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The Sisters Black by bea_evans1624
Chapter 2 : Life Sucks
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I'm not intelligent enough to have created Harry Potter. Besides if I had, Sirius would not have died.

Life can be a bitch can’t it? I mean, we’re born into a life that we just can’t escape. Even if we want to, we must live the way we’re expected. Or so we were taught. My sisters and I, that is. But when I was 10, I began to think that maybe it was possible to break free. It was a horribly treasonous idea. And I loved it.

It was the one thing that got me through the years of abuse and brainwashing. My parents could shout all they wanted, but it never affected me. I wanted to save my sisters from the hell that we had been born into, but my epiphany came to late. Bellatrix was too far gone to the Dark Side. Narcissa, well, I tried.

As I stood there watching Bellatrix gallop off with my sister, I couldn’t help but think horribly mutinous thoughts that involved Bellatrix dying in gruesome ways. She was such a horrible person! I hated her. I hated her with the fire of one thousand suns. And she would pay.

I whistled my horse, Aphrodite, and mounted up. I needed to get home. Poor Cissy. It was my fault that we had run off, but Cissy would get into horrible trouble. Of course, I would get punished as well, but Narcissa was in the middle of getting observed by a possible husband. She knew she shouldn’t have run off like that. Actually, she shouldn’t have even gone riding. Unless he was with her, of course.

I barely even noticed the ride. Thoughts can take a person away from real life. But Aphrodite found her way back to the house just fine. I knew she would. Horses are more intelligent then people in many ways. For instance, I’d rather have Aphrodite for a sister than Bellatrix.

As soon as I arrived at the house I went and changed into a green dress. The place that I needed to be was Mother’s study. That was where Narcissa would be scolded. Knowing Mother, She’d already gotten a nice start on Cissy. I sighed. As I have mentioned, life is a bitch.

As quickly and quietly as possible, I hurried down the stairs to Mother’s study. Bellatrix was sitting there, her ear pressed against the door, with a satisfied smirk on her ugly face.

“Bellatrix! What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, making her jump slightly. Sometimes I sound so much like our dear mother. Bellatrix threw me a glare.

“I’m listening to Mother scold our oh so delicate little sister. Care to join me?” She asked. I didn’t miss the venom in every syllable.

“Unfortunately, no. I am far more refined then you, it seems. I would never degrade myself to listening at keyholes.” I smirked at her indignant look.

“So what, you’re just going to walk right in and expect a warm welcome.” She shuddered slightly at the very idea.

“Certainly not. I’ll knock first.” And with that, I turned to the door and knocked softly.

“Who is it?” Our Mother’s shrill voice rang. She sounded irritated. Any sensible person would have run for the hills at the very idea of my mother irritated. Not me. That’s when I have my most fun. I kicked Bellatrix and she glared at me before answering.

“It’s Bella.” She said.

“Come in.” I threw open the door, relishing the look on my mother’s face when she saw me enter before Bellatrix.

“Andromeda.” She sneered. “What are you doing here?” I swept through the room and settled on my mother’s favorite chair.

“Returning a favor.” I said simply, and quietly observed the situation. Cissy was sitting on a large settee in the middle of the room looking miserable. Mother was standing by the window, looking agitated.

“Must you be so agitated mother?” I asked loftily. “You know it gives Bellatrix rashes.” I smirked in Bellatrix’s direction as she glared, sitting heavily on a seat across from me.

“So kind of you to think of me, sister.” She said in a sickly sweet voice. I delicately ignored her.

Strangely enough, Bellatrix and I used to be the best of friends. Nothing could separate the three Black Sisters. Nothing. That is, until I came up with my radical idea. Base treachery, that was.

“May I be so bold as to ask a question?” Sarcasm dripped from my every word, making it clear I didn’t care what the answer was.
“No.” Bellatrix snapped.

“Was my question directed to you Bellatrix?” I asked. The tone of my voice implied I was speaking to a young child.

“It was an open question.” Bellatrix replied.

“I was wondering.” I said loudly, speaking over my sister. “If we might get to meet this Frenchman, or if he is to be under the impression that only Narcissa exists and she doesn’t have two unmarried older sisters.” Mother’s nostrils flared.

“Bellatrix will meet him this afternoon at tea. You might meet him tomorrow night at dinner, if he still shows interest in you’re younger sister.” Mother said.

“Ah. Tomorrow night at dinner. Can I wait that long?” I cried dramatically.

“Stop it Andromeda.” Bellatrix looked at me, annoyed. “You’re being foolish.” I threw her a falsely sweet smile.

“Well thank you Bellatrix. I should imagine that I would always act foolish if I didn’t have you.” I said. She opened her mouth to retort, when I stood and swept out of the room.

Once free of the repressed energy in that horrible place, I went straight to my room.

Green. That is my room. It’s like you climb in to a leaf. Not saying that I don’t like it, but it’s so, much, green. Anyway, I sat delicately on my couch by the window and gazed out across the rolling hills. I needed to talk to someone.

Now, this is the part of the story where I disobey my parents and get into a lot of trouble. Are you excited? I decided to floo to my cousin, Sirius’ house. The poor kid. He’s my ten-year-old cousin who I’ve corrupted. I taught him my ideas, and he ate them up. Now, he’s going to Hogwarts with the sole ambition of being a Gryffindor. Sirius is the only person in my family that I can stand. We help each other get through our horrible lives.

So, I went to my fireplace and grabbed a handful of Floo Powder. I threw it in, and then stepped in myself. “Number 12, Grimmauld Place!” I shouted. I whipped through the fireplaces and ended up on the floor of their kitchen. No body was there, so I slid out of the room and up a few floors to Sirius’ room. I could hear shouts and bangs coming from my Aunt’s study, and I knew she and Sirius were fighting.

I let myself into his room and sat casually on his bed. Not five minutes later the door burst open. Sirius stomped in and slammed the door shut behind him. He stopped short when he saw me.

“Hello Sirius.” I said calmly. When Sirius is mad, he needs to be around very calm and quiet people. I discovered this after, well, I’ll go there some other time.

“Andie!” He stared at me in shock for a moment before crossing the room and giving me a hug. “You could not have come at a better time.” He said.

I smiled. “I have talents like that.” He snorted and sat down next to me. “Tell me what happened.” I said soothingly.

“The usual. My idiot younger brother brought up the fact that I told him I wanted to be in Gryffindor and Mum exploded.” He sighed grimly and ran a hand through his hair. “As you can imagine, that set Dad off.” I nodded sympathetically.

“Well, this is the life we were born into. Sometimes we have to accept certain traits in people that we’d rather not see.” I said. I feel so bad that that poor little kid has to deal with the hell that is arguing. When you argue with people in my family, it gets ugly, with lots of swearing and curses flying everywhere. He’s only ten. He always tells me not to worry, and that it’s not my fault, but I know it is.

“She hit me.” He whispered. I gasped.

No.” My Aunt never gave physical blows. My mother did, but never my Aunt.

“Yes.” He nodded, looking miserable. “Practically punched me across the face.” He sighed and walked to the window.

“Are you alright?” I asked. He shook his head, not looking at me.

“Why do they do this, Andie?” He asked. When he spoke, I could hear the hidden tears. I wanted to die when I saw how miserable he was. “Why do they hate us so much? Maybe she’s right. Maybe I am nothing.” I stood, crossed the room and hugged him tight.

“Don’t ever think that.” I said. He began to cry into my shoulder, which angered me even more. Sirius never cried. He hated to give his mother the satisfaction of knowing she made him cry. Hearing him sob made me want to cry. “You’re not nothing. You’re worth a lot more than Regulus. Maybe not to your family, but to the world.” I pulled him back to arms length and shook him a little. “Just wait ‘til you get to Hogwarts and are sorted into Gryffindor, and you make lots of wonderful friends. Then you’ll never feel alone again, because you have them. You won’t ever need you’re horrible parents again.” He smiled slightly.

“I don’t need them anyway. I have you.” He hugged me, then I got him to bed and made sure he would be all right before I snuck downstairs to the kitchen.

Sirius is really the sweetest thing on the planet. He makes my heart melt. Not to mention, he’s incredibly funny and handsome. Black hair, and grey eyes that just pierce your soul. He will most definitely be a ladies man when he gets a little older. I’m quite the big sister to him, and I will continue to be through Hogwarts and beyond. I hope he keeps letting me care for him.

When I landed in the floor of my room, My Mother, Bellatrix and Narcissa were all standing over me. Bellatrix had a satisfied smirk on her face; Mother looked furious, and Narcissa slightly frightened.

“Hello.” I said, standing smoothly. “May I ask what you all are doing in my bedroom?”

“When did I give you permission to hook your fireplace up to the Floo Network?” Mother asked, her voice quivering with anger. I shrugged nonchalantly.

“You didn’t” Mother puffed up angrily. “It was my Christmas present from Dad two years ago.” I lied easily. Mother’s eyes narrowed and Bellatrx looked scandalized that I would lie like that.

“She’s lying!” Bellatrix shrieked. I glared at her.

“Maybe you should leave, Bellatrix, before you have a coronary.” I sneered. Mother’s eyes popped.

“Andromeda! Don’t speak to you’re older sister like that! She’s worth ten of you!!” Mother glared at me. I smiled sadly, knowing Sirius had probably heard those exact words not thirty minutes earlier.

“If she’s worth ten of me, then how many of me would make Narcissa? How many Bellatrix’s make a Narcissa, I suppose is the better question. You don’t think of us as people, do you? All we are is a way to get more money and better connections. Admit it, you don’t give a damn about any of us, no matter what you make Narcissa believe! Bellatrix knows, but that doesn’t make her any better off, does it?” I glared at Mother. Narcissa was looking from Mother to me, scared.

“No. I don’t care about any of you.” Mother asked. “You are all business.” With that she turned on her heel and stalked out. Bellatrix shook her head at me, and left. Narcissa was looking at me with a strange expression. I knew she thought Mother cared about us. This had to be hard for her, and I felt a little bad about making her realize this, or I would have if I hadn’t been so angry. But really, she’s 15. Even Sirius knew the truth and he was only ten. Narcissa had always been naďve.

“Cissy…” I said. She gazed at me, obviously hoping for some sort of reassurance, or a kind word, the things she usually got from me. I shook my head at her in disgust and walked to a window, making it clear that she was to leave. After a second, I heard her leave, closing the door quietly behind her.

I sighed and turned back to the room, not knowing where to go, or who to turn to. It was the one time since I was ten that I felt truly sad, truly alone. It was in that moment that I realized, no body would ever be able to relate to me, or know what I had gone through in my early years at home. But the strange thing was, that I didn’t care anymore. It didn’t matter. I didn’t know what was happening to me.

Soon, it became apparent that the only thing to do for the next two weeks would be nothing. I needed to stay away from my family. I could make up with Narcissa at school, but for now, I needed solitude. No doubt that would drive my mother insane, but I didn’t care; I didn’t think of the consequences. And I knew, that I never would again.

I sincerely apologize about the lateness of this chapter, but at least I got it up right? I plan on putting up chapter 3 before January, cause I'm going away, but then I'll probably start updating once every week or two. I've just now finished chapter 8. This one's my favorite though. I love Andie. Be prepared for a major character rush in the next few chaps!!
love you all
PS Thanks to all of you who reviewed!!

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