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Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas by Joanne K
Chapter 5 : Five Unicorns
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The Fifth Day of Christmas

One the fifth day of Christmas my true love gave to me,
Five Unicorns,
Four Salamanders,
Three French Parps,
Two Jabberknolls,
And a Fwooper in a Star Tree.

While Olympe slept late following the party of the night before, Hagrid arose early to prepare his next gift.

He had arranged to meet his friend John Perseus at he edge of Valensort at seven-thirty. John had arranged to use a portkey from England.

Hagrid arrived at the chosen spot only a few minutes before John appeared with a large crate. Inside Hagrid could hear the sound of stamping and whinnying.

“How’d everythin’ go?” Hagrid asked, pulling his collar up against the crisp morning air.

“Oh fine,” John replied, “There was no problems at the Ministry, you just have to sign here.”

John handed Hagrid a piece of parchment and a quill. Hagrid signed it with his heavy-handed scrawl and handed it back to John.

“Are you sure they will be okay here?” John asked.

“Don’ worry, they’ll ‘ave plenty o’ room to run around,” Hagrid grinned.

“So who’s the lucky lady I keep hearing so much about?” John asked with a wink.

“Who ‘ave yeh been talkin’ to? Hagrid asked, going slightly red underneath his beard.

“Let’s just say I’ve heard a rumour,” John replied.

“Oh yeh ‘ave, ‘ave yeh?” Hagrid said suspiciously.

“So who is she?” John asked again.

Hagrid thought a moment before answering, not sure if he wanted to share his private life.

“’Er name’s Olympe an’ tha’s all I’m tellin’ yeh,” Hagrid said.

John refused to give up.

“So is she pretty?” he asked.

“Olympe is the most beautiful and refined woman yeh’d ever meet,” Hagrid said, “Now I’m not answerin’ any more o’ yeh questions!”

John laughed heartily.

“Well I can see you care deeply for this ‘Olympe’,” John said, “I hope she likes her gift.”

“Who said anythin’ abou’ a gift?” Hagrid said defensively.

“Hagrid, you forget that I’ve known you for over ten years,” John laughed, “And you’re not the sort of bloke who’s into raising Unicorns.”

John took a hold of the portkey and vanished again, leaving Hagrid alone and with a very red face.

Hagrid conjured some wheels and a rope for the crate and proceeded to pull the cart along the snow swept path back towards Olympe’s estate.

He had already made up a pen before he had left for Valensort, and once he had arrived back at Olympe’s home, he released the animals from the crate into their new home.

Hagrid crept back into the house and made Olympe a breakfast of parp eggs. He knocked gently on her bedroom door and surprised her with breakfast in bed.

As Olympe ate her breakfast, Hagrid sat by her bedside and chatted. Eventually he carefully steered his conversation to the topic of Olympe’s childhood.

“Do yeh remember how yeh were tellin’ me abou’ yeh firs’ year at school?” Hagrid asked.

“Of course,” Olympe replied, “I was telling you ‘ow we had gone on a field trip to ze Forest of Amoiré.”

“Tha’s righ’,” Hagrid said, “Yeh said it was the mos’ special day o’ yeh life.”

“Mmm,” Olympe agreed, as she finished her parp eggs, “We were deep een ze forest identifying ze magical properties of Elder wood, when a curious young unicorn came up to us. We just stared at ze beautiful golden foal een awe. And zen ze most amzing zing ‘appened.”

Olympe’s eyes had lit up in excitement as she remembered the special moment.

“Ze baby unicorn walked right up to me. I reached out my hand and eet let me touch eet’s shiny coat before eet turned and dashed away into ze dense trees.”

Olympe sighed in remembrance of the happy memory.

“Well we’d better feed them parps,” said Hagrid, arising from his seat.

Hagrid waited in the kitchen while Olympe got dressed, then they both made their way to the parp enclosure.

After the parps had been fed Hagrid asked Olympe to walk with him. Olympe didn’t notice the new pen until they ten metres away from it.

“Oh ‘Agrid, you didn’t!” she exclaimed when she realised what the pen held.

As they came right up close to the pen, the five golden unicorn foals walked curiously up to the fence to meet Olympe and Hagrid.

“But ‘ow?” Olympe asked in amazement.

“Me mate John works with magical creatures that ‘ave been orphaned,” Hagrid explained, “They found these poor mites huddled together in a cave after a werewolf had attacked their parents. So I’ve adopted ‘em fer yeh.”

“Oh ‘Agrid, you are ze sweetest man alive!” Olympe threw her arms around Hagrid and kissed him.

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Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas: Five Unicorns


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