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Through The Years by Maesygirl
Chapter 3 : Third year at Hogwarts
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‘What’s going on?’ asked Ron as Hermione flung the time turner around of Harry’s neck as well as hers. This wasn’t the first time they were so close, inveterately it was not the last. But Ron didn’t know that.

‘I’m sorry Ron but ... you can’t walk, so...’ said Hermione, she spun the turner carefully three times, and a blur happened around them, Ron disappeared.

‘Hermione, where’s Ron?’ asked Harry glancing around at the empty hospital wing.

Hermione ignored him, ‘where were we at 7:30?’ she asked running a hand through her hair.

‘Going to Hagrid’s,’ said Harry, ‘Hermione, what …?’

‘We don’t have time,’ said Hermione grabbing his hand and pulling him out of the room, ‘I’ll explain later.’

They ran side by side to the entrance hall, it was completely empty, their footsteps echoed, Harry was afraid someone would hear.

Hermione pulled him into a small cupboard by the doors.

It was extremely small, and it had barely enough room to move, Hermione’s face was mere inches away from his.

‘Harry, this is a time-turner,’ she said taking out the necklace from inside her robes and accidentally elbowing Harry in the chest.

‘It means that we can go back in time,’ said Hermione softly, sending shivers down Harry’s spine. ‘Dumbledore obviously wanted us to return to this moment, there’s something we need to change.’

There was a rather large hole in the top end of the cupboard, and judging by the noise, Malfoy was coming.

‘Duck!’ hissed Harry and he and Hermione had to duck to the floor which was even more uncomfortable.

Hermione rested her head on his knees, so that when Malfoy passed them he wouldn’t see her head.

When Malfoy finally passed, which seemed way too soon, they sneaked out of the cupboard, only to see themselves enter Hagrid’s hut.

Hermione grabbed his hand and they run and hid behind the pumpkins near the forest.

‘Buckbeak!’ said Hermione, ‘of course! How can’t I have thought of this earlier? We’ve got to save Buckbeak and then fly up to save Sirius and he can ride away on Buckbeak.’

‘Let’s get him quickly,’ said Harry, making to go get Buckbeak.

‘No,’ said Hermione and she grabbed his arm, he lost balance and fell on top of her, almost kissing.

‘We’ve got to let the minister see him first,’ she whispered in his ear.

‘Clever...’ mumbled Harry, and their noses rubbed, and Harry was about to kiss her when…

‘Ah, Hagrid, let’s sign the paperwork then shall we.’ The minister of magic, Dumbledore and the executioner had entered Hagrid’s hut.

‘It’s time,’ whispered Hermione, but neither of them wanted to move, but Harry got up and helped Hermione up longingly. 

They both moved towards Buckbeak together, hand in hand, and Hermione undid the chain that was holding Buckbeak to a large and brutal looking pole, and gave part of it to Harry.

‘Buckbeak,’ hissed Harry, ‘Buckbeak, come with us.’

Buckbeak turned his yellow eyes to them, but otherwise refused point blank to move. Hermione then had a rather wonderful idea.

‘Beaky,’ she called hoarsely, picking up a rope of dead ferrets, ‘come get the nice dead ferret, beaky.’

Buckbeak abruptly got to his feet and chased after Hermione, surprised at his speed she tripped over backwards, making a loud ‘thump’ on the mossy ground, Harry rushed over to her but before he could help her, she got to her feet, almost as quickly as Buckbeak coming over to her.

Hermione ran backwards, Beaky following her hungrily, and Harry also chased her. But then there was a bang from Hagrid’s hut, his door swung open.

Hermione, Harry and Buckbeak came to a halt abruptly, afraid that if they moved that Fudge, Macnair, who was the executioner, Dumbledore and Hagrid would hear them, or see them.

‘Let’s do it then,’ said Fudge, almost turning to look at them.

‘Ah, minister, look over there, strawberries, planted in headmaster Dippet’s time,’ said Dumbledore pointing north, Fudge turned to look at the strawberries instead.

‘Ah yes, Dumbledore,’ said Fudge, and they began admiring the strawberries.

‘Quick,’ muttered Harry, and Hermione held up the dead ferret, and Harry led Buckbeak towards her, they entered the forest just in time.

Hermione let out a deep breath of relief, ‘thank goodness,’ she breathed, squeezing Harry’s hand, then blushing, making Harry blush too and grin.

‘C’mon, let’s get outta here,’ said Harry and he, Hermione and Buckbeak ran through the dingy and low hanging trees of the forbidden forest.

They soon reached the Whomping Willow.

‘That’s Lupin,’ said Hermione, as Lupin touched the knot of the Whomping Willow with a stick, and then entered it.

Soon later Snape picked up Harry’s invisibility cloak, touched the knot of the Whomping Willow and entered through the small hole.

Harry was furious, ‘I’ll show the piece of filth what I’ll do if he ever touches my invisibility cloak again,’ he snarled, making to get to his feet.

‘Harry, no,’ said Hermione, ‘remember, you’re about to knock him out. But we can’t be seen. Understand?’

Harry understood, and he said, ‘and now to wait.’

‘And now to wait,’ repeated Hermione, and they sat down. 

‘Hermione, by the lake, when we were saved by that patronus -,’

‘Yeah, only a really powerful wizard could’ve produced it,’ said Hermione.

‘My dad,’ said Harry 'he produced it, I'm certain of it.'

‘Harry, I'm sorry but you’re dad’s –,’

‘Dead, I know,’ said Harry quickly, ‘but that’s what I saw.’

‘It’s time,’ said Hermione urgently, standing up, Harry stood up too, Harry, Sirius had just got out of the Whomping Willow, Ron, Hermione, Lupin and Wormtail followed. Harry and Sirius were talking.

‘Over there, see that,’ said Harry pointing to Harry and Sirius, ‘Sirius is asking me to live with him,’ Harry could barely keep the emotion out of his voice.

‘That’s great,’ said Hermione squeezed his arm. 

‘We can live far out in the county,’ said Harry, ‘where you can see the sky, I'm sure he’d like that after all those years in Azkaban.’

He turned around and looked at Hermione; she was smiling at him tearfully, Harry smiled back at her, neither of them could break their gaze, Harry approached her and leant in, Hermione leant in too, but then the Hermione from the past screamed, ‘Harry!

Harry and Hermione spun around, Harry, Hermione and Ron were huddled together as the werewolf, Lupin, approached them.

‘Arwoo!’ howled Hermione, Harry grabbed her.

‘What are you doing?’

‘Saving our lives, Arwoo!’

The werewolf stopped approaching their past selves, instead it turned for them.

‘Oh great, it’s coming for us,’ said Harry.

 ‘Yeah, I didn’t think of that, run!’ Hand in hand, Harry and Hermione ran through the forest, they came to a large tree and hid behind it.

They heard a sniffing, the werewolf was near. Hermione pulled Harry further round the tree just as the werewolf peered round. Harry and Hermione gradually moved around the tree, but then the sniffing grew louder, they spun around, the werewolf was standing there.

Harry pulled Hermione towards him, wrapping his arms around her protectively, ‘Hermione,’ said Harry, ‘if we’re gonna die then I want you to know something, Mione, I really –,’

Buckbeak attacked the werewolf, in panic the werewolf run deeper into the forest.

 Hermione buried her head into Harry’s shoulder, ‘that was so scary,’ she whispered.

‘Thanks Buckbeak,’ said Harry, stroking Hermione’s hair as she clung to him, 'now for Sirius, Mione.'

Hermione lifted her head and looked into his eyes.

'Now for Sirius,' she whispered.

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Through The Years: Third year at Hogwarts


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