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New York's Secret by Avanell 2
Chapter 6 : Meeting New Friends
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AN: Sorry it's been so long...most of this chapter was already edited and I didn't know! I've also been confused about a time line issue, so if you discover it - ignore! Please review...and thanks for the previous reviews!!! It feeds my muse ;)

Last time...Ron saw Hermione/Alessandra on the catwalk for the first time!

Chapter 6: Meeting Alessandra’s Friend OR Meeting new “friends”

Ron waited until he saw some of the other models come out and then stood looking for Alessandra aka Hermione. When he finally saw her, he smiled. She was wearing a “pink” t-shirt and jeans, complimented by a pair of flip-flops.

She spotted him, a blush growing on her tanned cheeks as she walked over to him. “So, what did you think?” She started chewing her lip.

Ron, seeing that she was nervous, put on a big smile. “You were fantastic, although you might have warned me you were going to parade in front of a huge crowd nearly starkers.”

She laughed, the nervousness still evident in the sound. “I wasn’t sure what you would think…and many people, well, they think things about models.”

“Well, I don’t…I like you just the way you are.” I like you the way you always are, Hermione, he though. It hit him then. Bloody hell, I’m falling in love with her all over again! Not that I ever fell out…Still, he knew it was different.

She smiled genuinely, please with his response, then grabbed his hand. “Come, I want you to meet someone.”

She hauled him over to a man seemingly in his forties. He spotted Alessandra immediately and gave her his full attention, turning away from other guests.

“Michael, I want you to meet Ron Weasley. Ron, this is Michael Kors. He helped me get my modeling contract.”

The two men shook hands. “Girl, I remember when you were a mess, frizzy hair and all. Nice to meet you, Ron.” Michael then quirked an eyebrow at Alessandra. “Girl, how did you meet this stallion and does he have a gay, older brother?”

The three laughed as Ron thought bushy, her hair is bushy. “Well, I’ve got plenty of older brothers but none of them have come out of the closet, and two are married.”

The man threw back a playful look of annoyance. “That’s what they say, but you never know.”

The three chatted for a bit, and then Alessandra and Ron left. They decided to walk for a bit, as it was a pleasant evening despite the season.

The next day Sara was ready for Step II in her plan. She apparated into the Ministry’s entrance way and made her way to the Minister’s office, making sure that the guards recognized her from the night before, when Mr. Weasley escorted her out. Sure enough, they remembered her and she walked right in and headed toward the office.
It was late afternoon, once again, and she knew most of the building had the second half of the day off. Yet knowing the busy man Mr. Weasley was, not to mention dedicated to his position, she had no doubts he was still working.

Sure enough, he was…but he was not alone. She saw him talking to a woman his age, with bright red hair.

“Hello again, Mr. Weasley.”

He looked at her in surprise. “Miss…I’m sorry, I never did catch your last name. Sara, isn’t it?”

She smiled brightly and introduced herself to the woman.

“Molly Weasley, nice to meet you.”

Sara then brought forward the package in her hands, giving it to Mrs. Weasley. “I am so happy to have caught you. I’m a friend of Ron’s, and thought I would give some baked goodies to bring to his family.”

“Oh,” Mrs. Weasley said, taken aback. “Well, that’s very thoughtful of you, dear. We were just about to head home. Er, I don’t believe Ron’s ever mentioned you. How do you know him?”

“We work together.” She said brightly, “Sometimes we hang out after work.” It wasn’t quite a lie, even if it had been only once, and with others.

Molly cast a glance at her husband, who remained stiff. There was something he didn’t quite like about this woman, especially now that she seemed to be trying to make friends with “Ron’s family.”

Molly thought about asking the woman over to the Burrow for dinner. Before she had a chance to tell herself no, she found the words slipping out of her mouth.

“Oh, that would be lovely, Mrs. Weasley! And you just happened to catch me on a night when I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. That’s very kind of you.”

“Ah…yes, dear. Well, we’re going to apparate now, why don’t you side-along with me.”

Sara attached herself to the older woman by linking arms, and before she knew they had apparated to the Burrow.

Ron’s (family) home, she thought to herself. Perfect.

Mrs. Weasley led her into the kitchen, and immediately set the girl to work.

“Oi, mum!” A voice called.

“In here, dear.” Molly called out to her son. It was George. George strode into the kitchen and immediately stopped when he saw the stranger.

“Oh, George, this is Sara. She works with Ron.”

Sara gave out her hand. “Nice to meet you George, I’ve heard so much about you.”

Boy, does she ever lay it on thick, George thought. Of course, he knew the name. Ron had complained about her to him a few weeks ago, after the night the group from work went out together. And now that Ron’s away, she somehow has managed to weasel her way into our home. No Malfoy pun intended.

His thoughts were broken by his mother’s next words. “Now, out of the kitchen, you. And make sure your brother is here before dinner. And I want no antics from you tonight, we have a guest after all.”

Sara smirked at him, figuring she’d already gotten the upper hand with Ron’s family. Little did she know, that was the Weasley matriarch’s way of telling George to watch out for the minx. If the woman had been truly welcome, then the family would treat her as anyone else.

George was just leaving the front door when his twin apparated in the field.

“Fred, we need to talk.” George told him, then led the two over to the tool shed.

Dinner was pleasant enough, and although Fred and George kept out of trouble, they were actually studying the girl, trying to figure out her game. If she dared try to force her way into Ron’s life, then they were going to be ready. Plus, they had a sneaking suspicion where Ron had gone. He must had found a clue to Hermione’s whereabouts. A much as they had teased the girl over the years, they loved her like family already, and knew she was the only girl for Ron.

By the time dinner was finished, Fred and George hated the girl. Mr. Weasley didn’t seem too thrilled with her, either, but Molly had actually softened up a bit. Before the dishes were clear, she girl said her thanks for the lovely meal and disapparated.

“That was bloody rude.”

“Fred!” Mrs. Weasley shouted.

“That girl is a menace. No wonder Ron doesn’t like her much. Well, he thought they were friends until she made a pass at him.” The twins knew about that incident, too. At that point, Ron actually asked George if he wanted to meet her, saying she was quite attractive and since George was single, perhaps he could take her off his hands?

George was glad he said no. Besides, he already had his eye on someone. Someone he had been talking to recently but wasn’t ready to share the news with anyone but Fred. He finally had a date with her this weekend, and couldn’t wait. Never mind the fact she had already been involved with one Weasley…well, sort of.

The next day George saw his new “friend” and told her about the disastrous dinner the night before.
“She sounds bad, but at least Ron isn’t around.” The young woman said.

“Yeah, he probably would have kicked her out from the get go.”

She laughed. “You know, it’s really romantic how he has stayed true to Hermione. I mean…”

“We always knew it would be them.”

“You cut me off.” She teased. “I just think it’s really great how a guy can stay so in love with someone and never give up hope.”

Speaking of which

“We’re still on for Saturday, right?” He said not wanting to miss a beat.

She smiled at him, the scar running along side her face showing more dramatically. He knew it was the reason she didn’t smile much, and he grinned knowing that he could pull it out of her.

“Of course.”


Ron was meeting with Dr. Lavoy. The two had decided to have quick drink before Ron headed out for “Alessandra’s” dinner that night. She had invited him to go out with some of her friends and a couple of fashion designers.

The mood started light, Ron telling Herman how he and Harry first met Hermione on the train, and how they later became friends. He even told how she “annoyed” him greatly at first, but was in awe when she took the fall for him and Harry after the troll incident. He told him about a couple of other adventures before the discussion became more serious, about the current situation.

“How am I supposed to tell her? I can’t just blurt out ‘hey, I know you don’t remember anything but we were friends, then fell in love and were engaged.’”

Herman gave a saddened laugh. “No, it mustn’t be done like that. She would never understand,”

“And likely punch me like she did Malfoy.”

“I’m sorry, who?”

Ron quickly explained.

“Oh, that’s most dreadful. But I have to agree, I would have liked to see that punch myself. You say he’s turned around?”

“Sort of, I mean, after the war he basically got off and claimed he was always neutral. He’s helped Harry out a couple of times since, like he’s trying to make up for something. He also worked in the department next to Hermione’s and I know they made some kind of a truce. We met with him and his girlfriend for drinks once, although I thought he was just trying to show the bird he wasn’t all bad and stuff.”

“Hmm…interesting. Well, back to the matter, I think perhaps we should find some ways of triggering her memory. You say your first lesson together she charmed the feather…perhaps try saying the words of the spell, no wand of course, and see if she remembers it?”

Ron nodded. “That might do, I could also mention some familiar names or places. Or show her a picture of some place we both knew well?”

Herman’s eyes lit up at this. “Yes! That might do, show her some pictures of places your familiar with, that could spark something. Let me run that by my friend, Dr. Abrams; she has seen Ale…Hermione quite a bit since we found her. Linney is a Psychiatrist.”

“A what?”

“Oh, a sort of healer for the psyche, the emotions, those matters.”

“Oh, yeah…our friend Luna is one of those now. It’s another type of healer. Strangest girl I ever knew.”

Herman chuckled. “They often are.”

Just then Ron’s phone went off. “Hello?” He answered, seeing it was Hermione.

“Ron! I’m so glad I caught you. Dinner has been postponed; one of the designer’s partner was taken to the hospital so we’ve postponed.”

“Is he alright?”

Alessandra smiled on her side of the connection. Ron was a true gentleman to ask about the hospitalized ‘friend’.

“A car accident, but they said he will be okay. Listen do you still want to meet up? Gissy(Giselle), the girl you met the other night, knows the guy and is going to the hospital as well, but I don’t so there’s no reason for me to help overcrowd the waiting room.”

“Yeah, let’s meet at…” He was about to say his hotel, but the place was rather seedy. “Um, can we meet at your place?”

“Sounds great! I’ll order some food in. Give me an hour?”

“I’ll be there in an hour and a half.” They said goodbye, and Ron flipped the phone closed.

“Everything alright?” Herman asked.

Ron quickly explained. “This gives me just enough time to gather some things at my hotel. I brought some pictures, just in case. Actually, it was Ginny and Luna’s idea from a awhile ago; they told me to always carry something just in case. So I brought a bunch with me.”

“Are they magical photos?”

Ron nodded, “But I can charm them still for a few hours.”

A few hours later, after Ron and Hermione had a nice Indian dinner, the two were seated on her couch with their second glass of wine when Ron brought out the selected photos he had brought with him.
“I brought some photos with me, they’re of home.”

Hermione’s eyes lit up. “Oh, I can’t wait to see them!”

He brought out his envelope and snuggled back with her to share them.

“This one is of the lake by my school.”

“Very cool,” She said without any hesitation.

He showed the pictures one by one, but nothing seemed to spark any memories. But they were mostly of places, not people. Then he brought one out of him and Harry. They were in their school uniforms, without their robes.

Hermione stared at the picture of Ron with the other boy, still in their teens. In the picture, Harry’s scar was barely visible, peaking out from his shaggy bangs.

“Is…is that a scar?”

“Yeah, Harry was in an accident when he was a baby. His parents…they died in it.”

She stared at the picture for a few minutes. There was something familiar about the two. Well, of course she recognized Ron. She had been dating him for a short while now. But to see him in his teen years…and the other boy, Harry…there was something familiar about the photo. As if she had been there…

Alessandra suddenly felt dizzy. She dropped the photo into Ron’s lap.

“Everything alright?” He asked her. He was worried. Perhaps they should have consulted with the psychiatrist after all.

She smiled. “I think it’s the wine. Perhaps I drank it too quickly.” She said as she rested her head into the crook of his shoulder.

He held her there, letting time pass. When she seemed alright, he quickly put the photos away. He didn’t want to ‘scare’ her any more that night.

The couple talked about other things that night as they lay in each other’s arms on the couch. Snowy was busy chasing something out on the deck, making them laugh at the kitten’s antics.

As the laughter settled, Ron looked into Alessandra’s eyes. They were now almost laying down together, with her slightly on top. “You’re really extraordinary, you know.”

She lifted her head to stare into his eyes. “And you must be my knight…”

Their lips met and soon the kisses became more passionate.

“Ron?” She muttered in between kisses.

“Yes?” He answered, his eyes still closed, his lips still lingering as close as they could near hers.

“Make love to me.” She whispered.

He needed no more encouragement. They sat up and he brought her into his arms, and carried her toward her bedroom.

They made love that night; their “first” since finding each other again.

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