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Sorceress by RSK
Chapter 1 : Prologue: Innocent Fun
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Author's Note:
1. This is a fanfiction: J.K. Rowling owns everything you recognize from Harry Potter.
2. There may or may not be any reference to other (traditional) folklore or mystical creatures, with possible twists to suit the story.
3. This is my first time writing a fanfiction. Plus, I haven't read the books in a long time and neither do I have them at hand, so do excuse any mistakes with reference to the storyline/character of the original belonging to JKR. Also, excuse my "old english" language at the end.
4. Please do not plagarize. I've been raised in a plagerism-free environment and like to keep it that way :P


Prologue: Innocent Fun

Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days of innocent ignorance...



The owner of the voice had fallen flat on the back. The twelve-year-old laid there on the ground, glaring at the perpetrator of the push. In a blur of vibrant red, a slap resounded through the room as flesh met flesh. A hand went up to touch a very swollen red cheek and four boys of the same age stared in shock, while a red-headed girl joined the glare and then turned to her fallen comrade.

"Are you alright?" she asked her friend as she extended a helping hand.

The other refused it with a small smile before getting up and turned to the four boys, particularly the one with the messy, black hair and a hand still covering the red, hand imprint on his left cheek.

"Let's just go. You didn't need to waste your energy or hurt your hand for something as stupid as this." With that, both marched out of the common room though its portrait hole.

Once the two friends were out of sight and ear-shot, the victim of the red head’s hard slap barked in anger, "What the heck does she see in him?"

"Uh, a friend?" the blonde of the group answered in an uncertain mousy squeak.

The former roared, "I ALREADY BLOODY KNOW! NO NEED TO BLOODY ANSWER THAT!!" and the latter gave a terrified yelp and hid behind the brunette boy next to him.

The brunette sighed aloud and gave him a calming pat on the back. "You don't need to take you anger out on Peter, James", he told the angry boy calmly, "And I'd apologize to both of them if I were you."

The tousled-haired boy glared at his friend. "I'll apologize to that creep the day Voldemort's pants are on fire!" The fourth boy snickered at the comment but remained silent.

"James. I know you don't want to, but if you don't apologize, Lily will never forgive you", the brunette reasoned again and smiled softly at his friend when he heard a sigh of defeat.

The fourth boy snickered once more, "Well good luck with that, mate!" he offered cheerfully, his gray eyes gleaming with mirth. James gave a low grunt and glowered at him before storming out the room in the direction of the two that have previous fled their presence. Once his friend was gone and the incoherent mumble of curses along with him, he flicked his black hair out of his gray eyes and directed them at the brunette, a mischievous smile playing on his lips. "Remus, two chocolate frogs says James' not going to say it and storm back in here cursing Merlin."

The brunette smiled back. "I normally don't like bets, but... five says he's going to do it, mess up, and get another smack from Lily." The former raised a questioning eyebrow but nodded in silent agreement while Peter looked from one friend to another in confusion. He opened his mouth to enquire, but was cut short by a loud grunt.

"Stupid...arrogant...bloody..." were all the three boys managed to make out of a ranting James who stomped right passed them and straight up the stairs to the boys' dormitory, another red, handprint on his right cheek.

They all snickered. "Looks like you owe me some chocolate frogs, Sirius."

"So tell me. What exactly happened when James tried to apologize?"

A head turned to look at the enquirer and smiled sweetly. "Haven't you already guessed, Remy dearest?"

The brunette boy placed a hand under his chin, resting his elbow on the long dining table. "A guess is still a guess. I'd rather hear straight from someone who's actually there."

The other responded with a shrug. "He came, tried to say something, and when I told him to spit it out, he lunged at me, and she tripped him and then slapped him on the other cheek when he got up. Well, you know the rest after that."

The brunette chuckled before taking in another mouthful of the drink in his hand. "He's really annoyed that you're always with her."

The other gave a small smirk, "not as much as he's annoyed with Severus."

"That's true. I guess he hates that you're both her friends while he's the hated one." He lifted his cup for another sip of his drink, but stopped mid-way as a sudden thought hit. "I wonder what their reactions would be when they find out..." he wondered aloud, scratching the back of mousy brown head in contemplation.

One eyebrow arched up with scepticism. "They haven't figured it out yet?" The other shook his head in response. The former one turned back to the food on the table and gave a small huff. "Well, just goes to show how dense those guys are, especially that big-headed idiot who's supposed to be a genius."

The brunette looked at the other as he got up from his seat. "Who? James?" His friend followed suit and they walked casually out of the Great Hall.

"No Remy, the other idiot with an oversized head that annoys me even more than the first does." The brunette spread an infectious smile to the speaker, who continued, "But yes, they both have swelled heads with but nothing but cob-webs in them, so I don't blame you for the confusion." They both burst into fits of laughter and turned around a corner.

"Remus, how many times have I told you not to patronize with the enemy?" a mildly amused voice broke through the laughter. Both friends stopped in their tracks and turned to find a very intimidating Sirius behind them.

"Sorry Remy, I didn't know I was your enemy as well." It was a playful apology, but it had struck a nerve.

"You little-"

"I hope you are not planning to attack a fellow student again, Mr. Black," the stern voice had stopped the enraged boy from finishing his sentence. "Miss Williams, please try not to provoke him." All three turned to see the teacher marching rigidly towards them. 

"I wasn't attacking him. But I wanted t-" there was a sudden pause and his eyes widened. Both professor and students turned to look at him with questioning looks. "Wait. Professor, did you just call him 'Miss Williams'?"

All eyes now turned to the professor who gave them a look of confusion. "Yes?" she answered, unsure of what exactly was happening.

The enquirer was on the verge of laughing out loud. "Williams, she thinks you're a girl" he told the person in question, this time trying in vain to keep in a few chuckles.

"That's because she is a girl." When the boy had gone completely silent with shock, the professor's thin lips gave a small knowing smile. "Well, I’m late for a meeting." She turned and continued her march away from the children, but turned and added before disappearing down the hall, "And no fights please, Mr. Black."

It was the girl who spoke first after the long silence that followed. "Well, now! What made you think I was a boy, hmm?" she asked the shocked boy. The other was speechless as Remus fought back a snigger. Just then, three more people entered the scene: one scrawny boy whose black hair was sticking up in all directions, one chubby blonde with a mousy face, and a red head with striking emerald green eyes.

"He's not bothering you again, is he, Sirius?" the dark haired one ask his equally dark haired friend.

"As if, Potter. You should be asking Miu that question about Black", said the red head indignantly.

Sirius, his face still wearing a shocked expression, turned to his approaching friends and told them in almost a whisper, "He's a she..." The two addressed boys crackled with laughter, but when their friend's expression didn't change they stopped short, giving him questioning looks. "I'm not kidding."

Remus had now burst into laughter and with former girl. When they had managed to suppress a second wave of fits, they explained to the confused red head, who soon laughed with mirth. "I've always thought that you've decided to regard her has a boy for obvious reasons."

The mousey blonde piped in after the laughter had died down. "T-then if Remus knows, why didn't he ever tell us?"

Remus merely shook his head, his hazel eyes dancing with glee. "I just wanted to see how long this would last, Peter."

"Ha ha, very funny Remus. Well, since we're spilling the... urgh... what do muggles call it?" Sirius looked at the girls.

"Beans", both answered in chorus.

"Ah, yeah, beans. So since we're spilling the beans here, what about Evan's little nickname for you? Mew? Something to do with a cat?"

The red head looked at him with a stoic expression. "It's not 'Mew', it's Miu as in M.I.U and it's not a nickname really. It's one of her middle names."

"Oh!" the other girl exclaimed in a dramatic voice, feigning hurt as she clutched at her heart. "How could thou have betray'th me so? I hath sworn to never let these demons learn'th my name as to save'th my soul from the fires of hell!" From side glances she could see her friend grinning at her act. Remus was shaking his head but could not hide the small smile that had escaped his lips. James looked amused while Sirius rolled his eyes. Peter just looked confused. She decided to go on, "Now that these devils have found out one name, who is to say they shall not torture souls to find out the rest? Oh heavens have pity on thy children!" In one quick motion, her face turned to one side and the back of her right hand came to shield the top half of her eyes. Sirius's lips twitched and so did his fingers, wanting nothing more than to strangle the scrawny and overdramatic actor in front of him. She had not missed that twitch and knew well what it meant. Instead of stopping, she threw herself at Remus's arm earning a questioning look from him. "Oh Saint Remy! Give'th thy sister salvation, I beg of thou!"

Remus's grin returned as he told her softly yet so blatantly, "That's 'thee', not 'thou'."

She slapped his arm, a smirk once more playing at her lips. "Tch! Way to ruin the fun! Blackie over there was just starting to fume again."

Sirius's lips twitched again. "You find provoking me bloody fun, you little runt?"

She pretended to be frightened, hiding behind an amused Remus. "Yes?" she squeaked though a small smile betrayed her faux-terror.

"I. Am. Going to. Bloody kill you!" he made a move towards her, but she, with her quick legs, had already dashed off before he had finished his sentence. He charged after her in full speed and both disappeared down the hall in no time, the sounds of his cursing and her "Thou shall not get me, Blackie demon!" claim echoed after them.

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Sorceress: Prologue: Innocent Fun


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