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Along Came Sirius by HPsmartone32
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven: In the Dark of Night
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Chapter Seven: In the Dark of Night

Adara really hadn’t been lying when she’d told Christine that the wind would be hell tonight. Adara’s long brown hair whipped at her back and face as she struggled to keep pace with Lily.

“Lily, wait!” she called. Her voice was lost in the wind.

Adara sprinted until she caught up with the redhead, “Lily!” she yelled. Lily slowed to a walk.


“Look, we don’t even know where that sound came fr—” as if Adara had called it, the scream echoed through the grounds again. A shiver ran down Adara’s spine at the sound. It was coming from the Forbidden Forest. Whether it was in the forest or just by it, Adara couldn’t tell. She could practically hear what Lily was thinking; the redhead’s Gryffindor brave- instincts were taking over. Adara was about to speak again when another cry sounded from over by the Great Lake. This didn’t sound like a hurt call… it was something else. The two girls whipped their heads around to find the source of the new noise. Adara pulled her robe closer to her body for warmth and tightened her grip on her wand.

“We have to split up!” Lily yelled over the wind.

Adara looked at her companion in horror, “Are you out of your bloody mind!” she yelled back, “whatever injured them is still out there! We stay together!”

Lily looked unhappy so Adara said what she had too, “I followed you and your brave Gryffindor personality out here now, listen to me, the sensible Ravenclaw!”

Lily glared at Adara, apparently not liking Adara’s insinuation, but nodded, “Fine, we stay together! The thing by the forest sounds worse!”

Adara nodded and linked arms with Lily. Lily looked shocked, “We stay together,” Adara demanded. They walked towards Hagrid’s Hut. The lights were off, and it seemed to be abandoned. Weird, Adara thought, he’s always here.

As they passed the hut, the moon was right above them and provided the light only a full moon could. The sight of the round illuminating object added to the eeriness of the night. Adara shivered again.

They reached the edge of the forest and jumped as the injured thing cried again. They were close. The answering call, or what Adara figured was an answering call, was not far away either. Whatever was injured must be asking help of the moving thing.

Lily and Adara took a deep breath and followed the path that they figured best led to the injured animal.

“Hello?!” Lily called suddenly, nearly sending Adara into cardiac arrest, “We’re here to help you!” Lily yelled into the ferocious wind.

What sounded like a low dog whimper sounded, but by the time it finished, Adara swore it sounded like a human moan of agony. Then she saw it. Adara pulled out of Lily’s grip and ran towards a small clearing.

“Adara!” Lily shrieked after her, the fear clear in her voice. But Adara didn’t slow down at all. The closer she got to the animal, the more it looked human. Adara could have sworn that it was a dog back when she was with Lily, but now… Oh, Merlin!

When she was only a few feet away Adara broke into a full out sprint then slid to a stop by falling on her knees, “Sirius,” she breathed as she rolled him off his side and onto his back. Tears began to stream down her face as she looked onto his vacant one. He shook him, “Wake up!” she ordered.

Sirius moaned again and relief swept over Adara, “Sirius! It’s me, Adara!” she screamed at him as she took one of his hands in hers, it wasn’t as warm as it normally was. Lily was at Adara’s side now, in shock. They heard a rustle of leaves and looked wildly only to see the most magnificent stag they’d ever seen.

“What the…” Adara heard Lily gasp. The stag seemed to examine the situation carefully.. as if stags could do that… then it disappeared and it limped behind a group of trees.

Adara turned her attention back to Sirius, who was blinking open his eyes slowly. Adara saw him moving his lips but heard nothing. She leaned down until his lips were almost touching her ear and heard him breathe two words, “You swore.”

Adara pulled away in shock. How could he be mad at her for coming out here? Here she had found him, nearly clawed to death…

Adara froze as her own words came back to her whatever injured them is still out there… She looked to where Lily was a second before and panicked when she was gone.

“Lily!” she shrieked.

“Adara!” came a reply, “I have James!”

Adara’s head was spinning. James? What was Potter doing out here?

As they came into view, Adara saw James leaning on Lily, limping, and blood covering a good portion of his face. She probably would have thought Lily letting James so close was weird if they had not been in the Forbidden Forrest, at night, in the light of a full moon, with something really dangerous running out clawing people to death.

As they came closer she heard James, “Is Padfoot awake?” he asked gruffly. Adara didn’t have time to figure with the nickname, “Somewhat,” she called back

James’ lips moved, but Adara heard nothing over the wind. Lily looked at James then back at Adara, “Can you support him?” she yelled.

Adara wasn’t sure, but she sure as hell would try. No way was she staying out here with her Gryffindor friends and a potentially murderous thing any longer than necessary. She crawled behind Sirius’ head and leaned down to his ear, “I’m going to help you up and into the castle, okay?” she whispered. She felt him nod then heard a very faint, “Prongs?”

“He’s right here with Lily,” Adara told him. He groaned, but out of pain or anger that Adara had brought Lily outside with her, Adara didn’t know. She hoisted Sirius into a sitting position.

“Ah!” he called out in pain. Adara noticed a huge scratch going down the length of his back. It was covered in mud and leaves and grass and dried blood. Adara cringed at the pain this must be causing him. She very carefully put his arm over her shoulder and lifted most of his weight as he stood up.

“You go first!” Adara waved the other two in front as she stood balancing a very unstable Sirius. Adara wanted to be able to see everyone fully until they were safe in the castle. That way she would know Lily and James were safe.

As the four of them slowly made their way back to the castle, Adara grew more and more apprehensive. The thing that did this to her Sirius and James was probably still loose and ready to attack. And if it did, Adara had a feeling that she and Lily would be fighting alone, as the boys were so brutally injured.

Adara heard what sounded like a howl and nearly fainted. Sirius at her side, however conscious he was, kept her going on. After what seemed like hours, the castle’s doors came into view. The doors were closed, which would only make getting in harder. Adara wondered if the Head Girl and David and Emmet had even realized that she and Lily were missing. They probably just assumed that the doors had not been locked properly and were blown open by the wind, and that Adara and Lily had forgotten to report after duty.


They made it to the door and after what had to have been a half hour, Lily manage to charm it open. Adara would have done it, but she had a feeling that if she set Sirius down, it was going to be one hell of a job getting him back up. The girls helped the boys to the Hospital Wing, where Adara took it upon her self to call the nurse, “Get your arse out here!” she yelled as she laid Sirius on a bed and took his bloodied hand. He looked so helpless lying there, Adara could barely stand it.

“What on Earth,” Madam Pomfrey came out of her quarters angrily before seeing both James and Sirius lying practically lifeless on the cots. Adara pursed her lips. She didn’t know why, but she was thoroughly pissed at this woman, as if it were her fault Sirius was hurt.

“My goodness, what happened?” the nurse gasped as she ran over to Sirius, whom she must have deemed worse off.

Adara didn’t speak for fear of saying something extremely rude that she might regret later. Lily spoke up, “We were patrolling when we heard a scream from –” the nurse didn’t notice as she was treating Sirius’ cuts, but Adara saw James grab Lily’s arm. Lily looked at him curiously.

“We fell off the herbology green house and landed in a thorny bush,” James said as loudly as he could.

Adara blinked back, What? Why was he lying? He must have a good reason, though, so Adara decided to go along with it. Lily had too, because she nodded, “Yeah, and we found them like this.”

The nurse stopped treating Sirius and looked at the teenagers, “You went outside tonight?” she yelled, “What were you thinking!” she threw the cotton swab she’d been using on the table, “You,” she pointed at Lily, “go get the headmaster, tell him it’s urgent.”

Lily looked confused, but obeyed. James seemed reluctant to let go of Lily’s wrist, but he did and soon the redhead was gone.

The nurse began treating the gashes on Sirius’ face as Adara watched. She saw him wince in pain as the potion touched his face, but figured that Sirius was most likely not fully conscious.

The nurse made to leave Sirius, when Adara spoke harshly, “You know, he’s got a huge slice down his back.”

The nurse turned around and walked back. She tried to lift Sirius into a sitting position, but was unsuccessful.

Adara rolled her eyes angrily, “I’ll do it,” she said. She released Sirius’ hand and carefully took one of his shoulders, “Sirius, you have to sit up so she can treat your back,” Adara whispered. Sirius moaned but with Adara’s help, he sat up. Adara held his shoulders up close to his neck. He was so warm. The nurse gasped when she saw the giant gash, muttered something about a new supply, and hurried off.

Sirius tried to lie back down but Adara put a hand on his face, “Not yet,” she told him, “she went to get more medicine.” Sirius nodded into her hand, never opening his eyes.

Everything was silent for a moment before James spoke, “Is he okay?”

Adara turned to face his bed, “If you call being cut on over ninety percent of his body ‘okay’ then he’s fan-bloody-tastic.”

James chuckled a bit, “He’s tough, he’ll be fine.”

“I can’t believe you,” Adara spat, “who the hell do you two think you are? Going out at night into the Forbidden Forest. Ever think that maybe there’s a sodding reason it’s forbidden!” she hissed.

James’ smile faded, “You don’t know the circumstances.”

Adara snorted, “Right, because if I knew the ‘circumstances,’ I’d understand why in the name of Merlin you two did this. And then defend it even when you’re lying in the Hospital Wing.”

“Shut up,” James growled, “you don’t even know what the hell –”

“Stop!” Sirius said. It was only a tone above a whisper, but James and Adara both fell silent.

“Sorry,” Adara muttered to Sirius, then threw a dark look at James, who glared back.

The nurse hustled back over to Sirius and poured nearly an entire bottle of potion on his back. Adara could tell by his face that Sirius was in immense pain and her heart ached. She hated to see him like this.

As his friend, of course.

“What, may I ask, is going on?” came a calm voice from the doorway. Adara turned to see Professor Dumbledore entering with Lily.

“These two boys thought it would be amusing to visit the herbology building tonight and when they fell the ladies found it necessary to go outside to find them,” the nurse said sharply and she swabbed Sirius’ back. Adara wondered what was so bad about being outside tonight. Because by the way Sirius and Madam Pomfrey were talking, it was something that should have been punishable by law.

“Ah, I see,” Dumbledore commented. Lily sat down in a chair near James’ bed.

“I told you the whole time, but no.”

“No one was hurt by the issue you are referring too, Poppy,” Dumbledore said calmly.

No one was hurt? Is he bloody blind? Could he not see that Sirius and James were in the freaking Hospital Wing? Adara thought angrily.

“Not this time, Albus, but it could have so easily resulted in multiple –”

“Poppy!” Dumbledore cut her off looking from James to Lily to Adara and, lastly, at Sirius, “you know as well as I do that it is contained. You see to that every time, do you not?”

“I do,” the nurse grumbled.

“Well, then. The rules will just have to be adjusted to fit the situation, just to be on the cautious side, but this situation will not be leaving for another two years.”

“If you say so, just,” the nurse looked the headmaster in the eye, “this risk cannot continue to exist.”

“It will be taken care of,” Dumbledore assured her, “goodnight, all.” He left.

Adara wished she understood even a bit of what the adults were saying. It is contained? Leaving in two years? So this “thing,” whatever the hell it was, would be leaving the same time that Adara graduated? Well, wasn’t that convenient?

Twenty minutes later, both boys were cleaned up and bandaged. They’d been told to get rest and Lily had already been told to leave. She had said goodbye to Adara and James and walked out.

Adara was holding Sirius’ hand. Just to comfort him. Since his back was the worse, he was sleeping on his side, facing her.

“Miss, you can go to your dormitory now,” the nurse said with a yawn.

“I’m fine here,” Adara said.

The nurse looked agitated, “You can’t stay, he needs his rest.”

“Does it look like I’m disrupting his ‘rest?’” Adara asked.

“It’s policy, you have to get back to your dorm,” the nurse insisted, quite rudely, Adara thought.

“I’m. staying. right. here,” Adara spelt it out for her.

“I’ll have to get the headmaster,” the nurse threatened.

Adara shrugged, “Go ahead. I’m not leaving.” She didn’t know why she wanted to stay here so badly, but she did and by Merlin she wasn’t leaving.

After a short stare-down, the nurse sighed and turned to go to her quarters muttering something about an ‘insufferable brat.’

Adara didn’t care. She’d won. And she wasn’t leaving.

But she was tired. She did need to sleep. She leaned back in her chair and tried to get comfortable.

“Here,” she heard a faint whisper. She opened her eyes, Sirius had his opened slightly, too, and was patting the cot in front of him with the hand Adara wasn’t holding.

“You want me lie down?” Adara asked him, somewhat surprised that he was awake.

He nodded.

Adara hesitated. She thought of Jayden.

It’s not like I’d be cheating,
she reassured herself. She’d just be sleeping. Next to Sirius. Who was her friend.

She let go of his hand and slowly lay down beside him. He put his arm over her waist.

He has to put it somewhere.

Despite the small cot, Adara was fairly comfortable. She slowly drifted off to sleep, wondering if all of the action of the night had been a dream.

She woke up as the sunlight was shining directly in her eyes. She opened them and it took her a moment to remember where she was and how she’d gotten there. Then memories of the past night flooded back to her. She looked down and saw Sirius’ warm arm on her waist. Then she looked at the clock on the wall and saw that it was seven o’clock.

She had classes!

She slowly slipped off the small cot. Sirius didn’t stir. She breathed a sigh of relief. She took one more look at him then turned to go. She pulled the door open and nearly screamed.

“Jay! You nearly scared me to death!” she gasped, her hand over her heart.

“Are you okay, Adara? That Evans girl said that she thought you were in here!” Jay asked taking in his girlfriend’s appearance.

Adara looked at herself. She saw that she had mud stains on her robes, dried blood on her shirt, and she didn’t even want to see her face of her hair, “I’m fine, just visiting a friend.” She told him.

“You don’t look fine,” he commented.

“Thanks,” Adara teased him.

“Really, why do you have mud on your robes and grass and twigs everywhere,” he plucked a twig out of her hair.

“Fine,” Adara sighed, thinking fast, “last night we saw a student outside so Lily and I went looking, I tripped and fell – thus the mud – then the student fell and I had to take him to the Hospital Wing, and I fell asleep on one of the cots.”

Adara was pretty proud of herself. She hadn’t even lied. Just left a few parts out.

“If you’re sure you’re okay,” Jayden said. Adara nodded and smiled.

“Good,” Jayden smiled, too.

“So, I’m going to go take a shower, if I’m late for Defense, will you tell the professor I’ll be there?” she asked.

Jayden nodded.

“Thanks,” Adara pecked him on the cheek and headed up to the dorm craving a much-needed shower.


The rest of the day, Adara had to try her hardest to pay attention in classes. She was still exhausted, having gotten at the most six hours of sleep last night. And on top of that all of her friends wanted to know what had happened, especially David, who felt extremely guilty for assuming that Adara and Lily had forgotten to report back.

“Really, David,” Adara sighed as her friend apologized again, “it was nothing! It’s not like you could have done anything.” She lied. If David had been there last night, man would it have been helpful. But she wasn’t going to tell him that. She wasn’t even going to tell him the whole story. She was going with telling the bare minimum until she could talk to Sirius or James. Preferably Sirius.

Luckily, she didn’t have to wait that long, because after she had finished eating dinner and was on her way up to the common room with Christine and Laila, she heard her name and turned around. Sirius was staggering up the hallway from the direction of the Hospital Wing with a sling on one arm. Adara smiled, sent her friends ahead without her, and went to meet Sirius.

“You’re already better?” she asked happily as she met him halfway down the almost empty corridor.

“Yeah, yeah, had to twist an arm to convince Poppy, though,” he joked. Then he pulled Adara into an empty classroom, shut the door, and became serious.

“Is your arm okay?” she asked, worried as to why he was so stern.

“It’s fine.”

“What about your back? It looked pretty nasty last night.”

“Basically healed.”

Adara knit her eyebrows together, Sirius began pacing, “What about your –”

“I’m fine, Adara.”

“Well, then,” Adara asked, a little to harshly, “what’s wrong?”

“You, Adara! You broke your pinky swear!” Sirius whispered severely, “You weren’t supposed to go outside last night!”

Adara blinked, what? She had saved his life and he was mad at her? Shouldn’t she be mad because he was the one that put himself in danger and almost died! She was the one that had almost lost him!

Her friend.

“Are you honestly mad at me for saving your life?” she asked him, “I save your life because you decide to go out into the forest and you are mad at me? I think it should be the other way around here, Sirius.”

“No, Adara,” Sirius took a step towards her, half begging, half angry, “it shouldn’t because I didn’t swear – pinky swear – that I wouldn’t go outside after dark last night. I wasn’t in danger!”

“You almost died, Sirius! In what world is that ‘not in danger?’” she air-quoted the last words.

“You don’t understand,” he growled.

Adara threw her hands up and began to pace, “That’s what Potter said! What don’t I understand, enlighten me, Mr. Black.”

“I… I… you…” he stuttered angrily then stopped walking and faced Adara, “I can’t,” he sighed, “but that’s really not the point. The point is that you swore and you broke it.”

“I broke it to save your arse,” Adara pointed out.

“It doesn’t matter, Adara! You and Lily could have been killed!

You almost were.”

“I don’t care about me!” he cried.

I do!” Adara yelled back taking a step towards him so that their torsos were almost touching. She had spoken with such intensity that it scared her. She blushed and looked at the floor as Sirius fell silent, “You’re my friend.” she whispered, to herself and Sirius.

“Listen,” Sirius took Adara’s chin to make her look at his face. She hastily wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes, “you just have to trust me on some things. I know a few, a very few, things that you don’t.” he was back to his normal voice… only it was softer.

“Fine,” Adara said, “but if you ever almost die again, I’ll kill you Sirius Black.”

He smiled, “Dually noted,” he dropped his hand and walked to the door, “now, you are going to have to catch me up on what I’ve missed the past two days.”

“Oh, yeah,” Adara followed him, the mood now much happier, “where were you yesterday?”

“I like to remain mysterious, thank you,” he smiled at Adara as she scowled.

All these “mysteries” were starting annoy Adara.


A/N: So... yeah. I think that this is by far the most intense chapter of this story. I really enjoyed writing this chapter. Thanks for all the reveiws, guys. They make me really happy and i just LOVE them. =] So, PLEASE continue to leave them. I will upate soon, hopefully, the next chapter is written, it just needs to be relooked and i need to update my other story.

PLEASE REVIEW and tell me what you think! =]

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