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Lily's Secret by AshHa
Chapter 12 : Halloween
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Disclaimer: The owner of Harry Potter and friends is JKR. I’m not her, so I obviously don’t own HP.

“Lily, why do you look so depressed?” James asked. Lily was sitting miserably in the Gryffindor common room, hoping something would spark her imagination for this Halloween conundrum.

“I’m not depressed. I just can’t think of something to do for Halloween this year.” Lily corrected him. He laughed, not believing she had been thinking for almost a week and still couldn’t figure it out.

“Well, I always wear a costume and go trick-or-treating.” James said, and left for his dorm. Lily watched his retreating back and allowed his words to play in her head. Suddenly, it came to her. With a smile, she went off to find Tyler.

“Tyler…” Lily entered the Head’s Dorm, all excited about her latest achievement, and he wasn’t even there! She sighed, but smiled when she thought of the library. She quietly entered the library and quickly scanned the room with the skill of many years. She realized he wasn’t there either, and figured he had to be in the Ravenclaw common room, probably hanging out with Lindsey.

Her excitement fizzing out, Lily decided to just hang out in the Head’s Dorm. When Tyler didn’t arrive after an hour of reading, she finally started making the arrangements herself. Another hour later, he still wasn’t there, but Lily had finished her planning.

After gathering her papers, and putting them safely in her room, Lily took a nice hot, relaxing shower. As she lathered her hair, it hit her that she was the only one of her friends who didn’t have a boyfriend. Here she was on a Saturday night, taking a shower to entertain herself! Boy, did that leave a mark. She didn’t think that she was ugly, other that looking like Christmas was arriving, and she was pretty smart. Maybe being smart turned of the boys.

She rinsed her hair, as the thought of turning stupid crossed her mind… no way. NOT going to happen. She’d just have to wait and find a guy who liked her for her smarts, looks and personality. With that finalized, she wrapped a towel around herself and entered her room. Now, getting dressed brought another topic of thought: yep, James Potter.

“Lily just didn’t get him. First he’s immature and blowing up his house with his buddies, and then he’s the complete opposite when he stops to think and shows her that he can be a great friend… She pulls out a book at this thought, and drops the issue…

Five minutes later, he’s in her head again. Well, that lasted long, Lily thought and put the book away. In place of the book, Tigerlily jumped on her lap, and Lily petted her as she thought. James sure was a good friend, though. Since that deal, he hasn’t asked her out and was always telling jokes to make her laugh. Besides that, he’s been pretty mature, but still hasn’t lost the craziness that defines him.

Oh yeah, she really liked the man. A sigh escaped her lips and she turned over in her bed. Tigerlily hissed and ran off at that, but Lily ignored her. Why did he keep bothering her so much? It’s not like he annoys her every second like he used to. Well, he does sort of annoy her now, just in a very different way. Running his hand though his hair no longer mad her angry annoyed, it made her happy annoyed. Everything about him mad her the kind of annoyed that she loved and wished would go away at the same time. As much as she liked him, she still believed he didn’t feel the same about her. This was one problem she still couldn’t fix, but really needed to. Ugh, she hated being a teenage girl sometimes.

James was becoming too complicated, so Lily decided to get off the subject. The next big thing she thought of was Voldemort. The killings were becoming more frequent and devastating. Just yesterday, two muggleborns were left parentless. Lily was terrified that her family would be the next victims, and sent a letter to tell them to be on their guard and owl for her as soon as any kind of danger seemed possible.

Lily was worried out of her mind over Voldemort’s rise in power. Dangerous and bad were just a few of the words (and the nicer ones) used to describe him, and gaining power meant he could torment and ruin the wizarding world. All those who were out to stop him were slowly disappearing -being murdered or turning to his side. She did know, though, that Dumbledore had a group of people who despised Voldemort, and they were hurting his side almost as bad as he was theirs. She hoped Dumbledore’s side continued to fight and Voldemort would lose the power he gained. Maybe…she could help Dumbledore someday…


Lily slept only until eight the next day, but woke feeling refreshed and ready to get Halloween settled. The first test would be to find Tyler. Luckily, that was easy seeing as he was asleep in his room.

“Tyler!! Get your lazy bum out of bed, now!” Lily shouted, and pulled the covers off his bed. He grunted and rolled over, trying to find the blankets.

“Look! Lindsey’s here!” Lily teased, and Tyler immediately sat up and looked wildly around the room. Upon noticing she wasn’t there, Tyler glared at Lily.

“Told you to get up.” Lily simply explained, “Now, get your butt downstairs, I’ve got a surprise!” Lily could here Tyler grumbling and whining as she left the room. He was probably up late and hadn’t expected Lily to wake him up so early. She sniggered, only because she was so upset with him avoiding her the day before.

“Alright, what is it?” Tyler asked after he stomped down the stairs, wearing a wife beater and shorts.

“Aren’t you cold? It’s freezing this time of year.” Lily asked.

“Just get on with this ‘surprise’!” Tyler said, a little agitated.

“Fine. I’ve figured out Halloween.” Lily said happily. Tyler’s annoyed face quickly changed to interested and happy.

“Really?” Lily nodded, “Go on and explain, then.” Lily did just that, and, fifteen minutes later, they were walking to the headmaster’s office (Tyler had the decency to put on his robes). Ten more minutes took up guessing the password, but they finally knocked on his door.

“Enter.” Dumbledore’s kind voice boomed from his office, and they opened the door to find him reading a pretty thick book. He looked up with his spectacles on the bridge of his nose, and smiled at finally seeing the Heads in his office.

“Well, I’m glad to see you in my office, today. I was starting to think you had forgotten what you were supposed to do.” Dumbledore joked, and put his book away while awaiting their proposition.

“Actually, headmaster, we didn’t forget at all. We just couldn’t come up with anything good until yesterday, when James gave me a little help. We’ve decided to do two separate events to include all years.” Lily explained. Dumbledore seemed interested and nodded for her to continue.

“For the First through Fourth years, there will be a costume party and judging as well as trick-or-treating in Hogsmeade.” Dumbledore liked this idea because it gave the younger kids something to do where they wouldn’t get bored.

“Now, we were hoping that the judges would be the professors, instead of getting the prefects -or us- out of our fun.” Tyler told him this hesitantly, expecting him to detest the idea. Instead, a bright grin spread across his face.

“That sounds like a lovely idea. I’ll speak to the professors and see who will be joining me in judging.” Dumbledore said, “What’s the idea for the Fifth through Seventh years?” A smile spread across Lily’s face, and she took over.

“As I said earlier, James gave me the idea by mentioning his past Halloween experiences- trick-or-treating and finding a costume. So, I thought of the costume party for the younger years, and a Masquerade Ball for us. It’ll give the students a change to be themselves and have a great time.” Lily held her breath as she waited for Dumbledore’s opinion.

“I like the idea! It sounds fun, and for those shy people, it gives them a chance to stand out without having to reveal their identities if they don’t wish to.” Dumbledore stood to usher them to the door, “Now, what are you waiting for? Get the Prefects and begin preparing immediately!” With that, Lily and Tyler left the headmaster office excited for an amazing Halloween.


Hours of work had been put in, and the Great Hall had been turning into a beautiful ballroom. A giant pumpkin, light shining through its grin, adorned the center of the hall, immediately catching the attention of anyone who entered. Small tables were set up around the room by the walls to leave space for dancing. A table covered with sweets, and a few bowls of fruit for the healthy bunch, was in the space of the usual professor table.

That wasn’t it, either. They found a room big enough for the costume party for younger years, and decorated it brilliantly as well. Their hall was decorated with pumpkins and bats to add a scary effect, but it was lit brightly as not to frighten anyone. Their party would be the same time as the older students, but end an hour earlier. The professors had helped them with that room because they had all agreed to be judges for the costumes. Games and prizes were everywhere to give them a way to have fun -another idea of James’ Lily got after thanking him.

“I do believe we did pretty well.” Lily told Remus and Tyler, who silently agreed. They looked up at the bewitched ceiling to see a thunderstorm to set off the spooky atmosphere.

“Lights off!” Lily called, and they were. Candles floated through the air, but the light from the pumpkin was the brightest. They had somehow managed to capture the scary intensity of the Halloween season in a few hard-worked hours.

“Alright, great job, everyone!” Tyler took over, “You can all get ready for the ball.” There was a scurrying as everyone quickly left. Lily and Tyler were the last to leave, and closed the huge doors behind them.

“I can’t believe it’s finally here!” Lily said, jittery with excitement. Tyler laughed at her, and then ruffled her hair like an older brother, although he was only two months older.

“Now, don’t go and snog any boys tonight.” Tyler joked. Lily laughed this time, and swatted his arm.

“I should be worried about you! I swear, if you cheat on Lindsey I’ll have to rip you to shreds, then bread you back to life to yell at you, and kill you again.” Lily ended in a deathly serious tone, causing Tyler to pale. Way to put the fear a Lily Evans into a man.

“Lils, you know I would NEVER do that!” Tyler defended himself, “Besides, Lindsey and Kara are allowing Kyle an I to escort them to the ball.”

“ I know you won’t hurt Lindsey, I was just messing with you to see you scared.” Lily laughed at Tyler’s surprised expressing, and hurried to her room to change into her lovely costume.


An hour and a half later, Lily joined the mass of students walking towards the ballroom. She looked around at the costumes, which were really ball gowns and tuxes, and couldn’t recognize anyone through the masks. She figured no one could recognize her either so she was just going to go out and enjoy herself. As she walked though the double doors, she haw Tyler stand up -as was arranged to keep Lily a secret- to welcome everyone to the ball and explain the simple rules that had set up

“Welcome to this year’s Masquerade ball!” Tyler’s voice quickly quieted the hall, “I would like to ask you to remember that being at a ball does not mean we can bread the rules. Also, that unmasking will be at 11:30, as the professors have made it clear that we should be in our dormitories no later than midnight. With that in mind, please enjoy yourselves!” Some people -most likely the Marauders- led that group in applause with whoops and whistles.

Tyler nodded to the band, a famous wizarding group, and they began the music. Leading Lindsey out on the floor they were the first to dance. Many couples joined them, and Lily smiled at the beautiful sight before her. It really looked like a ball with slow dancing, a band, and everyone dressed up.

“Excuse me, Miss.” A man’s voice sounded beside her and she turned to see a tall and handsome man, “May I have this dance?” He asked politely, slightly bowing to her with his hand extended. She smiled through her silvery mask, and took his hand. He led her onto the floor, and began leading for the dance.

“You look very pretty.” The man said as Lily’s dark blue dress swished on the floor. She blushed, but he couldn’t see it because of the mask. Although, he could see her eyes look down.

“You, whoever your are, look very nice too.” Lily complimented back as she pushed her long hair, that she had let down for this occasion, out of her face and looked up. He smiled and she could see his perfectly straight and white teeth. She smiled back and they danced in comfortable silence, until a faster song came on. Lily stopped dancing, and moved to walk off the floor, but the mystery man pulled her back.

“Where are you going?” He asked, obviously confused as to why she was suddenly leaving.

“I’m not good at this kind of dancing.” Lily explained, and he laughed at her response. Lily recognized the laugh, but wasn’t sure who’s it was.

“Come on, it’s not hard -I’ll teach you.” He said, with an amused grin. Lily scowled, but decided to stay and see how this would turn out. At least if she embarrassed herself, no one would know it was Lily Evans.

“First off, there’s really no steps, you just go with the flow of the music.” He stated, and began to do just that. He wasn’t half bad, and Lily began to feel comfortable around him as he did a few crazy moves.

“Just move your body to the beat of the music and have fun.” He explained, and Lily did what he told her to. Soon, she was dancing freely -maybe not very well, in her opinion- and certainly enjoying herself.

“There! See, you’re pretty good at this.” He told her, and Lily blushed again as another slow song replaced the one they were dancing to.

“Thanks for helping me out here.” Lily thanked him as they slow danced.

“No problem. Besides, I couldn’t let a girl like you leave without knowing how to dance!” He joked, and they laughed.

“So, tell me about yourself -what house are you in?” The guy asked, knowing they would find out names later.

“Well, I’m in Gryffindor, and I’m a seventh year.” Lily told him, “But, being in Gryffindor doesn’t make me biased against other housed -some of my best friends are in Ravenclaw.”

“That’s good to know. I’ll tell you that I’m also in Gryffindor, and I get along well with other houses -except Slytherin. I know it’s rude, but Slytherins are rather mean.” The guy said.

“I can agree with that. And, we’re in the same house. What about year?” Lily asked. He nodded to confirm the year. “Cool.” The song ended and Lily left the floor to get a drink. She got a glass of punch and hoped no one got stupid and decided to spike it. A gulp told her nobody did, so she put a quick spell on it -having forgotten to earlier- to keep it that way.

“I guess that means we know each other.” The mysterious man told her, and she nodded, “Of course, that is if we aren’t lying.” Lily looked at him, and surveyed his figure and voice to detect recognition. Of course, she knew she knew him, the laugh had given that away and he did look familiar.

“Oh, are you suggesting that I’m lying, then- because you obviously aren’t?” Lily asked. He raised his eyebrows, and laughed.

“So you are as smart as I thought, Miss Lily Evans.” The man’s eyes twinkle with mischief and Lily rolled her eyes.

“I suppose knowing me give you an advantage.” Lily said, “But, I know I know you, so don’t get obnoxious, Mister Marauder.”

“Well, that ruins everything.” Mr. Marauder pouted, but she could tell he was on the verge of laughing. She grinned and patted his arm.

“Sorry to ruin your fun.” She said, and they both laughed.

“Do you mind if I steal her?” A voice said behind Lily and Mr. Marauder. They turned to see another tall and handsome figure with a friendly smile.

“If you must.” Mr. Marauder said with a reluctant sigh. Lily smiled shyly at he newcomer and took his extended hand to have him brush his lips softly against her skin. She blushed furiously behind her mask.

“Well, I suppose this is farewell, Miss.” Mr. Marauder bowed to say goodbye.

“I’ll see you later, Mr. Marauder.” Lily rolled her eyes and laughed. The new guy led her onto the floor and danced with her.

“It seems, My Lady, that you have been fraternizing with a mischievous sort.” He stated. Lily smiled and laughed softly.

“Yes, those Marauders certainly are trouble makers, but the create a lot of fun for the rest of us.” Lily said, eyes twinkling with humor as she recalled some of their pranks.

“It is too bad they receive detention for their hard work, though.” The new guy said, but Lily couldn’t completely agree with him.

“Most of the time, yes, but they do break the rules and it’s not fair to let them get away with that while everyone else doesn’t. So, everyone has to be treated equally.” Lily voiced her opinion.

“I suppose you are right.” He sighed, seeming depressed about the whole situation. Lily laughed at his exaggerated attitude, and he grinned.

“May I have the next dance?” Another man came up and asked. The song was over, and Lily was given away for the dance. Once again, Lily was dancing with a tall, handsome man. The three guys could pass off as triplets -differing slightly in build, height and masks.

“Have you enjoyed yourself, tonight?” The guy began the conversation as he glided skillfully with Lily through the large group of dancers. Everyone was dancing happily around the giant pumpkin and Lily was happy she chose that as the centerpiece.

“Surprisingly, yes.” Lily answered truthfully. He seemed a bit surprised that she would answer like that.

“And why is that a surprise?” He asked. Lily blushed and looked down, a little embarrassed to admit it.

“You see, I’m normally not the partying or dancing type, so I expected that I’d be standing on the sidelines tonight, being utterly bored out of my mind.” Lily explained.

“Ah, that does make sense then.” The guy said thoughtfully. A new song came on and they continued dancing.

“What about you -have you had fun?” Lily asked.

“Yes, this ball is fantastic. The Heads certainly outdid themselves this year.” He said as he gazed around the room, not noticing the happy look he got from her. The danced quietly for a while, simply enjoying the movement and feeling of the other.

“Could we sit for a bit?” Lily asked, “I’m a little tired from all this dancing.” He nodded and led her to an empty table.

“I’ll be back with drinks, “ He informed her and left for the refreshment table.

“Hey, Lily.” ‘Tyler and Lindsey joined her. They looked like they were having a load of fun. They were flushed from dancing, and needed a break.

“Hey guys. Looks like you’ve been busy.” Lily wiggled her eyebrows suggestively, and they blushed. Lily laughed, “I was joking!” They joined her in laughing as Lily’s partner returned with the drinks.

“Thank-you.” Lily sighed and took a drink of the cool liquid. It certainly helped cool her down.

“If you’ll excuse us, the drinks look good.” Tyler said politely and he and Lindsey went off to the refreshment table.

“Did you miss me?” The guy joked as he gave Lily puppy dog eyes.

“Why would I do that?” Lily feigned seriousness. He dropped his jaw, and then looked like he would cry.

“Aww, don’t cry! Of course I missed you!” Lily laughed, as did he. They sat in silence for a while as they drank the punch and cooled down from dancing.

“May I have a dance with the lady?” Yet another guy asked and Lily was given up a third time. Luckily, she had finished her drink and felt ready for more fun. The next man was handsome as well, with neatly combed auburn hair.

“You look beautiful.” He said shyly as the dance began. Lily smiled up at him and blushed (for the millionth time that day it seemed).

“Thank-you. You look nice tonight, too.” Lily told him just as shyly. He smiled warmly at her and Lily instantly knew she could trust him. Unfortunately, at that moment he stood on Lily’s foot and pulled away blushing.

“Oh, sorry! Did I hurt you?” He asked, embarrassed.

“No, I’m fine. It’s quite alright, actually.” She said to let him knew she was okay. She gently pulled him back into the dance and they glided along.

“Are you always so clumsy?” Lily teased as he stumbled a little.

“Actually, no. I’m normally very graceful.” He answered.

“That’s certainly not happening tonight.” Lily laughed as he stumbled again. He blushed sheepishly, but managed to calm down enough not to stumble again. As they turned in front of the jack-o-lantern, the guy decided to be brave. He smirked at Lily, and suddenly spun her out and pulled her back with a gentle dip. Her face was flushed and she laughed as he pulled her back up.

“That went well.” He said in a relieved tone.

“Oh, so you thought you’d drop me and you still did it?” Lily asked in a disbelieving voice.

“No, I just hoped I wouldn’t.” He explained. Lily rolled her eyes, but knew he would not have dropped her.


“Unmasking time has arrived!” Tyler called after chiming a bell to get their attention. He and Lindsey removed their masks as well as others. Lily turned to her partner and was surprised to see he had already removed his mask. She smiled and removed hers, only to have him laugh softly.

“I should have known.” He said, “With hair and eyes like yours, there’s no way to not notice who it is.” Lily rolled her eyes at the Hufflepuff before her. Philip Carpenter was his name, and he was in her year, as well as he was handsome and kind.

“Yes, I suppose my features stand out a bit.” Lily said.

“Well it was nice to dance with you, Lily.” Philip said.

“It wasn’t so bad to dance with you, either. I’ll dance with you again too, if you promise not to stand on my foot again.” Lily teased.

“If I promise and do just that, you won’t kill me, will you?” Philip joked.

“I suppose not, but you shouldn’t make a promise you can’t keep.” Lily answered.

“Alright, I won’t promise. I’ll try not to step on you or drop you -will that work?” He asked. Lily nodded and they had one last dance.

“You, Tyler, and the prefects did a good job with the hall. I especially like the giant pumpkin.” Philip complimented her on the hard work put into the ball.

“Thank-you. It sure did take a while, and lots of work.” Lily thanked him. He nodded before spinning and dipping her again. She giggled as he pulled her gently against his chest with the end of the song.

“I hope we can talk more after this.” Philip said.

“Yes, I believe we should and I can see if you really are graceful.” Lily joked.

“You just might.” He laughed, “I suppose this is good night?”

“Yep, I have to get up early tomorrow to watch the game.” Lily answered with a smile. Philip was on the Hufflepuff team as the captain and Seeker. The game was between his team and Gryffindor’s.

“Ahh, I see. You’ll root for me, right?” Philip gave a puppy dog pout.

“Maybe…But I want Gryffindor to win.” Lily smirked. Philip pouted, but knew she didn’t mean to be mean or anything.

“Goodnight, then.” He said and gave Lily a friendly peck on the cheek.

“ ‘Night.” They went their separate ways with Lily blushing furiously. She found Kara, Kyle, Lindsey, and Tyler at the refreshment table.

“Hey.” Lily greeted them, “Everyone looks fantastic tonight.” They all agreed, for sure.

“I got a ton of compliments on the hall.” Tyler told them, smiling proudly.

“Same here.” Lily said proudly as well.

“Yah, we worked hard on it.” Remus joined them, and Lily looked at his outfit carefully to see she recognized him.

“Mr. Marauder joins us.” Lily commented, and Remus smirked at her. No one asked about the nickname, probably because they didn’t think they would ever understand.

“No fair! Why can’t I be Mr. Marauder?” James whined as he came over.

“Stop complaining! You and Sirius are the other two mystery men.” Lily said.

“Yes, but who is who?” James asked in a mysterious voice.

“Obviously, you’re the one after Remus because of your mask.” Lily rolled her eyes.

“True, but Sirius stole you before we could really have any fun.” James whined.

“You are no fun.” Remus pouted at her knowing who was who.

“Alright, stop whining.” Kara stepped in,” We need to get back to out dorms to rest up and cheer for Gryffindor tomorrow!”

“Oh yeah! We’re so gonna win!” James pumped his fist in the air and the others agreed. The left the laughing and listening to James go on about the game. They left without noticing that Sirius wasn’t there.

“Bye.” Lily said as she and Tyler separated from the group to go to the Head’s Dorm.

“Everyone enjoyed themselves tonight, and we still managed to have fun without anyone being stupid.” Tyler said to start the conversation.

“That’s true. I wonder how it went at the party for the younger years.” Lily said.

“With professor McGonagall there, no one would’ve even thought to act up.” Tyler told her. They knew that was true -the only students who dared to cross her were the Marauders, and that was in their nature.

“Night, Lils.” Tyler said and went to his dorm to get out of his tuxedo.

“Night!” Lily called, and climbed the stairs to her room. She looked at herself in her full-length mirror. She did look good, deserving all the compliments she received. Her dark blue dress and silver mask looked good with her red hair and emerald eyes. She sighed contentedly and changed into her pajamas.

That night sure was fun, Lily thought as she crawled into bed to the midnight chiming of the cock. S/he thought back to her favorite childhood story, Cinderella, and how midnight was so important to it. She smiled softly as she wondered if someone was having his or her own fairytale and imagined a girl hurrying way from her prince to meet curfew. Of course, she had to drop something so he could find her…

Lily then drifted off into a magical dreamland.

Unknown to most of the school, a fairytale was happening just at that moment. A lovely blonde girl ran away from a tall boy with black hair. He cried after her, but her white heals continued to click beneath her full pink gown. She dropped something, a small gold heart-shaped locket, as she ran. She stopped and turned to pick it up, but Sirius was almost to her. She quickly turned and left Sirius far behind.

“I’ll find you, my Princess.” Sirius whispered after picking up the locket. Inside, he found a picture of a beautiful girl, the one who had just fled. He was determined, and he’d find her no matter what.

A/N: YYYYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS! I’ve finally typed it! Did you like it? I know the ending was a bit of a twist, and it seemed like something along those lines had to happen. Sorry it’s so cheesy, but I think it’s pretty good. Oh, and I don’t want any complaints about it being ‘too short’, because it’s extremely long! LEAVE A REVIEW!!!


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