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Nobody said anything about love by stagzpotterfan
Chapter 3 : a moment alone turns into something so unexpected
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The night of the detention was very frustrating for Hermione.

She had been worrying about this all day, which had made her loose concentration in class, which made her get things wrong. This didn't add to her reputation.

Draco on the other hand wasn't bothered by it. He was more worried what Hermione was going to do to him when the professor was out of the class, he chose to stay out her way the rest of yesterday and today; just so she could cool off a bit.


Hermione was sitting in the common room when the clock struck 8:00pm.

Sighing to herself, she placed her bookmark inside her book and placed it on the table. Grabbing her coat off of the back of the chair, Hermione slowly made her way up to Arithmancy.


When Hermione arrived, she saw that Draco was already there. He was leaning against the wall, while resting his head on his hand.

Hermione had to admit that Draco did look quite cute sitting there; his hair falling into his eyes, his shirt sticking to his well-built body... She shook her head; how in the world could she think that about Malfoy!!

Taking a deep breath, Hermione strode over to where Malfoy was sitting, dumped her bag on the floor and sat down to next to him.

He looked at her for a minute then returned to staring at the writing on the desk. She looked at him; considering his features again but her thoughts were interrupted by the cough of their professor.

Hermione looked up at Professor Lexis and smiled, she had always enjoyed to talking to the professor, she always seemed to understand how Hermione felt when she upset or frustrated.

"Good evening, for you detention I'm going to ask you to put these charts in order as shown on this sheet (she placed a yellowing sheet onto the table) your detention is until 10:00, but if you finish earlier you can go, I'll be in my office if you need anything, feel free to chat amongst yourselves."

With that she left; closing the door quietly behind her.

Hermione looked down at the charts and sighed; there was alot. Picking up the yellowing sheet and the first chart, Hermione se to work in silence. She didn't notice a certain platinum blonde watching her.


After about twenty minutes watching Hermione, Draco started helping.
They didn't say anything to each other, they seemed to know what the other was thinking.

An hour went by and they had finished. Draco laid back against the chair feeling proud of himself and Hermione.

He looked over at her and saw that she looked exhausted. She turned to him and their eyes met. He looked into hers and saw that the honey brown showed passion, happiness and strength. She looked into his and saw that his icy blue showed, unhappiness, pain and loneliness with a hint of love.

All of a sudden their lips met.

It was a moment that Hermione would never forget. The passion and love that went into it was a desire that she had wanted he whole life without knowing that she wanted it.

Draco felt the tingling sensation spread all the way through his body. He had longed for this moment his whole life, he didn't realize that it was meant to be with Hermione.

His hands made their way towards her hair; her soft, bouncy, silk hair which his hands adored. Her hands made their way underneath his shirt but she paused.

They broke apart, and Draco looked at Hermione with such emotion that she felt her heart break.

"We can't do this..." Hermione spoke in such a soft tone that it was almost a whisper.

"Why not?" Draco's voice was broken with emotion, he felt the tears build behind his eyes; burning him,

"Because...because we are two different, and two familiar to be together and work a relationship."

Draco looked at her confused, "I don't understand?" Hermione smiled and all she said before she left; running down the corridors of Hogwarts was "You'll understand some day."

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Nobody said anything about love: a moment alone turns into something so unexpected


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