hermione began. ‘You wouldn’t be here right now then,’ she told him. ‘If your mother had chosen her own path, she wouldn’t have married your father, nor would she have you,’

‘My mother,’ he said. ‘My mother didn’t only marry my father because of the arranged marriage. She had loved him too, and was joyous when she had found out that he was her future husband,’

Hermione thought for a while as they walked up their way towards the shrieking shack. ‘How do you know all this?’ She asked him. ‘You seem to know so much about your mothers life,’

They slowly walked up the path towards the shrieking shack, the most ‘haunted’ house in Britain. ‘Ever seen Tonk’s mother?’

‘But I thought that she was disowned once she married a muggle,’ Hermione said. ‘Wouldn’t that have been before your mother married Lucius?’

‘Yes,’ Draco answered. ‘But they were sisters. My mother and her,’ he looked up as they stood in front of the shack. ‘What are we doing here anyway?’

‘I miss coming here,’ Hermione answered. She walked into the shack first, and looked around. It looked the same as it had in her 3rd year, when Sirius Black escaped from Azkaban, and dragged Ron inside. The blood stains were still in the right spots, and the bed that Snape was backed up on was still broken.

‘Why is there,’ Draco said. ‘So much blood?’ He asked.

Hermione chuckled. ‘During our 3rd year, when Sirius Black escaped, he dragged Ron up here by the leg in his dog form,’ She walked towards the piano, and lifted the cover and saw that the keys were just as dusty as everything else. There were a few finger marks and she knew that someone else had been in this room before them.

‘You play the piano?’ Draco asked, walking towards the large piano that was placed in the room.

‘No,’ Hermione shook her head, and then covered the keys again. ‘I always wanted to, but I was never able to learn,’

‘Why not?’ He asked.

‘Hogwarts came,’ Hermione replied. ‘I had to go away from my house, and my mother was never able to give me proper lessons,’ Draco walked around the large room, and fingered the wood walls.

‘Have you ever heard the story behind the Shrieking Shack?’ He asked with a smirk on his face. Hermione shook her head and took a seat on the couch that was surprisingly dust-free. ‘Well, people say that a man named Robert Turner lived in here with his wife and 3 daughters. Some say that Turner was under the Imperious Curse, and some say that he was just bloody mental. One night, on a full moon, he woke up, then strangled his wife to death,’

‘So that’s why they call it the Shrieking Shack?’ Draco nodded.

‘Some Hogwarts students claimed that they heard the distant shrieks, cries, and screams coming from the shrieking shack that night and this went on for 3 more nights,’ Draco said.

‘He killed his 3 daughters,’ Hermione whispered.

‘And the story goes on, saying that Turner buried his wife and 3 children under the floor boards of this very room,’ Draco was trying to build suspicion, and he was trying, but failing miserably to scare Hermione.

‘Oh stop it Malfoy,’ Hermione said. ‘That’s all a bunch of rubbish,’

Draco laughed. ‘Oh really?’ He asked. ‘Want to bet?’

Hermione glared at him. ‘What are you going to do? Rip the whole floor out?’ she asked. ‘C’mon Malfoy, be serious,’

‘And some of the Hogwarts Students that came here during that year said that they saw the ghost of his wife and 3 daughters, awaiting for the day when he came back so they could kill him, like he killed them,’ Draco finished. ‘Scared?’

‘Not at all,’ Hermione answered. ‘Lets go,’ She said. ‘It’s getting late,’ Hermione walked towards the door, but Draco stopped her with his famous smirk plastered on his face.

‘ah, ah, ah,’ He said. ‘There’s no reason to be scared Hermione,’ He taunted as he blocked the doorway so she wouldn’t be able to get out of the room. ‘It’s just a story,’

‘I am not scared Malfoy,’ She emphasized on the word ‘scared’. ‘Now move,’ She ordered.

Draco pouted. ‘Aw, don’t ruin the fun Granger,’ He said. ‘I’ve been locked up in that hospital for the longest time. I deserve to be outside for a while,’ He told her. ‘And plus, it’s only 4:30,’ Hermione sent daggers at him.

‘You’re really starting to annoy me Malfoy,’ Hermione spat. Draco advanced on her, and every step he took, she mirrored it, and eventually, she was up against the wall, and Draco was hovering over her. ‘Malfoy,’ she warned dangerously. ‘Stop this rubbish and move,’

‘Aw,’ he pouted once again. ‘I was just beginning to have fun,’ Draco knew that this was pushing her over the edge, and that he was annoying her more than ever, but that was the fun of it all. He was now breathing heavily on her neck, and Hermione’s knees were beginning to weaken at his voice.

‘Malfoy,’ She said once again. ‘Move,’ she ordered.

‘No,’ Draco said stubbornly. ‘I don’t think I will,’ both Draco and Hermione froze when they heard footsteps echoing in the hallway that was right outside the room they were in. The footsteps began to sound nearer, and nearer, until a cloaked figure appeared in the door way. ‘Death eater,’ Draco whispered. He was still facing Hermione, and his back was currently to the door. Hermione pushed Draco off her, and then pulled her wand out.

The death eater waved his wand and disarmed Hermione in a second. ‘Ah,’ His voice spoke. ‘You won’t need that mudblood,’ His voice was so familiar, and she soon figured that it was Lucius Malfoy. ‘I see my son is well,’ He said. Draco was soon by Hermione side, with his wand in his hand. ‘Draco,’ Lucius growled. He waved his wand a second time, and Draco was pushed out of the room, and the door locked shut behind him. ‘Out,’ He finished, and then turned back to Hermione. ‘Mudblood,’

‘What do you want,’ Hermione said with venom in her voice. Lucius took a few steps towards Hermione, and lifted his hand so it was in the same level as the locket that she wore around her neck.

‘This locket,’ Malfoy said. ‘Do you know what is inside?’ Hermione gave him a defiant stare, and then shook her head. ‘Would you like to know what’s inside?’

‘What are you plotting Malfoy?’ Hermione asked. ‘It’s obvious that Voldemort wants both Draco and I killed. You’ve got me disarmed, and vulnerable. Why not just kill me now,’

Lucius Malfoy chuckled, but it was not like Draco’s. Lucius Malfoy’s laugh was cold, and had absolutely no happiness in it, and it was almost aching to hear it. ‘Smart girl you are, aren’t you?’ he said. ‘I do not act, without orders given to me,’ He told her. ‘And I was not ordered to kill you,’ Malfoy told her. ‘Yet,’. Draco began banging on the door, telling his father to open it, along with many other curses and charms. ‘I’m here, to show you what will happen, if you do not stay away from my son,’

‘What are you talking about,’ Hermione said. ‘He’s already wanted dead,’ she said. ‘What does it matter now,’ Lucius rolled his eyes, and waved his wand a 3rd time, and a zipper suddenly went through Hermione’s lips and prevented her from talking.

‘Actually,’ Malfoy corrected himself. ‘You’ll see what happened,’ he emphasized on the word ‘happened’. ‘When you did not follow my orders,’ Lucius lifted his hand once more to match the level of the locket that hung on her neck, and then crushed his hands together, as if there was something in the middle. The twin of the locket crushed beneath the force of his magic, and fell of Draco's neck from outside the door. The memories that had been enclosed for the longest time came out, and floated back into Hermiones head where they belonged. ‘If you disobey me again,’ Malfoy said as he bent down to meet her level since she was kneeling on the floor breathless. ‘You will both die with no mercy,’ He whipped around, causing his cloak and hair to follow. The door blasted open, and Draco was sent flying into another room.

Hermione stayed on the floor, breathing heavily. She had a massive head ache, and couldn’t understand anything that was going on around her. Her vision was becoming blurry, and she was becoming dizzy. The last thing she saw, was Malfoy rushing into the room and by her side.

A/N: Pretty fast update? i think so ;).
this chapter sorta came easy. :D. and i was happy it did. i'll have a christmas present in for you guys ;). hope you enjoy!
please read and review.

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