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The Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans) by velvet
Chapter 9 : Something Random, Guaranteed.
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 A/N: So I've been overwhelmed with reviews, so many and in such a short period of time in fact, that I just had to post this next chapter. I hope you like this one, I'm realllllly curious as to how this one is going to be taken. Hopefully it makes up for the last one...which wasn't really up to par. Thank you so much for reading and for reviewing! I actually am speechless. And I love it.

Disclaimer: Rowling, we owe it all to you.

Something Random, Guaranteed. 

All hell has broken loose.



James is pacing the room like a mad man.

All hell is going to break loose. Any second now.

Everything was going perfect up until about thirty minutes ago.

Our date last night was amazing. I just had a good day of babysitting Dylan today. Dinner was delicious and there were no awkward conversations. Even the mashed potatoes were oddly excellent. Very well mashed. All was good.

And then the dessert came.

Death by dessert.

As we were being served our apple pie, Dylan said that he had been checking around the house for pictures from when he was younger, and couldn’t find any from before he was one years old.

I’m assuming he was adopted around that time.

James gave his mother a ‘you better tell him the truth now or I will make a huge scene’ kind of glare and that’s when it happened.

James and I were asked to leave the table. No pie for us.

Which is why I am sitting on the couch right now watching James Potter walk very fast around the room, hand in his hair.

“Do you think they’re actually telling him the truth, Lily?”

He’s so upset.

I guess he has been waiting years for this.

I mean, I assume they’re telling him.

But how would I know? I don’t know how the Potters work.

“I’d like to think so. Why else would we have been asked to leave, right?”

Still pacing.

“Yeah, that’s what I think. I want to be in there! This is so unfair!”

How do you calm an angry boy? Where’s the help books when you need them?

“James. What happened to Dylan’s real parents?”

Please don’t be something really, really horrible.

The kid doesn’t deserve that.


“They…well my aunt died in some accident, (my parents won’t tell me what exactly happened), and my uncle sort of…lost it. He went mad, I think. I haven’t seen him since I was very little. In fact, I don’t even know if he’s still alive. My mom pretends he doesn’t exist because she’s too scared to find out what has become of him I think. He was her brother after all. It’s just really messed up.”

I’ll say.

That is terrible. Poor Dylan.

Maybe Mrs. Potter was right in shielding him from that.

Would I want to know if I was a little kid still? But then how mad would I be if something that extreme was hidden from me for half my life.

Life is complicated.

And not fair.

Makes my life actually seem like a disney movie.

“I’m so sorry. He does have the right to know though. We’ll just have to wait it out.”

I can’t even lighten the mood with another conversation.

That would just be pushing it.

This is important.

Wait we shall.


And here comes Dylan from the kitchen.

He looks confused.

They must have told him.

“Dylan! Are you okay? What did they say to you?” James practically yelled as he ran over to his ‘brother’ and hugged him.

What am I supposed to do?

Join in on their hug?


I’ll just watch from over here.

“They said I was adopted or something. They said I had different parents.”


“But you’re still my brother, right?” He added to James.

James looks as if he is about to cry.

He’s looking Dylan in the eyes now.

“Yes, I am still your brother. I will always be your brother.”

This is so sad.

But beautiful at the same time.

I feel like I’m intruding.

Maybe I can just sneak away to my room and let them be.

Oh, and now Mr. and Mrs. Potter are standing in the doorway.

I really should leave before this turns into a big family affair.



Why are they talking to me?

“Yes, Mr. Potter?”

They’re going to ask me to leave.

I should have gone on my own.

Now they’re going to think I’m really rude.

“We’re heading out for a bit. I know you’re babysitting hours are up but do you mind helping James put Dylan to bed in a bit?”


Where are they going?

Now’s really not the time to go out for a drink, I’d say.

“Yeah, no problem.”


And they’re gone.

Good, James looks just as confused at me.

“Well…what do you want to do then, Dylan? You look kind of tired, but if you want to stay up with us, you can,” James asked.

James Potter. He really is a good guy. You just have to get to know him. Or spend a month living in his house.

“I want to go to bed. But can you read me a story?”

If James won’t, I will.

“Of course I will, let’s go,” James answered.

Of course he will.

“I’ll be back, is that all right Lily?”

More then all right.

I’m just glad Dylan isn’t having a mental breakdown right now.

“Yeah, that’s perfect! Let me just get in a quick goodnight hug before you two go.”

I really do like this family now.

It’s going to be hard leaving Dylan come September.

He feels like a little brother to me. Especially when he’s hugging me. I never hug Petunia. She won’t let me.

“Goodnight, Lily, see you tomorrow!”

So positive.

I’m jealous.

I hope he has a good sleep.

Now I have to just wait for James to come back.

I wonder if he is going to try to talk about it with Dylan.

What an interesting night.


What was that?

“Lily! How goes it?”


Of course.

And what is he wearing?

Dear lord.

“Sirius? Are you aware that you are wearing a dress?”

It’s pink. It’s short. It’s low-cut. Or would be on a girl. And it’s a little awkward, not going to lie.

He’s rolling his eyes.

“Obviously, Evans. Moony dared me to come over here and tell James that I’ve decided to start dressing like a girl. Pathetic, I know. But I can’t resist a dare. Especially from Remus.”

That’s actually insane.

What would James’ reaction be though?

“So where is the little rascal?” Sirius finished as he went over to sit on the Potter’s leather couch, crossing his legs in a very girly way.

Clearly not in this room.

“He’s reading Dylan a bedtime story. They told him today about the adoption, Sirius. It’s a good thing, I think. The Potters are out right now though. Lucky for you, I’d say..”

Sirius is standing up.

“What? Finally!” he proclaimed, raising his hands up as he did so.

It’s really hard to keep from laughing.

He is dressed in a summer dress.

And he is Sirius Black.

I’m actually surprised he isn’t wearing makeup. The different colors and combinations would probably intrigue him.

“Yeah, it’s great. So were you just hanging out at Remus’ place then?”

Wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary.

Look at me making conversation with Sirius Black!

“Yeah. Get this, Peter came to call. He’s over there right now. We’re playing dare. It’s kind of weird though, I mean, he has been ditching us all summer, the little git.”

Wow, this is a night of surprises.

I guess that could be a good thing, the marauders reunited before school?

It will be like there was no falling out. No one would know.

“Did he at least apologize?” I asked.


The boys haven’t been happy with him.

They’ve even been calling him a rat.

“Yeah, he did. He’s been ‘busy’. Anyways, we don’t want to make a big deal about it.”


“Padfoot, what the bloody hell are you wearing?!”

James is back.

This is going to be funny.

He looks disturbed. I guess I would be too. In fact, I was.

“Jimmy. I’ve decided to do something drastic. It will shock the faces off everyone back at Hogwarts. I’m going to start dressing like a girl. I thought you should be the first to know.”


He looks dead serious.

I may have to leave the room before I burst out laughing.

James is completely speechless.

Oh, he’s found some words.

“Sirius? When did you decide this? Are you kidding, mate?” James said.

Sirius is smiling like a little child.

I love this.

Props to Remus.

“No, James. This is the new me. Either you choose to support me or not,” Sirius replied.

It actually sounds believable.

I have to avoid eye contact with James. I don’t want to give it all away.

“Ok? If this is what you want…” James started.

I can’t hold back my laughter anymore.

Oh no, here it comes.

“Lily! Stop laughing! You gave it away! I’m kidding James,” Sirius is saying through his own laughter, “Remus dared me to convince you. Good to know you would have supported me but…do me a favor. If I ever decide to turn feminine, talk me out of it!”

I love life.

And I’m with the marauders.


“You scared me for a minute there.”

Oh, James.

You would be scared.

“No worries, mate. Water under the bridge. So do you and Lily want to come and join Remus, Peter, and I?”

It actually sounds like fun.

“Can’t. Dylan just went to sleep and we’re babysitting,” James said.

Right. The sheep is sleeping.

“And what do you mean Peter?”

He looks disturbed. We don’t want a disturbed James Potter on our hands.

Maybe he should sit down for this.

“Yeah,” Sirius started, “he showed up at Remus’ and said he wanted to hang out. Isn’t that the oddest thing you’ve ever heard? We figured he still is a marauder, so we would give him another chance, you know?”

Peter is lucky.

However did he find these friends?

“Alright. You might try asking him where he’s been all summer though. It’s a little sketchy.”

And James is right as usual.

Why am I thinking these things?

The world has actually flipped upside down.

“Sounds good. Oh and I heard Dylan has been brought into the light! Finally, right Jimmy?”

He actually looks genuinely happy.

“Yeah, I know. It’s great!” James replied.

They are beaming like the giddy airhead girls back at Hogwarts.

It makes sense though, those two have been around enough of them to pick up some tips.

“Well congrats. I’m going to header on back to Remus’. See you two tomorrow?”

I wonder what we are going to end up doing tomorrow.

Something random, guaranteed.

“Yep, later Padfoot!”

And he’s gone.

That boy really knows how to make entrances and exits.

Now what are we supposed to do?

Alone with the Potter again.

At least the formula isn’t in effect anymore.

It’s weird now. This friend thing.

He’s totally staring at me right now. And I don’t want to yell at him for it.

“So what do you want to do now, James?”

The grin is starting.

I shouldn’t have let him think that he actually has the power to pick what we are about to do.

“How about we play a game of dare ourselves?”

Of course he would say that.

And as if.

Do I look like his black haired, barking, womanizing best mate?

Let’s hope not.

Otherwise I would probably have to personally slap some sense into myself.

And that would just look silly.

“How about we don’t, Potter.”

Didn’t actually mean to call him Potter.

At least it was in a nice tone of voice.

“Come on Evans, you’re no fun.”

Oh he didn’t.

Did I not agree to go flying around the city with him? Engaging in hours of conversation with him down at the docks afterwards? And then the walk home?

He’s getting the look.

“You know what I mean. I haven’t really seen you just let loose yet, Lily. Minus last night when I asked you to sing me a song on the walk home and you actually did. That was impressive, Evans. By the way, I told you that you were good at singing! But seriously let’s play.”

I don’t know why I sang to him last night.

Caught up in the moment?

I haven’t sung since the early years. How did he even know that I used to sing all the time? Maybe he actually was stalking me all those years. I’ll have to look into it.

“Fine, James. One dare each and then I’m going to my room to read. Deal?”

And that’s my final and only offer.

If he’s as smart as he boasts to be, he won’t argue.

Who says I’m no fun?

“Deal. I dare you to let me cut your hair.”

He didn’t.

I knew he wouldn’t let that one go.

What am I supposed to say to that? If I refuse a marauder dare I will never hear the end of it.

You play a tricky game Mister Potter.

“Go and find the scissors, James.”

Oh my god.

He doesn’t even realize how bad this is going to be.

A girl’s hair is a very personal thing.

Bloody hell.

He’s actually gone to get the scissors.

Oh, he is not getting an easy dare from me.

“Ready, miss?”

Yeah right.

Don’t try to act all cute.

You evil, evil boy.

He’s the spawn of the devil. He must be. There’s no other explanation.

It’s my hair.

Look at me, I’m such a hypocrite. I did this to him.

But it’s my hair!

“Get it over with, Potter. I can’t believe you!”

The scissors are getting closer.

End of my life as I know it.

“Okay. Close your eyes.”

Close my eyes?

Done and done.

I don’t want to see you work your evil magic.

Okay, eyes closed.

Why hasn’t he started cutting my hair.

Okay his hands have made contact with my hair.

My lovely red hair. My lovely long red hair.


What’s he doing though?

Is he running his fingers through my hair?

Oh dear. James!

Oh my god, time to open my eyes! His lips have made contact with mine!

Do I push him away?

Yes, it’s time for explanations.

“James! What are you doing?”


He was kissing me!

He is full of tricks, this boy.

“Lily, I would never cut your hair. I love it too much. I just wanted to see if you would let me. Nice bravery, you Gryffindor.”

He is grinning like an idiot.

Am I too?

Have I been grinning this whole time?

No Lily. He just put you through torture! He was going to cut your hair!

Payback time.

“James…honestly, I don’t even know what to do with you. It’s my turn now though. I dare you… to…sit still. No talking, and no moving any muscles.”

He’s not going to see this one coming.

“What? Just sit here and stop talking?”

Yes James.

“I mean it, you’re not allowed to move at all. Understand? Okay, sit up straight on the couch and then stop moving and talking.”

Good boy.

I like confusing him. He doesn’t seem to get confused by anyone else.

It’s my pride and joy.

Okay now for the fun part.

I’ll start with his shoulders. I’ll climb on the couch behind him and start massaging his shoulders.

Now I need something to whisper in his ear. Something that will make this hard for him.

“James. These past few days have been perfect. I’ve come to realize in these past 24 hours that I like you very much. As a friend but also as more..”

It’s not even a lie. I’ve had the best of times with him.

Now to run my fingers through his hair.

“James, don’t turn your head, you can’t move, remember?”

Enough with the massaging.

Let’s step it up a notch.

We’ll start with a kiss on the cheek. That always leaves them wanting more. A slow, lingering kiss on the cheek.

And moving down to the neck. He’s itching to move, I can tell. Good.

But what should I do with my hands as I’m kissing his neck?

What would throw him over the edge? I’ll start unbuttoning his shirt.

I wonder what he’s thinking right now.

This probably shouldn’t be as fun as it is.


“James! No talking! Just sit still.”


I didn’t think this would be this hard for him.

I think his eyes are closed. I should stop soon. I probably am abusing my power over him.

But one more thing. 

I’ll walk around to face him.

His eyes are definitely open now. He’s looking longingly at me.

You can tell he wants to talk. You can tell he wants to move towards me. You can tell he wants more.

“Sit still. I mean it, James.”

One more kiss on the cheek, this time facing him. His hands are moving towards my hair.

That’s not allowed.

Alright, his dare is over.

“Welcome to self restraint, James Potter. You can move now, even though by moving your hands at the end you totally cheated. I just thought you should see what it’s like to not have the power for once.”

And now to retreat to my room.

He’s speechless.

Let’s hear him tell me I’m no fun now.

A job well done.

And there’s till time to relax on the zebra and read my book!

I need to shake my thoughts anyways.

That shouldn’t have been fun for me. I shouldn’t have wanted him to turn around and kiss me back. I shouldn’t have wanted him to take control once again. I shouldn’t want a lot of things.

And turning the light on. The zebra really does look very comforting.

Maybe I’ll put my pajamas on, now where did I put them this morning?

“What the bloody hell was that?”

Oh, he followed me.

But he doesn’t sound mad. Does he sound impressed? What?

I should turn around and face him.

He’s walking over to me.

Maybe he is mad.

It’s not like I was even lying though. Maybe I have started liking him. Scary.

“James, I just –“

And he’s kissing me again.

He’s taken control once more.

His hands are running through my fully intact hair.

The boy didn’t learn his lesson on self restraint.

Oh well, I tried.

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The Summer Before Seventh (as told by Lily Evans): Something Random, Guaranteed.


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