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Missing by hermione165
Chapter 9 : Home Videos and Bonding
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Hermione put on the necklace with ease and smiled to herself. ‘How could she have forgotten about the locket?

Why was she so stupid as to forget the first gift he had ever given her?’ As she was thinking this over, Draco was in his office looking through the box that his house-elf had brought from Hermione’s house.

In the box he found many pictures of the Potters, few letters, and a wide load of gifts from many people. He also found videos. Some of the videos were labeled Josh and Hermione, and just some with Josh and some of his accomplishments.

Draco took all of the videos from the box, and tucked it away in his desk. He looked at all of his choices of videos and finally chose one of Josh and Hermione. But before he could even look at it, there was a knock on the door. He quickly hid all of the videos and opened the door.

Hermione stood at his doorway smiling as much as she possibly could. “ I just came to get the box that the house-elf brought earlier.”

Draco smiled and walked to his desk. He opened it and pulled out the box. He reluctantly handed it to her.

“Did you take anything from my box Draco?,” Hermione asked as she examined her box.

Draco shook his head and sat on his chair in front of his desk. Hermione looked through her box and smiled. As she began walking away from the desk, she turned around and said, “ I’ll be wanting my videos back as soon as you’re done watching them.” Draco looked at Hermione’s retreating form and smiled.

After she had gone, he took out the videos and took the one he was going to watch. He usually wouldn’t bother to mess with the muggle VHS system, but in this case he was willing to bend his own rules a little.

He connected all of the wires to the right places and finally got it to turn on with a bit of difficulty. He flicked his wand at the lights and they turned off. A large screen appeared on a blank wall and pushed in the tape.

He sat down on the floor like a kid, and put his chin in his hands. The screen flickered and the movie began.

It started with the camera aiming at the ground and moving around so fast that wit was giving Draco a head ache. It finally landed on a small boy playing with mud under a large oak tree. Then Hermione’s voice was heard from behind the camera,” What is my Joshy doing there?” The small boy looked up and smiled at his mother.

“I’m making a cake for you mummy!,” he exclaimed as he patted down on a big lump on the mud pile with his small pale hands.

Draco could hear giggling and knew Hermione laughing at their son.

Draco watched as the little boy stood up fast and jumped back from the mud. As he began running away from it he slipped on some of the mud behind him and landed on his butt. Draco laughed as he saw the camera drop to the floor and the only thing seen were shoes running towards the small crying boy on the ground.

Draco heard Hermione’s unmistakable laugh as the camera was picked up again. “Mummy, stop laughing!,” the boy pleaded his mother. Hermione stopped laughing and pointed the camera at Josh.

“Tell mummy what happened that made you frightened.”

Th-there was a big w-worm like this big in my cake,” Josh made his small arms go as wide as they could and Hermione laughed.

“Mummy! There was a worm in your cake!,” Josh cried into his mother’s shoulder.


Hermione picked the 5 year-old kid from the mud all the way and smiled. ‘How could she be smiling if her yellow sundress is caked with mud?’ Draco thought as he saw Josh rub his hands on Hermione’s front.

Hermione just laughed and then the screen became blank again but seconds later a new clip came on.

It was of Hermione sitting at the kitchen table talking on the telephone. Her hair was messy and she was in an extra-large white t-shirt and small shorts.

She had a phone book on the table opened to a page in the middle. She looked up at the camera and scowled.

“Josh get that camera out of my face,” she growled as she pushed the camera with her hand covering the lens.

Josh laughed and put the camera to his face. He looked around 13 and was a spitting image of Draco.

“Mum just woke up and she’s cranky. Trying to get a job with out her morning coffee is a bad combination. Watch as I make her mad again.”

He aimed the camera at his mother and poked her.

“Mum, say ‘hi’ to the camera.”

Hermione pushed the camera again and smiled.

“Josh I really need to find a job, so please let me look okay?”

Josh turned the camera to himself again and said in a quiet voice,” See, I told you she was cranky.”

The movie was over and Draco sat there smiling to himself. His son was a trouble maker like himself. Not as arrogant, but still trouble.

He slowly got up from the floor and put the next tape in. Just as he was going to push play, there was another knock on the door.

The twins were standing in their pajamas looking very beautiful, even with their untidy hair.

A suspicious smile crept on Mione’s face as she saw her father’s screen turned on.

“Daddy, what are you doing?”

Traci walked into her father’s office and Mione followed.

“I was just watching a few videos for work,” Draco answered trying to make himself look bored.

“And Hermione and Josh just happen to be in them why,” Traci asked as she picked up a video on Draco’s desk.

Draco took the video away and shrugged.

“Can we watch the videos with you daddy?,” Mione asked as she sat on the floor where Draco was seated earlier.

“Well, okay but don’t tell your mother I wasn’t working.”

The twins nodded and Draco pushed play. The twins watched all of the videos from Josh’s graduation from Hogwarts to videos of Josh’s soccer games with Hermione cheering on the side.

Mione watched her father as he got all gooey eyed every time he saw Hermione on the screen. Finally when all of the videos were done Mione asked the question that Draco dreaded to answer.

“Why do you get all lovey-dovey when you see Hermione? I saw you at the dinner table giving her quick looks and secret smiles. What is she really? I know she’s not your cousin for sure.”

Draco sighed and looked at both of the twins straight in the eyes. “ Hermione is or was my ex-girlfriend before I met your mother.”

Mione smiled and looked at Traci. Traci shrugged and they both glared at their father.

“What is she doing living with us then? Are you having an affair with her behind mom’s back?”

Draco cracked a small smile at the last part and sighed.

“I am not having an affair with Hermione. And the reason she is here is because she is the mother of my son. Josh.”

“Josh is our brother?,” they asked simultaneously.

Draco nodded and waited for their reactions. He waited for one of them to say that they were going to tell their mother, but neither of them didn’t. Instead Mione stepped up to Draco and hugged him.

“It must have been hard trying to keep this from all of us at once. But dad, can I ask you a question that I want you to answer truthfully?”

Draco looked down at Mione and nodded, looking straight into her eyes so she could see how serious he was being about this situation.

“Do you still love Hermione?”

A/n sorry this chapter sucked! I was just trying to get it in before the queue closed! Sorry if it wasn’t what you expected!

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