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Hate/Love by dramionerules
Chapter 1 : Shock and Awe
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Hello, this is my first story of dramione...dunno if i'll even do it right or well...i picked short story incase i wanted to add more the one chapter...the idea of this story has been floating around my head, i'm not sure if it's been done. I personally haven't read anything that will be quite like it but i surely haven't read every single story..

NOT HBP compliant...just hate him dying ya know!

The usual..I don't own any of the characters..i just enjoy using them for my own personal entertainment!



The war had ended amazingly before seventh year; it lasted only the summer though it felt as though years had passed. Harry Potter, the boy who lived, defeated Voldemort. It was difficult but he did it and now they all went on with their lives. The first of September came a bit quickly but they were all excited to get back to the one thing that remained constant in their lives. Hogwarts.

Hermione had received her Head Girl letter, like that was a surprise, only days before they were to leave. She was happy, but didn't like who they made Head Boy. She spent the remainder of the time at the burrow quiet and withdrawn. No one understood what was wrong, she refused to let them see the letter. Finally Harry and Ron couldn't take it anymore and barged into her room determined to get that letter or have her tell them what was wrong.

"Merlin’s Beard Hermione, what is wrong with you?" Ron yelled after slamming the door. Hermione was just reading the letter over and over again before they came in. She didn't have enough time to hide it this time though.

"Nothing Ronald. Why are you just barging in here without knocking?" she was angry now. Harry just gave Ron a look to try and calm him down before stepping close enough to 'Mione to grab the letter if he really had to. 

"We are just worried about you. We just want to make it better." he spoke calmly. 

"There is nothing wrong, I'm fine." she looked at both of them before looking away. Harry took it as the right time, he stepped forward enough to snatch the letter right out of her hands, running out of the room while Ron held her back.

"HARRY!! GET BACK HERE!!." she was fuming now, Ron was a lot stronger then she expected as he kept her from killing Harry. Soon Harry returned after having read the letter, he looked pale and mad at the same time. When Ron spotted him he let Hermione go immediately. The letter was just dangling from his fingers before it fell to the floor. Hermione was crying now, and slowly sat on the bed. Harry ran over to her and hugged her. Ron, confused, picked up the discarded letter and read it.

     Dear Hermione Granger,

             We wish to inform you that you have been chosen for the post of Head Girl. It is with great pleasure that we chose you, however we must inform you of who will be Head Boy. Normally we do not reveal that but given the person we felt that you should know beforehand. The Head Boy will be Draco Malfoy. Now I will not have any fights between you, or you may lose this post. See you at the start of term.

Albus Dumbledore.

Ron now understood why Hermione was acting the way she was, why Harry had that look on his face. 

"But...he...deatheater...I..." words could not be spoken to describe what he was feeling. He sat next to Hermione and sighed.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, I just didn't know how to say it. He is such a vile....Ugh...Bastard and I didn't know exactly what to do. I mean I have to live with him. All Head Boys and Girls share a common room and bathroom. Thankfully we will have separate rooms, I...just don't want this. But I refuse to back away." Hermione felt better now that they knew. She was still uneasy about it all however. 



The day came and they were boarding the Hogwarts Express. Hermione had changed a bit over the summer; she had grown up in more ways than one. Her hair no longer bushy, her body filled out in all the right places. Her wardrobe was not baggy on her. She looked like a woman not a little girl. It would seem that many of the boys around her noticed, not paying them any attention she moved further on to the train with Harry and Ron. Turning to them she smiled.

"I have to go to the head compartment. I'll see Ron at the meeting. Bye" she gave them both a hug before running off. Arriving at the compartment she took a deep breath before swiftly opening the door only to find it empty. Sighing again she brought her trunk into the compartment and put it away. Not before pulling out a large book to occupy her, though she wasn't able to read it, all she could think about was him. How could he be allowed back? He was a deatheater. Everyone knew it. And yet here he was, in a position of power. The sound of the compartment opening brought her out of her thoughts to stare and the one who was occupying them. She was slightly shocked by his appearance. His silvery blonde hair was just long enough to fall into his stormy grey eyes. She could tell from his clothes that he had matured all over. She found a sigh threaten to fall out but held it back and looked away from him. ‘I was checking out the ferret..what is wrong with me?’ she scolded herself. Not sure if he would have noticed, and if he did would he say anything about it? He sat himself silently across from Hermione. She lifted her book in front of her eyes, hoping that her flushed cheeks would subside.

They sat in silence for the entire ride; she was astonished that he didn’t make one single negative comment. The prefect meeting went off flawlessly; she found that they worked well together when they weren’t fighting. They sent prefect pairs off to patrol the train and they sat back down. Silence taking over once again. When they arrived at Hogwarts Hermione found herself annoyed with him. Why didn’t he at least argue, or fight, or call her names? She stepped off the train and into the head’s carriage without a word to anyone. He joined her shortly after and stared at her.

“What’s wrong with you?” he spoke with a bit of annoyance himself. She looked at him with a frown.

“Nothing, What’s wrong with you?”

“Oh, nothing…just stuck with a Mudblood like you…it’s kind of a downer” he smirked and she was livid. Her face was red and she wanted to yell, and scream. But she didn’t want to lose Head Girl. “Nothing to say to that? Well, I guess, mudbloods, can’t think of anything to say. But then again, there aren’t many…mudbloods like you are there? Mudblood.” He was laughing now; he wanted to make her angry. He wanted her to scream at him. Then maybe he wouldn’t have to deal with her anymore. Wouldn’t have to look at her beautiful face anymore. ‘What? I didn’t think that…nope not at all’ he shook his head to get that thought out.

She was beyond angry, but said nothing. Ignored every word he said, though she heard and took it all inside. She had to keep her eyes closed, had to picture something happy to keep from blowing up. Once they got to Hogwarts she was out of the carriage before he could blink and went up to the castle. Being away from him was a great idea.



The great hall was filled with laughter and joy. Many happy to be back, many just happy to be alive. As Hermione and Draco reached the doors she wished this would all be over. They opened them and the great hall became silent. She sighed and went further in, Malfoy right beside her. She was about to go to her table when he spoke softly.

“Don’t miss me too much, Mudblood” and began his way to the Slytherin table but her voice, her angry voice stopped him and he turned to her. Suddenly finding the look in her eyes completely arousing. 

“That is it…It has barely been a day and you’ve said that awful word to me countless times. I will not have you or anyone else call me a bloody mudblood again.” As she was yelling she was moving closer towards him.

“Well it’s not my fault you are a mudblood, it’s your ruddy parents fault. Don’t yell at me about it.” He felt himself walk to her as well. The whole great hall, staff included were shocked at the display in front of them. They moved closer, yelling louder and louder until they were just an inch about, their noses close to touching.



Just a moment later Malfoy grabbed her waist and pressed his lips to hers passionately, Hermione wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back with equal fervor. The students and professors were left with nothing but shock and awe.


This Chapter has been edited, spell checked and such!

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