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A Web Of Lies, Love and Confusion by HurtfulEyes
Chapter 18 : The Morning After Part 2
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Here's the next chapter people! :)   Enjoy!

    Hermione woke up with a pounding headache. It took her a couple of seconds to realize where she was. She was on her living room couch in her pyjamas. She felt something warm in her hand and she looked on the floor, where Draco was sprawled. His head was at the base of the couch and he was holding Hermione’s hand. Hermione quickly let go and sat up. She gently kicked Draco with her foot while she held her head in her hands, trying to make the world stop spinning. 

    “Oi Draco, wake up.” Hermione said. Her voice was quiet and her throat was killing her. She tried to remember the night before. All she could remember was doing tequila shots and dancing. She could barely remember getting home. Something about a taxi and a giggling Laura. Hermione watched as Draco stirred and tried batting away her foot, which was still kicking him softly in the ribs.

    “Aaarrrrgggghhh. What time is it?” Draco groaned, looking up at Hermione.

    “About 8am.” Hermione said, standing up slowly as the world spun around her. She slowly made her way into the kitchen, where she leaned over her sink and put her mouth under the tap, drinking the warm water that came out of it.

    “What happened last night?” Draco asked, shuffling into the kitchen, where he gratefully took the aspirin that Hermione handed him.

    “I don’t know. I remember alcohol and dancing.” Hermione said, popping a pill into her mouth and swallowing more water.

    “That’s about as much as I remember.” Draco said, slumping onto a stool.

    “I think I’m going to be sick.” Hermione said before she rushed into the nearest bathroom and dry heaved into the toilet. After a couple of minutes of gagging, Draco walked in. 

    “You okay?” He asked.

    ”Yeah. Fine. False alarm.” Hermione said, sighing and leaning against the toilet, “I swear I’m never going to drink again.”

    “Unlikely.” Draco said laughing. He leaned against the wall and slid down to the floor and looked at Hermione.

    “We have to have everything packed soon. Alli’ll be back in a couple of hours.” Hermione said, sighing. She really didn’t want to pack away everything. A part of her just wanted to go into her room and hide under her covers, refusing to move.

    “Why don’t I just do this?” Draco said, taking out his wand and swishing it around. Immediately boxes filled with Hermione’s belongings appeared all around them.

     “I forgot I could do that.” Hermione said, laughing softly. She got up off the floor and walked onto the now bear kitchen. She then slowly walked towards the stairs and made her way up. “I’ve got something to show you.” She said, beckoning him.

    Draco followed her up to the attic, where Hermione rummaged around for a couple of minutes before she took out a box marked “Baby things” Hermione put the box down in the middle of a clearing and sat down next to it, motioning for Draco to do the same. Draco sat down, bending his knees under him and looked at the box. Hermione slowly opened it and let Draco look in. Inside were Alli’s baby blanket, photo albums of her taking her first steps, her first haircut and video tapes of her school concerts, along with a lot more. Draco’s eyes welled up at the sight. He slowly took out the blanket and held it in his hands, trying to hold in the tears.

    “Thank you.” Draco said smiling before he laughed, “I’m such a woman.”

    “It’s understandable.” Hermione said, laughing slightly, “So… this is a box I started the day I got here. Everything that I could think of is in here. I made it partly for you and partly for me. I love her so much.”

    “I wish I was there for all of this…” Draco said, slowly taking out a photo album and looking at some pictures.”

    “Well, you can be there for the events to come.” Hermione reassured him while getting up to give him a hug.

    “Thanks Hermione. For everything. I don’t know what I would of done without you.” Draco whispered as Hermione pulled him into a hug

    “It was no proble…” Hermione started to say as she pulled back and looked into Draco’s eyes, their lips were inches apart as they stared at each other. Suddenly, Draco closed the gap between and kissed her lightly on the lips. Hermione had never felt anything like it, her stomach felt like it was doing back flips. It felt so dangerous yet so safe. With Ron and Nate it was only ever safe. Draco pulled back slightly and looked at Hermione. Before Hermione realized what she was doing, she grabbed Draco by the back of the neck and pulled him into another kiss. Hermione pushed him back onto the floor and climbed on top of him, their kisses growing more heated. Draco was about to undo the buttons of her top when the phone rang. Hermione stopped suddenly and realized what she was doing, she quickly got up, blushing, and ran downstairs and picked up the phone.

    ”Hello?” Hermione asked as Draco walked down the stairs behind her. Hermione put her back to him and listened for a reply.

    “Hey, Hermione? Its me Laura, I just wanted to call you to tell you that Alli’s coming home so make sure you have all of your clothing on and you aren’t on top of that sexy man with you.” Laura said, laughing at her own joke.

    Hermione giggled nervously, “You don’t know how right you are” she thought.

     ”Thanks Laura.” Hermione said before hanging up. After she had hung up, she walked downstairs and was closely followed by Draco.

     “Alli’s coming home.” Hermione said over her shoulder. She really didn’t know what happened just then and no matter how much she wanted it to happen again, she wouldn’t let herself.

     “Are we going to talk about what just happened?” Draco asked, following her into the kitchen.

     “No. We aren’t. We’re just going to call it a drunken accident and never talk about it again.” Hermione said, taking eggs out of the fridge and getting ready to make scrambled eggs.

     “Hermione…” Draco said, trying to catch her eye. He just had the most wonderful kiss in his life and now the girl he was kissing was trying to forget all about it.

     “Draco, look. I’m happily engaged. I don’t know what I was thinking. Now can we just forget it?” Hermione said, slamming her hand onto the counter. 

     “Fine. I’m taking a shower.” Draco said, walking out of the room.

     Hermione felt slightly bad for snapping at him but she was trying to figure out what happened in her own head, it didn’t help with him asking her a bunch of questions. Hermione cracked some eggs into a bowl and started stirring them while adding pepper, garlic and onion powder into it. She tipped the contents into a frying pan and started scrambling them when she heard the front door close.

     “Mom? Draco? Are you guys up yet?” Hermione heard Alli shout from the living room.

     “I’m in here and please don’t scream so loudly.” Hermione called, he still had a pretty bad hangover and trying to figure out what just happened was giving her a bigger headache.

     “You’re looking good.” Alli said, smirking at Hermione.

     ”Be quiet.” Hermione said, making Alli roll her eyes.

     “Where’s Draco?” Alli asked, looking around.

     “Somewhere.” Hermione said, getting another aspirin and swallowing it before returning to the scrambled eggs, she put them onto three plates and put toast along with it.

     “Here.” Draco said, walking into the kitchen, he had taken his shower and he had his clothes on again. He shook his head slightly and looked at Hermione. They stared at each other for a second before they both looked away blushing slightly.

     Alli coughed slightly and walked over to her mom smirking. “So, is this breakfast?” She asked.

     “Yeah. Here.” Hermione said, passing Alli and Draco a plate before walking with them into the dining room and sitting down. Hermione and Draco spent the meal in silence while Alli chatted away about her night.

     “So, when are we going back?” Alli asked, looking between her parents.

     “Now.” They both said at the same time.

     “Ok…” Alli said, smiling uncomfortably.

     After breakfast, Hermione and Draco magicked the boxes to Hogwarts and took out some floo powder. Alli walked into the fireplace, shouting her destination first before Hermione went, followed by Draco.

     “I hope you had a nice trip.” Dumbledore said as they got back.

     “It was fine.” Hermione said, walking out of the office and towards her quarters. When she got there, Nate was sitting on the couch, reading the daily prophet while laughing to himself quietly.

     “Hermione!” He said as he saw her, he jumped up and went to give her a hug, “I missed you.”

     “Me too.” Hermione said feeling very guilty. She walked over to the couch with Nate and sat down with him.

     “This world is so strange compared to back home. I mean Goblins? And the pictures are moving! I couldn’t help but laugh when I read about ‘Quidditch’ I mean, what a stereotype. Witches on brooms.” Nate said laughing.

     Hermione smiled while looking at Nate. He was handsome, intelligent, witty and well off. He was perfect. Than why did she kiss Draco? Hermione leaned over and kissed Nate. When she pulled back, Nate looked slightly surprised but happy. Hermione stood up and went into her room, she magicked herself into her track suit and walked back into the living room. She bid Nate farewell and walked out into the castle. She slowly made her way to the school grounds, where she started running. She ran towards the lake and started running around it.

     When she kissed Nate, she didn’t feel half the stuff she felt while she kissed Draco. “It was just because it was dangerous.” Hermione reasoned with herself. But she knew other wise. Out of nowhere, Draco showed up into her life again and she couldn’t help but get a small crush. It was the fact that he risked his own life to save Alli, and because he was so good with her. Hermione tried pushing the thoughts out of her mind while she ran.


     After getting back to Hogwarts, Draco walked back to his living quarters. He wasn’t sure how he felt. He was happy that he kissed Hermione, but he also knew it was a big mistake. She was engaged! What did he want, for her to run off with him? Draco laughed at the thought, Hermione loved Nate and not himself. Draco didn’t even fancy her, she was just some girl that he kissed…Right?

     “Draco walked into his room and to his window, where he saw a clear view of the lake. He saw someone running around it and he realized it was Hermione. Just by looking at her, Draco blushed.

     “Oh shit.” Draco said, sitting on his bed, “I think I’m in love with Hermione Granger.” 

Wow! Draco loves Hermione? Crazy!! :)
What'll happen next? Will Hermione tell Nate? How will Ron react when he meets his son? How will Tom react when he meets his dad??? 
Crazy stuffs coming up! I hope you read it! :)
Please Review!! I'll cry if you dont :(

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