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Identity Confusion by shadowkitty22
Chapter 6 : Draco's Girlfriend
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    About forty five minutes later, Mikayla heard a knocking noise that was so loud, it sounded as if it had reverberated off all of the walls at once. Her immediate thought was, 'It must be some sort of magic.' But after thinking her thoughts she just chuckled and stretched her body in the bed before getting out of it. 'That's just silly because there's no such thing as magic. I'll have to tell Blaise that reading all those books in his library is starting to rub off on me. Speaking of Blaise,' she thought as she noticed the note on the pillow next to her. Mikayla grabbed it as the loud knocking noise was heard throughout the house again. 'Guess I better get that,' and so she set off downstairs to the front door with the note in her hand.

    When she got closer to the door, whoever was on the other side knocked for a third time. Luckily for Mikayla, this knock sounded much more normal instead of the great booming noise that had woken her up in the bedroom upstairs. Putting on a friendly smile she opened the door and stared at the brunette woman with the slightly frizzy hair due to the drizzle outside. "Yes, may I help you?"

    "Hi, I'm Hermione Granger," the woman said cheerily.

    "Ok," Mikayla said, still confused. She noticed Hermione's smile slip a little at this response.

    "Didn't Blaise leave a note for you saying that I was coming over?"

    Suddenly remembering the piece of paper she found this morning, Mikayla looked at the note in her hand and read:


    I'm sorry that I had to leave before you woke up. I know a lot happened yesterday and I didn't think that you would want to be alone, so I took the liberty of asking Hermione to come over and keep you company. She's Draco's girlfriend, if you remember him from a while back.

    I hope you don't mind but I also told her about your memory loss and what you have managed to remember so far. I'll see you when I get home. Have a good day!


After finishing the note, Mikayla looked back up at the woman on the doorstep. "Please come in," and she stepped back, opened the door wider and ushered Hermione inside.

    "Thank you," Hermione said as she took off her coat and hung it on the coat tree by the door.

    "Well I just woke up and haven't eaten yet. Would you like some breakfast?"

    "No, I've already eaten but thank you," she replied politely.

    "Alright, well then I'm going to go change real quick since I fell asleep in this last night. Make yourself comfortable." Mikayla then disappeared up the stairs as Hermione went to the living room. Fifteen minutes later, she reappeared, freshly showered and changed and went into the kitchen to make a quick breakfast before joining Hermione in the living room.

    They sat in silence while Mikayla ate her food. "So how long have you known Blaise?"

    "Oh I'd say it's been about 16 years now that I've known of him since we went to school together, along with my boyfriend, Draco. But I've really only gotten to know him in the last three years that I've been dating Draco."

    "So you weren't friends with him in school?"

    "Definitely not," Hermione replied with a chuckle.

    "How come?"

    "Well we went to a boarding school and all the students were divided into four houses. It just so happened that Blaise and Draco were in the same house and there had been a long standing rivalry between their house and mine. So we never got the chance to get to know each other but from what I remember, the younger Blaise was an entirely different guy from the Blaise of today. He's matured a lot since school and has become kinder," Hermione said.

    "So how did you and Draco get together?"

    The brunette chuckled. "Draco and I had a rough start due to our," she paused to think of the proper words, "unpleasant past. We had quite a few grievances and scars to make up for. But we happened upon each other at a coffee shop one day about four years ago. Things were instantly akward and then he apologized. I wasn't sure what for until he said for everything; for the here and now and the way back when.

    "He asked if we could talk and I agreed. So we bought our coffees and sat down to talk but we stayed silent for awhile just trying to get used to the idea of being near one another without insulting each other. We eventually started talking about trivial things like the weather, our jobs and the physical differences that we noticed. Gradually our conversation turned to our school days and we talked for a few hours.

    "When it came time for me to leave, he asked if we could talk again the next week, same time and place. I'm still to this day not sure what made me say yes, but I'm glad I did. So we met the next week and talked over coffee again and he asked me to come again the week after. This continued for many weeks and we eventually got to the point where we knew what the other was going to order, so if one of us got there early then we would order both drinks. Towards the end of our coffee shop rendevous, Draco would always try and beat me there so he could pay for my coffee. This became almost like a game for him.

    "Then after a few months of just coffee shop meetings, we had managed to form a pretty solid friendship from working through our troubled past. Draco and I started to do other things that friends do like watching movies, shopping, taking walks or just hanging out." Hermione smiled fondly at the memories.

    "So what made things change between the two of you that you started dating?"

    "He introduced me to Blaise."

    "Blaise?" Mikayla asked with puzzlement etched across her face.

    "Yes. The thing you have to understand is that Draco and Blaise have been best mates since early childhood. So for Draco, introducing a girl to Blaise is almost like seeking parental approval. Except for it's more important because your best mate is there for you when you and your significant other break up. So therefore is was very important to Draco that Blaise and I get along. The three of us started hanging out together and Draco got to see firsthand that Blaise and I could be not only civil but friendly towards one another as well once we got to know each other.

    "Then one night, when we were all hanging out and watching a movie at Draco's place, everything changed. We were watching some romantic comedy that I had forced the guys into watching since they had made me watch so many action, suspense and thriller movies. I figured it was time for some payback." Hermione giggled and Mikayla joined her at the thought of Blaise watching some romantic comedy. "We were all sitting on the couch and Blaise had gotten up to go and get something from the kitchen. When he was gone, Draco leaned over and kissed me. I was surprised to say the least. It was a wonderful kiss but I panicked. I quickly broke off the kiss and mumbled some lame excuse about having to wash my hair and I bolted." She shook her head in shame at the embarassing memory.

    "Why did you panic from a kiss? Did you not want to be in a relationship with him?" Mikayla enquired.

    "Oh no, it wasn't that. Although at the time I was very confused because I didn't know what I wanted. All I knew was that I had already tried getting into a romantic relationship with one of my best mates from school, Ron Weasley, and that was a disatorous and volatile few months that unfortunately changed our friendship. I was more worried about getting into a situation like that with Draco and so that's why I ran. I of course felt bad for just leaving him like that with no explanation for my actions. I'm sure he felt horrible and hurt that he had put himself out on the line like that only to think that I had rejected him. We didn't talk for a few days after that because I was too scared to face him."

    "So what happened?"

    "Well about a week later, we both wound up in our coffee shop at the same time even though we hadn't planned it. He told me that he was sorry for kissing me since it didn't seem to be what I wanted. But then he went on to explain that over time his feelings for me had changed and that he cared about me as more than just a friend now. He told me that he was hoping that I had felt the same way for him and that is why he had kissed me. I was speechless because I still didn't know what to make of my feelings and my experience with the situation. Draco then handed me a box that had a charm bracelet in it with four bumblebee charms. He told me that each of them represented a phase in our history; our school day fights, working through our problems, our friendship and our future; and that combined they formed a message.

    "Of course just by looking at them I couldn't see the message. He just gave me a kiss on my forehead as he got up to leave the coffee shop and told me to use my brain and figure it out and then come see me once I had. When I took the charms out of the box, I flipped them over and noticed that each one was engraved with a separate letter; E, M, N, I. Still puzzled over what the letters could stand for, I gathered my belongings and went home to figure it out. Despite my supposed cleverness it took me quite sometime to come up with two possibilities. But by the time I had come down to those three answers, I had found my ultimate answer. I placed all the charms back into the box and took it with me to Draco's house.

    "When I got to his house he asked me if I had figured it out. I told him that I had come up with two answers. I opened the box and took out the charms and placed them in the order I wanted with the bees facing upright. I told him the first answer, as I flipped the charms over so that the letters were facing upright, I had come up with was "Bee M.E.I.N." and that it just didn't make sense logically speaking. I then moved the charms around so that they now displayed "Bee I.N.M.E." I told Draco that this answer just didn't seem right because it somehow just didn't seem physically possibly for me to be in him. He laughed at my brazenness. I then rearranged the charms on the table until the phrase was "Bee M.I.N.E." When I looked at him, I knew that my conclusion was correct because there was a look of hope in his eyes. So I attached all of the charms to the bracelet in that order and put it on before I kissed him. And as corny as it sounds, we have been together ever since."

    "You're right, that is really corny but also incredibly sweet at the same time," Mikayla gushed. "I hope I find a guy like that someday."

    "I'm sure you'll find your Prince Charming sooner or later." Hermione looked at her watch and saw that it was around 11 am. "So what would you like to do today?"

    "Well, Blaise and I have been going to the library in town a lot recently, doing research into my background to try and figure out who I am and about my family. Would you like to help?" she asked not getting her hopes up.

    "Are you kidding? I would love to help you. I'm brilliant when it comes to research. It's like an addiction of mine and I don't know when to stop and someone usually has to drag me away from books," Hermione said excitedly at the thought of a new research project.

    "Excellent. Thank you. You have no idea how much this means to me. Well, shall we go?"


    So the two women left the manor and rode in Hermione's car to the town library. "It's so nice that you have a car. Blaise and I have been walking every time we go to town."

    "Yes well I do work a little far from home and not anywhere near a carpool," Hermione replied. 'But it's really just for appearances sake since I work with Muggles on a regular basis and can't be seen just popping in and out of thin air all the time.' The brunette turned the car into a parking spot in front of the library and turned off the car. "Well, we're here."

    They got out of the car and Hermione started walking before she noticed that Mikayla wasn't following her. She turned around and saw the other woman swaying on her feet and then get a death grip on the still open car door. She quickly rushed over to her friend and grabbed her on the shoulders to steady her. "Are you ok?"

    "I'm fine. I guess I just stood up too quickly. I'm good now though, we can go inside," Mikayla assured her. "I'm ready to find out more about who I am."

    The two women walked into the building, unaware of the mysterious black haired blue eyed man observing them from the shadows.

A/N: Well there you go, all you Dramione lovers. You now know who Draco's girlfriend is and a little background on their relationship and how they came to be. I hope that you enjoyed it. Anyway, leave me a review with any questions, comments or thoughts that you might have and I would be more than happy to respond.


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