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Life's so Bittersweet by sammieoxox
Chapter 1 : Where it All Began
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Authors Note: These are not my characters and I do not own them, JK Rowling does... [so jealous] and the plot about the diary was used after being given permission from CrazyForYou from her story Finding myself ~ which is good ... so I asked to use some of it

August 25, 2007

 Well, dear diary, this is it.
The summer is ending and soon it will be another year of putting on my mask…
If only I can confine in someone the true me. The only one I have the courage to tell is Crookshank, my cat, I know pathetic. Another year of pretending being someone I’m not. Another year of putting up with ‘myself’.

Why does this year have to be the same as the last? I knew that I should tell someone who I really am, but I can’t. I’m more afraid of telling myself than telling someone else. What would Harry and Ron think of me now? Originally viewing me as the same know-it-all bookworm they meet that very first day of the school year on the Hogwarts Express. I don’t want to lose them; they are the only true friends I have. I will not be able to stand them viewing me as different and abnormal   

But still, I think this year since it being my last, I should at least reveal the parts of me that everyone won’t freak-out about, ‘cause there is a lot that they would freak-out about, if they knew the whole truth.

“Hermione!” her mother screamed up to her, “Come downstairs sweet heart, you’re owl is here!” 

‘I wonder why the owl is here, I already got my letter from Hogwarts…’

As I wait for an escape, I will confine in you, my true dear friend. You understand me and who I truly am, more than anyone will ever know. 

As I closed my diary, I take a good long look at it. The hard brown cover that looks as though it belonged to royalty, it shimmers and shines like it had just been purchased that very day, looking the same as the very first day Professor Dumbledore had given it to me, I can never forget that day. Oh how it brings back such fond memories. Before everything had happened. Before the confusion and before the layers of my mask had begun to pile up. I remembered that day like it was just yesterday. Just looking at it, my eyes began to go out of focus with the tears that were forming in them.


As I looked around the new ‘ home ‘ I would be living in for the year, so full of mystery and adventure, I could tell right at that very moment that I would always love the days spent here, at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

 After I was all settled in my new dormitories along with the rest of my fellow Gryffindors, I remembered that I had to hurry. At the fest a tall slender woman, that I had just recently discovered to be the Transfiguration teacher, Professor McGonagall ,came up to me and informed me that the Headmasters would like to see me in his office after I got settled in.


 So, quickly, put all my things away, very messily might I add, and hurrying down the long fleet of stairs, out of the common room and through the portrait.

 Wondering the whole way what it might be that the Headmaster would want to be seeing me the very first day. ‘Great, how can I be in trouble already? Moms gonna kill me! I promised her this would be different…’

As I made my way down the hall ways, I look around with an awe; no matter how many time I had read about Hogwarts during the summer in ‘Hogwarts: A History’, I could not get over how beautiful the school was. No words could describe its beauty. It had fascinated me, and I looked up everything and anything I could get on the new school I was asked to join. Though I was curious on why I was asked.

 I found my way to the Headmasters office quicker than I anticipated. Looking up at the large stone creature that lay in front of me, I studied every inch of it, taking in its beauty.

Unable to figure out how to enter or to find any sign of entrance, I patiently waited for a teacher to come along and show me to his office.

As I waited I tried to occupy my time to make it go along faster. Scanning the many portraits surrounding me, one in particular caught my eye; along the wall there lied a beautiful little girl with long curly locks, wearing a beautiful little sun dress surrounded by nature. In her hand there was quill and on the floor in front of her was a book, though not just any book, it looked to be a journal of some sort. As I was about to focus my eyes to get a better look, I heard a noise.

  I was broken from my Trans by the sound of a purr.

As I look down I saw a cat, but just as I look down at it, it transforms into the tall slender woman I had only meet earlier that day, Professor McGonagall.

“Are you ready? “She said simply, looking down at me, being much shorter than her.

“Yes I believe so, but may I ask why I was called?” with a bit of worry in my voice.

“Your will find soon enough” she turned towards the stone creature now “Chocolate Frogs” and with that the statue rose into a spiral staircase

‘That explains It’ I thought to myself, as I lookup as the stairs stop moving reveling platform at the top.


 Professor McGonagall motioned for me to follow the stairs up, and I made my way up the spiral stairs that had just appeared. At the top I found myself at a large oak door. I was just about to knock, when a voice behind the door arose.

“Please come in Ms. Granger”

 As I pushed the door slightly open, wondering what might lie beyond it; my eyes fell upon a large room, filled with all sorts of wondrous items.

 There was a large collection of book cases ready for the picking along the wall; the bookcase reached as high as the room itself. Along the mirrored wall there were portraits that looked as though of previous headmasters, all looking rather content and talking amongst them selves. Still looking upon the room my eyes fell on the beautiful phoenix with large wings, looking as though it has not a care in the world, how I longed for that feeling.

“Please Ms. Granger, sit down” called the man that sat behind the desk, that I presumed to be Professor Dumbledore, the Headmaster.

 Motioning for me to sit, I took a seat in front of the large wooden desk in the middle of the room. 

The desk was fairly neat, besides the couple of books that were open on top of some papers that looked as though they were just being read, before my entering.     

As I lay upon the eyes of my headmaster I couldn’t help but see a glisten of hope, love, meaning, and what surprised me, worry. 

“I supposed that you are wondering why you are here, Ms Granger.”

I simply nod.

He seamed to be amused and had a faint smile appear on his face.

“You are a remarkable young lady and I can see many great things coming from you for the future. I simply wanted to give you, how shall you say it, a house warming gift”, he looked at me with his glistening eyes, “ I hope that you will use it to fill your deepest desires and hopes for the future, you know you can only find yourself by reveling yourself”

Confused by his words, I look at him, still smiling. He rose from his chair and went over to the bookcase that I had been admiring just earlier.

“Greatness only started with just a quill and a piece of parchment, and that’s where your story of greatness will also begin” and with that he drew a book from the selves. Coming over towards me and handing me the book.

As I look down at the book, my eyes only focused on the features of its marvelous beauty. It was a fairly sized book that looked as though it was passed down with the ages, but still as put together as though it were brand new. It had a strong dark chocolate brown cover, designed as though it belonged to royalty. It was ageless. I flip the front cover and see my name written on it in gold cursive letters. Flipping through he pages, all were blank, just waiting for something to be written.    

“Thank You” I manage to say, in no louder than a whisper

“Your welcome, now best be off now, you don’t want to be out late after curfew”

 I nod.

 “Good Night Ms. Granger”

 “Good Night, Professor Dumbledore” 

As I make my way down the stairs on which I came, I walked down the corridors, noticing that the picture of the little girl I saw when I arrived had disappeared
’probably at another painting I suppose’, noticing that all there was, was her book. ‘Funny, I could have sworn that the book was identical to mine’, with that I smile and make my way back to the dormitories

As I make my way down the stairs I wipe away a single tear that had fallen down my cheek. I walk into the bathroom and go towards the mirror.

 As I look into the mirror at my reflection, I cant help but frown.


“I can’t lie to myself any longer.” Pulling on my hair, cant help but missing my old hair, and not my frizzy curly mess of a hair ball I had in first year but my straight hair I had only the year before.

 Now don’t me wrong I don’t mind my hair now, it has gone from its frizzy curls to nice long locks. But it’s not my natural hair. As I stare at my face, it seams dull and bored.


I feel as though it’s nothing when I’m with Harry or Ron, Ron… I had only started dating him last year but that even doesn’t make me long him, I don’t love him but he loves me. But, but when I’m with my Muggle friends. It’s just, just indescribable, -she gives a little laugh to herself- and that, if ...if... if it wasn’t for my Muggle friends then I don’t know where I would be. I wouldn’t even want to go on; they allow me to be myself. Thinking of all the times I was with them. We’ve been friends for the longest time, for longer than I remember, always getting into trouble, ah the good old days. We were known as the Trouble Trio… I can’t help but laugh at the irony, because at Hogwarts I’m part of the Golden Trio.

Realizing that mom is still waiting in the kitchen, I look one more time into the mirror and try to put on a smile, so mom and dad don’t see. Well at least I still have my chocolate- brown eyes. I could never change those.


So I head down into the kitchen to see my parents sitting down enjoying their cup of tea reading the newspaper.

 “Morning” I said make my way to the window.

Sitting on the window ledge sat a brown owl, waiting for someone to take the letter from its beak. No matter how long have been getting letters by owl, my parents are still scared to try and receive the letter or message from it; fearing that it might bite them. I chuckle a little at the thought.

I look at the letter to see the Hogwarts crest on the opening. ‘yepp its Hogwarts all right’

  Opening the seal on the back of the envelope, I take out the letter and start to read it.

“I can’t believe it” I say with the biggest grin on my face.

“What is it darling? What does it say?”


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Life's so Bittersweet: Where it All Began


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