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Identity Confusion by shadowkitty22
Chapter 5 : Uncovering the Past
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A/N: So apparently there was a little confusion with my last author's note, so I will clear it up for ya'll. This is not the last chapter. I was just saying that I only had one more chapter to write before the story was complete on my end. This is only chapter five and ya'll are only 1/6 of the way through it. So there is still plenty more to come.

And another thing, for all of ya'll out there who are reading it for the pairings, please remember that this is a Blaise/OC pairing story. All other pairings are minor but do get their moments to shine. In fact, that is the reason that I am posting this chapter so soon after the last one, because I finally finished writing the story and the chapter I finished is probably one of the most sappiest things I have ever written and it involves the secondary couple. It was written just to make the rest of ya'll happy.

Anyway, I don't own any of the things that you have come to know and love over the years thanks to JKR. I just own all of the stuff you are just coming to know and hopefully like. Enjoy the chapter and let me know what you think.


   Later that evening, Blaise was looking through a wizard geneaology tome that he had in his library. He had managed to find out that the Montclaire's were an old and rarely heard of Pureblood family because back in the 1700s, the patriarch of the family had decided that he only wanted male heirs and so he had all the newborn girls killed. Unfortunately for the Montclaire patriarch, many of the males in the family only seemed capable of producing female offspring and so their family was slowly dying out.

    Blaise was having a difficult time figuring out if Jeffrey Montclaire was a descendant of this family because there were hardly any first names, just first initials. He seriously hoped for Mikayla's sake that she wasn't related to such a Pureblooded male heir only bastard, no matter how badly she wanted to remember her past.

    As luck would have it though, Blaise did find a J.Montclaire on the chart, with a birthdate that would make it possible for him to be Mikayla's father. Only thing is that it didn't show him as ever having been married or producing any heirs, male or female. But that didn't necessarily mean anything because Blaise knew that the Black family would just remove members from their family tree if they performed acts such as having blood traitor sympathies or marrying outside of your blood to either a half-blood or a muggleborn. He didn't want to rule this out as an option, so Blaise jotted down the birthday of J.Montclaire, November 10, 1950, in hopes that he might be able to compare it to other information later. He also decided to not inform Mikayla of the brutal past of the Montclaire's until it was determined that she was in fact one of the Pureblood Montclaires. Blaise also chose not to tell her about the magical aspect of her potential family until she displayed some form of her own magical knowledge, whether that be actually performing it or remembering having seen something done.


    Over the next few weeks, Blaise and Mikayla found a few more pieces of information about Jeffrey Montclaire and Celeste Byxbee, including the fact that they were her parents because they had found her in the birth records. It turns out that she was older than she originally thought according to the birth records.

Celeste Montclaire, wife of Jeffrey Montclaire, gave birth to a baby girl named Mikayla on November 17, 1982

    Blaise gently squeezed the back of Mikayla's neck as they read this piece of information. "And here I was thinking I was only 20. I feel so old."

    He chuckled at her statement and kissed the top of her head affectionately. "Mikayla love, if you are old at 25 then I must be just downright ancient because I am 27."

    "But you don't look it, Blaise. You're very handsome."

    "Well thank you and you are very fetching for a woman of your young age. Any man would be quite lucky to have you as their girlfriend," Blaise whispered.

    Mikayla tilted her head back so that she could look at him through her fluttering eyelashes and she whispered back, "Any man, huh?"

    Entranced by her green eyes, Blaise slowly lowered his head until her lips were just scant inches away from his own. Flicking his eyes up to hers real quick, he responded softly, "Yeah," as her eyes closed. As Blaise moved closer to Mikayla's mouth so that he could glide his lips over hers, in their first kiss, she sneezed and he wound up kissing her on the forehead instead, right between her eyebrows.

    He groaned as the moment was lost when she giggled at their situation. He had never felt less smooth with his kissing skills. "Come on," Blaise said as he stood and he tried to regain some composure after their failed attempt at a kiss. "Lets look for a little while longer to see if we can find anything else before we go home." He then settled back into his chair and continued flicking through the death records.

    Mikayla snuck sidelong glances at Blaise as they both were now going through death records and newspaper obituaries to see if her parents were possibly dead or alive. 'Stupid nose. Why did you have to pick that precise moment to sneeze? I was so sure that he was going to kiss me. Oh well, it's better than sneezing during a kiss I suppose. I bet Blaise is an excellent kisser,' she silently mused as her eyes flicked back and forth from the attractive man sitting next to her and to running down the pages in front of her.

    It was while she was glancing from the newspaper archives to Blaise that an obituary caught Mikayla's eye:

Celeste Byxbee Montclaire, born May 4 1951, died March 26, 1994, cause of death is unknown since Mrs.Montclaire appeared to be in perfect health before she died and their was no sign of bodily harm. Coroner Neumade found no medical reason to have caused her death and so it remains a mystery. Celeste is survived by her husband, Jeffrey, and daughter, Mikayla, who is currently attending boarding school. The service and funeral will be held at St. Agnes Parish on Monday, March 29 at 9 am.

    Mikayla let out a choked sob as she finished reading. Blaise's head snapped up at the noise and he looked over to see tears streaming down her face. He gathered her in his arms and cradled her head to his chest. "Shh, Kayla love. Tell me what's wrong."

    "She's dead. My mum's dead," she whispered in a hollow voice. "I...I remember when it happened. I was in class when the Headmaster of my school came to get me himself. His face was so solemn as we walked in silence to his office. I thought I had done something wrong, something so terrible that only the Headmaster could retrieve me.

    "Then it got worse when I saw my daddy in the office. I thought I was really in for it then, if my father had to be called to the school. I instantly began apologizing for anything and everything under the sun, even if I hadn't done it." Mikayla paused and let out a wry chuckle. "I was so naive.

    "Remembering it now, I can see how his eyes were red and puffy from crying. He grabbed my hand and stood me in front of him. His voice cracked as he told me that my mum was dead. I crumpled to the floor when he told me and he just picked me up, set me on his lap, wrapped his arms around me as we rocked back and forth and we cried. I didn't even notice that the Headmaster had left us alone, until he was returning and speaking to my dad. I was to go home for the funeral and could return when I was ready.

    "But I was sent back to school the day after the funeral because my father said it was the safest place for me. I didn't care about being safe though. I just wanted comfort because I had lost my mum and my dad was just shipping me back to school. Things were never the same after that. I just sort of reverted into myself and cut everyone out. I tried to be as invisible as possible." Mikayla fell silent as tears continued to cut paths down her cheeks and Blaise held her in his arms.

    "I'm so sorry love. I couldn't imagine losing my mum at such a young age. Do you remember if you ever found out how she died?" She just shook her head and sniffled as she pointed at the page. Blaise read the obituary and his face hardened at the mysterious death. He could come up with a very good cause of death but not a good motive or suspect off the top of his head.

    "Can we go home? My head hurts."

    "Sure thing. I'll just copy down this important information and then we can leave." Blaise hurriedly wrote down the dates, place and cause of death before stuffing the paper in his pocket. Not even bothering to put the archives and books away, the pair left the library and headed for Blaise's house. As they walked, he placed his arm around her waist and drew her into his side for support.

    When they got to the house, Blaise led her straight to her room and helped Mikayla into the bed. He tucked her under the covers and leaned down to place a kiss on her cheek before he left. But before he could even leave her side, she tugged on his hand and he looked at her. "Please stay," she pleaded. "I don't want to be alone tonight."

    Blaise nodded and walked around the bed. He stripped off his pants and crawled under the covers in just his shirt and boxers. Her held his arms open as she scooted into them and he wrapped them around her in a protective and comforting hold. Blaise smiled as he felt Mikayla's body relax against his as he stroked her hair and back.

    As he was drawing random shapes on her hand that was laying on his stomach, he felt her shift away from his body and prop herself up on her elbow. Blaise looked up into Mikayla's red rimmed green eyes and saw such sadness there. It tore at his heart to see her silent plea to make it all better. He was unaware of his hand moving to cup the side of her face or of his own head lifting up to met hers, until his lips were caressing hers in the most tender of kisses he had ever given.

    Blaise felt his mouth glide over Mikayla's plump lips as he tried to ease her pain. He did his best to restrain himself from turning the kiss into a passionate snog but was finding it difficult as Mikayla was rolling on to her back and bringing him with her. When he felt her hands work their way under his shirt, Blaise regretfully broke the kiss and pulled away from her. He looked into her eyes and saw that hurt and confusion had now been added to the turmoil.

    He closed his eyes and sighed before speaking, "We can't. Not right now."


    He opened his eyes so she could see into their blue depths and understand what he was feeling. "Because it wouldn't be right. You're vulnerable and hurting right now and I don't want to take advantage of you. The old me wouldn't have cared as long as you were willing, but when I'm with you," he paused to gather his thoughts. "When I'm with you I want to be a better person. You're so special, Kayla," he said using the affectionate nickname. "And I'm highly attracted to you but I don't want tonight to be something that you might regret because of your grief. Do you understand?" She nodded. "Would you be more comfortable if I left?"

    "No, don't go. You're right. Thank you, Blaise." Mikayla gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Just hold me."

    "Gladly." He settled back onto his back as she once again curled against his side. And that's how they fell asleep, with Mikayla seeking the comfort that Blaise was offering.


    The next morning dawned bright and early and Blaise groaned as the sunlight breeched his eyelids. He quickly became aware of his surroundings and the fact that he wasn't in his bed and that Mikayla was still asleep in his arms.

    He smiled at the sight of the beautiful woman in his arms and her auburn hair that was spread out around her. Knowing that he had to get ready for work soon and that he didn't want to wake her up, Blaise disentangled his arms and legs from around hers as he got out of bed. Recalling the traumatic events of yesterday, he decided to contact Draco's girlfriend to invite her over and keep Mikayla company. Happy with his decision, he left the room to get ready for the day.

    Thirty minutes later, Blaise re-entered the room, fully dressed and with a note explaining that he was at work but that a friend would be by to stay with her. He lightly ran his fingers over her hair as he brushed a kiss on her forehead and whispered his goodbyes. When he left, Blaise was unaware that when he came home hours later, that there would be a surprise waiting for him.

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Identity Confusion: Uncovering the Past


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