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Identity Confusion by shadowkitty22
Chapter 4 : A Small Discovery
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    The next morning Blaise woke up to a delicious aroma. He continued to lay in bed for a little bit just enjoying the smell. Then he heard a shriek. He tossed the covers off his body, threw open the door and ran down the stairs in only his pajama bottoms. Quickly turning the corner into the kitchen, Blaise saw Mikayla clutching her chest while holding an envelope and looking towards the open window. "What is it, Mikayla? What's wrong?"

    " owl," she managed to stutter out, while handing him the envelope with a shaking hand.

    Blaise groaned as he took it from her. He had completely forgotten about owl post in his plan to not mention magic. He looked down at the envelope and recognized the elegant cursive that was his mother's. He decided to read it later.

    "Why would an owl deliever you a letter? Aren't they nocturnal?" she questioned him, looking at him oddly as she went back to making pancakes.

    "It was probably just someone playing a prank and the bird probably just reminded you of an owl," he said hoping that she would believe him. Seeing that Mikayla still looked a little doubtful, he stepped closer to her and asked, "What are you making?"

    Mikayla felt her face flush as she stared at Blaise's naked chest, just mere inches from her face. She was having to fight the urge to reach out and touch his broad chest and well defined abs. Turning back to the stove she stammered out, "P-pancakes."

    "Care to teach me?" Blaise asked as he sidled up next to her at the stove.

    "Sure," Mikayla squeaked. She blushed furiously because she was mortified by her school girl reaction to his near nakedness and his close proximity.

    Blaise chuckled at her reaction and was pleased that he affected her because she certainly had an effect on him. Even though she was fully dressed and covered in the ivory hooded henley shirt and blue jeans, he could still feel his pulse quickening. He smiled as he looked into her green eyes and tucked an errant lock of her hair behind her ear. "So what should I do?"

    Mikayla's ears were buzzing at the simple touch and she waited for it to stop before she answered him. "You can flip them over when they're ready."

    "Alright," he said as he watched her walk around the kitchen gathering plates and silverware. Blaise became so absorbed in watching her graceful movements that he didn't notice that the pancake was starting to burn.

    "Blaise! Flip the pancake. Hurry!" Mikayla urged.

    He quickly ripped his eyes from her as she had been setting the table and reached out with his hand, without thinking, to grab the pancake and flip it. Blaise immediately registered the searing heat as the pain ran up his fingers and hands as he barely managed to flip the food in the pan. "Fuck that hurt! Why on Earth would anyone make these damn things?"

    Mikayla grabbed his hand and thrust it under the faucet as she turned on the cold water. "Why didn't you use the spatula?"

    "The what?"

    "This," she said as she held up the utensil that had been sitting on the counter next to the stove. "You're supposed to use the spatula to flip the pancakes.

    "Oh." He felt incredibly stupid. 'I should know better than that. I mean I know better than to reach into a bubbling cauldron to test a potion.' Blaise looked at his hand as it was being cooled off by the water. 'I wonder how long this will take to heal without magic?' "What's that?" he asked when he saw the new supplies that she had laid out on the counter.

    "Oh just some first aid supplies I picked up yesterday. I figured I might need them. I think I might be a klutz because my body is covered in bruises," she admitted.

    Blaise scoffed at the idea because he remembered seeing those bruises and he just knew, deep down inside, that they weren't accidental bruises. He sucked air through his teeth as she grabbed his hand and began putting ointment on the burn. He watched as she then placed a bandage over it and patted his forearm gently.

    "There you go. It should be healed in a few days. Now," she said as she turned back towards the stove," let's see if we can still salvage this pancake." About ten minutes later, Mikayla had finished making pancakes and was placing them on the table along with a pitcher of pumpkin juice.

    As they were eating breakfast and having a friendly conversation they heard a voice call out, "Blaise, where are you?"

    His fork clattered against his plate when he dropped it in surprise. He glanced at Mikayla and excused himself as he went into the living room to greet his guest. "Mother, what a lovely surprise. What brings you here?"

    "Didn't you get my owl?"

    "I did but I haven't had the chance to read it yet."

    "Well if you had taken the time to read it, then you would've known that I wanted to take you out to breakfast on your day off. It's been so long since we've been able to get together."

    "You're more than welcome to join us for breakfast, Mother," Blaise offered as they stepped into the kitchen.

    "Us?" Adriana Zabini asked but then she looked at the other occupant already in the room. The woman glanced back and forth between the attractive younger woman, sitting at the table with a bite of pancake on her fork and halfway to her mouth, and her bare chested son standing next to her. She quickly jumped to her own conclusions. "Oh, Blaise! How wonderful darling. Why didn't you tell me that you got a new girlfriend? You know it has been too long. I mean you and Christie broke up ages ago."

    Mikayla felt her cheeks turn pink as she set down the fork, pancake uneaten. Blaise averted his blue eyes from her green ones as he inwardly groaned over the embarassment of his mother's comment. "She's not my girlfriend, Mum. Mum, meet Mikayla Montclaire. Mikayla, this is my mum, Adriana Zabini," Blaise said gesturing between the two women.

    "Montclaire," the older woman mused. "Are you related to Jeffrey Montclaire by any chance?"

    Both Blaise and Mikayla looked intrigued by this potential new lead into her mysterious past. Mikayla stared at Blaise's mother for a moment and took in the shiny black hair swept back into an elegant French twist, the white silk blouse and matching skirt and long flowing midnight blue robes. 'Robes?! What in the world? Why is she wearing robes?' But instead of voicing her curiosity, Mikayla just slowly shook her head and replied, "I don't know but my mother's name was Celeste."

    Mrs.Zabini looked at her as she pondered over the name. "It doesn't ring a bell. But I think you might be related to Jeffrey. Your nose resembles his."

    Mikayla's right hand flew to the tip of her nose and she rubbed it lightly as her gaze flew to the woman's son. Blaise felt a mixture of elation, at a possible lead to figuring out who his guest was and a sadness that the name didn't get any sort of reaction from her. "Mother, Mikayla seems to have lost all her memories and can't remember anything beyond her name and a handful of memories of her mother, which she just remembered yesterday," he informed her.

    "Has she been obliviated, Blaise?" Adriana asked with concern.

    He watched as the auburn haired woman's brow furrowed in confusion once again at the unfamiliar word. "Pardon us," Blaise said as he placed his hand on his mother's lower back and steered her towards the foyer. He called over his shoulder, "Continue eating breakfast. We'll be right back." Blaise felt the sensation of deja vu wash over him as he remembered the all too familiar scene that he had had with Draco just yesterday.

    "What's wrong?"

    "Mother, when I said she couldn't remember anything, I meant that. I don't even know if she is a witch. So I can't do magic or even talk about it. I had to send Tripp away for a while, so she's teaching me how to cook. That's how I burned my hand," he told her as he held up the burned appendage.

    Adriana gasped. "Do you want me to heal it?"

    "No Mother, we cant' do magic for right now, remember? How would I explain my rapidly healed hand to her?"

    "Well why would you do something so dangerous as cook?"

    "It's not that it's dangerous. I was distracted."

    "By what?"

    "Mikayla was setting the table," he stated simply.

    "You were distracted because a pretty woman was setting a table?" she asked in disbelief. "My you are easy to please."

    "No, Mother. It wasn't because she was setting the table. It's just-" he paused as he thought over his answer. "It's just her. The way she talks, the grace with which she moves, the way the light picks up on the golden strands in her hair, her smile and the sound of her laugh. It's just Mikayla, Mum," he said smiling sheepishly at his corny answer.

    Adriana smiled knowingly at her son. "I see. How long will she be here?"

    "I don't know. I certainly don't plan on kicking her out when she doesn't even know where her home is."

    "So she's staying until she remembers?"

    "Pretty much. I plan on helping her figure it out as well," Blaise told his mother.

    Adriana linked her arm through Blaise's as they walked back towards the kitchen. She gently patted his elbow as she started talking. "I think it's wonderful that you are going to help her. You never know what you might discover along the way," she finished saying as they stopped back in front of the table. Mrs.Zabini released her son as she stepped around the table towards Mikayla and she embraced the younger woman in a warm hug and brushed a kiss upon her cheek. "It was lovely to meet you, Mikayla."

    "It was nice to meet you to, Mrs.Zabini," Mikayla said politely.

    "Please call me Adriana," she requested.

    "Yes ma'am."

    Turning to her son, she gave him a hug as well as he kissed her cheek. "I'll see you some other time and we can catch up later. Have a good day you two," she said as she left the kitchen and exited the house through the front door so that she could disapparate away from Mikayla's sight, remembering the no magic rule.

    After Blaise heard the faint echo of his mother's departure he spoke. "So what do you want to do today?"

    "Well your mother got me curious with the comment about me having Jeffrey Montclaire's nose. Do you think we could go to the library and look in birth and wedding records? I might find something," she said hopefully.

    "Sounds good to me."


    Many hours later, Blaise and Mikayla were sitting at a table in the town library going through the old record books. Blaise knew that it was a long shot to hope that the two of them would find any information on her parents not only for the simple fact that they both could've been born, married and died anywhere in the world, let alone in Blaise's town but also because if they were magical, the chances of them being recorded in the Muggle world was pretty slim. But he made a mental note to check out any wizard geneaology books that he may have at home in his library.

    They had decided to start looking for information on Jeffrey first since they knew his last name and were checking the marriage records starting at 20 years ago, seeing as that's about the age Mikayla thought she was, and they worked their way back. So far they had been unlucky through the last seven years worth of records. Blaise sighed at the seemingly never ending task as he flipped page after page looking for a Jeffrey Montclaire.

    All of a sudden, Mikayla started frantically whacking his left arm and excitedly whispered, "Blaise, look!" She was jabbing her right index finger at something on the middle of the left page.

    Blaise leaned over to try and look at the page but he couldn't get a good view because of all of her movements. So he got out of his chair to stand behind her. Placing both hands flat on the table, on both sides of Mikayla, he bent down until his head was level with hers. Mikayla shivered as his hot breath caressed her cheek. "What did you find?"

    "Look," she said again as she pointed at the middle of the page. He read:

Jeffrey Montclaire wed Celeste Byxbee on April 24, 1977

    "Do you think that's them?" he asked, tilting his head to get a better look at her. He noticed her sucking on her lower lip as she nodded excitedly. "Well congratulations." Blaise wrapped his left arm around her chest until his hand touched Mikayla's right shoulder and he gave her a one armed hug as he placed a kiss on her temple.

    "Thanks," she replied while blushing at their closeness and the familiarity of his gesture. "I guess I should write this down." She quickly made a note on a piece of paper and stashed it in her jeans pocket.

    "Well at least we found something today. I think we should call it quits for now though, since it is getting late and come back another day to check more records to see if we can find out any of yours or their birth information," Blaise suggested. Mikayla agreed and so they put away the volumes of records that they had removed from the shelves.

A/N: So I just realized today that I only have one more chapter of this story to write before it is complete and then it is just pure updates from there. I broke my own rule by starting to post this story without having it complete. Oh well. I have no fear that I will finish writing it before I ever get caught up to where I am on updates.

So yeah, I hope that you are still enjoying it and I am always interested in your thoughts, ideas and random comments.


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Identity Confusion: A Small Discovery


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