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David Weasley and the Challenge of a Lifetime by ladybobcat54
Chapter 3 : Natalie Richies
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David’s first few Quiditch practices had gone well, and the first game was tomorrow. It was Saturday, and the first Hogsmeade weekend. He walked through town with Alyssa, and before long Veronica came up to him.


“David, guess who Victorie’s with!” Veronica said excitedly.


“Well, this is difficult!” David said, his voice oozing sarcasm, “Isabella and Dona?”


“No! Teddy!” She said in a voice so high that only dogs would here it if it was much higher.


“Wow, her boyfriend came to visit her,” He said as if speaking to someone slow, “That’s really fascinating.”


“Life is wasted on you!” Veronica said harshly, and she stormed off.


“Love you too sis!” David yelled after his sister.


Alyssa laughed as he yelled this. They walked through the village and when they walked into The Three Broomsticks David saw for himself that Victorie was with Teddy. He saw her with her head resting on his shoulder, and his head on top of hers and looking like he was very close to falling asleep. He saw a horrified look appear on his sister’s face, and looked in the direction she was. He saw what had his sister so afraid.


Drake Timmerman had just walked in. He walked over to Victorie and said something he couldn’t hear. Teddy’s eyes shot opened and there was anger in them. He began speaking to Drake, and before I knew it he was on his feet and leaving the building with Victorie, Isabella, and Dona right behind him.


I grabbed Alyssa’s wrist and pulled her out the door too so that we could see what was going on. David saw his sister and her friends pulling Teddy down a side street, and a few other seventh years pulling Drake down another.


He was distracted from Teddy and his sister by someone bumping into his shoulder. David saw that this person was none other than Natalie Richies, wherein a mini-skirt, a halter-top, and black boots.


“Oh, I’m so sorry, great hair.” She said flirtatiously running her hand through David’s hair before walking away.


“That slut!” Alyssa said scathingly.


“Why do you hate her?” He asked.


“What do you mean?” She asked.


“Natalie, I mean, you seem to really hate her.” David said.


“I can’t tell you!” She said quickly.


“Okay, if you say so.” He said with no intentions of forgetting.


That night David and Alyssa went back to the common room and sat by the fire. They were having a random debate over what was better shampoo or the color orange. Alyssa was there on behalf of shampoo and David spoke for the color orange. They were in middle of this, when they were joined by Veronica.


“W.S.B. when Victorie gets here I need you to come let her know we saw her with Teddy.” Veronica said quickly.


“Fine, but until she gets here listen to our random debate.” David said.


“Alright, but before we start again, what’s a W.S.B.?” Alyssa asked.


“Something insulting, I’m sure.” David said looking at his sister.


“Worthless Sack of Bones.” Veronica explained.


“Oh, so let’s start, I’m here for shampoo and he speaks for the color orange.” Alyssa started, “Shampoo makes your hair fluffy and full of luster.”


“Without orange there would be nothing to bridge the gap between red and yellow.” David said.


“Shampoo comes in many flavors and colors, while orange only comes in orange.”


“Orange is special, because no other word in the English language rhymes with orange!”


“What about door hinge?” Alyssa shot.


“That’s two words or at the very least hyphenated!” David stated boldly.


“Shampoo is better than orange.” She said plainly.


“My feelings are right hers are wrong.” David said. (Debate ideas from Many lines belong to them)


“Thank you for that enlightening debate, there’s Victorie, common David.” Veronica said pulling her brother with her over to her sister.


The two sat down across from their older sister. Victorie was sitting with her long blonde hair swung over her shoulder. She was simply staring off into space, as were Isabella and Dona. Veronica said her sister’s name, and she looked up.



"I saw you in Hogsmeade with Teddy today," Veronica stated matter-o-factly.


"Yeah," Victorie said dreamily.


"I take it you enjoyed yourself," David said smiling at his older sister.


“David here couldn’t have cared less; really life is wasted on him.”  Veronica said looking disgusted at her brother.


“And you wonder why I insist on switching your shampoos to things like hair die and glue.” David said smirking.


“Now, how can you think that life is wasted on him?” Came a voice David knew very well.


Natalie had come up behind David, and ran her hand slowly through his hair before walking up to her dorm. David made several indistinct flustered noises, as if he couldn’t believe what was happening. He couldn’t believe what had happened. He was brought back to earth by the sound of his sister speaking.


“What a slut faced bitch!” Veronica said scathingly watching Natalie walking to the staircase.


“Tell me about it!” Dona chipped in, as neither of their sisters seemed likely to join in the conversation.


“I here that’s not her real nose.” Veronica said.


“I here that’s not her real face.” Dona pointed out.


“I’m gonna go.” David said leaving the two to argue about how much of Natalie was real.


David sat back down with Alyssa, who had been listening to what was happening.


“So what do you think?” David asked randomly.


“I think Dona’s right, that can’t be her real face!” Alyssa said.


“Right, I’m going to go to bed.” David said.


Without another word he left, and went upstairs to his dormitory. He found Dynamite was already there. He was lying on his bed reading a magazine. Or “reading” a magazine as David saw when he walked over to his friends bed, and saw that he was staring at a picture of a girl wherein a bikini.


“How long have you been staring at that thing?” David asked rolling his eyes.


“About an hour, why? Did you think I was actually going to read the magazine?!” Dynamite said exasperated at how clueless David could be, “I was actually kind of waiting for you. I got a date with Mindy Joel this weekend.”


“She’s a total brainiac, what does she see in you?” David asked.


“I kind of tricked her into thinking I was smart.” He explained biting his lip.


“How’d you manage that” David asked.


“I don’t know, but she probably likes guys who actually do there homework, and read books!” Dynamite said upset.


“So read a book.” He said rolling his eyes.


“I don’t have a year!” Dynamite almost yelled.


“Alyssa’s smarter than I am, and she knows Mindy.” David suggested, “Maybe she could tutor you.”


“No thanks, I don’t need your girlfriend tutoring me so that I can get one.” Dynamite said with a smirk.


“I guess you don’t need my help.” David said angrily.


And on that note David changed and went to bed without another word to his friend. He lay awake in bed without thinking of a single way he could possibly help his friend. He did however wake up to Dynamite yelling his name and Fred yelling at Dynamite to shut up and that it was four AM. David looked at the clock and saw that his cousin was right; it was indeed four in the morning. This explained why his arms felts so heavy that he would have thought he’d had Quiditch practice the night before if he didn’t know better.


“Can’t we discuss this in four hours when normal people are awake?” David said irritated.


“No, now!” Dynamite said, and without another word dragged his friend out of bed and down to the common room.


“What do you want? I have my first Quiditch game in a few hours.” David yelled, and Dynamite covered his mouth.


“Shh! I want you to help me get ready for my date with Mindy!” Dynamite whispered harshly.


“Well, I need to get some sleep so I can’t help.” David said quietly, pulling his friends hand a way from his mouth.


“Than get Alyssa!” He ordered and without further ado David called her.


“It’s four in the morning what do you want!” She asked when she reached the bottom of the stairs.


“Dynamite needs a tutor for his date with Mindy, have fun.” David said, and he attempted to run away, but Alyssa caught his arm.


“I can’t, we can’t! We have a game in a few hours.” Alyssa said.


And looking at Dynamites angry face they both ran to their dormitories. David jumped into bed, and fell asleep almost instantly. He was shaken roughly awake by Dynamite once, but he simply cast a spell around his bed, and went on sleeping. He only felt his pregame nerves kick in when he woke up that morning at eight. He went down stairs and went to breakfast with Alyssa, who also seemed nervous.


They went downstairs, and while they were eating Natalie Richies came in with her usual fourth year friends. They were all wherein red mini skirts with gold stars on them, and red lace up tops with gold lace. They also had lion pins in their hair. When they walked by Natalie waved to him smiling. Alyssa rolled her eyes, and David slapped himself.


When they were done eating they walked down to the pitch and changed into their quiditch robes. They stretched while they waited to go out to the game. Finally Cally led them out onto the pitch. Cally shook hands with the Slytherin captain and before David and Alyssa knew what was happening they had kicked off.


“And they’re off, Weedle takes possession of the quafil, she passes to Walis, Renee that is.” Announced Caroline Jordan.


David heard the commentating over the rush of the wind and the cheering of the crowd in his ears as he circled the pitch looking for the tiny golden ball worth one hundred and fifty points. While he was gliding around the pitch he felt a blow to his back as if hit by an iron clad punch. He turned on his broom and saw that one of the Slytherin beaters had hit a bludger at him, and had met its mark. David saw out of the corner of his eye Dona hit a bludger at the Slytherin chaser, who was hit and dropped the quafil.


“Weedle catches the quafil and proceeds to the goal posts, she passes to Walis (Bella) who shoots and she scores.” Caroline announced, “Gryffindor leads thirty to ten.”


David smiled to himself as he flew around the field like a vulture. He circled for what felt like hours although it was probably no more than twenty minutes. The score was tied with one hundred points each. David saw a glint of gold from the direction of the Gryffindor goal posts. He sped up and saw that the snitch was indeed hovering towards the bottom of the middle post.


He sped up, and the Slytherin seeker saw him do that and next thing David knew they were neck and neck speeding towards the tiny fluttering ball that would end the game and bring one team victory. David sped up as fast as he could and stuck out his right hand. He was just able to grab the ball and felt his opponent scratching hopelessly at his hand. David stopped and held the ball up in the air for everyone to see.


“He’s got the snitch! David Weasley receives one hundred and fifty points for catching the snitch!” Caroline announced, “Gryffindor wins!”


The red and gold clad supporters burst out cheering. David found himself in the middle of a midair group hug. The person closest to him was Alyssa, than Cally, and the rest of the team. They finally separated and touched down on the ground cheering along with the crowd.


The team led the Gryffindors back to the common room where they celebrated there victory, while the Slytherins went to the dungeons to commiserate in their common room. David stood in a corner waiting for Alyssa, when he was joined by Natalie Richies.


“Congratulations!” She said snaking her arms around his neck.


Before David could completely comprehend what had happened Natalie had kissed him full on the lips. He responded almost instantly by wrapping his arms around her waist. He felt her fingers running through his flaming red hair.




Alyssa walked into the common room. She had been pulled aside to talk to Dynamite on her way up. She walked around the room looking for David, and when she finally found him he was locked in a close embrace with Natalie Richies. They were kissing fiercely like there was no one else in the room. She felt the angry tears burn her eyes and next thing she knew they were cascading down her cheeks. Alyssa regained enough self-control that she was able to run out of the room. She ran into the first unlocked classroom she found. Alyssa walked over to the window and saw that it had began to rain since they’d come in. She watched as the rain fell like the tears from her eyes.


Alyssa heard the door open behind her and saw Dynamite step in. He walked over to the window where Alyssa was standing and put his arm around her.


“So, do you want to take me up on my offer than?” He asked.


“One tutor for one jealous boy.” Alyssa said smiling evilly.


A/N: So, how was it? Let me know what you think. 

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