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Crossing the Line by LadySoftball
Chapter 5 : Accusations
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“Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no!”

“Something wrong Katrina?” Emily asked, not looking away from her reflection as she straightened her green and silver tie.

“I can’t find it!” Katrina yelled.

Emily raised an eyebrow and glanced at Katrina with the full-length mirror. “Find what?”

“The picture!” Katrina screamed.

Emily began to brush her hair. “Oh…what a shame.”

Tears began to brim Katrina’s eyes and Emily felt disgusted. How did this…imbecile even make it into Slytherin? Her disgust heightened as Katrina grabbed her arm tightly, a pout on her pink painted lips.

“Emily, what am I going to do?!”

“Nothing.” Emily said simply, pulling her arm swiftly from the blond's grip.


Emily nodded. “Only you and I know that you lost the picture. You can continue to hang around Narcissa, as if everything is normal, and she’ll still think you have the picture and continue to pretend to be your friend.”

Katrina smiled and flipped her hair over her shoulder, looking smug. “I was just thinking the same thing, but just so you know, Narcissa is really starting to like me, and Bellatrix may even start to tutor me, so I’m sorry to say that there’s no room for you. So from now on, I will no longer associate with you.”

Emily looked at Katrina coldly. “You’ll regret crossing me Pearl.”

Katrina laughed. “Don’t make me laugh Potter, I’m climbing my way up the social ladder, leaving you here at the bottom. You’re a loser and will always be a loser.” She left the room, laughing.

Emily rolled her eyes and continued getting ready for the day before leaving her dorm, grabbing her bag on the way, and the Slytherin common room, heading to the Great Hall for breakfast. Her pace was relaxed, as if a great surprise wasn’t waiting for Katrina in the Great Hall that would humiliate her. Just as Emily exited the dungeons and made her way past the staircase in to the entrance hall an excited yell tore through the air.

Emily looked at the staircase and let out a scream as a figure slid off the banister and straight into her, causing both of them to fall to the ground.

Emily opened her eyes, that had been closed tightly in the process of falling, and stared straight into the gray eyes of one of her least favorite people in the school, no, the world: Sirius Black.

He was laying flush against her, their legs intertwined and his arms resting on either side of her head. Sirius blinked slowly and lifted himself slightly, his hands resting on either side of her head, knees on either side of her hips, and gazed down at her. They stared at each other for a moment, gray meeting brown. Emily noticed a strange look in his eyes and raised an eyebrow.

“Mind getting off of me Black?” She asked.

Sirius blinked and quickly got off of her and stood, wiping his robes as if he was touched by something disgusting, not even bothering to help her up. “Watch where you’re going Potter.”

Emily glared and stood up. “I wasn’t the one sliding down the banister Black. What kind of an idiot does that when there could be others there to break your landing?”

He glared back. “You’re the idiot who didn’t get out of the way. Too bad it was you standing there instead of someone more…appealing.” He mumbled, knowing the effect it would have on her.

She bristled. Bastard! “Tell me Black…what’s it like being a complete asshole?”

“I’ll tell you as soon as you tell me what it’s like being a traitorous bitch.” He countered.

She scowled. “Speaking of traitors, how is James doing?”

Sirius glared and grabbed the front of her robes. “The only traitor I see is you. Do you have any idea what you did to your brother?”

“Not particularly.” She said coolly. “I was only sorted into my house, what he did was much worse.”

Sirius’s grip tightened. “You became what he hated most, an evil slimy snobby pureblood obsessed Slytherin.”

She grabbed his wrist and glared. “And what he did was good? Turning his back on me and leaving me alone in the snake pit?”

Sirius sneered. “Bet you're enjoying your time with them. After spending your first train ride defending those snakes, why do you expect us to believe that you didn’t want to be a Slytherin? He did right by forgetting about you.”

Emily stared at him and slowly smiled, running a hand up his arm and through his hair. He let go of her in surprise, but she grabbed the front of his robes in return. “We’re similar, you and I.” She said quietly. “Both of us are the outcasts of the family, ending up in the houses our families hate, causing our brothers to hate us, however,” She leaned closer so their faces were inches apart and her breath traveled over his lips. “…At least one of my parents still love me.” She smiled cruelly and pecked him on the lips.

She moved away, but Sirius growled and grabbed her arm, turning her back to face him. He raised a hand and swung it towards her. Her eyes widened and she lifted a hand. Sirius’s eyes also widened and he caught himself last second, stopping his hand right before it hit her cheek.

She lowered her arm that was going to block his on-coming blow and stared up at him, calm expression returning. “Are you going to hit me Black? Are you going to punish me on James’s behalf or because you realize that you and I really are similar?”

He pushed her away and walked towards the Great Hall. “We’re nothing alike and I’m not going to waste my time with you.”

“Coward.” She said simply. “If you don’t like something, do something about it. Empty words and threats mean nothing.”

He stopped walking, but only for a moment before continuing again.

Emily sighed as she was left alone in the entrance hall. He may be an arrogant bastard, but he’ll never be as big of a coward as I am. She heaved another sighed and walked into the Great Hall. Her sadness evaporated immediately at the chaos in front of her, directed towards the Slytherin table.

Katrina was screaming, trying to grab every piece of paper that was on and around the Slytherin table. Emily smirked. They copied and dropped the pages of the diary all around the Slythering table. There must be enough copies for every person in Slytherin, however…

Emily pulled her wand out of the holster on her wrist and cast a sweeping spell, causing the pages the float throughout the entire hall, landing everywhere. She put her wand back in the holster, unnoticed by all, and picked up a page that fell at her feet and read a random spot.

And then Regulus would lay me down and climb on top of me. Suddenly the door would open and a figure walked in. As the shadows left his face as he entered the dimly lit room it was easy for me to see it was Sirius Black- 

Emily stopped reading and tossed the paper over her shoulder with a smirk. If that doesn't prove that Pearl is a traitor to Slytherin, I don't know what will.

Emily made her way towards the Slytherin table, kicking papers as she walked, and found pleasure and amusment in the taunting and laugher directed at the thoroughly embarrassed and humiliated Katrina Pearl.

Said person was screaming at Narcissa and Bellatrix. “How could you do this?! You won’t get away with this! I still have the picture! You slut!”

Narcissa looked enraged and opened her mouth, but Emily interrupted. “You’re such a hypocrite Pearl.”

Katrina turned sharply, eyes widening. “What?”

Emily crossed her arms. “Narcissa took those pictures for someone special to her, you, on the other hand, wrote down your disgusting fantasies and conquests of mudbloods, traitors, and boys out of your league. You’re the slut, not her.”

Tears began running down Katrina's face. “Emily…you…you..”

Emily silently reached into her bag and took out a folded picture, handing it to Narcissa. “I think this is yours.”

Narcissa checked the picture and smirked. “Why yes it is, where ever did you find it?”

Emily shrugged. “It was just lying around.”

Bellatrix grabbed the picture and took out her wand. “Let’s just take care of this.” She tapped the photo and it  began to burn, ashes falling to the ground.

Katrina watched, horrified and looked at Emily, who just smiled. “I told you you’d regret it.”

“How…How could you? I was your only friend.” She glared. “How could such a weak and stupid person like you think this up?”

Emily laughed humorlessly. “I’m stupid? Who’s the one who leaves her diary lying around, as well as the blackmailing piece she needed to make people like her. Who asks the supposedly stupider person for help with homework and spells? Who can actually perform said spells? The only weak and stupid girl I see is you. You are a disgrace to the Slytherin House and deserve everything you get.”

Katrina growled and lunged at Emily, who drew her wand from the holster and shot a spell at Katrina, hitting her and sending her flying. “How barbaric, fighting like a muggle.”

Dumbledore, along with Slughorn, Head of Slytherin, seemed to find it was time to intervene.

“Miss Potter, Miss Pearl, may I ask what the problem is?” Dumbledore asked.

“She copied and sent everyone pages of my diary and attacked me Professors!” Katrina yelled, getting up painfully, hand over the spot Emily's spell had hit her.

“Is this true Miss Potter?” Slughorn asked, looking shocked that one of his favorite students would do such a thing.

“No.” Emily said easily. “I was merely defending myself when she attacked me, making horrible accusations.” Emily rubbed her eye, looking sad. “I’ve been Katrina’s friend since first year, and she loses her diary almost every week. She’s blaming me because I didn’t find it like every other time.”

“That’s not true! You lying bitch!” Katrina yelled.

“Miss Pearl, this is hardly the time for such language.” Dumbledore scolded. “Now, Miss Potter, can you tell me why you were late for breakfast?”

“Are you accusing me Professor?” Emily asked.

“Of course not.” Slughorn interrupted. “We just want to know who did this. Do you have any idea?”

She looked down. “I don’t have any idea of who would pull such a horrible prank, but it wasn’t me.” She looked back up and she eyes had a glassy appearance.

Katrina watched horrified as Dumbledore’s eyes softened and Slughorn patted Emily’s shoulder.

“She’s lying!” Katrina screamed.

“Do you have any proof that she would do this?” Dumbledore asked.

“N-No.” Katrina said weakly.

Emily suddenly noticed a page of the diary lying innocently on the floor and inwardly smirked. She reached down and gave a quiet gasp. She held out the paper to Slughorn. “Professor.”

Slughorn took the paper and read silently, his face darkening as he finished. “Albus.” Slughorn handed him the paper.

Dumbledore read it and looked gravely down at Katrina. “Have you been stealing potions from Professor Slughorn Miss Pearl?”

“No!” Katrina denied, but made the mistake of looking Dumbledore in the eyes.

Fool. Emily thought.

“Meet me in front of my office Miss Pearl?” Dumbledore said. “Now.”

Katrina immediately ran out of the Great Hall, blushing at the taunts and snickers directed at her, but not before sending Emily a dirty look.

Dumbledore summoned all of the diary pages and looked at Emily. “I am sorry Miss Potter.”

Emily wouldn’t meet his eyes, pretending to look sadly at the ground. "It's okay Headmaster."

“Horace, you will accompany me since this was a theft of your potions?” Dumbledore asked after a moment when he failed to get Emily to meet his eyes.

Slughorn nodded. “Of course.” He smiled at Emily before both men turned and left the Great Hall.

Emily smirked to herself and sat down in her usual spot at the Slytherin table, ignoring the stares she was getting. When Slughorn and Dumbledore left, Bellatrix looked at Emily and smirked. Emily stared back for a second then looked back down at her plate.

Things may start to change…The question is…Will it be a good change, or a bad one?

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