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The Empty Diaries of Lily Evans-Potter by quidditchlover83
Chapter 3 : Enter, the Marauders
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Author's Note: sooo...another chapter I hate and had to rush...I'm sorry it may suck but right out I'm out of thinking juice and I have homework to, enjoy, and please review!
Disclaimer: I own nothing except Phoenix and a select other few things. Sorry to disappoint.




Re-edited as of 1-15-2013

Chapter Three: Enter, the Marauders


You little bitch!”


“Geez, all I did was step into the Great Hall!” huffed Phoenix sarcastically as she and the others walked into the Great Hall, where a dramatic scene was progressing.


“I can’t believe you just spilled pumpkin juice on me! What if I never get the stains out of my silk pants? Do you even know how much silk costs?!” hissed a tall, skinny blonde girl hovering over a mousy, self-conscious brown haired and eyed girl.


The blonde girl, Montana Aurelio, had not only become famous for her narcissistic attitude and wealth, but for the amusing rivalry between her and Phoenix.


“I-I didn’t m-m-mean t-too!” the mousy girl squeaked. “I’m s-s-sorry, Montana!”


“You’ll be sorry. Just wait.” With that, Montana flung her hair back and stomped melodramatically out of the Great Hall with her posse. Not without a glare and rude hand gesture to Phoenix, of course. Phoenix merely waved and grinned obnoxiously, all the while biting into an apple.


“Dolohov,” said James darkly, eying the mousy girl scuttle away as they sat down at the Gryffindor table. “I think her name’s Natalie or something. I can’t believe she made it in to Gryffindor. Her brother’s a prick. My mum and dad put him in Azkaban but he got out on bail. Little bugger…everyone knows those Muggle were mur-“


“Her name’s Nadia, Snotter. Honestly, you’d think that when a person is in all of your classes, you’d know their name,” Phoenix snapped, making sure the clasp on her phoenix amulet was secure. “Shame she left. We could’ve been friends...”


Friends? With a Dolohov? Are you daft?”


“Only in the morning,” sang Phoenix as stuffed her tiny mouth with a large piece of toast. Lily rolled her eyes and took the bread out of her mouth before taking a knife and cutting it in half for her.


“You’ll die if you eat like that,” she scolded with a glare. With her mouth full and crumbs falling out, Phoenix grinned.


“You know, you’d make a good mother. When you and Snotter get married and have children, your first-born should be named Harry. I mean, c’mon, Harry…Potter. Harry Potter. It’s got a ring to it, eh?" she looked at the others for approval, only to receive disgusted looks. She shrugged, "Anyway, I have dibs on being godmother.”


“Ugh, gross! A child with Potter?!”


“Why not?” interrupted James hotly. “Anybody who has my genes is blessed.”


“Who wants your jeans? Nasty things…and anyone who has your Quidditch socks is dead,” Phoenix muttered.


Lily opened her mouth to explain the difference between genes and jeans when Sirius jumped up from his side conversation with Remus and Peter, whooping excitedly.


“I GOT IT!” he shouted, drawing attention from across the Great Hall. “We can be…THE LITTLE BEATLES!”


“Did you get that from the Muggle band or did you sincerely come up with that?” asked Remus warily. Sirius threw his Muggle Studies book on the table and banged his head on the table and nearly missing Lily’s plate of scrambled eggs.


“Are you still trying to create a name for your group?” she asked, mildly curious. Sirius moaned again, louder and angrier than before. “It’s been nine months and you can’t come up with one name?”


I GOT IT!” James shouted. “Three words, mates. The Brotherhood.”


“The Brotherhood is two words,” Lily hissed, slathering butter on to a piece of toast.


“Fine, then it has three symbols or whatever-“


Syllables, Snotter, and it has four-“


“Regardless!!” Phoenix shouted above their bickering. “I am not going to be inducted into a group with a sexist name. I mean, honestly, does my hair make me look like a guy?”


“No, it makes you look like a guy with radioactive goo in your hair.” corrected Sirius.


Phoenix glared at him but when she didn’t lash out at him after a few seconds, Sirius realized she had her eyes closed and her cheeks were turning slightly off color, as if she was holding her breath.


“Phe?” whispered Lily. “What are you-holy sh-


“Language, Lillikins,” snapped Phoenix, her hair growing out of her head and the color blending into a vivid, electric blue.


“You’re a Metamorphmagus!” Remus gasped as the bell rang. Phoenix ruffled his hair and laughed.


“Geez, you’d think after a year you’d figure out my hair wasn’t really green,” she said crossly, “Let’s go, Lillikins. We’ll find good seats on the train without these oafs.”


With their noses jokingly high in the air, Phoenix created a beeline with Lily through the stampede of students heading towards the Hogwarts Express which was waiting in the boiling June sun.


“If there’s one thing I figured out this year, it’s that Phe is a nutter,” James mumbled as he got up. “But I like her.”


“I thought you liked that red-head girl…Lauren…” said Sirius suggestively, winking at Remus.


“Dammit, Sirius, it's Lily-“ James stopped, realizing his best mate’s trap.


Sirius laughed, his light bark ringing through the air. "Who's the daft one now, Snotter?"


Growling, James chased Sirius out of the Great Hall until they caught up with Phoenix and Lily right outside the main entrance. Like children, they ran in circles around them, wands pointed at the ready. Behind them, Remus and Peter caught up, the former warning them to knock it off as per usual, as the latter trailed like a lost puppy with his dictionary in hand. Lily glared at James, all the while as he tried to keep up with Sirius and capture Lily’s attention at the same time, Phoenix laughed and discreetly caught glimpses of Sirius with a smile on her lips. Unbeknowst to all, Sirius did the same to Phoenix.


Nine months had passed since the six first-year Gryffindors met and it seemed with each passing day, the group became inseparable. It wasn’t a friendship anymore, according to Phoenix. No, this was a family. It would last them the rest of their lives and into the following lives.


They would have never guessed that such simple memories of horseplay, name-calling, midnight adventures about the castle, petty ‘duels’ with Slytherins, and rather hilarious pranks Phoenix and the boys performed on unsuspecting classmates would become their only refuge during the Dark Years to come.  




Where could he have gone?”


“Snotter, if you ask me that one more time, I will shove a Chocolate frog up your nose. I can’t believe you lost a person right before we have to board the train. Stupid rabid turd…




“Puh-lease, Lillikins, you threaten Snotter more than I do in a single day.”


“...but we’re in public now!”


“You hexed me in the Entrance Hall three weeks ago!”


“Oh shut up, Snotter. It was…self-defense! You had and still don’t have the right to bully Snape just because he’s different-“


“Here we go with this bloody nonsense again…”


"Excuse me?"

“Merlin, Snotter, you seriously started this argument again? This is why you were hexed in the first place!”


“Well, she always sticks up for Snivellus! I don’t see why, he’s just a greasy little fu-“


Lily cocked her fist back slightly, aiming straight for his glasses. “I dare you to finish that sentence.


“OI! SHUT UP OUT THERE!” someone screeched. They were sitting on a blanket near a berry bush, book in hand and eyes shooting daggers. Phoenix whipped aorund, pointing a very stern finger at them.








Lily pointed toward the willow tree, specifically the branch that hung low enough over the Black Lake, one could dip their toes into the water. Sitting alone and hunched over a pile of ashes was none other than the search party’s missing person: Sirius Black. James, as oblivious as he could be, caught on: he stopped talking and pushed Phoenix in front of him.


“Looks like you have a job to do,” he said quietly. “We’ll go to the train and create a distraction. We can buy you guys twenty minutes top if we use the ‘Crying Boy’ tactic?”


She chuckled. “Okay, but don’t use Peter again. Use a Hufflepuff.”


“Good thinking, Phe. C’mon, Summer-“ Lily rolled her eyes and punched his shoulder before storming away. “What? I can’t help it! I mean, it just fits! James Hotter and Summer Evans!”


Sighing, Phoenix skipped to the base of the tree. “Sirius, Sirius, wherefore art thou, Sirius?”


“I'm here…and wondering how you still believe Evans and James have a chance of getting married."


“You are so naïve, Siri. Not to mention blind and rabid,” Phoenix smiled as she climbed with ease up to the branch Sirius was sitting on, her amulet swinging around her neck. “So…another Howler from your mum, eh?”


“Just telling me what to expect when I get home…” he mumbled. He was trying to play it off, as always, but Phoenix knew better.


“Full of threats and a handful of words I’ve never heard of?” Sirius nodded. Phoenix sighed again. “Mate, don’t worry about it. If I was given a Sickle for every time my dad said those things, I’d be bloody rich.”

"Yeah," he scoffed. "Like your dad could be worse than my parents."

Phoenix laughed darkly to her amulet, and like every time anyone had tried to pry information about Phoenix, she'd change the subject. “We better get back to the train, Siri. I don’t think James can really corner and tickle a Hufflepuff by himself."


Sirius looked up, an eyebrow raised. "He's doing the 'Crying Boy' on a Hufflepuff? Why not Remus?"


"Remy is like a wild beast within a man! Last time he kicked Peter across the chest!"

"I don't think Remus could fight off Peter right now...the poor bloke is sick if it's not bad enough his mum has been sick too this whole year..."

"Oh know, I have this theory Remy is so pale because he bathes in the moonlight or something."


Sirius rolled his eyes and slid down the tree before exending his arm for Phoenix. “That doesn’t even make sense, Phe.”


“Sure it does!" she retorted, taking his hand and jumping over him onto the ground. "Some people bathe in the sun and they get darker! And then some bathe in the moon and they get pale!”


“I can’t believe you’re my best mate…of all the people, Merlin plagued me with you.”


“And there’s no ridding of me!” Phoenix cackled as she ran down the hill where the train awaited them.


Sirius rolled his eyes and followed, but he couldn’t help a tiny smile creep over his lips. As the two boarded and went about searching for their friends, Sirius paused and had just enough time to catch a glimpse of the tree they had just abandoned.


“I think I found them!- oh wait, these two are making out…definitely not Lillikins and Snotter…” Phoenix shouted to herself as she slammed a compartment door shut, interrupting the distracted couple within.


“Hey, Phe?”




“That tree by the lake…that can be our spot, ‘k? Just for us. Whenever we need each other or we get lost, that’s where we’ll go,” he said timidly. He had never asked her for something so vulnerable or personal before. Even at age eleven, he was terrified of rejection. Especially from Phoenix. 


As she slammed another occupied compartment door shut, Phoenix sighed, “If I have too…”




“I’m kidding, I’m kidding…rabid turd…I suppose it could- I FOUND THEM!”


“Great, we had twenty minutes of peace and you found us,” mumbled James sarcastically. 


“Har, har, Snotter, you’re so freaking hilarious. Seriously, I’m laughing so hard, I’m choking on my saliva. Oops! Now I’m dead! But you’re so funny, my dead body is still laughing and laughing so hard that it’s pissing itself and now my carcass is drowning in human waste! Thanks a lot!”

Everyone stared as Phoenix shrugged and sat down between Remus and Sirius just as the train jerked forward, beginning it's journey back to Kings Cross Station.

It wasn't long before the six Gryffindors fell asleep against one another. Four cloaks hid Remus’ frail self, Peter and Lily had their summer homework scattered around them, James was using Peter’s dictionary as a pillow, and Phoenix was leaned up against Sirius, who was softly stroking her soft, blue hair and forced himself to stay awake.


“You might be a plague, but I’m lucky you got to me the first day with Malfoy and Flint,” he whispered.


A seemingly asleep Lily opened one eye and saw a smile curve on Phoenix’s lips. Her heart felt dizzy, light, and free like it always did when she saw how, obviously, Phoenix and Sirius would end up together one day.




“Aw, Phe, I don’t want to leave you here by yourself!” fussed Lily as she gave her best friend another hug. Lily had just finished introducing her excited parents and cynical sister Petunia to Phoenix. So began the procrastinated, inevitable process of saying goodbye.

"Lillikins, I'll see you in three months. Geez, I thought it was bad enough saying goodbye to Peter because he was about to cry..."

“Way to ruin the moment, Phe.”


“Sorry, we were having a moment? I must’ve dozed off…” she joked. Lily laughed and stepped back.


“Three months…it’s going to seem like forever…”


“Well, just think of Snotter and it’ll go by quicker.” Growling, Lily lightly punched Phoenix.


"And now you've really ruined the moment!" With a final squeeze of her hand, Lily let go and walked away to her family, leaving Phoenix alone. Suddenly, Sirius walked up behind her.


“Just you and me left, eh?” he asked, nudging her in the ribs.


“’Course. We’ll always end up together,” They both looked in opposite directions, smiling to themselves.


“Sirius!” a vain, strict looking woman hissed. She seemed embarrassed just to be standing within five feet of the boy. “Get your belongings and come now. Stop frolicking with useless little mud-“


A semi-hooded, rather handsome man walked behind Phoenix. He walked with his back straight as a pin, giving off the impression of utmost importance while his dark features gave off a sinister demeanor. “Hello, Walburga. Pleasure seeing you outside of business. I’m sure Orion has recovered from his last…fall.”


Walburga, Sirius’ mother, mouth agap as she looked between Phoenix and this man, bowed her head slightly and spoke in a rushed whisper Sirius couldn’t clearly make-out. “Yes, my lord…but I can assure you it won’t happen again…”


“I’m sure,” he said monotonously before turning to Phoenix. “Phoenix, gather your things. I have something to attend to and Nagini is in need of care whilst I’m gone.”


“Coming,” mumbled Phoenix as she retrieved her trunk.


Her face paled and this was enough to scare Sirius; this was not the girl who always stood up to the oldest Slytherin and talked conversationally with Slughorn? Phoenix noticed his confounded look and gave him a quick smile. “Take it easy, Siri. And don’t forget to breathe. It’s only three months, anyway…”


“Three months.” He smiled back. He felt like he was convincing her moreso than himself. Phoenix sighed and took a piece of tattered parchment out of her pocket.


“I was going to save this for a while but James, Remus, Peter, and I figured you might like to tune it up during the summer. No offense, but your mum looks like a dementor and I doubt you’ll be able to walk outside your room so…”


“It’s a blank sheet of parchment, Phe.”


“Tap it with your wand and say ‘I solemnly swear that I am up to no good’. But not now, you twit!” Phoenix hissed as he pulled out his wand. “It’s supposed to be a map of Hogwarts. I only got a few of the floors made up but it will show you where you and everyone is. And the best part is…I think I know what we should call ourselves-“


“Phoenix…time is precious,” the man said calmly with a fiery look in his eyes. Phoenix rolled her eyes and pretending to fasten the latch on her trunk to buy a few seconds.


“The Marauders, mate. The Marauders.”


With that, Phoenix walked towards the man and in the blink of the eye, she was gone.


“Well? What are you waiting for, you vile little traitor?” snapped his mother. “Just wait until we get home and the family sees you…oh, I wish Phineas was alive to beat you, yes. He would…”


Whatever his great-great-grandfather Phineas did, Sirius would never find out. He was entranced by Phoenix’s handy work and the simple words that would became legendary.


The Marauders.

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