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Welcome To The Dark Side by bb_bigsis
Chapter 13 : Mission, Meeting, and Branded
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I woke up and stretched lazily in Draco’s arms. I loved waking up to his strong arms wrapped securely around my body. The feeling was wonderful. After several moments, I opened my eyes and gazed over to the clock. Finding that we had ten minutes until our meeting, I jumped out of bed while yelling at Draco. “Dray! Get your ass up! We have ten minutes!”


I ran butt naked into the bathroom and turned on a hot shower as I heard Draco groan in response. I cursed myself for not setting the alarm as I washed up quickly.


I laced my last boot on my foot just as the clock stuck 10. Nodding at Draco, I grabbed my daggers and sword and gripped my necklace pendent tightly. “Portus,” I muttered as I felt the familiar feeling of being pulled by my navel. Landing with a thud, I bowed in front of the Dark Lord as Draco appeared next to me.


“Raise my servants and walk with me.” Voldemort said as he turned and began to walk through the head stones. I stood and walked on his left as Draco walked on his right. We had arrived in a graveyard; I realized it was the same one that Harry and Cedric were sent to in our fourth year. I began to wonder what we were doing here when the Dark Lord spoke again.


“It seems Dumbledore has been sticking his nose in business that is not his.” Draco and I nodded and I couldn’t help but smirk. “Well Ms. Granger, your predicament is an easy one to fix.”


I looked up to him as he pulled a vial out of his robes and handed it to me. “Take two drops of this potion before your appointment. It will neutralize the contraception potion.”


I nodded and took two drops from the bottle. After I had safely tucked it away in my skirt, I responded, “Thank you my Lord.”


“You may be wondering how come I summoned you both here when I could have just owled that to you.” I raised a brow and listened to him carefully, “Well, I have a mission for you both. We have found a way into the Order’s headquarters.”


I froze in my steps and gapped at him. Draco also had a look of surprise on his face. Yes, I knew where the head quarters were and could easily enter them. However, we wanted to find a way to get reinforcements before an attack was initiated.


The Dark Lord nodded at us both and motioned for us to keep walking. “I have finally figured out where they are by your memories Ms. Granger. The one of Mrs. Black yelling held the final clue. Draco, as the youngest Black family member, has natural right to the Black Manor. Old magic that over comes Dumbledore’s spell. Therefore, Draco may enter the manor at his leisure.” He smirked and halted.


I realized that we were now standing on the street that Black Manor was located. Voldemort had somehow transported us here.


“Your mission is to enter the headquarters and eliminate anyone located inside. Once you are finished, take the flu back to your dorms. Have fun.” I heard him chuckled as the pop of him apparating sounded besides me.





Draco and I stood at the back door of the Order’s headquarters. I listened carefully at the door and found that it was deserted beyond it. Opening it carefully, we both slinked inside unnoticed. Memories flooded my mind as we sneaked across the kitchen towards the dinning area. Mrs. Weasley cooking up a storm, Kreatcher running off with this or that, us kids trying to sneak into the Order meetings. I shook them out of my head quickly and positioned myself at the dinning room door, leading to the living room.


Draco flattened himself against the wall as we could hear voices coming from beyond the door. ‘This should be fun.’ I thought to myself as I gave Draco a nod. Enough of the sneaking around, I was ready for a fight.


With my wand gripped tightly in my hand, I slid through the door and spotted the owner of the voice. My heart tightened as the adrenaline shot through my body. Bending over the fire was Nymphadora Tonks, one of the Aurours present the night my parents were murdered. I raised my wand slowly and aimed for her heart as she obliviously talked.


“Well tell Harry that I will be by tomorrow for his Animagus training.” Tonks spoke into the flames.


“Will do,” Lupin’s voice echoed from the other end.


A smirked crawled across my face as I realized that the wolf would now know how I felt. It was common knowledge that those two had a thing for each other.


“Avada…” I yelled as Lupin’s body soared through the flames and tackled Tonks to the ground. “Kedevara,” I finished and watched the green bolt collide with the fireplace. I cursed under my breath and instantly rolled behind the sofa as Draco ducked behind the corner.


“So the old wolf can still move!” I yelled over my shoulder as I began to inch my way over to them.


“Hermione! It doesn’t have to be this way.” Lupin’s voice responded, trying to cover someone’s movement. I shook my head as Draco crouched besides me.


“We will come another time.” He hissed into my ear.


“No,” I turned to him with cold and angry eyes, “She was one of them!” I rose and fired a cutting spell as Tonks dove into the fire, saying Hogwarts.


I cursed again and turned my attention to Lupin. “It does have to be this way wolf! It eases the pain slightly.”


I watched him stand slowly with his wand above his head, “I invoke parlime.” He said and placed his wand on the table.


Draco cursed besides me and stood up as well. Going over to the fire place, he put a lock on it so no one could enter. “What do you know about parlime?” Draco asked in an angered tone.


“It allows a witch or wizard safe passage to the leader of a group.” Lupin answered casually. “In this case, you and Ms. Granger will have to bring me to He-who-must-not-be-named safely.”


I narrowed my eyes and grabbed his wand from the table. “Fine wolf, we will take you to the Dark Lord. But your safety won’t be guaranteed once you are in his presence.”


He nodded as Draco took hold of his hand and placed it on his necklace. We both muttered portus and quickly landed in the study of Malfoy Manor. Voldemort and Lusiocous were talking as Draco threw Lupin to the ground and we both kneeled.


“We are sorry my Lord, but this wolf pleaded parlime.” I said as I keep my head bowed. Lupin had gotten to his feet and did a brief bow before standing straight.


Voldemort ignored him for the moment as he talked to Draco and I, “You two are forgiven. How did your mission proceed?”


“We found Tonks in the house talking to the wolf.” Draco answered, “When we went to dispose of her, he jumped out and saved her. She escaped through the flames towards Hogwarts.”


“Well my theory was correct then.” Voldemort sneered before turning his attention to Lupin. “Remus Lupin, professor and werewolf. Best friend to the Potters and Sirius Black, both betrayed by your third best friend Peter Pettigrew. To what do I deserve this pleasure?”


Draco and I both got up and stood next to Luscious. He was smirking at the scene as I watched Lupin’s fist clench at his sides in attempt to control his temper.


“I want to offer a bargain for you.” Lupin’s voice remained calm, “I hear that you wouldn’t mind another werewolf on your side.”


My eyes widened in astonishment at what he was hinting at. Tinkle-eye’s pet wolf, surrogate god-father to Potter, was hinting at switching sides? I watch the Dark Lord nod and cross his arms.


“You heard correctly. What do you want in return for you service?”


“An unbreakable vow that Nymphadora Tonks will not, in anyway, be harmed by you or any of your servants.” Lupin responded.


I just about jumped out in protest, but Draco’s steady hand on my shoulder held me back. “My Lord, I protest against this bargain.” I said instead of yelling.


The Dark Lord turned to me with a raised brow, “Ms. Granger? May I ask why you choose to speak up?”


“She was one of them!” I countered, “Tonks was one of the Aurours that night. I want my revenge!”


The wolf looked strangely at me, “What has Tonks done to reward your revenge?”


I felt like jumping him and cutting his throat. My hand even twitched closer to my dagger. However, the Dark Lord held me back with a stern look. Instead, I hung my head and stepped back into the shadows.


“Murder,” Draco answered for me, “Her and some other of your Order Lackeys murdered her parents in cold blood. That is what opened her eyes to the true side.” He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me protectively.


Voldemort smirked at the scene before turning back to Lupine. “Your service alone is not enough to cover my best servant’s pain. What else do you have to offer?”


I could see the astonished and pained look in Lupin’s eyes as the truth was uncovered. “Who ordered the attack on the Grangers?” He looked at me as he talked.


This time Luscious stepped up to the plate, “Sources from the Ministry reveal that it was Dumbledore himself. They seemed to believe the Grangers were spying. No trail, rather amusing.”


Lupin hung his head and took a deep breath, “Forget the bargain. I now come to you and offer my services as a spy.” He looked at me, “And Hermione, next time you can do as you choose with Tonks.”


He rolled up his sleeve and offered his arm to Voldemort. Kneeling down on one leg with his head hung, “I am yours to command My Lord.”


He didn’t make a sound as Voldemort laughed and branded him.

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Welcome To The Dark Side: Mission, Meeting, and Branded


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