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Making Good Use of Time Travel by Phoenix_Flames
Chapter 8 : Caking Birthdays
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It was Saturday morning, Ginny's Birthday, and Harry and Ginny were sleeping on the red couch, like they do every night. Harry sleeping on the inside of the couch and Ginny on the outside. Harry's leg would be wrapped around Ginny's playfully, and he held Ginny close to him with his arm around her waist.

Harry lifted his head, and looked around the room. He kissed Ginny on the cheek and forehead and said, "Happy Birthday, love."

Ginny lifted her head and looked around to Harry. "Mmm. Thank you."

"Did you sleep well?" he asked Ginny.

"Pretty well, you?" Ginny replied.

"Alright. I just had a night mare in the middle of the night." Harry said, nuzzling his head into her red hair. "Mmm. So your seventeen now. Feel any different?"

"Not really. It's just the fact that I can do magic at home and apparate." Ginny said, furrowing her brows.

"Yea, thatís the way I felt when I turned seventeen. But I apparated in front of Dudley's face as much as I could just to scare him, worked well too." Harry said, sleepily, again nuzzling his head into her hair. They chuckled lightly. "So what do you want to do on your Birthday?"

Ginny shrugged her shoulders, "Hang with my friends and with the one I love." she said, smiling wickedly.

"So your nightmare last night was the reason why you kept squeezing me so tight, I guess?" Ginny said.

"Oh. Sorry, but thatís probably why. Yeah." Harry said.

A loud noise was heard from upstairs and a moment later Sirius came running down, out of the Boys Dormitory, his arms waving crazily above his head. Pillows were whacking up on the head and he screamed. James came down behind Sirius holding his wand screaming, "YOU INSULTED LILY!! HOW DARE YOU?!?!?! SIRIUS, YOUR GONNA PAY!! DON'T YOU DARE INSULT HER!"

Sirius screamed "I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY! I'M SORRY!" around the room in circles, the pillows still bopping him on the head as he ran and his arms flailed. Harry and Ginny just laid there on the couch together chuckling. They had gotten used to this.

"SORRY IS NOT GONNA CUT IT, SIRIUS!" James screamed chasing after Sirius.

Sirius ran one more circle around the room before screaming out of the portrait hole, the pillows fighting to get through the hole after Sirius. James ran in Sirius' footsteps and before disappearing behind the other side of the portrait, screamed back to Harry and Ginny, "MORNING, HARRY...GINNY! SORRY, BUT HE INSULTED LILY."

Harry and Ginny chuckled at Sirius and James.

"We'll I guess we're not the only ones awake right now. That little show there probably woke up all of Gryffindor Tower." Harry said.

Sure enough Harry was right, because Ron came yawning down the steps moments later. He took a seat in the gold armchair. "Happy Birthday, Ginny."

"Thank you." Ginny said. She and Harry were still in their sleeping position and Ron was getting a little irritated by it. "Harry, your father is a raving lunatic." Ron said, rubbing his eyes.

"Mmm...I hadn't noticed." he said. His voice was muffled because he was tickling Ginny's upper thigh and she was laughing very hard, and trying desperately to break free from Harry's grip. Harry was holding her down with one of his arms wrapped around her and his head nuzzled into her neck.

"Oh Merlin, stop it." Ron pleaded, looking away from the couple. "If youíre gonna shag get a room."

"For God sake, Ron you stop it! And for your information we were here before you were! This is where we sleep at night!" Ginny said, getting mad at her brother. "And no, were not shagging! Even if we would it wouldn't be right under your nose!"

Harry had to dig his head back into Ginny's neck to stop his laughter.

"If you don't watch it, I'll torch the damn couch." Ron snarled, getting up to leave.

Ginny called back, "Its not like your going to be doing all this to Hermione!" and Ron left through the portrait hole, maybe to save Sirius from the 'Doom of James Potter'.

"Well, feisty this morning, aren't we?" Harry said, sarcastically.

"Well, we'll see about that." Ginny said turning over and climbing on top of Harry and kissing him. Which he thought would lead to a good morning snog.


Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and the Marauders were in the Room of Requirement sitting at a great wooden table, eating dinner, a large cake sitting in the center of the table, which Harry asked Dobby to make specifically and put the words "Harry Birthday, Gin!" in icing on it. And Dobby doing his duty wonderfully went above and beyond immensely. The cake was the largest they had ever seen.

Everyone had a heap of food mounded onto their plates and had Ginny's few presents from her friends on the other side of the cake. They were all chatting amongst each other, happily.

"I want to open my presents!!" Ginny cried sarcastically.

"All right." Harry said, he got up and handed Ginny her presents.

She grabbed them furiously and began unwrapping Hermione's gift.

After unwrapping everyone else's gift. She reached for Harry's, and she thought, 'Best for Last'

She took the tissue paper out of the bag and saw the emerald box with her name in gold on it. She took out the box and already knew she loved Harry's present to her. She slowly opened the box and saw the most beautiful necklace she had ever seen.

She gasped loudly, "Harry!! This is absolutely beautiful!"

"Open it." Harry said, getting up from his chair and going to Ginny's chair, standing behind her and wrapped his arms around her lower waist.

She opened the clasp on the Ruby Heart and saw more gold blazing at her reading 'With all my love, Harry.'

She jumped up from her chair and threw her arms around Harry. "Thank you so much! It is absolutely beautiful!"

"Your welcome, love." Harry said, kissing the top of her head.

Ginny let go of Harry, "Would you put it on me?"

"Sure." Harry said taking the necklace from her hands.

She turned around and Harry put the necklace around her bare neck and clasped the chain together. She turned back to Harry and kissed him on the lips. She pulled away, with the biggest smile on her face.

"Oh My! Ginny that is absolutely beautiful!" Hermione gasped, from the other end of the table, sitting on Ron's lap.

Ginny smiled and took her seat back at the table.

"Who wants cake!?!?" Ginny asked sarcastically.

James and Sirius screamed, "I DO! I DO!"

"Alright, Cause I do too!" Ginny said.

Harry lighted the seventeen candles on the cake with his wand. "Make a wish, Gin."

Ginny looked around the table and close her eyes. Thinking, 'I don't need to make a wish. I have everything I ever wanted. I can't ask for anything more, except for a wonderful life ahead with Harry.' And she blew out the candles.

Harry cut the cake and passed it out, and they all dug in happily.

Sirius looked at Hermione, who was talking about her Potions essay that was due Monday morning, and said, ďYou remind me too much of Lily!"

James, hearing this, sent his fork load of cake into Sirius' face. ďI said to not talk about Lily about that."

"IM SORRY! IM SORRY!" Sirius screamed avoiding James' whole plate of caked coming towards his face, by diving under the wooden table.

"NO YOUíRE NOT!" James screamed again, picking Peter's plate of caked, which he was about to stick his fork back into, flying at Sirius.

The cake hit Sirius square in the head. He wiped his eyes' of cake and said, "What, I cant talk about you little shag partner!?!" Throwing his piece of cake at James.

"She's not my shag partner! Iím a virgin, and Lily still hates me!" James said, dodging the flying cake.

The room erupted into loud laughter at the boys' pathetic fight.

"Well good, cause your never going to shag her!" Sirius said, sticking his tongue out.

ďOh! But, youíre wrong there. We will someday, and look at the outcome sitting in front of us!!" James said, pointing at Harry.

Harry laughed and looked away from the boys.

"Haha! Yeah! Thatís right. Sorry mate." Sirius said sarcastically.

"No youíre not." James said, sending another piece of cake flying, this time Remus' cake. Sirius dodged it, and it hit Hermione in the neck.

Hermione gasped and lept from Ron's lap, sending her cake flying at James. Ron, protecting his girlfriend, lept up also and sent his cake flying at James, but it hit Remus instead. Soon the whole room had erupted into a cake fight. Cake was flying across the room, hitting everybody and covering them in chocolate crumbs of cake and sweet, white icing.

About an hour later, after all the cake possible had been thrown, ate the cake off of each other's faces, and cleaned themselves off with a Cleaning Spell Hermione did on all of them, they settled down on the two couches and many arm chairs that were by the large grate, holding the blazing fire, talking to one another and enjoying each other's company.

Harry was sitting on one end of the couch with Ginny in his lap, Ron and Hermione the same way on the other end of the couch. The Marauders each had their own armchair and were all talking together. Harry looked at his watch and was surprised with the time, it was nearly nine. "We better be heading back to the Common Room."

James looked at his watch and agreed. They got up from the couch and Ron and Hermione left the Room of Requirement, hand-in-hand and in a deep conversation about something. Sirius, Peter and Remus left next.

James obviously had something for Ginny, which he only wanted to give in front of her and nobody else. Ginny said she would meet Harry back in the Common Room and he left, slightly confused.

James went and brought out a present he had hidden in a corner. He handed it to Ginny and she made a questioning look. James said to open it, and she slowly began to unwrap it. She pulled out a maroon photo album and she opened it. Written on the first page were the words 'Harry and Ginny, may you have a wonderful relationship with many years to come.'

Ginny smiled and flipped to the next page. The next page had a picture of Harry and her, smiling brightly up at her. They were standing and Harry had his arms wrapped around Ginny lovingly, from behind her. Every once and a while Harry would lean down and peck Ginny on the cheek.

"Thank you." Ginny said.

James smiled and said, "No problem. I just thought I should get my future daughter-in-law something for her birthday."

"But...Harry hasn't proposed to me." Ginny said.

"I know, but I know a married couple when I see one, and trust me you are going to marry him. I see how much love and care he has for you in his eyes every time he is with you. Anyone could see that. Youíre going to marry him, I know it." James said smiling.

"Thanks, James." Ginny said, hugging him briefly.

"Now should we head back to the Common Room, before we risk the chance of being caught by Filch?"

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