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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime by ladybobcat54
Chapter 5 : Christmas
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A week later David was back at Shell Cottage with his sisters. Once David put his things in his room he heard his sister’s voices on the other side of the wall. He quickly ran to the door and crouched down next to the door and pressed his ear to it.


"So, you gonna go out with Teddy any time soon?" Veronica asked.


"Yep, tomorrow night," Victorie said happily.


David felt someone grab him by the scruff of the neck. He turned his head to see his father, Bill, had caught him eaves dropping. He struggled for a moment before giving into his fathers glare.


 "What, may I ask, are you doing?" Bill asked.


"I was just, oh the heck with it just start yelling," David Said hopelessly.


Bill led him downstairs still holding him by the shirt. Fleur looked up questioningly and Bill quickly told her what was going on. His mother rolled her eyes and went into the kitchen. David sat on the couch and sat through a lecture from his father. Although it was cut short when there was a knock on the door. Bill opened the door and revealed Teddy Lupin standing in the doorway.


Fleur came in and asked what Teddy was doing there. Teddy explained how he had to pick something up from Bill, and he kind of wanted to see Victoire. And mere seconds after he said that Victorie came running downstairs screamed and threw her arms around her boyfriend’s neck.


David seized his opportunity to escape and snuck upstairs. He walked into Victorie and Veronica’s room and ducked under the clothes and pulled himself onto one of the shelves behind them. He heard the door open moments later, and his sisters came it. Next thing he knew the closet door was opening, and saw Victorie push the clothes off to the side. He got up and ran out of the room into his.


David slumped down onto his bed in his extremely small and cramped bedroom his sisters wasn’t the biggest room ever either, but it wasn’t as cramped as his and there were two people living in it. His room had a small closet, a twin bed and a desk. It was also extremely cluttered, which didn’t help his space problem.


He carefully stepped over some of the junk on his floor and threw himself onto his bed. As soon as he was comfortable on his bed and had shifted the things on it so that he wasn’t lying on anything but blankets. He heard his father’s voice ring upstairs.


“Victorie, Veronica, David, dinner!”


David groaned and made his way across the room and than sprinted downstairs. He sat down with his father sat the table, and a moment later his sisters came down. They sat down next to him and his mother came in levitating dinner in front of her. After a few minutes their mother spoke.


"Your Aunt Gabrielle is coming tomorrow night," Fleur said. David froze with his fork halfway to his mouth.


"Mum, I'm going out with Teddy tomorrow night, I still can, right!?" Victorie asked urgently.


"I suppose so, if your father thinks its ok," Fleur said, looking at her husband.


"I don't see why not," Bill said.

When David got up the next morning he went downstairs, and got some breakfast. Veronica was soon down and when he asked where Victorie was she explained how their sister was getting ready for her date that night. When he was done eating he spent his morning wandering around the house bored.


Lunch finally came giving him something to do. This was going fine until Victorie came down wearing sweatpants, a robe, and something green on her face. He acted on his first instinct.


"What's wrong with you, and do you have a craving for human flesh?" David yelled, and he was clearly terrified.


"It's a face mask, and do I have a what for what?" Victorie said confused.


His sister finished lunch and the next time he saw her was when Teddy finally arrived. David watched them leave with the feeling that something just had to go wrong tonight. He didn’t have much time to consider this when Gabrielle arrived minutes later. When she saw David she treated him like he was three years old! It took all of his self-restraint to keep himself from running outside and jumping off the cliffs into the ocean.


David found an excuse to go to his room when he got there he searched it. Finally he found what he was looking for. An enchanted mirror. He brushed the dust off trying to remember the last time he’d used it. When he got it clean he spoke into it.


“Alyssa?” David said praying she’d hear him. She appeared within minutes.


“David!” She cried out happily.


“Help me!” He said anxiously.


“Why? Did you annoy your sisters to the point you had to start digging your grave again?!” Alyssa asked.


“No worse!” He said, “My Aunt Gabrielle’s here for dinner!”


“She came all the way from France just to have dinner?” Alyssa asked rolling her eyes.


“I know, stupid bag!” David said annoyed, “And to make it worse, Victoire’s out with Teddy ‘till eleven!” 


A voice rang from downstairs letting David know it was time for dinner. “I’ve gotta go!”


David dropped the mirror and ran downstairs. He saw the rest of his family sitting at the table and took his seat between Veronica and Gabrielle. Gabrielle licked her finger and began trying to fix some stray hairs David had let hang in his face just to annoy her. He leaned back trying to avoid her. She grabbed him and held him still so that she could fix his hair.


David finished eating and ran upstairs and got some floo powder he crept down the stairs and saw that everyone was in the kitchen he crept over to the fireplace and stepped into the fire.


“Weedle Beach!” He said desperately.


The green fire engulfed him and he fell out of the fireplace in Alyssa’s house. David stood up and brushed some of the soot off him and looked around. He was in the living room and saw two doors and an archway thing. Seconds later Lorena Weedle came in from the kitchen.


“Oh, David how wonderful to see you!” Lorena said cheerfully.


“Hello Mrs. Weedle. Bad time?” David asked.


“No, Alyssa’s in her room just go upstairs and it’s the only door.” She explained.


David nodded and went upstairs and into Alyssa’s room. The whole upper floor was one room, with the exception of one small bathroom. This entire floor was devoted to Alyssa’s bedroom. Most of the things in this room were green or teal if you prefer. There was a small sitting area, a desk, a closet, and a large bed where Alyssa was sitting with a magazine open on her knees. She looked up and almost screamed.


Alyssa jumped up from her bed and threw her arms around his neck. He hugged her back. They let go and Alyssa looked at him with a questioning look on her face. They walked over and sat on the couch, when Alyssa spoke.


“So, what brings you here?” She asked, “I thought your aunt came for dinner.”


“That’s why. She was driving me mad.” David explained, “I probably shouldn’t stay to long otherwise my parents might notice I’m gone.”


“You didn’t tell them?!” Alyssa said raising her eyebrows.


“Well, if I did they would have said no.” He said rolling his eyes as if it should’ve been obvious.


“Did she fix your hair with spit, didn’t she?” She said smiling as his pain.


“Yeah, and she treated me like I was three again.” David said agitated.


“Was it like ‘David! You’re getting so big! Oh yes you are! Oh yes you are!’” Alyssa said in a high pitched voice.


“Yeah, that and worse!” David almost shouted.


“I’m sorry.” Alyssa said patting his shoulder, “Look, let’s change the subject.”


“Please.” He said.


“It’s probably not much better, but it’s something you need to know.” She said choosing her words carefully and David nodded.


Before Alyssa could continue they heard Lorena’s voice ring from downstairs. The two went downstairs and went into the kitchen where they found Lorena and Alyssa’s younger brother and sister, Kelly and Keaton. They were twin two year olds.


“I’ve got to get ready for work; can you two feed the twins?” Lorena asked.


“Sure Mom.” Alyssa said and walked over to the counter and David followed.


Lorena left and David and Alyssa got some food for the twins. They walked over to Keaton and Kelly who were in their highchairs. David sat down in front of Keaton and attempted to feed him as Alyssa was Kelly. Keaton, however, kept his mouth shut, unlike his sister. She was letting Alyssa feed her. David looked pleadingly at her.


“Oh, sorry David,” Alyssa said and she stood up, “I forgot, Keaton doesn’t like it when strangers feed him.”


“He knows me.” David said exasperated.


“Not well enough,” Alyssa explained, “Here, feed Kelly. She’ll eat if she knows who you are.” She turned to her baby sister, “Kelly, can you tell me who this is?”


“Dabid!” Kelly said happily.


“Is it okay if he feeds you?” She asked and Kelly nodded.


The two stood up and switched spots. Kelly was much more obligated to let him feed her, and Keaton opened his mouth for his sister.


“Yeah, Kelly loves you.” Alyssa said smiling.


“You’re exaggerating.” David said.


“No, I’m dead serious, you should hear her every time I come home for break,” Alyssa explained, and put on an imitation of her sister, “Awyssa, where’s Dabid?!”


David smiled and went on feeding Kelly. When they were done, David looked at the clock and decided to go home. She bayed him goodbye and Kelly waved. He walked over to the fireplace and flooed to Shell Cottage. David got up quickly and saw that the room was empty. David brushed the ashes off him and went upstairs.


It was almost eleven, so Victorie would be home soon. David opened the girl’s door carefully, and saw that it was empty. He ran over to Victorie’s bed, and squeezed himself under it. Moments later Veronica came in. The room was silent for what felt like hours, even though it probably wasn’t even forty-five minutes.


Finally the sound of the door greeted his ears. Next thing he heard was the sound of a shriek. David stuck his head out from under the bed and saw that Victoire was covered in blood. Veronica looked horrified at the sight of their sister.


“Wow!” David said, and on that note he got out from under the bed and left the room.


He ran into his room, and pressed his ear against the wall and listened hard. His eyes traveled to the floor where he saw an extendable ear from his Uncle Georges shop. David bent down and picked it up off of the floor. He stood on his desk and stuck one end in to the vent and the other in his ear. Now David could hear his sisters as if they were in the room with him.


"What happened?" Veronica pressed her sister.


"Oh, the blood, I splinched," Victorie explained, "And, Teddy said..."


"Teddy said what?" Veronica pressed on.


"Teddy said he loved me," Victorie said.


"No way," Veronica said in disbelief, "What did you say!"


"I said that I loved him, too," Victorie said.


"Oh my..." Veronica said, and there was the sound of her clapping her hands to her mouth.


"Yeah," Victorie said dreamily, as the sound of the door opening greeted his ears.


David was lying on his bed for about an hour when he heard the faint sound of the door in his sister’s room. He picked up the extendable ear and replaced it in the vent as Veronica spoke again.



"So, when did Teddy tell you?" Veronica asked.


"When we were at the hospital," Victorie said.


"Why there?" Veronica asked.


"I think he was going to at the park, but I got splinched, so that changed everything," Victorie explained.


They than heard footsteps in the hallway, and than he heard Bill walked in.


"How's your hand?" He asked, staring at her right hand.


"It's fine," Victorie said, "Still a little sore though,"


"You're a tough kid, Victorie," Bill said, patting his daughter on the shoulder.


David went to bed after this and awoke on Christmas morning. He got up and sprinted downstairs. Bill and Fleur were already there and before he could say anything they told him that he had to wait until his sisters got up. At that he ran back upstairs into Victorie and Veronica’s room.


David ran to Victoire and began to shake her awake. Finally he saw that she was awake. Now it was time to wake Veronica. This was more difficult as she hit him several times. Finally he managed to get her up.


“Common you two! I’m not going to wait forever and if you don’t get up I’ll have to stay in here and annoy you ‘till the point that you jump in the ocean!” David yelled.


The two finally got up and followed him downstairs. When they got there they all attacked their own stack of gifts.


A/N: So, what did you think? Next chapter David and Alyssa might have some troubles! Review!

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