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Pursuit. by sweetredrose
Chapter 1 : Chapter One - Oscar A. Klein.
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As much as I longed to enter the warm confines of the Castle, my desperation for him to pass by was almost unexplainable. I slowed my footsteps until I was walking at snail-pace, yet he still didn’t overtake me. I felt warily self-conscious. He could see me, yet I couldn’t see him. I could hear his footfalls in perfect synchrony with my own, as we strolled no more than ten feet apart, towards the big, oak front doors. I willed for him to speed up, but he never did.

I felt raindrops beating down upon my neck. Looking up, I found myself face-to-face with none other than James Potter, the son of the famous Harry Potter. I smiled weakly at the boy. James and I were in the same Muggle Studies class, and he spoke to me every so often. In any other situation, he would have overlooked me, however none of his usual crowd took Muggle Studies. I was the only Ravenclaw in the class, besides himself, so he took it upon himself to talk to me, as he didn’t know any of the other student’s names.

“How’s it going, Oscar?” He asked, throwing his arm around me as we continued to walk, side by side, up the path. I was still aware of the boy behind us, and I wondered whether he was watching James and I.

“Hello James,” I smiled.

“What’re you doing, out here by yourself?” James asked.

“I was just going inside.” I mumbled in response. Was the boy behind listening to our exchange?

We walked in silent for a minute or two, until we reached the Castle. James withdrew his arm from around my shoulders. He was probably afraid we’d bump into one of his popular friends. How would he explain having his arm around a nerd?

As we dragged the doors open, James turned to me.

“How come you never talk, Oscar?” He asked, “I’m sure you used to talk loads, back in First Year...”

“No, I –”

“Or was that me?” He pondered.

“Yeah, probably.” I murmured, glancing around as I stumbled through the door. The boy was still there. He looked disinterested – maybe he wasn’t listening to our conversation. Maybe he didn’t think I was a total nerd who never spoke to anyone…

“Yeah, I never changed,” James continued, “I’m always talking, I am. Mum says it’s one of my finer qualities, but dad just reckons I need to deflate my ego.”

I forced a smile to my face, not knowing what to say.

“You changed though. You used to be happy.”

At those words, my head jerked up in shock.

“But I am hap—”

“OI, JAMES!” A voice called. James spun around on hearing the voice of his best friend, Hayden Oakes.

“S’later Ozzy!” He called, as he sped towards a group of his closest friends. I watched as they exchanged high-fives, wishing I were one of James Potter’s best friends. He was so popular, with a huge amount of friends, whereas I was so boring… my only friend being my younger sister, Cordula.

As I turned to walk up the golden staircase, I realised that the boy who had been following James and I had disappeared. I wondered what his name was. I wondered which house he was in, what year he was in, who his friends were… anything.

And I longed to be friends with this boy far more than I longed to be friends with James Potter. This boy, with the dark hair and bright, piercing blue eyes that were opals set into his pale, flawless face… When I saw him, I felt a tremendous urge to call out his name. To grab him by the wrist. To swing him round and stare deeply into his beautiful eyes, until he whispered my name and it floated from his perfect lips into the warm breeze.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not sexually attracted to this boy. I don't swing that way. The problem was that, every time I saw him… I felt drawn to him. I felt a connection. I wanted to get to know him better. I needed to get to know him better. He was just so mysterious. I wanted desperately to unwrap his outer layers and delve into his core. However, I was plainly over reacting; I was lonely. I craved friends, and he stood out to me as someone I might one day class as my friend. But deep inside, I knew that was not likely. The boy probably didn’t realise I existed.

I pushed open the dormitory door and, without bothering to glance around, threw myself onto my bed. I landed softly on my back. Sweeping my dark blonde hair from my eyes, I shoved my hand under my pillow and dragged out a battered, purple and gold book. I rolled over, onto my stomach, picked up my quill from the bedside table, and opened the book. I flipped feverishly through the torn, yellowing pages, until I reached a blank. I pressed the tip of my quill to the parchment and wrote the date in tall, loopy letters.

September 22,

Today I decided that friendship is my new priority – it is far more important than schoolwork, exams, and jobs. For example, imagine I got a job at the Ministry of Magic as an Unspeakable {it’d fit my character well, I’d say}. My parents wouldn’t approve, of course, since they are determined to remove any recollection of magic from my memory, and turn me into a muggle doctor. So I wouldn’t be able to celebrate with them. My sister would disapprove also, since she absolutely despises the Ministry. Who else would I have to celebrate my victory with? No one. Because I have no friends. Therefore, it is now my time to seriously work at gaining new friends. Firstly, I shall have to work on my confidence – how am I supposed to interact with people when I can’t even speak to my own grandmother without going all clammy? I shall write back with more updates soon.

Yours faithfully,
Oscar A. Klein.

“Writing in your diary again, Adalia?” A smug voice called from the bed in the corner. I hadn’t realised Christopher was in the room. Had he been here all this time? I sincerely hoped not. Christopher Nott was the most unpleasant boy in our dormitory. He always took it upon himself to insult me, and he always addressed me by my middle name, Adalia, insisting it was a girls name.

“My name’s Oscar,” I frowned, “It’s not a diary…”

“Whatever, Addie.” He flipped me off. I placed a secrecy charm upon my journal and gently returned it to it’s home under my pillow.

“Saw you with James outside,” Christopher commented casually, “What were you doing – trying to persuade him to join your protest against the protection of Goblins? They can take care of themselves fine, you know.”

“I don’t have a –”

“Oh, shut up, for Merlin’s sake! I’m fed up of hearing your voice.”

I left the room angrily, slamming the heavy door behind me, before slowly proceeding down the narrow staircase, and silently entering the Common Room.

It was crowded, as usual. Not really my scene. I enviously watched James and his friends for a moment, before I suddenly felt a pair of eyes upon me.

I swivelled around, scanning the room. I did not catch the eyes at first, and had to take a second glance at every single person in the room. I could still feel someone’s gaze upon me, as I slid easily past bunches of twittering girls and gangs of roaring boys.

Finally, I found the eyes. It was him. Excitement boiled in the pit of my stomach, as I stopped a short distance away and watched as a secret smile played upon the corners of his mouth.

I’d never seen him in the Common Room before. I wasn’t even entirely sure he was in Ravenclaw. I glanced at his robes – they were green. That must mean… he was a Slytherin? Then what was he doing in the Ravenclaw Common Room?

Suddenly, he broke eye contact, and I felt as if our connection had broken. I panicked slightly as he stood up and turned to leave.

“N-No.” I muttered, pushing past a small huddle of First Years as he climbed gracefully out of the Portrait Hole.

I followed, wrenching it open and tumbling out onto the glistening corridor, just in time to spot his robes whipping around the corner at the far end of the corridor.

I sprinted after him, skidding as I rounded the corner. I halted, panting, and glanced around the long corridor. The Slytherin boy was nowhere to be seen. How could he have disappeared so quickly? Even if he was running, like I was, he can’t have gone that fast. I took another look around the corridor, expecting a secret door to suddenly appear in the wall, but nothing happened. He was gone.

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Pursuit.: Chapter One - Oscar A. Klein.


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