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Curiosity Killed The Cat... by lollipop_marauderette
Chapter 4 : Awkward? Never...
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  Sorry i havent updated in a while, but ive been really busy. In that time period ive had my finals, been sick twice, and our whole state had a three day power out!!! well here it is!!! R&R!!!

Harry’s jaw dropped. Of course Dumbledore was still alive! Harry had seen him die! Which only made it more disturbing to see him alive, starring at the young man who had appeared out of no where.

"Hello Mr. Potter, or should I say, Mr. Ryan. Welcome to 1981."

Dumbledore smiled at Harry’s expression. "I’m sure Minerva informed you everything. But, nonetheless, I would like to have a word with you about a few things."

"Although you finished your schooling, I will have you in all of your father’s classes. We will have regular meetings to review your progress. And you will find all the things you need in your dorm."

"I believe that is all. The Heads will be here momentarily."

Harry, who had sat down while Dumbledore was talking, tensed and gripped the chair’s arms. His parents had been the Heads!

True to his word, seconds later there was the sound of footsteps on Dumbledore’s stairs. Then, James Potter and Lily Evans entered.

They looked exactly how Harry had so often imagined. Harry could see all the resemblances he and his sister had inherited.

Lily, who looked slightly flustered, spoke first. "Hello Headmaster." Her voice, though much quieter and serene, sounded like Ana’s. "If you don’t mind me asking, who are you?"

Both Lily and James were staring at Harry. It made him extremely uncomfortable. He shifted nervously.

Dumbledore answered. "This is Scott Ryan. Scott these are the Heads, Lily Evans and James Potter."

James nodded, looking bored, and Lily came forward. "Hello, it’s nice to meet you Scott." Harry shook her hand, but was too nervous to smile. Lily looked slightly put out and angry when Harry didn’t say anything.

Seeing this, Dumbledore explained. "Mr. Ryan is a mute."

Lily flushed with embarrassment. "Oh. Um, I... sorry."

Harry shrugged and smiled to show he wasn’t mad. Lily blushed (but not from embarrassment) and smiled back. James frowned.

James spoke for the first time. "Professor what house is... Scott in?"

Dumbledore put the tips of his fingers together. "Ahh, yes. Mr. Ryan was sorted into Gryffindor."

James frowned again and Lily looked excited. "That’s what house we’re in! I’m sure you’ll love it!"

Dumbledore suddenly clapped his hands. "It’s getting late and you have classes tomorrow. Off to bed!"

Harry stood up and followed the other two teens down the stairs.

"So!" Lily said as they walked down the hall. "Where did you transfer from?"

Harry mimed writing. Lily nodded and conjured up a notebook and quill.

‘Came form America.’

"Wow, that’s a long way. I bet you miss your friends and family. I sure would."

Harry’s face got really sad, but the others didn’t notice. ‘More than you know.’

"What about your family?"

‘I have a really small family. Some of them died. But we’re so close that, my friends are like my family.’

"I’m sorry some of your family died," Lily said softly.

‘It’s ok. You know, you remind me of one of my best friends.’

"I hope we can be good friends too." Lily smiled sweetly. James, who was following the others, glared daggers.

"So why are you here?" James said in an icy tone.

‘I had to come here to take care of a, family problem.’

James still looked suspicious, but Lily took no notice.

"I bet you want to know about the school." Lily went over everything about everything. Harry nodded and seemed interested, pretending he didn’t already know all this.

"Pigpimples," Lily said hen they got to the Fat Lady.

"Pot- James will show you where you live. I’ll see you in the morning. Sleep well."

James looked unhappy, but smiled and said, "G’night Lily."

Lily nodded and went up the stairs to the girls’ dorms.

James turned to Harry slowly and got inches away from his face. "Stay. Away. From. Lily."

Despite the fact that Harry was older and smarter than James at this point, he was still scared.

But he didn’t show it. Harry looked at James puzzled like he didn’t know what he was talking about.

"Don’t play innocent," James turned abruptly and went up the boys’ dorms stairs. Harry followed.

Harry looked around. The dorm was the same as it had been when Harry was at school, with just people and things on the floor.

James went over and sat on his bed without saying anything. Harry walked over to the only spare bed, which he assumed was his. He tried to act like he didn’t notice the stares he was getting.

He opened his trunk and got his pajamas. Once he got them on, he sat on his bed and looked around.

The bed next to him on the right held a boy who looked like Neville. Harry assumed it was Frank Longbottom. He looked very different from the person Harry had seen at St. Mungos. Like Neville, but a little taller and tougher. He had the same friendly face though.

Then, next to him, was Peter Pettigrew. Looked like the same little rodent he was in the future. Harry skipped over him quickly, so as not to bow his fuse.

The next person almost made Harry do a double take. Remus Lupin looked the same, yet different. Still had his scars, but he didn’t have that tired look. His green-brown eyes sparkled with happiness and mischievousness. His sandy hair was slightly curly around his ears and was shaggy. He was very tall and a bit more is face muscled, though still as skinny.

Sirius Black was on the bed, and it was all Harry could to not go over and hug him. His face was full and happy and his grey eyes had a trouble maker look. His was tall and the most muscled at out of them all, being a beater. Not small and shrunken. His black curly hair went to his chin and he had a bit of stubble. He wasn’t lying in the future when he said he had been a looker.

James was on the next bed and Harry looked over quickly so he wouldn’t get angry. But he couldn’t help but notice that was the bed he had slept on when he was at Hogwarts. Huh.

The next guy was on the other side of the door and on Harry’s left. He had kind of shaggy more rocker dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. He looked athletic, but smaller than James, Sirius, and Frank. He was tall but looked like he slouched a little. Harry didn’t have any clue who this was.

They all sat there, except for James, for a few more minutes and stared at each other.

"So..." Remus cleared his throat. "Who are you?"

Harry didn’t have anything to write on, so he looked over at James. Everyone followed his gaze.

"Scott Ryan." James said in a bored, uncaring voice that sounded a little angry too. Sirius and Remus looked at him closely before they looked back at Harry.

"Why didn’t you answer?" Sirius asked bluntly. Remus gave him a look, but Sirius took no notice. Harry felt like he was on trial.

"He’s mute." James said in the same tone. Remus blushed a little, but Sirius just looked more intrigued.

"I’m Sirius Black, This is Remus Lupin," He pointed to his right. "Peter Pettigrew, Frank Longbottom, and Jake Simmons." He continued to point to the person he said.

‘Simmons? Like Andrew? I guess ‘like father like son’ is not the case here.’

Andrew was a year older than Harry, and at school had been one of those ‘don’t-break-the-rules-and-model-student-and-prefect’ types. He also had had a crush on Ana.

‘I wonder if he knows what his father used to be like?’

"So why’d you move here?" Sirius asked. Harry mimed writing again. Remus nodded and handed him a piece of paper and quill.

‘Family issues.’

Sirius nodded understandingly and everyone assumed the ‘staring at Harry’ stance again.

‘Oh no,’ Harry thought sarcastically. ‘This isn’t awkward at all."

After a few minutes, Remus cleared his throat again. "So Scott, have any siblings?"

‘A sister, we’re twins.’

Sirius raised his eyebrows and looked interested. "Is she here?"

‘No she’s in America.’ Sirius looked slightly put out.

Frank Longbottom spoke up. "Do you need to know anything. Like about classes and such."

‘No, Lily Evans filled me in on everything.’

A look of comprehension appeared on Sirius, Remus, and Frank’s faces. Peter still looked nervous, and Jake looked bored.

‘If you don’t mind, I’m tired and we have class tomorrow.’

Remus shook his head and no one else seemed to care. Harry climbed under his covers and shut the hangings, He lay awake for a long time, lost in his thoughts. After Jake and Frank fell asleep, Harry could hear the Marauders whispering. About him.

Just before falling asleep. Harry had one last thought.

‘Great. I think my mum has a crush on me. Which means my dad and his friends hate me. O, this’ll just be a piece of cake getting them together...’

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