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Identity Confusion by shadowkitty22
Chapter 9 : The Doctor Visit
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A/N: So yeah this is one of those chapters where I love part of it and then am not that fond of the other part. I'm sure you'll be able to tell the difference....

I also had to change the name of the doctor from chapter 7 when I realized they were the same name. So the previous doctor is now Dr.Andrews while the doctor in this chapter will stay Dr.Phillips. Just to clear up any confusion for those of you who have already read past that chapter and then get here and the dialog just doesn't match up properly.


    Two weeks later, Adriana Zabini showed up as Blaise and Mikayla were getting ready for one of her doctor visits. "Hello, Mum. How are you?" Blaise asked as he placed a gentle kiss upon his mother's cheek.

    "I'm wonderul thank you. What are you two up to today?" she asked as she looked between her son and Mikayla.

    "Oh, well I'm going into town with Mikayla for her doctor's visit."

    "Are you alright dear?" Adriana asked her voice laced with concern.

    "Yes, I'm fine," Mikayla replied politely.

    "Then why are you going to the doctors?"

    "Mikayla's pregnant, Mum."

    "What?!" she practically shouted. "You're pregnant? How wonderful. When did this happen? Oh I can't believe it, my little boy is finally going to have a baby," she gushed. Mikayla could feel her cheeks glowing a brilliant shade of red as Blaise just groaned.

    "Mum," Blaise tried to interrupt her but she just continued on.

    "Oh this is so exciting. Can you imagine, me a grandmother. Do you know what you want? A boy or a girl?"

    "Mrs.Zabini," Mikayla tried as she felt a blush steal up into her cheeks at the thought of Blaise's mother thinking that she and her son were shagging.

    "Now what did I tell you last time? Call me Adriana dear. After all we are going to be family. Oh I know just the perfect room in the house for a nursery as well. It's just-" she rambled on.

    "Mother!" Blaise shouted but his mother continued on as if she hadn't heard a thing.

    "Down the hall from Blaise's bedroom. Of course we will have to go furniture shopping for the nursery. Oh this is going to be so much fun. We'll get to paint the room. Clothes shopping will have to wait until we find out if you are having a boy or a girl. When are you two getting married to make this official?" The elder woman turned to her son with a stern look on her face. "Blaise, you know you have to make this official, we can't have out of wedlock babies running around. I refuse."

    "MOTHER!" he bellowed.

    Adriana stared at him in shock. "There's no need to take that tone with me young man. I can't help it if I got excited."

    "Mum, Mikayla's pregnant but the baby isn't mine," he finally managed to say now that his mother had stopped talking.


    "It's true. I just found out two weeks ago when I passed out in the library. I'm about four and a half months along now. Blaise is being sweet enough to go in with me so I don't have to do it alone," Mikayla told her.

    "Oh well, then why didn't you just say so," she said, trying to cover up her own embarassment.

    "We did," Blaise said bluntly. "Now if you don't mind, since I don't have a car we need to start heading out or we are going to be late for our appointment. I'll talk to you later." He brushed another kiss upon her cheek as he gave her a goodbye hug at the front door.

    Mikayla gave her a hug as well. "Thank you for being so excited anyway. It was really sweet."

    "Oh you know, it's just women and babies. It's natural. I'll see you two later. I hope everything goes ok." Adriana watched as the pair walked down the driveway and turned the corner before she disapparated back to her own home.


    As they walked down the road to town, Blaise shoved his hands into his pockets and glanced over at the woman walking next to him as she rubbed her hands over her slightly swollen belly. "So, I'm sorry about my mum back there. I didn't think that she would just run with it like that before we had the chance to tell her everything."

    Mikayla smiled as she just shook her head and laughed. "It's alright. I think it's cute that she is excited about the baby even if it isn't yours and therefore would not be related to her. It's nice to know that someone is interested in the baby and wants to do all that shopping with me."

    "Hey, I'm interested in this baby," he said in a mock hurt voice, taking his hand out of his pocket to place it on his chest, as if he had been wounded by her words.

    "Oh Blaise," Mikayla giggled as she reached out to grab his hand and gave it a squeeze. "I know you are. I just didn't think you would want to do any shopping with me."

    "I wouldn't mind going furniture shopping with you at least. I think I would leave the clothes shopping to you and my mum though. Unless you're having a boy because I'd have to make sure that you don't put him in any sissy outfits. If you're having a girl on the other hand, you and mum can go and buy all the girly outfits that you want."

    "Hehe, you're such a man, Blaise."

    "How observant of you, Ms.Montclaire," he retorted as he slung his arm around her shoulders and drew her closer to his side as they continued walking to town.

    When they arrived at the doctor's office, Blaise found a place for them to sit while Mikayla got herself checked in. He felt a little out of place sitting in the waiting room because he was the only male. He noticed that many of the women were shooting him surreptitious glances as he browsed through the various magazines on the table for something interesting to read. But unless he wanted to read Parents, Parenting, Baby Talk  and other things of the like, then he was out of luck. Just as he was about to give up an article title on the cover of a magazine caught his eye, "Pregnancy Bootcamp For the Dads: How to Survive Your Wife's Mood Swings, Aches and Pains, and Odd or Late Night Cravings."

    "Find anything good?" Mikayla asked as she sat down next to him.

    "I don't know if it's any good but it sounded interesting enough," he said as he showed her the title of the article.

    "Ahh," she responded with raised eyebrows. "And what sort of advice does it give you?"

    "Well let's see," and Blaise began to read snippets of the article to Mikayla. "Remember men, that a mood swing is aptly named because a pregnant woman's mood can change like the back and forth motion of a playground swing. She can be all smiles and laughs one minute and then in tears the next because you suggested the wrong thing for dinner. Just try to remember that it is only a temporary thing, that it's not personal and just try to take things in stride." Blaise stopped reading to look at Mikayla. "I guess I've been lucky so far with you that you haven't had any mood swings."

    She smiled at him. "What else does it say?"

    He turned back to the article and kept reading. "For aches and pains try to give her regular massages. Frequent massages can help to relieve tension and stress which could lead to a healthier pregnancy. Also finding out how the mother-to-be likes to be massaged now can help to make the labor go smoother because you will already know how to best make her comfortable.' I don't think I'd mind that too much, it gives me an excuse to touch you," he remarked while waggling his eyebrows suggestively.

    Mikayla playfully slapped his arm. "Blaise!" she admonished. "What does it tell you to do about odd or late night food cravings?"

    "Let's see. 'For those late night and odd food cravings, get it if at all possible. However, keep reason in mind when it comes to these requests. If your wife wakes up at 3 am wanting curry from Japan and you live in America, then that is obviously not a reasonable request and you should try to get something else. On the other hand, if she wants chocolate ice cream and hot sauce, then you better get to the store or your sorry butt is sleeping on the couch.'" Blaise stopped reading to look at Mikayla who was giggling. "Why do I get the feeling this was written by a pregnant woman?"

    This just made her laugh even harder. "I promise not to kick you out of your bed and make you sleep on the couch if I don't get what I want to eat." Her eyes were sparkling with mirth. "I'll try to be a nice hormonally stable pregnant woman for you."

    "Kayla love, you be whatever kind of pregnant woman strikes your fancy. I'll learn to cope," Blaise said sweetly as he grabbed her hand and kissed the back of it.

    "Mikayla Montclaire," a nurse called from the doorway as she looked down at the chart in her hands.

    Mikayla squeezed his hand and asked him apprehensively, "Will you come with me?"

    "Of course," he responded as he stood up and then helped her stand up.

    "Follow me please," the nurse said. Blaise placed his hand on the small of Mikayla's back and ushered her through the doorway and after the nurse. "The doctor will be with you shortly. Go ahead and get changed into the gown." The nurse left the room when she was done giving instructions. Mikayla made Blaise close his eyes before she would get undressed.

    "It's not like I haven't seen it all before," he joked.

    She blushed furiously at the comment. "Yes, well be that as it may, I'm pregnant now and my body doesn't look as good anymore. I've gotten fat," she pouted and then got changed. "You can open your eyes now."

    The dark haired man did as she said and looked at the pitiful expression on her face. He moved so that he was standing in front of her. Blaise gripped her chin with one hand and placed the other on her protruding belly. "You aren't fat love. You're just making a nice home for the baby." He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead as the door opened and the doctor stepped in.

    "Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt. I'm Dr.Phillips. Dr.Andrews wanted me to tell you that he's sorry but he can't take on anymore patients right now and so he passed your file on over to me and he explained about your lack of medical history due to memory loss. So you must be Mikayla," she said as she shook her hand and then turned towards Blaise. "And you must be the lucky father-to-be."

    "Um, no actually. I'm just a good friend and Mikayla is staying with me. I'm Blaise Zabini," he said, offering his hand which the doctor shook as she looked him up and down appraisingly when he mentioned that he wasn't the father.

    "Well how wonderful of you to accompany Ms.Montclaire to her first check up. Will you be coming to more of them in the future?" she asked trying to sound nonchalant but failing to hide the lustful curiosity in her tone.

    "I dont' see why not. As long as Mikayla wants me here," Blaise replied as he smiled at the doctor while rubbing Mikayla's thigh.

    "Alright, well let's get started. Ms.Montclaire please step on to the scale so I can get your height and weight." Mikayla complied and then got her blood pressure taken. Dr.Phillips asked a series of questions and performed some routine examinations before leaving the room so Mikayla could change back into her clothes and then she re-entered the room. "Ok, Ms.Montclaire, seeing as how we don't have any medical history on you, I would like for you to come back every two weeks so we can check your progress and spot any potential problems as early as possible."

    The couple then left the room and headed for the cashier's station to pay for the visit and schedule the next appointment. Blaise insisted on paying since Mikayla had no money. So she promised to be a nice pregnant woman in exchange. He just chuckled and kissed the top of her head. As they were leaving, Blaise felt like someone was watching him, so he turned around and caught the doctor staring lustfully at his arse. He just gave her a small smile as she wiggled her fingers goodbye at him and gave a wink before he was out of sight.

    As they were walking back home, Blaise tried to strike up a conversation. "So she seemed nice."

    "Yeah, she appears to have taken a real liking to you, asking if you were going to be coming along on future visits. I almost think she wishes that you were her patient instead of me so she could fulfill some sort of doctor fantasy." Mikayla smirked.

    "As appealing as that sounds, I'd rather not have to be pregnant to have her be my doctor."

    She snorted. "So you have a doctor fantasy, huh?"

    "Not particularly. Besides I don't need fantasies when I can have the real deal," he said as he gazed intently into her green orbs, causing her face and neck to flush and she quickly turned her head away to hide any further embarassment. "Plus, I don't have time for other women. Not when I'm going to have to survive pregnancy bootcamp with you in charge."

    This comment caused a flicker of sadness to briefly cross Mikayla's face when she thought of the fact that she and her unborn baby were keeping Blaise from seeing other women. But then fleeting feeling was quickly replaced with happiness that he was willing and choosing to be with her in her time of need instead of being with other women. 'Blaise is truly a magnificent man. I actually kind of hope that there is no one out there looking for me just so that I can be with Blaise.'

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Identity Confusion: The Doctor Visit


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