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Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas by Joanne K
Chapter 1 : A Fwooper in a Star Tree
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The First Day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love sent to me,
A Fwooper in a Star Tree.

“Bong joo-er, Olympe,” Hagrid greeted Olympe Maxime with a huge grin on his face.

“Bonjour ‘Agrid,” Olympe replied kissing Hagrid on both cheeks, “I am ‘onoured you could join me ‘ere at my ‘ome.”

Olympe took Hagrid’s arm and they walked together up the snow swept drive of her magnificent home. It was a white two-storey house with blue awnings. The roof was topped with a layer of snow, as were the branches of the cherry trees that lined the drive, giving the appearance that everything had been dusted with a layer of fine white sugar.

Olympe led Hagrid through the glass double doors that led inside her house and offered him a seat on one of the large blue sofas in the sitting room. Hagrid made himself comfortable and looked around the room. Everything was of giant proportions, well suited to Olympe’s half-giant figure. Hagrid noted that Olympe was a woman of fine tastes, her walls were line with exquisite antiquities and the couches were draped with fine silks.

“Thanks again for inviting me to yeh ‘ome fer Chris’mas,” Hagrid said, smiling like a school boy with a crush.”

“But of course,” Olympe replied, “Zair ees no one I would razzer spend Chreesmas with, zan you, ‘Agrid.”

Later that night, after Hagrid had settled comfortably into Olympe’s home and when the moon was hanging high in the sky, Hagrid took Olympe by the hand and led her outside.

“Where are you taking me, ‘Agrid?” Olympe asked, curiously.

“I ‘ave a surprise fer yeh,” Hagrid smiled.

Hagrid led Olympe into the pine forest behind her property, carrying a lantern to light their way.

Olympe gasped in astonishment as they reached a clearing in the middle of the forest.

“Ees zat a star tree?” she asked Hagrid, her eyes wide in surprise.

“I planted it this afternoon an’ fed it some quick-grow fertilizer,” Hagrid beamed proudly.

“C’est magnifique!” Olympe exclaimed stepping closer to admire its beauty.

The star tree stood three metres high and every branch was alight like the night sky, glittering and sparkling as though it were lit with a thousand stars.

“There’s more,” Hagrid said, leading Olympe closer to the sparkling tree.

Hagrid reached his arm between the diamond-like branches and pulled out a silver bird-cage. Inside the cage was a majestic looking bird with feathers of every imaginable colour. The bird cocked its head to the side in curiosity as Hagrid handed it to Olympe.

“Why ‘Agrid, ‘ow beautiful,” Olympe cooed, “What ees eet?”

“It’s called a Fwooper,” Hagrid said, pleased that his gift seemed to be impressing Olympe.

“But eesn’t the song of a Fwooper bird supposed to drive ze listener insane?” Olympe asked Hagrid, alarmed.

“It’s alrigh’,” Hagrid laughed, “I’ve put a silencing charm on it, so yeh don’ need to worry.”

Olympe relaxed again.

“Zis ees truly a wonderful gift you ‘ave given me ‘Agrid,” Olympe said.

Olympe placed the cage gently on the snowy ground and wrapped her arms around Hagrid in a warm embrace. Hagrid’s face turned bright red under the sparkling lights of the star tree.

“Tomorrow,” Hagrid thought to himself, “I will give Olympe her second gift, I just hope she likes it as much as this one.”

Olympe broke apart from Hagrid and together they walked hand-in-hand back to Olympe’s home, with Hagrid holding the lantern to light the way and Olympe holding the cage with her new Fwooper bird.

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Hagrid's Twelve Days of Christmas: A Fwooper in a Star Tree


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