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Identity Confusion by shadowkitty22
Chapter 7 : Library Adventures
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    "So I've finally found you," the stranger said into the emptiness surrounding him as he stared at the two women in front of the library. He watched silently as the brunette steadied the auburn beauty as she swayed. 'Seems like you've forgotten who you are. Well that certainly wasn't my intent when I saw you last but it could work to my advantage.' The stranger smirked as he lifted the hood of his grey jacket and followed the two females into the library to keep a better eye on Mikayla.

    He observed them in silence from a spot in the row behind their table, where he pushed some books aside. He noticed that they were piling various geneaology books on the table. He chuckled quietly. 'So you are trying to figure out who you are but you won't figure it all out here. Then again I don't want you to remember anything at all. Looks like you might need another dose of my specialized physical therapy. Hopefully the last round took care of the original problem.'

    Convinced that the duo wouldn't find anything of importance, he swept out of his row and left the library.


    Hours later, after not uncovering any new information and the only success was a large stack of books that they no longer needed to look through, Mikayla slammed her book shut and let out a frustrated sigh. She placed a hand over her stomach because she could feel her breakfast roiling due to her stress at not finding anything new and not regaining any lost memories. Mikayla stood up quickly to go to the bathroom because she had the feeling that her food was not going to be nice enough to stay down. But she only managed to make it a few steps before blacking out and falling to the floor.

    "Mikayla!" Hermione yelped and kneeled by her friend, gently slapping her cheeks and shaking her shoulders. "Wake up, Mikayla. Wake up. Come on, open your eyes." She looked frantically around her for some help and spotted a young boy sitting nearby and staring at them. "You, please go get me a cup of water." The little boy dashed to the water cooler and returned with a cup of water and handed it to her. "Thanks," she said as she unceremoniously tossed the water on her friend's face.

    Mikayla sputtered and groaned as her hand lifted to wipe the water off her face. Slowly opening her eyes and looking around she spotted her friend. "Hermione?" The brunette sighed in relief and gave a comforting smile. "Why am I on the floor?"

    "You fainted."


    "I don't know but I'm taking you to the doctor's office to get checked out just to be safe. So come on, up you go," Hermione said as she offered Mikayla her hand and helped hoist her to her feet. The pair then left the library, got in the car and drove to the nearest doctor's office.


    The doctor's office visit was a little difficult to deal with since Mikayla had to explain to the receptionist, a nurse and the doctor how she had very few memories of who she was and was therefore unable to answer any of the medical history questions. The doctor finally took pity on her and agreed to examine her and told her to wait in room seven after she peed in a cup.

    A few minutes later the doctor walked into the room. "Good afternoon, Ms.Montclaire. I'm Dr.Andrews. I know you explained your situation to me so I'm going to do my best to figure out what is wrong. We are going to do many different exams and I'm going to ask questions. If you don't know the answer just say so. Ok?" Mikayla nodded. "Good. Now what brings you in today?"

    "I fainted at the library."

    "Do you know what caused it? Were you feeling ill? Light headed? Was there a powerful odor that knocked you out possibly?"

    "I was feeling rather nauseous and I had gotten light headed earlier in the day right before we entered the library."

    "Have you felt faint or nauseous before today anytime recently?" Dr.Andrews asked.

    "For the last couple of weeks actually. But I've been trying to figure out who I am and I guess it's just stressing my body out."

    "Fair enough. Are you living with anyone at the moment?"

    Mikayla stared at the doctor in confusion. "I don't see how that is relevant to my situation, but yes I am living with someone right now."

    "Is everything alright at home?"

    "I'm afraid I don't understand."

    "Do you feel safe in your current living arrangement?"

    "Are you asking if Blaise beats me?" she asked incredulously.

    "To put it bluntly, yes."

    "Heavens no!" Mikayla exclaimed. "Blaise is a perfect gentleman and would never harm me."

    "Please calm down, Ms.Montclaire. It's just a question that I felt the need to ask given the lack of your history. I didn't mean to insinuate anything or upset you. I'm just trying to cover all the bases." Dr.Andrews stared at Mikayla to make sure she was ready to continue. "Now I'm going to bring the nurse in and have her draw some of your blood to run some tests and then I will return to begin your examination." Mikayla just nodded in silence as the doctor left.


    Three hours, many examinations and many more questions later and after much waiting, Dr.Andrews returned. "Well I have the results."

    "And?" she asked nervously.

    "You're anemic, which explains your bruises and lightheaded feeling. So I'm going to prescribe you some iron pills to help off set the anemia."

    "Ok but that doesn't explain my nauseau."

    Mikayla noticed Dr.Andrews take a deep breath before speaking. "Well given your memory loss, I'm not sure how to tell you this and I hope for your sake that this Blaise fellow is involved. Ms.Montclaire, you're four months pregnant."

    She fainted.

    After regaining consciousness for the second time that day, Mikayla was escorted to Hermione's car by the car owner and a nurse, just to make sure that she got there safely. The brunette drove her friend home in silence because she was still to shocked to speak.

    The whole way home Mikayla's thoughts were running on a single track. 'I'm pregnant and I don't know who the father is. My life just can't get any worse.'  When they arrived at Blaise's manor, she let herself be led into the house by Hermione and steered towards the couch. She was only slightly aware of hearing her friend say that she was going to go call Blaise. But she returned not to long after having been unable to get ahold of him through the floo upstairs.

    Hermione continued to try and get Mikayla to open up about what the doctor had told her but she remained silent, much to the brunette's chagrin. So she settled instead for reading a book out of Blaise's library. Given the original intent of the day, she selected the wizard geneaology book that Blaise had been reading awhile ago and discovered the gruesome past of the Montclaires. She also decided to stay silent since she was sure that Blaise would have come across this by now and most likely had his reasons for not telling Mikayla.  About fifteen minutes later, Hermione heard Blaise come home. "Mikayla, Hermione, I'm home. Where are you guys?" When he saw her bounding down the stairs he asked, "What's up?"

    "It's Mikayla," she started to speak but was interrupted by a torrent of questions.

    "What's wrong? What happened? Is she ok? Where is Mikayla?" he blurted out one right after the other.

    "Slow down, Blaise. I don't know what's wrong. We were at the library doing some more research and she fainted so I took her to the doctor in town. We had a hard time getting a doctor to see her given her lack of medical history knowledge. But she was finally seen and hours later the doctor gave her some news and Mikayla apparently fainted again. So I brought her home and she hasn't said a word. So I have no idea what's wrong but she's in the living room if you want to try and talk to her."

    "Of course," he said as he headed for the room in question. Blaise found Mikayla sitting on the couch with her knees tucked under her chin, her arms wrapped around her legs and gently rocking back and forth. "Mikayla," he said as he stepped into the room. He got no reaction and so he repeated her name as he stepped in front of her and squatted down to eye level. Blaise was stunned to see rivers of tears flowing down her cheeks. "Kayla love, what's wrong?" He reached out a hand and brushed away her tears with his thumb.

    Mikayla's body jerked at the touch and she looked at him. "Blaise?"

    "Yeah sweetie it's me. Tell me what's wrong."

    "Oh Blaise," she cried as her tears started anew.

    "Shh love. It's ok, I'm here. Just tell me what the doctor said," he coaxed.

    Mikayla surprised Blaise by launching herself into his arms and wrapping herself tightly around his body. She only relaxed when his arms went around her own body. Through her muffled cries against his neck, Blaise was able to make out her words as she said, "I'm pregnant."

A/N: So I would like to go ahead and mention that the introduction of the mystery man at the beginning is where my plot line completely ran away from me in a different direction and I of course felt compelled to follow it to see where it would take me. Luckily for me it all wound up back where I wanted it to in the end. It was just a different way of getting there.

Anyway, I always enjoying hearing what you guys are thinking about the story, who the mystery man is, about Mikayla and of course, Blaise's big surprise upon coming home.


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Identity Confusion: Library Adventures


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