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The Marauder's Mum by GRAWP_WANT_STORY
Chapter 2 : Chapter two
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“Evans!”, James grinned broadly as he strutted toward the
unsuspecting redhead.

Eyes the color of emeralds glared at him. “What do you want Potter?”

James smiled and glanced over his shoulder at his mom and Remus,

both of whom were trailing behind him, not wanting to watch the


“How would you like to----“


"Would you care to ---“


“I didn’t even ask you yet!”

“I know what you were going to say.”

“No you don’t!”

“Yes I do”

"No you don’t”

“YES, I do”

“NO, you don’t!”




James and Lily broke off as the sandy-haired boy arrived, along with a

very strict looking lady who Lily could not remember seeing before.

Silence fell over them until the mysterious woman began to speak,

and Lily recognized the same shrilly voice she had heard earlier.

“James Potter, you do not start arguments with young ladies in the

middle of grounds! Did we not raise you better! You—are ---to—act---

like---a---gentleman---and---say---sorry!” James winced, each word

had been accompanied with a tug on his ear, and people were starting

to watch. “Sorry Lily.” He mumbled.

Lily gaped. James was apologizing?

“’s okay Potter…I mean…er…J-James.”

Even in his humiliation, James couldn’t help noting this was the first

time Lily was tongue tied around him.


Remus cleared his throat, effectively breaking the moment. “Right

then. Lily, let me introduce you to Mrs. Potter, otherwise known as

James’s mum. (he gestured to the yelling woman) Mrs. Potter, this is

Lily Evans, also a prefect for Gryffindor. And this is Susan Ebrores,

also of Gryffindor and Aria Jabelis of Ravenclaw.

Each of the girls said hi to Mrs. Potter, wondering what was up.

“Mrs. Potter is one of the governors of the school and is here on a

routine inspection. She has requested, due to family ties, that the

prefects of Gryffindor are the ones to show her around.” Lily smiled,

the epitome of the perfect prefect. “And of course, James will help us

in these duties. Lily’s jaw dropped. “What?”

James smiled to himself as he got dressed that night. Going on a date

with Evans, going on a date with, EVANS, lily lily lily lily EVANS.

James was really looking forward to this. Patrolling corridors with

Evans. Well, Moony was there too, but who cares? He was still going

to be near Evans for 2 whole hours! He washed his face. He tied his

shoes. He even considered stealing one of Peter’s ties, but they all

had these mysterious stains on them. He tried in vain to slick back his

hair, hacking it repeatedly with some of Padfoot’s hair gunk. Evans,

Evans, picture perfect Lily Lily Evans!

Then he heard a laugh behind him.

James flinched. “Hey Sirius.”

“HI James.”


“Watcha doin’?”


Sirius collapsed on his bed before throwing a stolen quaffle at James’s

head. “Awww, you’ve used Frank’s perfume too. That’s sweet.”

James turned. “It’s not perfume. It’s cologne.”

“Man perfume.”

“IT’s NOT!!!”

“James is a girly man, James is girly man” sang Sirius, dancing

around with a bewildered Frank, who had just walked in the

dormitory. “Wha—“ Frank asked, but then James attacked. He grabbed

a pillow and whacked Sirius. “Hey, wait stop! “ James hit harder. “

NO!” screamed Sirius ,” wait, I didn’t mean it---“ James picked up a

blanket and threw that on them too. “Frank, help,” Sirius said, “uhh…


“Huh?” said Frank, but it was too late--- Sirius put the boy between

himself and James. “No way!” yelled James, and he stepped forward

to clobber the both of them---and slipped on the still goopy comb he

had dropped. “Ahh!” they screamed, collapsing into a pile of blankets

and pillows. James’s stared at Frank Longbottom, whose face was

entirely too close to his own, and looked quite shocked. Sirius, below

them, continued to struggle. “Help, someone! Someone, help me!

Must get out of here---“

The door opened. “James, you better hurry up if you want to get to

prefect duty. Lily hates waiting, and since it took a lot of work to get

her to show up at all, the least you could do is----“

Remus broke off as he took in the scene. Then he left.

Sirius let out a distinct but muffled, “Girly man.”

James was embarrassed and late, but he headed to the common room

anyway. Then he felt someone poke him in the back. “Remus?” he

asked, turning. “Hey James.” His friend said, “I’m going to get some

stuff from my room. Go outside and wait with Lily. And I don’t even

want to know.”

James left the common room feeling grateful to have one friend who

wasn’t a complete idiot. But his all of his feelings stopped when he

opened the portrait hole.

Standing outside was Evans, picture perfect Lily Evans, crying her

eyes out.

Lily looked over her charms essay one more time. One more time,

then I’ll sleep she promised her self. Mary McMillan stepped into the

dormitories. “Lily,” she whined,” your Slytherin friend is sitting outside

the dorm and we can’t get him to go away.” “Lily didn’t look at her.

“He’s not my friend.”

“Well he’s threatening to sleep out there, so you better go.”

Mary left before Lily protest any more.


“I’m Sorry.”

Lily turned away from her best friend of five years. “I’m not


“I’m sorry!”

“Save your breath!”

“I only came out here because Mary told me you were threatening to

sleep here.” Not true. She came out here because….


“I was. I would have done. I never meant to all you a mudblood. It



What went wrong?

“Slipped out? It’s too late. I’ve made excuses for you for years. None

of my friends can even understand why I talk to you. You and your

precious little death eater friends”

Everyone---Sev, Petunia----hates me! Did I miss something?

“You see, you don’t even deny it! You don’t deny that’s what you’re all

aiming to be!”

When? How? Was there a moment? Could I feel it, go back to the time

when the bond broke?

“You can’t wait to join You-Know-Who can you?”

When did it stop?

Who can I trust?

“I can’t pretend anymore. You’ve chosen your way. I’ve chosen mine.”

I thought you were my friend. She wanted vaguely to scream that at

him, but…

She couldn’t.



“Lily?” The voice was so soft she almost didn’t catch it, and she

certainly didn’t recognize it.

She turned around, wiping the tears away as she did. “Potter?”

Crap. He caught me. It had been a day since that night, but she still

thought about it. What did I miss? When did he leave?Aw, shoot. Now

it was going to be crybaby Evans for the rest of the year.

James hugged her.


“Lily, what happened?” he said. There was something different about

his voice. It wasn’t filled with any of its usual cockiness, or teasing, it


James was---

Sad. scared.

For her.

He’s sweet she thought, and slowly hugged him back. “Nothing.”

Who is James Potter?


They broke apart.

“What is it? Tell me?”


She sounded slightly more like her normal self, so James continued.

“C’mon, please!” He hopped up and down to give it a slightly greater

effect. “Pwease! C’mon Lily! Pwease!!!” he said in the highest voice he

could manage.

“NO means NO Potter!”

Good. She was yelling.

“Don’t worry.” James stopped suddenly. “I wont tell.”

He wasn’t sure what made him say it, it just felt like the right thing to


“Thanks.” She said, turning away from him slightly. “James.”

James looked at her closely. ”Are you blushing?”


“Yes you are! Hey, have you noticed that your face is always red?”

“It is not!”

“Yes it is!”


"Is! Is!"


A/N So what did you think? Sorry for the "girly man" part before, but i put it in the original draft and meant to take it out later, but I couldn't anymore. Also, sorry about the cheesiness of Lily's thoughts, but that's the best I could do to express them. Sorry if you were confused too, but she wasn't actually saying that stuff to Snape. I had everyone's thoughts italicized at first, but when I pasted it here they didn't go over and I didn't want to do it by hand. I also want to apologize for the overall roughness of this chapter after how long it took to update, but that's me I guess. I'm also starting another story, so it's gonna be a really long time. Not on hiatus or anything, but I think I'll alternate between the two.

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